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The "Tody" page: June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill have a new cat ! :-)

Updated 1715 UK Time ( also 1715z GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Friday 16th December 2022. New videos at end :-)

Robin Lovelock Tody Lovelock the cat in Sunninghill From Robin Lovelock: We have a new member of the Lovelock family in Sunninghill: Tody the cat, dumped on us by our youngest daughter Michelle, visiting from Coventry :-) She was given Tody because a friend could not take this kitten into their new flat. However, Tody is a boisterous little guy, and was bullying Michelle's cat, "Lady".

See our Family page, for details of our family, and our Christmas Nwsletters, going back to 1995, and with pictures of the three cats that preceed Tody: Sooty, Bella, and Fartalot - the name given by Michelle, due to his behaviour in the first hours in our lounge. June preferred to call him "Gingy", when registering with our local vet, or calling out his name in Armitage Court :-)

For recent news of the Lovelocks in Sunninghill, see recent videos on Youtube:
Two videos are at the bottom of Robin's Covid19 page, intended to amuse and inform: that long weekend in Cornwall and Devon, during 2019, visiting places, old friends, and relatives. It included a visit to where the famous James Lovelock and his wife Sandy used to live.

Also Gary Carter with son Bert, servicing our cars. It seems a mouse took that trip too, and had made a nest over the warm engine. So Tody has a local food supply, but, to keep my sister Sally and Michelle happy, we will try to raise Tody as a Vegan :-)

Tody with the mouse that got away Tody with Bentley

Speaking of Mice: play the video on left. Tody is a good "Mouser", typically catching one every day. Thankfully, they are not all killed and eaten - Robin helps them escape :-)

On the right is a video of Tody, wearing his diamond collar, meeting Bentley - the local Top Cat. Tody has already lost two expensive collars, each after several days: that diamond collar, then the one with a solid gold badge, with "Tody" on one side and "01344 620775" on the other. Perhaps Tody put them on Ebay ? :-)

Bentley is doing a good job of training young Tody, in skills such as covert survellence and security. The short silent black & white video on the below-right shows them dealing with a young fox cub, after peanuts. Check out the "body language" :-)

Cats Bentley, Tody, and a Fox Cub in Sunninghill You will see below that, before Tody, we had three cats, since we moved into 22 Armitage Court in late 1979 - and some of the mischief that they got up to :-)

After those old pictures and videos, new ones are being added of Tody. e.g. he is learning how to interfere with telephones ! :-)

Robin is seeking experienced advice on practical things like reprogramming or replacing chips in cats, and useful ideas; what problems to avoid when fitting things like tracking and monitoring devices, both internal and external, such as a carefully designed collar with visible "Tody from 22 Armitage Court SL5 9TA. 01344 620775." ( if space allows ), and things like minuture GPS-Tracker/'phone - perhaps with camera. See AVL/Chase and Radio Direction Finding pages :-) white strip

Here is June, Robin and Sooty; then the family with Michelle holding Bella; then a robot annoying Fartalot - sorry Ginger ! In recent years, Bentley from Paul & Paula's opposite spends time with us. Bently is currently the local Top Cat, and there are plenty of videos of Bently chasing off deer, scaring off foxes, checking out any visitor, and stalking criminals, such as those who burgled Tom & Kinga's opposite. As Tody develops, and goes through "basic training", Robin hopes that Bently will take on a role of teaching his "Special Operations" skills in covert surveilence, self defence, and use of modern technology. It may be some months before Tody is ready for full weapons training :-)

Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Cat Chases Deer in Sunninghill Fox Chased Off by Cat Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill Lovelock cats in Sunninghill

Tody watching tennis in Samantha's room; Tody looking at cheap collars and AVL/CHASE products, such as the Pocket Cam "Pensioner Pendent", with GPS tracking, hands free voice, and camera. Or perhaps the Smart Watch, able to do Whatsapp and other video calls ( See Robin's Contact page ). The collar and it's additions must obviously be safe, in case it gets snagged when climbing a tree, or barbed wire fence.

Click on new videos or pictures of Tody to play or enlarge - if you dare ! Tody is learning new skills in disrupting our communication systems ! That's Tody familiarising himself with one of Robin's old Clansman military radio systems. See Robin's EASAMS page and the Barossa Operation for some ancient History . Tody likes June's chocolates :-)

Tody the cat in Sunninghill with Clansman military radio Tody the cat can cut telephone cables Tody the cat and Wildlife on CCTV Tody almost catches a pidgeon Tody almost catches a pidgeon

Here are the latest Tody videos: checking out our oak tree with it's bat box. Sorry - yet another mouse death ! :-| Watching TV better ? :-)

white strip Tody climbing our oak tree Tody kills another mouse Bentley and Tody watch TV together Bentley climbs Oak Tree watched by Tody Bently and Tody Guard Snoopy's Robot Boat

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