2013 News from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill

Saskia and Michelle took a trip up to Scotland: Saskia drove, and Michelle walked - to the top of Ben Nevis ! Saskia and Michelle in Scotland

June wanted a new kitchen. We don't know why, since it was new in 1981. Her new kitchen is just like the old one. new kichen ?

Sicily: June rides a bike, we meet Montalbano, see his shop, and stay with our friends. We love our Sicilian Holidays ! Sicily in 2013

Robot boat Atlantic attempts: in March, Robin and friend Dick bathed in the surf. In October Snoopy was rescued. robot boat in 2013

We took a long weekend in Lynton, North Devon: lots of walking, lovely views, and "train" rides down to Lynmouth. North Devon

Sunninghill wakes up just once a year - for the Victorian Street Fair. It's time to start tasting mulled wine :-) Sunninghill Vicorian street Fair

tennis formal dinner ???

June and Samantha have been playing tennis twice a week, and won tickets at the local tennis club to watch "the big boys" play (it properly). They may need another year or two of lessons, before good enough to play Robin. He tagged along with June to the Royal Television Society Christmas Dinner - a spin-off from June's work at Axon. Check out Robin's suit and June's funny candalabra hat !

All our love and good wishes from Robin and June.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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Below: Christmas Day Lunch with June's dad, Jack, and the Girls. Then, on Boxing Day, a 6.2 mile walk to Saville Gardens and back, through the mist-covered Polo Field ! :-)

Christmas and Boxing Days 2013