2005 News from the Lovelock Family

Sakia and Scot in the car wedding reception The highlight for 2005 was the Wedding on 18th June, when Saskia became Mrs Scott Burrows. The day was glorious hot sunshine, and after the ceromony at our local St Michaels Church in Sunninghill, we had a long, relaxing reception at Bisham Abbey, near Scott's home town of Marlow.

Saskia and Robin It was one of those very rare occasions when Robin was pressured into wearing a suit and tie - and June, as you might expect, used it as the excuse to buy more clothes and an enormous hat. In fact, much of Robin and June's holiday in Italy, taken in early May, was spent looking for shoes in markets and factory outlets around Florence. 4 of them

Here on the right you see our four daughters, Samantha, Michelle, Saskia and Kristina - this little one being adopted by us, but recently returned to her real mum and dad in Oz. They didn't know she'd decided to take a year off from Uni' in UK, until woken up by brother Peter in the early hours, to see a wounded kangeroo in the garage, hidden under an old carpet. Can't wait to see the video when Kristina jumped out to greet them - or hear Rudi's poetic words about the Lovelocks keeping quiet about it :-) Much remains the same within the Lovelock Household, with June still working for Quartz Electronics, Robin fully occupied with his GPS Software business, nhscare.info charity, and daft hobbies like aerial TV filming of birds. Michelle continues as a landlady in Coventry, after a boring few months in accountancy, and Samantha keeps up the Japanese lessons and her work at Nielsen Media Research. xmas04 picture of Lovelock family

Here's a piccy taken last Christmas, with us all around the table, including Scott's mum and dad, and June's dad Jack - who still thrashes Robin at snooker in half the games. Robin and June in Portman

All our love and good wishes from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill.

we wish you all a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !