Happy Xmas !

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2000 News from the Lovelock Family

June+Brolly June+Brolly Hi there ! We hope you are all well and in good spirit. A very happy Christmas and New Year from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill. Lots happened in 2000, starting with the a Wedding in April - see June and Samantha in rain on right. Peter & Jackie Wigglesworth, old friends, "married off" son Graeme - but June and I are still stuck with our three girls :-) 2 Parachutes 2 Parachute Instruments Saskia and Michelle made their first parachute jumps not long after. Robin had his share of "close shaves" by removing his moustache - June said it "tickled" :-) On 1st May, President Clinton switched off GPS errors - which helps Robin's GPS Software business on www.gpss.co.uk . Once again, the highlight of Robin and June's year was the holiday in Italy. This year we took a "Fly-Drive".... less driving... more walking... but also more time to relax, and enjoy the country, food & people. We've started "Italian for Beginners" classes - for next year :-)

Back from Italy, and the hottest Sunday of 2000 for the barbecue of our local Resident's Association (Robin was Chairman this year)... then a "Ferranti Party" at our place on 8th July, and later dates at a local pub - friends we hadn't seen for thirty years ! Satoko

Michelle in car from Japan stayed with us a few days - here she is above-right, with Samantha - still learning Japanese, and Saskia - still working at Seiko. Michelle is in her second year at Warwick University, reading Maths with Physics. Lots more - but must go now... love from us all...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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