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News and Free Copies of GPSS - from Monday 14th February 2000

If you want to see pictures of GPSS on Television please click here . If you want to see pictures of The Barossa (Military) Operation please click here

GSM-SMS Tracking in Odessa, Ukraine

Bi-Tex Odessa Map This handsome young man is Yuri Polunin, of Bi-Tex in Odessa, Ukraine.

Bi-Tex have pioneered the exploitation of GPSS for remote tracking within Ukraine using the GSM mobile 'phone network Short Message Service (SMS).

Bi-Tex are based in Odessa, manufacture hardware, and supply total Tracking Solutions.

For more information on remote tracking, and contact details of Bi-Tex, please visit the CHASE Page
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RajaTrack Vehicle Security in Brazil

Rajamim in Paper Rajamim Azoubel holds the RajaTrack equipment suitable for installing in your car so that it may be tracked from a PC in your office or home.

This picture appeared in "O Dia" (The Day) - the daily newspaper of Brazil (over 300,000 issues each day).

The RajaTrack system can be installed in your car, or any vehicle. Your PC runs software which displays the vehicles position on a map - whereever it is in the World. You will then know exactly where your vehicle is - even if it is stolen.

A business can also use this, to monitor where their fleet of trucks are.

The software, called "GPSS", is from Sunninghill Systems in the UK - where it has been used by Police for years. RajaTrack and Sunninghill Systems recently signed an agreement permitting RajaTrack to supply GPSS to customers in Brazil and other South American countries. For more information see the RajaTrack Web Site
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Notebook PC with GPS from Taiwan

Smile GPS + Notebook DUAL TECHNOLOGIES, based in Taiwan, are the first Notebook PC manufacturer to ship their computers already loaded with GPSS, in addition to Microsoft Windows.

Those that buy the DUAL range of Notebook PC products will get a free copy of GPSS - ready to run, and with speech in their own language in addition to English.

Mapping for their country is also included, together with a copy of the web site pages.

The software, and G-Mouse GPS option from SMILE COMMUNICATIONS will add value to the Notebook PC, and it is expected that a proportion of Notebook PC buyers will opt to purchase the G-Mouse. Those that do, will simply plug it directly into the sockets at the back of the Notebook, and start the 'ready to run' copy of GPSS.

They will then have a moving map display, showing (the passenger) where they are, and speaking (in English, Dutch or other language) to actually describe, to the driver, where they are relative to major towns and landmarks.

The combination of G-Mouse and GPSS will also guide the driver by voice to his destination, so that he can 'keep his eyes on the road'.

For more information, please click here
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Singapore and the 'Searcher' Car-PC

Geraldine Yeo Geraldine Yeo takes Searcher for a spin - from an article by Geraldine in The Straights Times on May 19th '98. She reports that Hertz have signed a deal with GPS Technologies of Singapore to fit an initial 10 cars with the new system. Mr Wong Soon Hwa, Hertz's director of marketing and franchise in Asia-Pacific said Hertz International has a car navigation system, NeverLost, in use in the United States since July 1996, but Searcher was different. He said: "This shows the road network in more detail. It can also be activated by voice, making it easier for our customers to use."

New Car Computer

In August 1997 GPS Technologies (Singapore) PTE and Sunninghill Systems signed an agreement for exclusive use of GPSS within Singapore until January 1999. This picture appeared in the Singapore Newspaper 'The Straights Times' on 8th September '97, soon after launch of the 'Searcher' Car-PC product.
For more information click here white strip

GPS Product from San Jose Navigation

GM-38 In 1998 we received this GM-38 sample, from San Jose Navigation in Taiwan. Tests with GPSS show it to be a great little GPS.

San Jose are evaluating GPSS for possible distribution with their products.

For information on the GM-38, e-mail Alan Ortencio or visit their Web Site

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GPSS in Portugal - and GPSS 'speaks the language' !

Portugal PC Mag Portugal Map An excellent two pages describing GPSS, appeared within the August '98 issue of 'EXAME Informatica' - a PC magazine published in Portugal. It has all the right things, including mention of and Jose Ramos - our most active contact in that country.

Jose has been working with Robin for some time, testing GPSS 'on the road', and e-mailing Robin .NME files to play back and help test new maps such as those you can download from this web site. Jose has an e-mail link on the links page, under Portugal, and can provide 'Garmin GPS to PC' cables by mail order worldwide. He has also become 'a bit of an expert' on use of GPSS in Portugal. You can hear his voice if you download the GPSS Portuguese speech files.

The free publicity in the magazine article, for both Robin and Jose, is just one example of how people can help each other, without money changing hands. white strip

'Into Tomorrow' on USA & AFN Radio

Robin on 'phone Robin was interviewed on the 3rd May 'Into Tomorrow' radio chat show, broadcast across 75 USA networks, and overseas via AFN.

For more information about the programme, including a transcript of the interview, and link to the 'Into Tomorrow' web site, please click here white strip

When is GPSS Free ? When is it not Free ?

GPSS is Free when :

GPSS is not Free when :

Robin often provides free registration to those helping to test or improve GPSS.

Where do I get my free copy of GPSS ?

You have four ways of getting a copy of GPSS :

There is no difference between the free copy of GPSS, and more expensive versions - particularly if you are just a member of the public and only want to use it in your car connected directly to a GPS receiver. A large quantity of GPSS-compatible mapping is also available free, as a download from this web site. People only have to start paying money to remove the red UNREGISTERED message that appears briefly on startup, or to exploit some of the special facilities within GPSS such as communications handling.
You may give identical copies away, but not modify them, or sell them.

Why do Sunninghill Systems appear to be so generous ? GPSS may be the first, best and lowest cost GPS Car Navigation software around, but they can always sell you something better - either now, or in the future. Free software is a very effective way of making contact with businesses around the world. When there are millions of computers running GPSS, Sunninghill Systems will be very happy to offer the latest version at a small licence fee of just a few pounds.

Meanwhile, why not simply use what is free ?

Any Country in the World - Free Maps

In addition to the basic package of GPSS files, sounds and UK maps, these pages also provide sample maps and sounds for Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Borneo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Crete, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Holland, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Java, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macadonia (FYROM), Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Sarawak, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, the USA, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

GPSS Users

If you have reached the stage of running GPSS with a GPS receiver, but do not yet have a local map, send us an email message and we will try to put up maps for you.
We give priority to those of you outside the UK and USA.
You will need to tell us answers to the Quiz on the GPSS Download Page If you have difficulty with any of these, don't let it delay you contacting Robin. Any other information you give Robin about yourself, family, hobbies, work or business, is always of interest, and may be useful to you both at some time.

Speech was always available in both English and Japanese, but now other languages can be downloaded, including Italian, Russian and Swedish. Do you want to help us make GPSS speak other languages ? For more information please click here

Free Publicity

Perhaps some of you overseas would like to be the first in your country to exploit the 'newsworthy' features of GPSS ? Why not look at what has made interesting Television News in the UK, and use the same story in your Country ?

Stories that have so far appeared in the UK related to GPSS include:

Can you help us with free publicity in your country ? Please click here for details

Do you have an unusual use for GPSS ?

We would be interested to hear from you if you have been using GPSS for something unusual - particularly if it would make good material for the press. We want to maximise publicity about GPS - not just our software - to awaken the public to what is available when you connect a GPS receiver to a Notebook PC, or have a Car-PC. The more people who know about GPS, the more will get a GPS receiver and the GPSS 'Freebee'. This all helps to develop the market, and puts other businesses in contact with us.

Information Release - GPSS with Radio and Inmarsat-C

You can download the capability for GPSS to do multiple vehicle tracking and operate with radio and Inmarsat-C communication bearers. For more information click here

Television and Radio Publicity

TV Filming at 22

The Police Vauxhall Astra and Lexus Soarer are fitted with new computers in Armitage Court prior to filming on the roads in Berkshire and Surrey for 'Put It To The Test'. This was the last known UK Television appearance of GPSS. It was broadcast on the BBC1 National Network from 1450 until 1520 on Tuesday 21st January '97. Ten minutes of this light hearted science programme was devoted to GPSS-based systems. GPSS was shown being used by the Police to hunt down a top-of-the-range Japanese Lexus sports car - also fitted with a computer running GPSS. The programme was presented by Carol Vorderman in the studio, and reporter Nick Knowles drove the Lexus Soarer - until Nick was 'nicked' by the police. The programme was created by Topical Television and first broadcast on November 27th 96 on the Meridian Independent Television Network.

Please see 'Car Security and Chase Facility' page for more details.

If you want to see pictures of GPSS on Television please click here

The list of known Television and Radio programmes featuring GPSS are:

Paper Publications

Publications such as newspaper and magazine articles on GPSS include:

New Windows 95 Palmtop PCs Appear from Japan

Palmtop PC Last year, Robin Lovelock saw the advert in a PC Magazine he had been waiting for : the next generation of smaller, 'Palmtop' PC, capable of running Windows 95 or 3.x with sound. The Toshiba Libretto is one example of these new products appearing from the land of the rising sun. Parameters include Pentium 75MHz, 32 MB EDO RAM, 2.1 GB HDD, 6.1 inch TFT screen, SoundBlaster - compatible sound, and a weight of 850 g. Not too difficult to be slipped neatly into the glove compartment ? Or how about those unusual GPSS applications such as motor cycle, hot air balloon, or even on foot ? The advert was by Japan Palmtop Direct, selling direct from Tokyo, who have a Web Site on (see Links Page). Since then they have started to appear in Europe and the USA. e.g. see picture at top of the 'Direction Finding' page.

"Knight Rider's Kitt comes to life at Waterfront"

"Send an e-mail - or have a conversation - with the Car of the Future"

Kitt in SA "Smart car: Kirsty Whittal of BMW and Dennis Young of BT Telecommunications admire some of the hi-tech features in the Car of the Future" - from Page 12 of the Cape Argus on April 23rd. The cutting was kindly sent to Robin by Chris Roux.

BT have shipped two Range Rover vehicles, kitted out with the latest technology, to Australia, and then South Africa. These are the ground support vehicles to the 'BT Global Challenge' round-the-world yacht race. They include two Toshiba computers, engineered into the seats, using GPSS for navigation facilities. One of the vehicles was demonstrated in and around the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney. They were then shown off at the BMW Pavilion in the Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa. Dave Pring, senior development engineer at BT Laboratories oversaw the project.

More about the GPSS 'Freebie'

GPSS, which may be copied and distributed but not modified, includes mapping over the whole UK mainland, over 2200 petrol stations, 1000 towns, 850 eating places and 200 sleeping places. It also includes more detailed sample maps and an aerial photograph. If run on the desktop it will give a demonstration. If connected to an NMEA GPS receiver it will work for real 'on the road'.

This software has the same program, GPSS.EXE, as more expensive applications - which simply have hidden facilities switched on and supported by the required data. GPSS is unusual in having an 'open' design, which makes it simple to add more detailed maps, and configure it for a wide range of different applications.

Wherever you are in the World - there may be free local map data waiting for you on our Download Page.

The London Motor Show

Sunninghill System had Stand 262 at the '97 London Motor Show.
The Show was at Earl's Court, London from 15th until 26th of October.
For more information click here

Battlefield Systems International

GPSS was demonstrated on several different company stands, and in vehicles, at BSI 96. The companies included Intelect Europe, SAIC, DOLCE and IBM.

BSI 96 or ‘Battlefield Systems International 96’ was the exhibition hosted by the UK Defence Research Agency establishment known as ‘DRA Chertsey’ alongside the M3 Motorway not far from Chobham in Surrey. Locals refer to it as ‘The Tank Factory’. Heard of Chobham Armour ? This exhibition was of interest to the military and para-military community.

GPSS now supports UTM and Military Grid coordinate conversion.

For information about the next 'Battlefield Systems International' please click here