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2003 News from the Lovelock Family

Eve+Len 2003 started sadly when Robins' mum passed away at Holyport Lodge Nursing home where she spent the last three months of her life before joining dad who left the year before. Robin will remember them both, as here, enjoying life to the full.
But as they both would say, "life goes on", and it certainly has for us. On the right you see June, and Carol next door, enjoying our local residents association barn dance. Below is June again, with Robins' Uncle Ron and Auntie Joy at their magical Golden Wedding Anniversary - a surprise party orchestrated by cousin Steven, and crammed full of our extended family: a real joyous occasion. June still works at Quartz, for our old friends Pam and Alan, and Samantha works in Bracknell for Nielsen Media. She continues with her Japanese lessons and may even visit Japan next year. Saskia works for DVC Sales in Holyport and future son-in-law Scott is still at Seiko - so we still have access to cheap clocks and watches :-) This year they took a holiday in Turkey where Scott did some hang gliding. Michelle does the occasional bit of temporary work in between decorating her house in Coventry where she extracts rent from her tenants. On the right you can see Michelle, looking over Ozi friend Kristina's shoulder, as they navigate our full-to-busting car of Kristina's junk down to her digs in Winchester, where she now attends college. Robin and June took their summer holiday in Italy again, revisiting their favorite patch of the north around Albenga, and further south in Pisa, before travelling back via Lake Garda, Austria, Germany and France. They shared the driving of their old Merc' C4GPS, instead of the usual "Fly-Drive", so Robin had room to take some extra toys with them - like one of his model aeroplanes carrying a small TV camera. Madcap This is his latest hobby - when he finds the time away from his computer, either running the GPS Software business on www.gpss.co.uk, or his www.nhscare.info charity. Sam+June+Robin Robins' little aircraft, like "Madcap" flown by Snoopy here, are building up a nice collection of aerial videos. June and Robin are now into their fourth year of Italian classes - although you would not know it if you asked Robin something in Italian. This summer Robin and June pinched Samanth's little MX5 open top sports car for a few weekend day trips to the coast. They liked it so much that they've now treated themselves to a second old Merc' - a 500SL :-p In October Robin, June and Samantha visited Holland for a long weekend and reunion dinner with Robins' old NATO scientist workmates and friends from the 1970s. But now, as Christmas draws near, it is time to relax and wish you all our love and the very best good wishes from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !