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* this page was "hidden" until an "Ajay" link was included in our 2019 Christmas Newsletter in December 2019, a year after Ajay passed away, on Christmas Eve, 2018.

Robin's "Ajay" page: 0640 GMT 9th January 2019.

Robin Lovelock Nick of Costcutters in Sunninghill with Robin From Robin Lovelock: this hidden* page will become my tribute to Ajay, and I may add more pictures and videos in the coming days. Please take great care who you give the link to, and how, particularly if via less secure Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. It may become public, if and when Nick and Bal decide. Right now it is a means of providing important information to their friends and family, including within our village of Sunninghill, who already know a great deal. Click on pictures to expand them or play a video.

At sad times such as this, let us share smiles and laughter, when we think of Ajay. His father Nick brought the family, including Bal, and three sons, Raj, Ajay, and Jaz, into Sunninghill from Southall. Their Costcutter shop became the centre of the community. Many in the village know Nick, Raj, and Ajay - the guy who would tell you everything ! e.g. his advice to me before my 70th Birthday Party in May 2017, the first day Muslim Ramadam: "Us Sikhs can eat and drink anything !"; the Bollywood music in that AMRA BBQ; the time in the Punjab for his wedding to Mandeep. It sounded like the American "Wild West" and it was when Ajay became ill. Jaz is a year younger than Ajay, and a hairdresser by profession. Grandson Damon is rapidly becoming more important. e.g. when planning music for the funeral, he is the guy who knows what music Ajay liked most. He is also expected to offer his services as a driver ! See pictures below.

These words were read at the funerals of my mother and father, Len and Eve Lovelock ...
"You can shed tears that they have gone, Or you can smile because they have lived. You can close your eyes and pray that they'll come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that they have left. Your heart can be empty because you cannot see them, Or you can be full of love that they have shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live for yesterday, Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember them, and ache that they have gone, Or you can cherish their memory and let them live on. You can cry, and close your mind, be empty, and turn your back. Or you can do what they would want, Smile, open your eyes, love and go on."

White strip AMRA Indian Evening AMRA BBQ 2016 Ajay with Prinz and squeaky chicken Ajay in bedroom

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Damian Ajay passed away at about 0400 on Christmas Eve, in the intensive care ward at Frimley Park Military Hospital near Camberley. Bal gave me a call at 0520 and I joined them, grieving at his bedside. I understand Ajay and close family had been told he only had a 10% to 20% chance of survival, but they could give him a few days to say his goodbyes. This was painful for everyone, particularly Mandeep, his young wife, who is now a widow. In the days after, I was told moving details such as when brother Jaz squeezed Ajay's hand, and it was squeezed back, even though Ajay could not talk. The nurse on duty said that Ajay's last "words", seconds before he died, was a thumbs up. Goodbye Ajay.

As young Damon knows, Ajay is now like a star in the sky, looking down on us. Ajay will remain in our minds. Below is Damon with Jaz, driving June's car :-)

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Ajay as a baby with Teddy Bear Ajay with Nick and Bal the family Ajay with wife Mandip Ajay and Mandeep dancing in the shop Jaz and Damen in June's car White strip Ajay with wife Mandip having burgers Ajay with Grandma ? Ajay with cousins ?

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Details of planned funeral on Thursday 10th January 2019, starting in Sunninghill at 1030. Then Temple in Slough at 1130. Then Crematorium at 1230.
The dropping of the ashes into a river, some days later, is planned to be from a river boat on the Thames.

Ajay's funeral Plan Ajay's funeral Map White strip

Map of Temple

Robin checked the route, the day before, at a similar time, from Sunninghill to the Sikh Temple, and then to Slough Cemetry. The Temple is opposite a lovely park, and details of Ajay's funeral were already on the screen in the entrance. Robin would like to thank the guys who were so helpful, including buying him a cup of coffee in their large canteen.

Slough Cemetry is only a few minutes drive from the Temple, but the first turning left, from a roundabout, takes you into the large graveyard. It is the next turning that takes you to the building. At the time of Robin's "recce", parking was a major problem, because of a funeral in progress involving 400 people attending. Robin thanks the guys who explained this.

Robin and June Lovelock will be using their car to bring Jonathan and Paul from Chobham to attend and support the funeral on Thursday 10th January 2019, starting at 1030 at the Bansal family's home. Work on a gas-leak, with traffic lights, means that it will be difficult, and so their car will start from 22 Armitage Court. Jaz may wish to join his friends, Robin, Jonathan, and Paul, rather than have little Daman drive him in June's car as above.

COSTCUTTERS in Sunninghill closed down on 8th January, and will be reopening as a COOP after the required work is done to the premises. Robin hopes that the new store, like Chapmans, will continue to be a centre of Sunninghill community, bringing people of all faiths and backgrounds together.

Nick of Costcutters in Sunninghill with Robin

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