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GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat

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Snoopy robot boat to cross Atlantic from UK to USA MicroMite Computer

Robin's Woodstock Page

This "Woodstock" page was updated at 1000z GMT/UT (UK Winter Time) on Sunday 10th February 2019.

Snoopy's Team-Joker friend, Woodstock, is testing technology for future years !

While Snoopy waits for weather, we experiment with other robot boats such as Woodstock. See Eric's Model Boat page and old Snoopy Press Release .
Snoopy's Boat is on SPOT Trace map. Test: SpotT2. See American Toy Boat lands in Wales .
See the MicroMite Computer - fantastic software from Australia, better than that for the Arduino. Our MicroMite Autopilots go into other robot boats.

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1. Introduction by Robin ...

Robin I'm Robin Lovelock, and the Press have described me as a "retired NATO scientist". I set up my Snoopy page in early 2008, when I started this crazy hobby project: developing a small robot boat, capable of sailing itself across the Atlantic, from UK to USA. There is more about me, our family, my earlier defence systems career, then GPS software business, on my Home page. There was an earlier hobby project: tracking GPS Bottles thrown into the sea. We learnt a lot about wind and tide - very applicable to robot boats !

I set up this "Woodstock" page in January 2019, because my more important Snoopy page was struggling to hold the videos from my Team-Joker friends, Peter and Dick, messing about with Woodstock, myself and friends. It's mostly "experimental stuff", and this old 2014 video probably belongs here :-)

Team-Joker The "Team-Joker Guys" video was made in October 2018, and tells you a little about the guys working with me on Snoopy's Trans-Atlantic Attempts. It is many decades since our academic years, and, since retiring, we are now all too busy for paid work :-)

George and Dragon boat in December 2014 You may like a visit to my ASONTV and Robin's YouTube Channel . Peter uses Samuel Fielder's YouTube Channel to document the nitty-gritty details of his and Dick's work on Woodstock.

Woodstock was given to Team-Joker by Roger Llewellyn, with the moulds he made. It was called "George and Dragon", after his Microtransat team. Roger is now a member of Team-Joker, and I here is a video of this boat sailing on Bray Lake :-)

Here are some videos of testing Team-Joker's "Woodstock" on Horseshoe lake, starting with the Woodstock Team Briefing ... white strip Woodstock Team Preperation Woodstock on Horseshoe Lake Woodstock Test Woodstock Test Woodstock Test Part 2

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Woodstock on Bray Lake, starting with a radio control test. Woodstock Tacking Tests including with Snoopy. Meanwhile, Boat 11 relaxes at home ;-) white strip Woodstock Test on Bray Lake on 26 April 2018 Woodstock on Bray Lake Test on 27 June 2018 Woodstock on Bray Lake in Strong Wind on 28 July 2018 Woodstock Tacking Test on Bray Lake Woodstock and Snoopy on 6 Dec 2018

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Fun and games with Team-Joker, Woodstock, and Snoopy on Bray Lake on 13th and 17th January, then Saturday 9th February 2019. Click on pictures to play video or enlarge. white strip Woodstock and Snoopy on 13 Jan 2019 GPS Plot of Snoopy on 13 Jan 2019 Swans and Woodstock and Snoopy on 17 Jan 2019 GPS Plot of Snoopy 12 on 17 Jan 2019 Woodstock in Storm Erik on 9th February 2019

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History of Snoopy's attempt to cross the Atlantic ...

Snoopy-Sloop 9 is the latest robot boat
In brief: we started with small, prototypes, and a Pocket PC - Wind Vane based autopilot. We eventualy reached our design: Picaxe GPS-Only Autopilot, on a 4ft/1.2m long boat.

Snoopy on BBCTV in 2012... the full story... 2014 & Snoopy boat history... 2015 Atlantic Attempt - Why Brighton ? :-) ... Team-Joker - the old guys too busy to work :-) white strip

Utube video Utube video of Snoopy's 2012 Attempt on BBC TV Utube video Utube video Utube video Video of Boat 6 with compass steering white strip

Snoopy's Bray Lake Test ... sail 530 metres automatically, through 5 waypoints ...

Bray Lake used for testing of the robot boats

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Snoopy's friend, the French Frog

The French ENSTA-Bretagne boat, braving the Atlantic waves !

robot boat from the French Team, braving the Atlantic waves !

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