Scott and Saskia's Wedding

final version of the wedding video is available here - see below
we hope to give all those at the wedding DVDs of video and stills.
make sure you visit the prize photos on Kristina's Wedding page.

updated 0900 Monday 18th July 2005

Saskia and Robin Scott & Saskia Hi Folks ! Robin, Father of the Bride here. That's me on the left, about to give away Saskia.

For those of you who did not already know, Scott and Saskia got married on Saturday 18th June 2005 at Saint Michaels - our local Sunninghill Church.

The main purpose of this page is to let those of you who find it, and who attended the wedding, to know where I am in getting those pictures and video to you.

We already have far too much to put on a web site, and soon you can expect to get a DVD or VHS video tape. I've put up some material here, including photos and the video to whet your appetite :-)

inside church Bisham Abbey I'm amazed how much good material we have from those 19 instant camera's, and those who gave me CDs - the latest being from Debby, our "official photographer". We got some good video inside the church by our other daughters, but Steve, Scott's boss, took LOTS of lovely material, including at the reception. This was soon augmented by video from Dan, who was sat on the table near the speeches - poor Dan :-) On the left are some frames from Steve's video.

Scott's Speech The DVDs are now ready for copying and ready for Scott and Saskia - now back from honeymoon. Most of you will want the data DVD for a PC which holds a good quality copy of the 20 minute video, and also all the high resolution still pictures. The best of the still pictures are also appearing at the end of the video.

For anyone without a PC, we can provide the video on VHS tape or DVD for a DVD player. Please contact me on, tel 01344 620775, mobile 07736 353404, or any other way including a visit to 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA. More details are on my business contact page.

The handful of pictures I've put up here are no guide to the lovely stuff we already have for DVD that you should all get (all at the wedding and close friends and relatives).

Steve on right For those of you on broadband, and don't mind the download of the 60 MB file, there is the final version of the 21 minute wedding video here (62MB) Latest version includes lots of still pictures, just 2 seconds each, set to music :-) 2023 UPDATE: Was Lost? But on Youtube Youtube :-)

Latest from Robin: 1100 Wednesday 13th July: video updated: Now have this video and about 1000 pictures on the DVD to be given to you all. includes those from 19 instant cameras, Steve, Anita, Peter & Paula, Pam and Debby. Scott and Saskia now back from their honeymoon.

Thanks for the great video material Dan and Steve - and Kristina, who shot some on our camcorder. Lots more piccys on Kristina's Wedding page - you'll just love the URL :-)

here is a very small sample of the many lovely pictures we now have - low resolution for web speed ...

wedding reception

wedding reception

wedding reception

June, Robin, Saskia and Scott out of the car ...