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2021 Christmas Newsletter from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill
on updated 1630 GMT Thursday 6th January 2022.

white strip Robin Lovelock Seasons Greetings All ! I've been writing these Christmas Newsletters since 1995, online since 1996 - Click on Father Christmas above for that from 1996 :-)

Homer with June & Robin Lovelock in 2021 printer <- Tap or Click to Print xmas21.pdf . Many of us prefer paper !

However, paper will not follow links or play videos ... yet ! :-)

My latest videos are on - there are a LOT ! :-)

Tap or click on pictures to expand, visit links, or play videos. e.g. Clicking on me on the left visits my "Home" page. Below is Tody the Cat, our new family member. Tap or Click on him for his Tody page, and see what he has been up to ! Homer is on "Christmas Guard Duty" again :-)

We had snow in January - suitable for snowball fights. It made the local golf-courses more suitable for Walks :-)

Xmas21 Xmas21 Xmas21 Xmas21 Xmas21 white strip

June & Samantha had tickets for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. Robin was their driver - then joined Uncle Bernie & cousin Larry to watch it on TV :-) Xmas21 Xmas21 white strip

June decided to buy a Camper Van , and we have already had two fantastic trips in it. The first was to Devon: lovely walks, Steam trains, beaches, and Pam Coughlan :-)

Xmas21 Xmas21 video of Camper trip to Devon Mansands Beach walk Pam Coughlan white strip

Our next trip, north, took in the amazing model aircraft show, the RAF Museum with TSR-2, then Wales, Robin's old friend Tony Wale, and the estate of Lord Glanusk. white strip Xmas21 RAF Museum video Xmas21 Xmas21 Xmas21 white strip

Saskia & Gary hosted our 50th Wedding Anniversary party. June found old photos, taken by their Ferranti-workmate Pete Wilson. Robin remembered how he cut the cake ! :-)

Xmas21 Gary & Saskia old 1971 wedding photos old 1971 wedding photo - cutting the cake cutting cake on 50th Xmas21 white strip

Here are a few of the guests enjoying themselves :-)

Xmas21 Xmas21 Xmas21 Xmas21 white strip

June's Birthday, on Sunday 18th July 2021, had nice weather, so we had lunch on our back patio. The deer eat peanuts left out near our front door :-) Xmas21 June's Birthday Xmas21 Deer white strip

LOTS of other things happened, often the result of taking interesting Walks - sometimes places we had not visited for decades - if at all. e.g. that Gypsy Party ! :-) Xmas21 Xmas21 5k run around Eton Boating Lake video white strip

Ramster Gardens Writing this newsletter reminded me that I'd forgotten to mention that 5k run that June and Samantha did, around Eton Boating Lake, on Saturday 4th September. It was the same day that June and I started our Camper trip up north, mentioned earlier. Luckily, I managed to find the photos and video clips, that went into my Youtube video above. You will see them with their medals, and me doing some running too :-)

June caught a mild case of Covid19 in early October, keeping her in bed several days, but she was soon back into tennis, shopping, and socialising - within the rules AND Common Sense of course ! :-)

Time to wrap up this "early issue" of the 2021 Newsletter, within a paper budget of two A4 sides, and delegate June to print a few copies.

I'm sure extra pages will be added to this online copy on with more pictures, videos, and later news - hopefully good ! Here we are, enjoying a dance at Ramster Gardens, on 29th October 2021. It's from our Walks page :-)

Have a Great Christmas, New Year, and a good 2022. Love & Strength ! :-)

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added on Boxing Day, 26th December 2021, then Monday 27th December, then Thursday 30th December ...

Tap or Click on pictures from Christmas Day, at Saskia and Gary's place. Robin dressed for Zoom call with Australian friends - more later :-)

white strip Christmas Day at Saskia and Gary's place Christmas Day at Saskia and Gary's place Christmas Day at Saskia and Gary's place Christmas Day at Saskia and Gary's place white strip

Below: Snoopy has a Mobile HQ ! Robin sees that the Microtransat Rules allow Snoopy's 2021 Trans-Atlantic Attempt to be anytime before 31st January 2022 ! :-)

white strip Robin with Snoopy at Christmas Robin with Snoopy at Christmas Robin with Snoopy at Christmas Robin with Snoopy at Christmas video of Snoopy Bray Lake Test on 3rd November 2021 white strip Some pictures from Walks :Bucklebury Farm Park on 29th December 2021 ....
Tap or Click on pictures to enlarge them. Michelle is crazy about animals, so, after a long drive around, we ended up at Bucklebury Farm Park, that we had not visited for a while. walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park walk around Bucklebury Farm Park white strip

Tap or Click on pictures to expand. After negative Covid19 Lateral Flow Tests, we took Michelle and her cat Lady, back to Coventry, via Robin's sister Sally's place in Raunds. See Family page :-) June's Kitchen is the same in December 2021 as 12 months earlier. Details are on Robin's Roof, Kitchen, and House page. i.e. new 'fridge but no plastering yet :-)

Covid19 in 2021 at Sally's place Kitchen in December 2020 white strip

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