2011 News from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill

1971-2011 We were married in June 1971, and so this year was our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated with a big party at home and a couple of nights in Paris. Robin gave June a suitable Ruby Anniversary present - those glasses !

Earlier in the year we took our holiday in Sicily again, seeing dear friends Enrico and Matilda.

holiday in Sicily
Samantha, Michelle and June

Samantha is still mad on Formula 1 - even going to Singapore to watch a Grand Prix. She continues to learn Japanese and bring in a wage from Nielsen in Bracknell. Samantha even came with us on one of our weekend walks - but that may have been because we went near the McLaren Park.

Scott and Saskia changed their jobs, to get hikes in salary, and still live not far from us, in Bracknell. June's dad Jack, now 92, comes round twice a week to thrash Robin at snooker!

Michelle continues as Landlady in Coventry, and continues to renovate her property. She has qualified in plumbing, does a bit of teaching, several days a week, and is training as an electrician. Here she is, with June, when we took a day out together.

Robin, Derek, Ian, bottles, boats, aand Sunninghill Robin and June attended Derek's 80th birthday party. Derek, centre, is the founder of Robin's charity site NHSCare.info. It was a rare occasion in which Robin wore a suit and tie.

We had a trip to the seaside, at the expense of the BBC, to launch GPS bottles into the Solent. Robin also manages to spend time "working" on robot boats, while June slaves away in the Axon UK office, to keep Robin in the manner he has become acustomed.

Here we are at the recent Victorian Fair in Sunninghill.

All our love and good wishes from Robin and June

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

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