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white strip Ferranti Party in Sunninghill FM1600B Robin Lovelock From Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill: I've had a hidden "Ferranti" page for 20 years, which started before we threw a "Ferranti Reunion Party" here, on Saturday 8th July 2000. It remained hidden, and still does, because it held contact information, just for ex-Ferranti guys, such as their 'phone numbers, email addresses, etc. At the party, we learned of the regular get-togethers of ex-Ferranti guys, at places like The Three Frogs in Wokingham. The Ferranti Network, and that page grew quickly ! :-)

But in 2021 I realised that much of the information was too good not to be shared with anyone - if done carefully. It often happens that people find networks such as our "Ferranti Network", by accident on the Net, and so can re-establish contact with old friends and colleagues. Networks overlap. e.g. Family , Ferranti , EASAMS , and SHAPE Technical Centre - and many, many more ! :-)

If anyone wants something changed, please let me and others know. If nothing else, some pictures will bring back fond memories :-)

I met my long-suffering wife June at Ferranti, and my sister Sally worked there. I was known as "the brother of Sally Lovelock" by those lecherous engineers - probably because Sally and June wore those indecently short skirts. Does anyone have photos ? :-)

I'll start with words from my Home page, for those that don't know me, and can't be bothered to follow the link :-)

QUOTE: I officially retired in 2012, but my wife June says that I retired 10 years before :-) began in 1995 for my GPS Software business - now a hobby. Millions of copies of GPSS were distributed on PC Magazine CD. 10,600 + people in 150 countries contacted me then used GPSS. SatNav was not easily available then, and GPSS did much more. e.g. RDF, AVL, and Chase. GPSS speaks your language. e.g. Russian or Japanese. Some of my pages are old, and some are updated. e.g. Snoopy's attempts to cross the Atlantic from UK to USA, every year since 2012. See Snoopy's Robot Sailing Boat . Since 2002, I maintain the Coughlan Campaign Charity site, helping people in the UK to use the Law to get free long term care from the NHS, and not have to pay for the care home. I also have inside knowledge into UK NHS mental health treatment. See my Grumpy page, with my personal views on World events. Much of has changed little over more than 20 years. Since I retired, I'm too busy for paid work. Visit my Bigger Picture page, to see how we spend time. e.g. Hobbies and Holidays :-) white strip

Dr Strangelove Cockleshell Heroes I entered Defence Industry as an apprentice in the mid 1960s. Ferranti sent me to City University for a B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. That's where I saw Dr Strangelove. I became a Systems Engineer, and work included Royal Navy ship software. I worked for SHAPE as a NATO scientist through the 1970s, when GPS and the Internet were secret. See Robin's memories of STC and John Maniello . Our young family returned to the UK in 1981 and I worked for EASAMS until starting our small GPS Software business in 1994 - now a hobby. In publicity about Snoopy's Robot Boat, the Press called me a "Retired NATO Scientist". Perhaps that should have been "Mad Retired NATO Scientist" :-) UNQUOTE.

Robin's memories of the Ferranti Pegasus, the World's first production digital computer ( from City University page ) ...

Ferranti Pegasus at the Science Museum - and Robin :-) from Robin in January 2013: I'll not change those words from many years ago, immediately above :-) I recently found myself typing these words below, to another "old boy", in the USA, who contacted me after hearing of my daft robot boat escapades. It seemed a shame not to put them below, here on my "history" page - even if the history is a bit ancient ! The picture on the right was taken at The Science Museum, London, when I attended a talk on ancient military computers, by our old boss who I hadn't seen for over 40 years.

The good thing about growing old and losing marbles, is you get to hide your own easter eggs

I don't think I've put much on my pages, but my introduction to computers was a free programming course in the evenings, just after leaving school in early 1960s, on a local business set up by old boys with a 1950's Joe Lyon Leo 2/11. Huge, and with lots of valves and huge resistors, but they could make it play music.

Then, as you may see on, Ferranti, a local defence contractor, recruited me as a student apprentice and sent me to University. During my final year project, I got to work on a Ferranti Pegasus computer, given to the Electronic Engineering department by the Maths one, who'd just got an ICL1900. Our Ferranti Librarian gave me the hard bound book for the Pegasus and I still have it here somewhere.

My project was interfacing an old communication tele typewriter to the Pegasus, and then programming it to do some "conversational computing". You Americans call itTic-Tac-Toe I think - which we call "noughts and crosses".

Ferranti FM1600B I remember reading then that the Pegasus first went into production by Ferranti in 1949, and it was based on the Manchester University Mk1. This in turn was designed by Alan Turing who went there after the war, and working at Bletchley Park on Colossus to break the German Enigma code.

I remember the Pegasus to have a "RAM" of 55 39-bit words. Each of these was a card, with a valve, circulating the 39 bits around a nickel delay line. It also had a rotating drum memory - which was massive - a capacity of KILO bytes !

You looked at memory contents with a 55 position rotating switch on the control panel, and an oscilloscope showing the selected train of 39 bits as pulses.

Occasionally the computer would crash, and the cause often turned to be a dirty edge connector on one of those 55 cards in the cabinet behind the control panel. You turned the rotary switch, until you saw a bit flickering. You then counted to that card, pulled it out, rubbed the edge connector with a rubber (sorry - I think you Americans call them "erasers") and put the card back in. It always "booted up" just fine.

In those days, the bootstrap was a process of putting in the right sequence of patterns on the switches at the front. I remembered doing this on the 1960s vintage military computers back at work, until the leap - forward in technology - a rotary switch that you turned to put in the sequence. All burnt into memory since then, of course.

I remember that the Pegasus had quite a lot of good software available in the 1960s, despite how austere the hardware was. Hardware has made amazing leaps and bounds since those early days, but in may ways, software has not advanced at all.

.... the above are my old words from my History page, but here are some written in March 2018 ...

Bert Davies People have always been more important to me than computers. e.g. Bert Davies who, during the first three years, would give his son Alan and I a lift to Chiswick, from where we lived in Luckley Rd Wokingham. It was only the final year that I stayed in the Hall of Residence.

But one computer has a special place in my heart: the Ferranti FM1600B.

During my 6 month "Industrial Training" periods at Ferranti, I went through the usual departments, including Apprentice Training School, Workshops, Wiring Shop, Drawing Office, Laboratories, and Software Department.

CAIIS The FM1600B was the new Ferranti computer that found it's way into many systems, including the CAAIS for the Royal Navy Frigates, which I worked on after graduation.

In Mike Scotts lab, I worked on testing the prototype of the FM1600B, built from Fairchild flatpacks. By the time I was in my final year at City University, the FM1600B was in production, built using Ferranti Integrated Circuits and Multi Layer Circuit boards.

It turned out that my tutor was on the lookout for something to replace the Pegasus. I said the right thing: that it could do a fast shift in one third of a micro-second. I was soon handing over sales info, and found myself being introduced to "wining and dining" by Ferranti Sales. I used this new experience to my advantage in dating June ;-)

After graduation I worked on CAAIS, first doing all the NATO data link software, then finishing that for radar tracking. Those were the days when a software team of six would complete a complex project in two years. In later years, smaller projects would use hundreds of software engineers, over more years, and still not be completed to the customers satisfaction. That's a Grumpy Old Man speaking ;-)

Something similar happened when I applied for a job for SHAPE Technical Centre in Holland in 1971. It turned out they had just aquired an FM1600B, so that may have been why they recruited me for a higher paid job of NATO Scientist than the one that I had applied for ! :-)

Ferranti Days

from the 20 year old "hidden" Ferranti page - as untidy as ever - but with important redactions, such as contact details ...

Grumpy Robin with Snoopy's robot boat :-) From Robin on Monday 15th February 2021: much of this page, WITHOUT contact details, etc, is now my public Ferranti page :-)

From Robin on Thursday 30th July 2020 (see very end for recent additions, including sad passing of Dave Marsh):

It would be nice to replace this very old "Ferranti" page below. This old one can still be available, with old photos, but the new one could be a more complete contact list. Please remember this page is NOT public, and can include things like ex directory 'phone numbers. It can include as little as you like, such as just your name and email address, or much more:

e.g. Robin Lovelock. . 01344 620775. 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, SL5 9TA. Born 1947. At Ferranti, Western Rd, 1965-1971 (Student Apprentice then Programmer/Analyst).

If anyone has their own web pages, such as on Facebook, we can easily include a link to it, near your name. You should obviously not put links anywhere back to this "hidden" page, just for ex-Ferranti people. Remember that this page (REDACTED) should not found by search engines. If it is, I can move it, and you can contact me, as you might, if you googled "ferranti (REDACTED)" and found www.(REDACTED).

We obviously need to update incorrect information, including those who have moved location, including having passed away. I was reminded of the need to update this page when exchanging emails with Mike Pemberton, telling me of the next Ferranti get together: The Three Frogs on Friday 20th May 2016.

If you want to see any of my stuff, including hobby and holiday videos, you only need to visit my "Home" page. As it says, I've been retired many years, and am too busy to do any real work :-)

From Robin on 31st August 2016: it was today's email from Mike Pemberton that reminded me of David and Pru Marsh, at the other end of our village, who we've not seen for several years - when we chatted in their garden during a Sunninghill Church fete. These pictures show more than mere words that they are more than "good". David asked after my sister Sally, and Pru remembered June's 97 year old father Jack, painting their house when their son Tom was just learning to talk. Pru asked me to pass on their love to Jack. She confirmed that she'd told Jack to have his daughters get a job at Ferranti, so they would "get married in no time", there being plenty of eligable engineers there, like me ! It seems young Tom grew up up to become Prof Tom Marsh, at Warwick University, where our youngest daughter went, and still lives nearby, in Coventry. One of their "kids" live nearby - and looking in the 'phone book, they are near us too. They are not on the Net and I promised to drop these pictures in later, perhaps with June with me, after confirming by 'phone after 730pm. I then visited June's dad Jack, with an old NATO workmate of mine. Jack immediately remembered Pru, young Tom, and lots of detail, like the name of their house and where it was: that Pru was a lovely young lass from a farming background. Perhaps we will soon have David & Pru in more direct contact: I've offered my services as taxi driver, since June and I usually try to attend the local Ferranti reuniions. It would be fantastic to get Jack and the Marshes together again soon. I'll update this in due course, particulary after speaking to thir wider family: you can't be too careful who you let into the house ! :-)

Pru and David Marsh

Pru and David Marsh

Reminder: The page below is still hidden, but I've redacted things I thought some would not want public. I hope I got the balance right :-)

white strip

Ferranti "Old Lags & Lasses" Page

Last Update 1000 Saturday 18th September 2010

This Page is Not Public

If you stumbled upon this page by accident, please tell Robin on so he knows "we have a problem". This page should only be known to those who have been told about it. i.e. ex-Ferranti people. So please don't do anything daft like submit it to a search engine :-)

next Ferranti Get-Together is Monday 15th November 2010
at The Royal Forresters between Bracknell & Ascot, from 8pm

June & Robin ?

Hi Ferranti Friends ! - from June and Robin - brother of Sally Lovelock :-)

Pictures from ourselves and Norman Jones are here, from our re-union party in July 2000, and from later regular get-togethers at The Three Frogs, Plough or Royal Forresters.

More of Robin & June are on their Family pages - including Robin's hobbies such as the "robot boat" :-) Robin's "NHS Campaign" web site is on which gives advice about 100% NHS funded long term care.

If you recognise anyone new, or if I've "made-a-mistakaa" - just email me on or 'phone me on 01344 620775.

Thanks to Nigel Bennee for emailing me this old cartoon that I forgot I drew.
Nigel at Ferranti Click on it to see full size :-)

from The Royal Forresters on 17th September 2008 ...

Many Thanks to Norman Jones for these piccy's below ...

from The Plough on 28th November 2007 ...

from earlier events ...

June and I did not make it to the "Three Frogs" event where these pictures were taken - but I got this from Norman: "It was a good re-union last week and too much wine flowing for me to get many pics. However I did manage to capture Doug Bainbridge and Johnny Woodgate and Derek Swindells with Arnold Thompson. Perhaps you could add them to the website when you have a moment."

Dave and Pru Dave and Pru Marsh have also been at recent "Three Frogs" events. They live at the other end of Sunninghill Village. I "stole" this picture of them a year or two back in their garden. June's Dad, Jack Ponsford, helped paint their house in 1963, when their son Tommy was a toddler, just learning to speak. Jack can be seen on the Sunninghill Page Pru tells me that Jack was advised to send his young daughter June - about to leave school, to get a job at Ferranti. Apparently there were lots of young, eligible engineers there... how wrong could they be :-)

Who have we forgotton ? - Please tell me

I've move this contact info up to the top of this page, with the old "2000 reunion party" stuff further below.

Please make suggestions for additions or updates to the lists below, either by e-mail to me on or a 'phone call to 01344 620775. I work from home, so you will find me chained to the keyboard/'phone most hours of the day :-)

New Contacts ! ( in 2021: remember, Robin can add details if you want )

from Robin in January 2007: Mike Hawkins, now near Hobart in Tasmania Australia, found our Sunninghill page. His uncle lived next door to June's dad ! Mike asked me to add him to this page, since he also worked at Ferranti. " I would be pleased if you could include me on your Ferranti page, you never know someone may remember me! The relevant details are:- Michael & Carol Hawkins ( REDACTED ) I started with Ferranti at Lilly Hill House in 1961 as an apprentice Instrument Maker, and then on to Western Rd where I completed my apprenticeship and left in 1967. The latter couple of years were spent in the Aircraft Instrument Division, working on the TSR2 guidance system and Concord (no 'E') instruments."

Here are some other new Ferranti Friends contacted recently......

Jerome and Joanna Tucker, tel 01926 312250 (Dec 2001) ( REDACTED )
Colin & Helen Chalkley (Hurst. Seawolf Tech Pubs) ( REDACTED )(March 2002) ???
Marc Wigan (husband of the late Jane Wigan) ( REDACTED )(April 2002)
Sue (and Peter) Mathews ( REDACTED )(April 2002 via Marc)
Anthony Wooldrige near Colchester. ( REDACTED ) - added 12th Sep 06.
Pete Wilson : ( REDACTED )
Checkout Pete's photos on - just as Robin remembers him ! :-)
Alan Heron : ( REDACTED )
John Harrison ( REDACTED ) Web site: - added 19 Sep 2008.

People we can contact already......

following was used to plan the re-union party on Saturday 8th July 2000: If I can contact them, the details are here. Those without contact details can be contacted via someone else (I hope). "8 OK" means they can make the 8th.

Robin & June Lovelock, tel 01344 620775, (8 OK)
Steve & Kay Markham,( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
John & Jeanette Neath, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK) from Robin: sadly, Jeanette passed away in June 2005.
Michael & Sally Campion (Lovelock), ( REDACTED )(8 OK)
Roy & Sally Vaughn, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
Nigel & Eileen Benee, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
John & Jan Soulsby ( REDACTED )(8 OK)
Mike Fugeman, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK,not15,22) email updated 19 Sep 08
Stuart & Sue Quarrie, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
Chris Boutle on ( REDACTED ) ( Dec 2018 )
Tony Friis, ( REDACTED ) (Dec 2018). ( REDACTED )(update Dec 2018) from Robin: Gail passed away on 17th February 2008.
Richard & Diane Hughes, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
Dave and Sue Stone, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
Denis & Barbara Brown ( REDACTED )(8 OK)
Mike Daniell, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK) from Robin: Barbara Daniell passed away on 29th July 2003 and will be sadly missed by all of us.
Roy & Pam Ewing (Hawes) (8 OK)
Bob & Anne Moxham,( REDACTED ) (8 OK?)
John & Beryl Remmington ( REDACTED )(8 OK)
Paul Harrison (8 OK)
Paul Jacobs +1 (8 OK)
Roger Door. ( REDACTED ) (8 - definite maybe :-)
Tony Lunn ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
John & Pam Goss ( REDACTED )(8 OK)
Keith Hocking. ( REDACTED ) (8 - definite maybe :-)
Guy & Anette Howeth, ( REDACTED ) (8 OK)
Mel MacLaverty + 1 (8 OK?) - Neaths.
Tony Levene ( REDACTED ) (8 ?)
Barney & Anne (Hawkins)Raine ( REDACTED )
Mike & Maggie (Hough) Stevenson -BB
Derek Capper -BB
Chris & Frances Bailey (Flo: nee Lowe) ( REDACTED )(not 8)
Dave & Pru Marsh. Near Robin in Sunninghill. ( REDACTED ). (not 8)
Mike O'Leary (not 8)
Linda (Yates) via Helen ?
Linda Jones (ne lidgitt) via Sally.
Alan & Pam Edwards, ( REDACTED ) (not July)
Terry & Helen Adams,( REDACTED ) (not 8, 15 OK)
Caroline Jenkins (nee Mchugh) ( REDACTED )(not 8,15,16)
Kitt Price,( REDACTED ) (not 8)
Gil Rooke, ( REDACTED )
Chrissy Pask (Drawing Office) (not 8)
Bill Adaway (message left with his Sec. at CRS)

Bill Taylor ( REDACTED ) ("Three Frogs List Holder")
Lots of guys at the "Three Frogs Events" (see below)
- but Robin did not properly "exploit the opportunity" at the time.
At time of this update, Robin contacting these guys, kindly provided by Bill, who may be able to make contact with others:
Dick Bidwell on ( REDACTED ), Laurie Jenkins on ( REDACTED ), John Woodgate on ( REDACTED ), John Noakes on ( REDACTED ). Mike Scott on ( REDACTED ). Mike Pemberton on ( REDACTED ). John Goss on ( REDACTED ).
Norman Jones on ( REDACTED ) and ( REDACTED )
- please help to contact these if you know how.

Jane Wigan

Jane Many of you will remember Jane, exactly as in this small picture, based on a larger one from Marc, who contacted me recently from Australia. Marc had stumbled upon my business web site, and seen mention of Ferranti. Marc recalled fond memories of Jane, sadly no longer with us. Some of you may remember Jane - Steve Markham and I certainly do - but also Marc - who I understand was a biker then, and still is. Marc was obviously given the URL of this "Ferranti" page and was happy to be listed below. He also gave me the email address of Sue Mathews, and I hope she and Peter do not mind me including it in this update to the page. Marc and I will continue to chat about "GPS stuff", but if any of you wish to drop Marc an email, I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you.

Robin on 21st April 2002.

from "Three Frogs" get-togethers in 2001 ...

From 13th December 2001: from Robin's camera: Robin & June, then Norman Jones with Peter Moon, followed by Steve & Kay Markham, Terry & Helen Adams, June.

? ? ? From Norman's camera: 1) Peter J Moon, Bryan Wiltshire with Dave Vivien in the background. 2) John Goss talking with Dave Thomas*. Alan Edwards background left. 3) Gordon Harvey & John Harper, background;
Mike Martin & Pete White, foreground. * from Robin in 2007: sadly, no longer with us.

? ? ?

white strip

From "The Three Frogs" meeting on 14th December 2000:

? ? ? ? ? ? white strip

From "The Three Frogs" meeting on 28th September 2000 below: First is easy - June, Kay Markham and me :-) Who's gonna help me with 1 and 2 ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

How about 4,5 and 6 above ? That's Johny Woodgate chatting up Barbara Daniels in 5 :-) There they are again in 7 below. Is that Norman Jones on the right in 8 ?

? ? ? ? Back to our table - with Steve Markham looking "a bit peculiar" behind Helen (Mel) Adams, and June at the back. Helen and hubby Terry "hatched up" the original July Party idea, with the Markhams and us - but then could not make the date of the 8th - which was my fault. Dave and Pru Marsh made it to "The Three Frogs" last night, but left just before we took these snaps - perhaps wisely :-) There they are below, in their garden.

The page below is still hidden, but I've redacted things I thought some would not want public. I hope I got the balance right :-)

Ferranti Party in Sunninghill on Saturday 8th July 2000

Pam and Alan This truely aweful picture of Pam and Alan Edwards is from some video I shot just a week earlier, at a "Quartz" event. Pam and Alan could not make it to the party, because Alan was busy with arrangements for his local Barkham Residents Association Barn Dance - he's on the committee: but I'm sure Norman & Friends they will make it to a future event - such as the Three Frogs. Alan worked at Ferranti as an engineer, and Pam worked in the CAAIS Software Team. June works for their flourishing video router company, "Quartz" based at Reading. On the right are yet more who could not make it - but wish to be remembered by you all. This picture e-mailed with the message from Norman Jones : "Sorry I didn't make the party but we were away at the time. I attach a picture taken on 24th July of myself, Doug Bainbridge, Gordon Wyles and Gordon Harvey, all ex Ferranti. Maybe you would like to add it to the Website to show we are all alive and kicking. The Gordons live locally, but are not e-mailable. Doug Bainbridge lives in Shropshire, don't know whether you remember him and can be found at ( REDACTED ) "

Anne M and Kay M Steve M and Bob M But now onto those who did make it to the party .... On the left here, is Liz Jacob (wife of Paul) with Kay Markham (Steve) - as the alcohol starts to "kick-in" :-) - although I suspect Kay "took it easy" compared with Steve - who normally lets her drive back from our place :-) On the right is Steve with Guy Howarth - both looking "well lubricated". ... then me with Mike Fugeman - looking suitably embarrassed :-) Robin and Mike F Mike Fugeman had to both come and leave early, because he had guests at home - but I'm sure he'll be at the next Three Frogs meet, as he was last time. Further down, on the right, Roy Vaughn and Steve discuss much more serious issues - such as the contents of the bottle of wine donated by Jeanette (Robinson) and John Neath - more of this wine later... Roy V and Steve M Jeanette and John flew down specially, all the way from Scotland - and neither complained once of their arms being tired. Sorry Jeanette - that these few pictures of you are over-exposed - can you send me something better to put up here ? Wearing high heels and fish-net stockings ? Mel M and Jeanette N On the left is Mel MacLaverty who, with hubby, kindly provided a bed for Jeanette and John to stay that night. Jeanette is on her right - Sorry Jeanette :-) Above Mel's head, stuck to the door, is the cartoon of the CAAIS Software Team that Robin drew, in 1971, before he and June followed the Benees John Neath and Bennees over to Holland - where they stayed ten years. The cartoon is further below.. .. sorry again Jeanette :-) On the right is John Neath, centre, speaking to Eileen and Nigel Bennee... Now - a little more about the wine.... June and I were very grateful for you all bringing "a bottle" as we asked - to top up our stocks. Robin and Wine In fact, as I guess we might have predicted, we had quite a lot left over, which more than compensated for our investment on soft drinks and food. Many Thanks to all of you - particular thanks to John and Jan Soulsby, who seemed to have brought in crates of lager from Holland. But our Birch Wine greatest thanks must go to John and Jeanette Neath, for introducing us to some wine from Scotland - made from the sap of Birch Trees. It was not opened until the next evening, and after tasting it, we just had to share it with others - so took it to Steve and Kays later in the week. Steve has more of a "nose" for wine than I, and after sniffing it, declared something about it being a "mischievous little number" and very suitable to accompany a mild Dutch cheese such as a mature Limburger. If others wish to try it, please contact Jeanette and John : it's called "Moniack Castle". Roy and John S Here on the right is John Soulsby, centre, with Roy Vaughn on left - but who's that on the right ? Roy and John S On the left we have the back of Barbara "BB" Daniels head, with Bob Moxham peeping over it, Anne Moxham, and John Neath. Below and to the right is Mike Daniels, "growing bookcases", but I could not find Barbara in my "wobbly video" or Kay's snaps other than the back of her head here. Got a picture someone ? Roy and John S I think BB was one of the most active in Roy and John S making contact with others - along with others too numerous to mention - sorry that this page lacks "full credits" :-) Here, on the left, is Keith Hocking, who travelled up from Weymouth. Now I'm struggling to put names to faces, and find time to add pictures, so let me add one or two more, upload this stuff, and touch base with one or two of you to make sure I've not made too many mistakes already. Sorry again that your face may not have appeared yet - or if the picture that has, is not too flattering :-)
More stuff is now below ...

CAAIS Software Team

Think I drew the cartoon above just after the April 1970 pay rises :-)

below is Sue and Stuart Quarrie...Steve, Stuart, Caroline Jenkins (was McHugh), Pam (was Hawes) Ewing... then "mens work" being done in the garden :-)

Quarrys and Snooker Steve and Pam BBQ

Below is Sally (was Lovelock) Campion ... next in Mike Fugeman and Paul Jacobs surrounded by women... then Mike, Tony Friis, Paul, and John Goss.

Sally Paul J Tony's Back

Below is Dave & Sue Stone...Sally Vaughn... Roger Door - also from Plymouth ...

Dave Stone Sally Vaughn Mr Beard ?

Below is Dennis & Barabara Brown - Sorry Barbara - will try and do a better one :-)

Dennis Brown Barbara Brown Aweful Video
- as John Goss (above right) said - "this will be an awefull video" :-)

Jan Soulsby :-) ...Help Please ! (crowd1.gif) ... Becky plays Monopoly
Sepia effects are not your browser - but the video camera switched to "low light" ...

Jan Soulsby Crowd1 ??? Becky Monopoly

John Soulsby, Kay, etc .... Richard and Diane Hughes ... Sorry Richard ! :-)

John Soulsby Richard and Dianne Hughes Richard Hughes

(crowd2.gif) Sorry, help :-) ... Robin with John Goss ... Pam Goss

crowd 2 ??? Richard and Dianne Hughes Mrs Bidwell

below is Tony Lunn ... Roy Ewing ? with Roy V and Jan ... Sally looking blotto :-)

Tony Lunn who wiv Roy ? Sally Shut

below is Tony Friis' wife, Gail ... The Grub ... Us next morning :-)

Mrs Friis The Grub June in Kitchen

Thanks Steve - for important corrections - including a few names I got wrong :-(
Sorry to all of you - maybe able to upload even worse stuff in future :-)
Take Care

Ferranti Party in Sunninghill P.S. almost forgot that better picture of Barbara Brown off the "wobbly video" ...
Sorry Barbara - but you kept moving - or was it the camera ? :-)

P.P.S. from Robin in February 2021: here's an aweful copy of the VHS video, but it does at least give you the flavour :-)

Barbara Brown

white strip

The page below is still hidden, but I've redacted things I thought some would not want public. I hope I got the balance right :-)

Ferranti "Old Lags & Lasses" Party

(Original Invitation, etc)

Hippy us

Some of you may think I've changed, since the "suit and tie" guy back at Ferranti in 1970, but I'm still the same Robin you remember. Here's the list of people we hope can attend the party, to be held at our place in Sunninghill, and now fixed on Saturday 8th July. Sorry those that could not make this date: most Robin has spoken to could, and several had problems with later dates. Hopefully this page has helped to put a few "old lags" in contact who will get to see others at another time, if not the 8th.

For pictures of the Lovelock Family, please visit our Family Page - please forgive the B*** S*** at front - intended for Robin's business readers :-)

The Party - Saturday 8th July (2000)

Let me know if you and any "other half" want to come, and if you can make this date.

  • At our place, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill. (Directions below).
  • Any time between 3pm Saturday and later (some will still be here 0300 Sunday)
  • Bring a bottle or can of drink to "top up the stock".
  • We will provide food of some sort, including barbecue later.

Sorry that we could not find a date to suit everyone.
Don't worry if you said "no" to the 8th: if things change - just come !

So far it looks like we have at least 40 - maybe a lot more :-)

22 Armitage Court

Finding 22 Armitage Court

For those good at map reading, or with GPS, the UK grid ref is SU933673, south east of Ascot.

From the north, follow M1 until M25, then anti-clockwise to M3 and west.
Exit M3 at J3 onto A322 (dual carriageway) north towards Bracknell.
After few hundred yards of A322, traffic lights, under A30 sharp left..
... to join A30 towards London. Over roundabout with Garden Centre on left.
... few hundred yards, and turn left onto B3020 for Sunninghill at "The Windmill" Pub.
... follow small B3020, over Berkshire boundary, up to Berystede Hotel (on left) crossroads.
... straight over crossroads, then first left into Armitage Court.
... keep turning left until #22.
Above will also serve those from South and West.

From Bracknell, follow A329 into middle of Ascot...
... right at roundabout in middle of Ascot to Rail Station...
... past station, under rail bridge, through South Ascot village
... up to crossroads near Berystede Hotel (on right)
... turn left on B3020 to Sunninghill
... next left into Armitage Court, keep turning left until #22

Overnight Accomodation

Most of you are still close, but a few like Neath's, Bennee's, Quarrie's, may be needing overnight accomodation for at least one night, maybe more. We can move around to free up one bedroom, and maybe some of you below can also help if needed. Local hotels within a few minutes (drunken) walk, are below. Those found sleeping under the snooker table, or elsewhere in the house Sunday morning, will be given breakfast and coffee. Highclere Hotel tel 01344 625220. Berystede Hotel tel 01344 623311.

"The Three Frogs" Thursday (evening) 4th May

Several of us above went to this "Ferranti Reunion Bash" at the Three Frogs (just outside Wokingham on the main A329) on Thursday 4th May. Must have been 100 of us - some I hadn't seen since 1967 ! Remember Johny Woodgate ? He was there - still has the Bugatti - although he rode his push-bike from around the corner. Many others. Should have taken a pencil and paper with me. I understand these guys - mostly hardware engineers - get together in this pub about three times a year. Bill Taylor keeps a paper list. Gave him my 'phone number, so hopefully we can contact these too.

FOOTNOTE: Many Meetings at the Three Frogs since then :-)

Added on 11th May 2016 ... Mike's Ferranti email lists ...

Both Mike and I are unable to get our (Thunderbird) email systems to send to this number of people, so I thought the easiest thing to do in the short term, is to add Mike's lists here, as two images. If several of you do a "Reply all" to Mike's emails, you too might be accused of spamming. I'll leave it up to Mike if he includes the link to www.(REDACTED) in one of his future emails :-)


added on 31st December 2018 - Remember Jerome Tucker ? :-) ...

Jerome and Jo Tucker

from Robin on left: Great to see Jerome Tucker and wife Jo again - and that their full contact details, put on this page years ago, are still public and in the 'phone book. It seems Jerome is still into technical things and helping others. Some of you may recall 1970, when we returned from the Old Leathern Bottle Pub to the Duncairn Bachelor Pad, for coffee, music, etc, to find that Jerome had just completed a working humanoid robot, made from meccano. It was obviously male, and one of us then added a suitable appendage, on his nether regions, to swing about as he walked. Wife Jo, on the right, had a flying lesson recently. You can contact each other as you wish. e.g. Steve and Kay Markham to hear about their Spitfire. I just made a brief call to Steve to alert him to the cartoon film "Planes" on BBC1 TV now: I'm sure he will learn much from it, as will my former RAF and USAF mates :-) white

I'm often asked about my sister Sally Lovelock (now Campion). This is from my public 2016 Newsletter : "Michael, Becky and Sally - Robin's sister. We all dropped in on them in September (2016). Gary and Saskia seem worried that their dog Prince will steal the cake after the drink !" Daughter Saskia, June, and daughter Samantha on right.

Michael, Becky and Sally Campion

Added on Thursday 30th July 2020 - sad passing of Dave Marsh ...

Video of Pru and Dave Marsh on 19 July 2019 From Robin: I learned only yesterday, of the sad passing of Dave Marsh, on Tuesday 28th July 2020. The home video on the right was uploaded in July 2019, and includes Dave talking about the Ferranti Pegasus. It is how I will remember Dave - with that mischievous wink to my camera. I hope Tony Hopgood does not mind my repeating his lovely memories of Dave below.

From Robin's earlier email today... First the sad news: I was walking through our village of Sunninghill yesterday afternoon, and passed Myrtle Cottage, home of Dave and Pru Marsh. I'd seen them both last year, and Dave was in fine fettle, talking about Pegasus, on my utube video. I'd seen, over the fence, three younger guys sat in the garden: son, wife, and daughter ? I went in, was greeted by their friendly guard dogs, and after a few minutes, just as Pru came out of the house, with a smile on her face, they said Dave had passed away the day before: that would be Tuesday 28th July 2020.

I left not long after, not being able to give Pru a hug, but had been able to remind them of something to give them a smile: June late dad, Jack Ponsford, had helped paint their house in the 1960s, and Pru advised him to have his two daughters join Ferranti - to meet eligable young engineers - which June did :-)
It seems, at the time, Dave and Pru's son was a toddler, learning his first words. No doubt the workmen taught him one or two :-)

From Tony: David was such a lovely chap. He must have been last surviving member of that gallant band who joined the newly created Ferranti London Computer Centre in Portland Place before the move into Lilly Hill. He was an engineer through and through and his academic bearing often lead customers to call him Dr Marsh. There is no doubt that David gave the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment the confidence to place their many contracts with us. I have so many fond memories of David. In the early days I looked across to his office in the adjacent green hut at Lilly Hill and saw David practicing his tennis shots: the racquet smashed the light fitting above him. I phoned him immediately to ask him if that was a smash shot: he did not seem very amused! David was not often at a loss to know what to say. On one occasion, again at Lily Hill, he allocated an office to Garth Hinckley and Johnny "Whiskers" Woodgate: he told how, within minutes, Garth came to him saying "I cannot share with this fellow: he is constantly twitching!". Moments later Johnny came in saying "I cannot share with this fellow: he keeps on booming!". David found it much easier handling technical problems. The most hilarious experience I had with David was one evening in an hotel: we went down to have dinner and we were asked to leave because we were improperly dressed! David was wearing one of his favourite pullovers. Where was this fastidious hotel? You will never guess: it was Oldham! David always took a technical interest in everything. When on holiday with his family walking around the lake by Trawsfyndd nuclear power station, he proceeded to calculate the area of the lake and the amount the temperature of the lake was above ambient to get a good idea of the efficiency of the power station! One of the things that earned David great respect was the fact that he would often "go walkabout". He was always keen to keep in touch with everything we were doing. I am sure we all have many more memories. David reached a great age and it was time to pass on but he will be sadly missed by Prue, his family and each one of us who enjoyed working with him at Ferranti. Very best wishes to you all, Tony Hopgood.

white strip

Other Footnotes by Robin Lovelock ...

Robin Lovelock Sunday 2nd August 2020: Does anyone remember Geoff Fox ? He worked at Western Rd, from 1957-1963, on stuff related to aircraft, such as artificial horizons, including jobs such as Store Manager. I've known Geoff for years, chatting over the fence from the Indian Bansal family. His recently passed away wife, Daphne, was dinner lady at St Michael's School, where our three girls went. Geoff is in the 'phone book, near the centre of our village: ( REDACTED ). After Ferranti, he worked at other places, including the Chobham "Tank Factory". Today he said he remembers: Bob Broadridge, Doug Mullet, "Old" Humber, John Cambridge, and Jack Frost. Maybe I could persuade him to be dragged along to the next get-together :-)

white strip

Ferranti Electro Optics and other Ferranti Divisions .... Old 1985 Sales Brochures... What's really new ? :-)

Robin From Robin Lovelock: In 2021 I was contacted by guys who worked for a different Ferranti Division at Bracknell, and then attended a get-together in a pub: The Running Horse, near Lilly Hill Park. By a lovely coincidence, one of my "Pub Grub" friends, Richard, had worked in the same industry, and gave me some old, UNCLASSIFIED, sales brochures, that dated from 1985. June scanned the documents, and I have made them publicly available for anyone interested - particularly ex-Ferranti Guys :-)
You may be able to download the compressed file of all images by tapping or clicking on which is 45 MB . Or tap on a picture below, to get a flavour.
I welcome feedback from anyone - BUT only information that can be safely made public. NOTHING on the Net is secure ;-)

white strip Ferranti  Electro Optics Ferranti  Electro Optics Ferranti  Electro Optics white strip Ferranti  Electro Optics Ferranti Electro Optics

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