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Robin's "More" page - links to a few of his hundreds of web pages :-)

"It's like having a little friend in the car with you" ... or a little friend in your (top) pocket :-)

Introduction from Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill

Robin little friend in your top pocket PC in Car This page was created not long after my web site was born, in 1995. The link from my Home page took you to more specialised pages about my GPS Software,GPSS. However, my web site rapidly grew to a wider range of subjects, as you will see below.

It takes me just a few seconds, using that old DOS command from the 1970s, of "dir *.htm", on my hard disk copy, to see that I have between 500 and 820 web pages, depending if I count those in the main or sub-folders. Most will be of no interest now to anyone :-)

I use some of my web pages to aid my memory, the most obvious examples are the Christmas Newsletters, or Hobby pages. But there are many more. I must confess to occasionally using search engines like Google or Bing to find something well tucked away. Sometimes I have the pleasure of old friends contacting me from overseas.

Perhaps my web sites greatest value to me is being able to respond to a question with a link, where the question has already been answered, usually with pictures, and maybe even an amusing video.

In March 2021 I decided to add links to some of my most useful pages, and add this introduction. But much of the page, such as those pictures, remains the same.

Don't get lost :-)

Some of these pages are new, and some are very old indeed; to confuse you, they are not in any particular order :-)

Christmas Newsletters: 2023, Wedding2, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, Wedding, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, Parachutes, 99, 98, 97, 96 and 95.
Friends Robin has worked and played with at City University, Ferranti, SHAPE Technical Centre, EASAMS, and GPSS Links pages.
Guys who have their own page include Bert Davies, Jack Ponsford, Len Lovelock, and Eric Horn.
June Nagivates Robin :-) Click on Home for Robin's "Home" page of - introducing Robin and his old GPS Software - GPSS.
Click on About for the old page about Robin Lovelock and Sunninghill Systems.
Click on Contact for our contact details, unchanged and public for decades.
Click on Business for the old page about doing business with Robin.
Click on Partners for the old page about Robin's business partners.
Click on GPS for the page providing advice on getting a GPS.
Click on AVL for doing remote tracking with GPSS.
Click on Inmarsat-C for use of GPSS with Inmarsat-C Satcomms.
Click on Thuraya for use of GPSS with Thuraya Satcomms.
Click on Safety for GPSS and Safety page.
Click on Family for more about Robin, the Lovelock Family, & Sunninghill
Click on AMRA for the public Armitage and Murray Courts Residents Association (AMRA) page.
Click on Sunninghill for Robin's old "Sunninghill" page.
Click on FreeCopy for the old page from February 2000: pioneering work in Ukraine, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, & Portugal :-)
Click on TSCOPE for Robin's "Telescope" page. e.g. photographs of the Moon.
Click on History for GPSS Product History and Sunninghill Business Strategy.
Click on Holiday for Robin and June's Holiday page.
Click on for Robin's charity site, or here
Click on TAM for Robin's Model Aircraft hobby Page - plus Ducks and Puppy dog :-)
Click on Caching for Robin's geocaching hobby page.
Click on Geocache for geocaches planted by Robin and June.
Click on Cartoons for Robin's Cartoons and amusing pictures like Spaghetti Trees :-)
Click on Klaus for Robin's "Klaus" page - for his German friends. e.g. scary "Is it Safe ?" at dentists and Fawlty Towers :-)
Click on Drone for Robin's "Drone" page. e.g. Dick's demonstration of his drone INSIDE Robin's home :-) Nagivate
Click on Radio for GPS Software and Radio communications - mostly for HAMs.
Click on DF1 for GPS Software and Radio Direction Finding (RDF).
Click on FALCONDF for Finding Falcons using GPS and RDF.
Click on OLDCAR for Robin's Old Car page.
Click on GGNEWCAR for Robin's New Car page.
Click on Walks for Robin's "Walks" page.
Click on Roof for Robin's "Roof" page, including work on house, like a new Kitchen ? :-)
Click on Garden for Robin's "Garden" page - now less of a wilderness ? :-)
Click on Tody - our new cat - and earlier cats that helped Robin :-)
Click on Camper Van - our Motorhome, that we got in July 2021 - for Robin's robot boats ? :-)
Click on CHOBHAM - including it's military history, Treacle Mines, the Tank Factory, and more ! :-)
Click on MapImage for adding Maps from free aerial photos
Click on LasVegas for old Las Vegas Exhibition aerial photos, etc
Click on Car4Sale for when we sold our old Merc E240 in 2014
Click on lisbexpo for old Portugal Exhibition, etc
Click on lmshow97 for old London Motor Show, etc
Click on speechin for using speech input software with GPSS.
Click on speak for using text-to-speech software with GPSS.
Click on autorout for using Microsoft AutoRoute and Trips CDs with GPSS.
Click on ozimap for use of AUSLIG CDROMs for Australia with GPSS.
Click on language to make GPSS speak your Language, including Russian and Japanese.
Click on overseas for information on Maps & Sounds for Many Countries.
Click on japanmap for how to import free street maps of Japan.
Click on getmappi for how to import maps from
Click on baseline for what the v5.95 GPSS Baseline can do.
Click on oldnew for old and new pre-release copies of GPSS.
Red Kite video Click on Red Kites for Robin's old hobby of filming Red Kites from the air.
Click on nmefiles for recording and analysis with GPSS.
Click on waypoint for uploading and downloading data to your hand-held GPS.
Click on garmin for old Garmin page and GARDOWN.
Click on txt2gtx for USA Government mapping web site and TXT2GTX.
Click on ffindex for the Homepage in April and May 2015 (set up 9th May).
Click on soarer for those who already have an in-car navigation system.
Click on gpssoncefor GPSS on CE and PDAs page.
Click on arp for the Automatic Route Planner page.
Click on whereru for mobile phone-to-phone tracking page.
Click on intro for old simple Introduction to GPSS.
Click on smile for old Notebook PC with Smile GPS from Taiwan.
Click on moredet for old Answers to Questions.
Click on japanese for information for the Japanese.
Click on pricelst for the GPSS Price List
Utube video on Nick Knowless and Robin's GPS Software Click on AsOnTV for the "AsOnTV" page - Robin's GPS Software and free TV publicity ;-)
Click on mv1 for the old AVL - Remote Multiple Vehicle Tracking page.
Click on freepub for the old Free Publicity Opportunities page.
Click on tuniliby for the old 4x4 page.
Click on osag for ASCOT map credits, changed in October 2002, explained.
Click on new if you can do a better web site than Robin.
Click on amraold for the old AMRA page.
Click on clustr for the Clustrmaps test page.
Click on wheelbar for the Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race page.
Click on Barossa for Robin's 1992 "Barossa Operation" video - field trials with the British Army.
Click on addmaps for adding Maps into GPSS - more technical *
Click on onballoo for GPS Software and Hot Air Balloons. *
Click on airgpss for GPS Software In The Air. *
Barossa Utube video of The Barossa Operation Click on onwater for GPS Software On Water. *
Click on police for GPS Software and Police. *
Click on logistic for GPS Software and Logistics. *
Click on ldriver for GPS Software and Driving Schools. *
Click on onbikes for GPS Software and Bikers. *
Click on onfoot for GPS and Walkers. *
Click on golf for GPSS and Golf. *

Click on DVLA Funny Farm page :-) for "DVLA Funny Farm" page - under construction

Click on 47peaks for GPS and Mountains. *

Robin Lovelock on BBC TV The Politics Show for Coughlan Campaign Click on thatcher for the thatched roof page :-)

The old Forum has not been used for years.
for NPL mirroring and search engines: GPS and GPS Software and GPS Tracker

Old welcome messages in different languages:

This stuff below was originally on the download page:


GPSSAIR.EXE is a self-extracting file holding additional sounds, plus a few other files like Icons, to support the 'in the air' facilities within GPSS. 'National Site' has also been changed to the more suitable 'Interesting Place' text and sound in GPSS.CAT, GPSS.FND and $LNTEH.WAV.
DOWNLOAD GPSSAIR.EXE from alternative site (134,371 bytes)

DOWNLOAD THEWORLD.EXE from alternative Site (280,279 bytes)
These 9 maps and 35 sounds fill the gap between THEWORLD map in GPSS and the more detailed maps for particular countries.