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Rocking Chair 2022 Christmas Newsletter from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill updated 2020 ( GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Tuesday 10th January 2023 - Footnotes :-)

Robin Lovelock Xmas21 printer Seasons Greetings All ! I've been writing these Christmas Newsletters since 1995, online since 1996. Tap or Click on Father Christmas, at the top, for our 1996 Newsletter. Tap on the Printer to Print xmas22.pdf . Tap or Click on pictures to expand, visit links, relevant pages, or play videos. My mugshot is linked to my . Over 120 videos were added to in 2022, including trips to 25 NGS Gardens, open for charity. Also friends Steve & Kay and their Spitfire on TV :-) See Tody, our Guard Cat ! Homer is on "Christmas Guard Duty" again, keeping an eye on our Camper. This was used to take Snoopy's Robot Boat down to Boscombe, on the south coast, for Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt :-)

Homer with June & Robin Lovelock in 2022

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We saw sister Sally and niece Becky at Raunds, on 2nd January, taking Michelle back to Coventry. June's Kitchen is as 24 months earlier. See Roof, Kitchen, and House ;-) Covid19 is "easing off" ? BUT the NHS has been neglected for decades, by ALL Governments. No change to ;-)

at Sally's place Kitchen in December 2020 Covid19 in 2022 white strip


In early February, June & Robin were surprised by a letter from the DVLA, which banned Robin from Driving. Robin's response was not conventional: he simply created a new "Press" page , linking to a detailed DVLA Funny Farm page, putting all details into the Public Domain. He then contacted several people. He did not drive for two months, but found alternative transport - see below ;-) Miraculously, on April 1st, "April Fools Day", he was told he COULD drive again. But "the jury is still out" on how this happened, and it may happen again, so this page remains open and updated. Robin will let others speculate, and/or research, things like cash flow, and to what extent this is a common problem, and if it makes "business sense" for "deliberate mistakes" to happen - particularly within the physical and mental healthcare industry. i.e. NHS, Social Services. and those contracted to do the work ;-)

white strip FF DVLA FF DVLA FF DVLA Ladies inside Sunninghill Post Office ></A>

<A HREF=Robin outside Sunninghill Post Office FF DVLA white strip

There were a couple of lovely local Platinum Jubilee Parties in Sunninghill: one on the Victory Field, and one in Armitage Court. Robin enjoys checking video from his CCTV and other cameras. e.g. closeups of deer and pidgeons feeding on peanuts - also loved by mice, hedghogs and foxes :-)

Platinum Jubilee Party on Sunninghill Victory Field Platinum Jubilee Party in Armitage Court Peanuts, Deer, and Pidgeons

Tap or Click on the picture below to go to Robin's Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race page, then play the video from this year's race :-)

Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race

Active Away Tennis holiday in Greece

June and Samantha had an "Active Away" Tennis Holiday in Greece, from 6th to 15th May. June plays tennis at our local Royal Ascot Tennis Club over 7.5 hours a week - AND watches it far more on TV !

Tap or Click on the picture to play a clip of Samantha playing, from June's Youtube Channel linked from Robin's Contact page. Robin had his "holiday" at home ;-)

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Robin's beard shaved off

Many will say "Robin's time is one long holiday", and it is true that he likes to combine "work" with "pleasure" ;-) What "work" ? Well, there's all that driving, such as the chauffeur service for his Grumpy Old Men friends for Pub Grub each week. e.g. Storm Eunice :-) Also, those miles driving our Camper: three trips to the south west: that for Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt is further below, but before that we had two other lovely trips, caught in rough cut videos with photo trails. First our trip in July, to Devon, during that heatwave: June & Robin Lovelock's Camper Trip South West from 11th to 15th July 2022 . Then that in August, as far as Lands End in Cornwall, returning in torrential rain: Snoopy's Camper Trip to Cornwall with June & Robin Lovelock in August 2022 and Snoopy's Trip to Cornwall with June & Robin Lovelock - 3D GPS tracks & more pictures and shorter . Robin used the Cornwall trip as an opportunity to grow a beard again, not done since 2015. The problem is that it resulted in violence, with June shaving it off with a kitchen knife. The evidence is on video: Robin's Beard being shave off :-)

Robin's Late November Photo Trail - Rough Cut

Did someone say "Work" ? Everyone knows that, since the 1970s, Robin spends much of his time getting others to do the real work - he likes to "use his time efficiently" ;-) Robin's "Cunning Plan" - taking advice from his friend Baldrick - is to create space in their back garden for tools and materials to be moved from places like their Games Room, into more suitable accomodation. Other important work was done, including rainwater drainage into the "Top Pond", down the stream, into the "Lower Pond" - now the "Duck Pond" with it's new "mossy" fence - and into the "bog garden" at the end. The first few minutes of this video shows progress. Tap or Click on that frame on the left, showing use of the Youtube time bar, to play Robin's Late November Photo Trail - Rough Cut .
The three panorama photos below show our back garden, after a brief flurry of snow on 12th December; then Samantha working in our cluttered "Games Room"; then our lounge:
Patio with Barbecue; Top Pond & Bridge; Lower (fenced, Duck) Pond; Washing Line; 6'x4' Toolshed; Summerhouse "Lab"; Workshop; Greenhouse.

Panorama of Back Garden

Panorama of Games Room

Panorama of lounge

Seeing those framed photos above our TV, reminds me to mention the sad passing of guys important to us. More than seven were this year. Some are linked to things like Snoopy Robot Boats , valued posessions, and treasured memories. I'll simply link their names and pictures to what seems the most relevant thing I have. Sorry not all are mentioned here. George Gourier , James Lovelock , Bernie & Ruby Sharp , Peter (Pietro) Lane , Queen Elizabeth II , Nick Bansal , John Doyle , Angus Cairns , David Gooch , Trevor Saunders , Eric Wardle , Jack Ponsford , Len Lovelock , Bert Davies . As someone said about growing older, and losing loved ones: "It goes with the territory". Love & Strength ! :-) white strip

George Gourier James Lovelock Bernie Sharp Ruby & Bernie Sharp Queen Elizabeth II Nick Bansal John Doyle Angus Cairns David Gooch Trevor Saunders Eric Wardle Jack Ponsford Len Lovelock Bert davies

white strip Bently and Tody Guard Snoopy's Robot Boat Bentley climbs Oak Tree watched by Tody Our new cat Tody , and Bentley, from across the road, play an important part in our lives. The videos clearly show they are now "Brothers in Arms", with Bentley being the more experienced, in things like "security", "recce", and "special military operations".

Topics and people overlap, as you will see, if you play these recent videos, particularly that on the right. There is a glimpse of Bentley, with Robin's dad's Webley Air Pistol, and the late Nick Bansal, witnessing Robin's demonstration of it, loaded with modern "smart" ammunition - allegedly ;-)

white strip

Snoopy's Robot Boat made it's 2022 attempt to cross the Atlantic on Tuesday 30th August. You can play the Video of Snoopy's 2022 Attempt here . That's Dick, June, Dick's wife Liz, their grandson Jiraiya ( Ji' ), then Dick again with Peter, tracking Snoopy's progress towards the horizon.

Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt What a surprise when Snoopy sailed onto Rottingdean Beach, on Saturday 22nd October, watched by the Connolly family, who then 'phoned Robin :-) After Snoopy's safe return home to Sunninghill, it was not difficult to see what had gone wrong: stupid Robin had forgotten to file a flat on the steel rudder shaft, to take that grub screw in the rudder lever. The result, in rough seas, was the rudder had worked loose, slipped out of it's greased brass tube, and allowed some sea water into the waterproof box of batteries and electronics ! Play the Video of us collecting Snoopy from Rottingdean here . Don't forget that you can use the Youtube time bar to search content and skip bits ;-) Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt Snoopy's 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt Servo rudder arm grub screw white strip Snoopy Taken in 2012 Snoopy Taken in 2015 Snoopy Taken in 2019 white strip

Was Snoopy's amazing return pure chance ? A miracle ? Or did Snoopy get help ? It has happened before. See 2012 , 2015 , and 2019 Attempts :-)


June and Robin just LOVE the National Garden Scheme (NGS) Charity and enjoyed visits to 25 of these gardens in 2022. Nearby "Timber Hill" is on Robin's huge "Walks" page , but no others were added in 2022.
BUT, most are on . You can try a Youtube search on "NGS June & Robin Lovelock" . Here below are the first eight videos that I found in December 2022. You often meet guys even more interesting than the places ;-)

NGS Garden video NGS Garden video NGS Garden video NGS Garden video white strip NGS Garden video NGS Garden video NGS Garden video NGS Garden video white strip Robin Lovelock

More may be added to the online copy of this on : more pictures, videos, and later news: hopefully good ! :-)

Have a Great Christmas, New Year, and a Good 2023. Love & Strength ! :-)

from Robin, June, Samantha, & Tody Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 9TA, England, UK. Tel UK (44) 01344 620775. Robin's Mobile 07736 353 404. Email: Main Website is hosted on , , , and . A few guys, here and overseas, will have all my pages on hard disks, USB sticks, SD cards, etc. Nice to have "Backup" :-) white strip

Footnotes with Latest News ...

It has been hectic, busy, and enjoyable, preparing for Christmas Day, including collecting Michelle from Coventry with her cat, Lady, and clearing the Games Room / Dining Room. Sending and delivering Christmas cards has been delayed, but 200 copies of this newsletter, dated 18th December, were printed, and over 100 hand delivered by Robin. Lots of lovely emails have already come in. We have spent a lot of time with the Bansal Family, and Christmas Eve was a lovely evening there, with Michelle, Samantha meeting their huge rotweiler dog Romeo, who just LOVES to lick faces :-) Lots of video was shot, but it may take days to publish. Bal gave us some photos for a first "Memories of Nick Bansal" video, below. The Bansals will be joining our family, of June, Robin, Samantha, Saskia, Gary, and Michelle, for Christmas Day lunch and diner. Most important: Romeo will be with us too, and we have a seat at the table ! Maybe cats Tody and Lady will be "confined to quarters", upstairs, but we doubt it. The day may be very interesting ! For now, I'll just add what pictures and video I could easily find. Romeo has grown quickly since last Christmas ! :-) white strip Memories of Nick Bansal Just Before Christmas 2022 51st Wedding Anniversary Romeo Bansal white strip

Boxing Day Update - 1.25 hour video of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ...

Christmas 2022 video rough cut 1 This video on is a 1.25 hour rough cut video showing June & Robin Lovelock, their family, and friends, enjoying Christmas in Sunninghill, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2022. It is intended as "raw material" to be seen and shared with anyone interested, and so it is not lost ; It includes their visit to close Indian friends in their village, the Bansal family, for dinner on Christmas Eve. Nick Bansal, who set up Costcutters, passed away earlier that year. Sad, but lots of laughs when daughters Michelle and Samantha were licked by Romeo Bansal - their Rotweiler dog who has grown from a puppy since last Christmas :-) Next day is Christmas Day: Sunday 25th December 2022, and June was able to enjoy cooking and serving Christmas Lunch, in their Games Room / Dining Room, followed by snacks and relaxation, until past midnight, in their lounge. Robin shot all of the video with his pocket camera, being careful what he shot - some will know what happened. Don't forget that Robin has more on his plate, like tidying up his junk, and helping others, rather than edit a video well ;-) Robin do work ? Always best to get others to do it for you, even if just "returning favours" ;-) For reference, if a friend is using material from this video, to do some good, the reference is 251222u1.mp4 and is available direct from different sources: not just Youtube. The video took10 hours to process overnight on Robin's PC, to make the video file 251222u1.mp4 for upload to Youtube. The Youtube upload seems to be almost perfect, although Youtube blocked it from being played in Russia. It took "longer than expected", probably due to the "Copyright Claim" of the music playing from June's Samsung 'Fridge. The music was "All I want for Christmas is you", sung by Mariah Carey. Youtube seems to have handled it well, respecting Mariah's wish for it only to be blocked in Russia. Other platforms may not block it. What a pity there is not a Christmas Ceasefire, as there was for my Grandad, Harold Sharp, when he fought on The Somme, in World War 1. This video is intended to support Robin's 2022 Christmas Newsletter on . We hope you had a good Christmas, New Year, and 2023. Love & Strength ! :-) white strip

After Boxing Day: Ukraine versus Russia - Wars, Special Military Operations, Training, etc ...

Tap or Click on a picture to go to a relevant page. Many have been there for over 20 years. One cannot be too careful, but Robin hopes some of this, seen by the right people, will help bring peace rather than conflict. Sometimes humour helps, to relieve pain, even in the worse of circumstances. e.g. That senile old pensioner, protesting about war, is thinking "I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW IT GOES !". The sign he is holding says "MAKE WAR NOT LOVE". Robin has, or had, over 10,000 "Public" friends, in every country, including on both sides in several wars. Let me plug some pictures first, before something else crops up here ... it just has - Michelle came down and we are going out NOW ! :-)

white strip After Boxing Day Ukraine etc Odessa GPSS After Boxing Day Ukraine etc Yuri After Boxing Day Ukraine etc Protesting Pensioners After Boxing Day Ukraine etc John Maniello and NATO After Boxing Day Ukraine etc Bert Davies white strip After Boxing Day Ukraine etc GPSS Links After Boxing Day Ukraine etc Edge of Darkness Dr Strangelove white strip After Boxing Day Ukraine etc Edge of Darkness EASAMS

white strip

Boxing Day on Monday 26th December, and the day after - Tuesday 27th December 2022 ...

After Boxing Day with Lovelock Family is a 2.2 hour rough cut of all video shot on Boxing Day, 26th December 2022, and the day after. Most will be of little interest to most people, but some bits will be to some - particularly if you are in it :-) The most interesting part is probably near the end, starting about 1 Hour 25 Minutes in ( 1H25M ) - note you can use the time bar, to peruse content and go to particular bits. Here is a rough guide: introduction then Boxing Day with Paul helping fix Hubble Web Cams, plus shots of Lovelock family, Tody the cat, etc :-) At +20 mins: visit to Robin's old pal Gus Russell; +36 mins to 1H25M drive through Ascot area to Hughenden Manor: historic HQ of the RAF from before World War 2, and near RAF Strike (Bomber) Command; 1H47M return home - trackers etc. Chromebooks for Gus and Bansals, or whoever has a need. June used the Ap, Outdoor Active, to record the GPS track, for 3D replay, of the walk around the estate, and our journey back through the Chilterns to Ascot and home. There is a glimpse of the track, but as of now, she has not received the 3D GPS track video from them. Lots of others at Christmas ? :-) Some of this video might be used by someone, for shorter, more interesting videos, particularly with material added. e.g. that shot by June on her smartphone, or those editing a new video. BUT other material is in the queue, such as the lovely trip on Friday 30th December, to visit Robin's sister Sally with family, and return Michelle and cat Lady to Coventry :-) At least this huge 2.2 hour video can be added to Robin's "shared memory bank" and will test if any parts cause "copyright" faults. e.g. music playing in the background from June's smart Samsung Fridge :-) If this video is too aweful, it can be made unlisted, but let's start with it being seen by all :-) <<<< That's the description that I put on Youtube, when I uploaded it. BUT, having just played all of it, in the early hours of the morning, I enjoyed it all :-) I was very pleased with what I said, when I had the chance, despite it all being unrehearsed, single takes, and just thrown together. I would particularly like to thank our cat Tody, for his assistance, including guard duty and testing of products such as the cameras and Chromebooks :-) Love & Strength to all, wherever you are, from Robin Lovelock and family in Sunninghill :-) white strip

Friday 30th December 2022 - the day before New Year's Eve ...

New Year's Day 2022 with Lovelock Family is a 43 minute rough cut video of the day before New Year's Eve 2022. i.e. Friday 30th December. It includes the journey, from Sunninghill, to Raunds, to Coventry, and back to Sunninghill. The trip was to take daughter Michelle, and her cat Lady, back to their home in Coventry, but the important part was the get-together and lunch, with Robin's sister and family. These included Sally's daughter Becky, and boyfriends/partners David and Jordan ;-) The important part was things like the exchange of presents - Robin was delighted, but a little shocked, by that given to him by Sally & Becky: a solid silver hand with two fingers raised - more expensive than the ebony singe fingered salute from the garden sculpture given to him by June, for his birthday :-) There are glimpses of many things, including Michelle's place in Coventry, including her guitars, and two painting by her: a self portrait, and one of Freddi Mercury. As always, there is plenty of GPS tracking on maps, including from the public SpotT2 Satcomms tracker carried in Robin's car(s), and the Pensioner Pendants, hung around his neck, or in June's handbag. These rough cut videos are Robin's means of not forgetting important events, places, and people, and sharing with others can be useful ;-) This description can easily be "tweaked" to make corrections or add detail. e.g. the term boyfriend/partner above. Oh yes, should anyone consider legal action, Robin knows many lawyers, including young becky. Should anyone consider visiting here, with violence in mind, beware of our security guys, Tody and Bentley :-) white strip

Saturday 31st December 2022 - New Year's Eve ...

New Year's Eve 2022 with Lovelock Family is a 50 minute video showing what happened with the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill, on 31st December 2022 - New Year's Eve.

It starts with a few minutes summary, including relevant background, such as a glimpse of their lovely visit to Robin's sister Sally, the day before. Also, replacement of their Garmin Satnav by a Tom Tom. Than serious background such as war and mental health. Then a quick tour of their place and lovely time with the Bansal Family. We enjoyed seeing the new year in :-)

A minor emergency of flooding - a hose came off an inside tap ! :-)

Water Meter in Sunninghill damaged ? Hopefully that new external water meter, that Affinity Water decided to deploy, is OK. Thames Water used to be our supplier. Water supply was once owned by the Community. Politics ! :-)

Tap on the video on right, or New Water Meter in Sunninghill , to play the video. The description is subject to change ;-)

Water Meter in Sunninghill damaged ? The Youtube description reads: QUOTE: 1.7 minute video showing what might have resulted in damage, to a water meter installed recently, outside 22 Armitage Court in Sunninghill, home of the Lovelock Family. A few days after the friendly and professional guys did the job, Robin saw there might be a problem. They had dug a hole in the surfaced path and installed the meter, showing a plastic cover, then neatly surrounded it with new tarmac. It looked like an excellent and neat job. However, some days after, Robin noticed that the plastic cover was now lower, by about 4 inches, or 10 centimeters, pressed down into a hole. The only likely explanation is that a vehicle had stopped with it's wheel on the cover, and pushed it down. We have MANY vehicles using this path, including ourselves, residents, visiting workmen, and MANY delivery vehicles. Robin has made this video to seek advice - and maybe chuckles - from his many friends - near and far. See :-) UNQUOTE.

American External Water Meter Robin is grateful to Youtube for briefly showing the video on the right, as one he might wish to play, after his own. Even the picture shows the sort of steel cover he would expect to be used - even if it is American ;-)

Robin spent a few minutes research, and it seems that the water meter fitted might be very cheap, such as advertised for less than 40 GPS ( Pounds Sterling ). Very little compared with the cost of the guys doing the job, and - more significantly - a suitable steel cover, able to withstand the weight of a heavy vehicle ;-)

Searching on "protection of external water meter", found - a very good, but not excellent, UK Government document. Search it for "protect" found "protecting the environment" but nothing about protecting the meter. He wonders why ? ;-)

Tap or Click on pictures to read detail or play video - if you dare :-)

white strip

Chinese New Year on 22nd January - from Year of the Tiger to Year of the Rabbit ...

Happy Chinese New Year to our Chinese friends in Sunninghill and around the World. Tap on a picture or search. More here soon ? :-)

Chinese New Year Utube video Utube video Chinese New Year - Tiger Chinese New Year - Tody Chinese New Year - Rabbit Chinese New Year George Chung and Geocaching Sunninghill Geocachers on BBC World in 2001

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