2010 News from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill

June and Robin with snow at 22 Armitage Court

Sicily: Selinunte and ancient greek temples.
The year started with heavy snow and we could not wait for our holiday in Sicily. We saw our friends Enrico and Matilda, and were honoured to be invited to the outdoor birthday party of one of their sons.

June's dad Jack, now 91, gave up driving this year Snooker with Robin and Jack but makes good use of his bus pass. We see him here once or twice a week for a chat, wine, TV, and snooker ! :-)

Party day in Breda after Holland beat Brazil ! June enjoys her day job in Axon, and we go to social events like the annual party in Holland. This year we watched, in the Axon canteen, Holland beat Brazil ! We then joined the festivities in Breda that evening. Lots of orange shirts ! What a rowdy lot the Dutch can be :-)

Michelle is still a landlady with three lodgers at her place in Coventry, Karioki in Coventry and part time work teaching at the local college. Now a qualified plumber, she is also training as an electrician. Here are a couple of piccys from her: June and Robin on a walk in Virginia Waters she's on the far left, doing the karioke, then in the middle during the Warwick University reunion in Devon. Where else ? :-)

June and Robin also got to spend a weekend in Devon, to visit old friends Jon & Coleen from Holland, and relatives: Robin and cousin Alan had not seen each other for fifty years !

Scott's still at Seiko and a local counciller, and Saskia is at Kerry Foods as a management accountant. Samantha is still into Japanese lessons and Formula1.

Michelle, centre, at reunion of Warwick Uni mates Robin continues with the GPS Software business, his NHSCare.info charity, and his Robot Boats. He and June manage to get out for a walk or two each weekend, and often take in a geocache. We continue with the Italian lessons two nights a week - although one is more of a wine tasting club :-)

All our love and good wishes from the Lovelock Family.

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

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