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this page updated 1000 Saturday 28th May 2005 - but images more often

see The GPS Bottle Story for pictures and detailed background

if you find a GPS bottle ...please take it home and contact Robin

see map below for the last reported positions of the GPS bottles

GPS bottles on map

This page was updated automatically every hour - but now less often. The process used to update these maps involves software on one of Robins' PC, reading SMS messages received from a GSM modem, creating map images, and automatically uploading them to the webspace for use on this and Laylas' web site. You can see message history for the actual messages received from each GPS bottle.

You can read more on the background story and technical details of the GPS bottles by visiting See Laylas' web site It is there you will see the "GPS drawing" that was shown on the large screen display in Droit House. It is also there that you can report, and read reports, of "bottle finds" for the smaller bottles which contain a message.

If any of the five GPS bottles have moved off the map below, you may see them on the bigger map
You may see a more detailed map of the Ramsgate area here

updates from Robin ...

on 28th May 2005: Well I reckon that's it: my 'phone is still listening for one of those bottles to report, but I reckon that's the last we will hear from them, unless someone finds one.

on 13th July 2004: It looks as if all the GPS bottles have stopped reporting, and need inspection. Please contact me, whatever you did when you found the bottle - I will not be angry :-) If you have doubt about this, read about bottle 4 on the Bottle Story page. I can tell you what things to look at, such as the timer, and we can agree what to do next.

on Sunday 27th June 2004: We are now back from our two week holiday in Italy - where we also tracked the bottles :-) The mobile 'phone coverage extended further out to sea than we expected: 15 miles ! Reports get through less often than we expected - but I guess that means our GSM air time lasts a little longer :-) Bottles 1 and 3 have managed the occasional report a few days ago. Bottle 4 needed topping up with airtime - now done. Nothing has been received from the other bottles for many days and so this could be for many reasons, including simply being too far from any coast, flat batteries - which might be recharged by a day or two of bright sunshine, or electronics failure - we hope not. Chances of recovering a failed GPS bottle now seem slim, but if we do, I am sure we can fix it. Meanwhile we wait with anticipation for the next message received from a bottle :-)

if you find a GPS bottle ...please take it home and contact Robin

test image Normally I would say, "leave it where it is, or put it back in the sea - carefully". However, automatic reports from some of the GPS bottles stopped on Friday 29th May and we only have limited opportunity to recover them, diagnose then fix the problem, then put them back into the sea.

If you find a GPS bottle, please 'phone me on +44 1344 620775 (my home and office), or my mobile on +44 7736 353404 (voice or text). The home number is on the circular GPS bottle antenna label. You may also email me on Our postal address is Robin & June Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA, UK. It may be best if you take a failed GPS bottle home with you before or after contacting us. We can then agree a convenient time and place for us to collect the bottle from you. If the bottle is one of those still working below, then may be best to put it back carefully into the water.

I will obviously change the advice here if we start getting messages from the GPS bottles again. However, right now it looks like I need to make adjustments before they are returned to the sea. Please see times (in GMT) and dates on map below to see when each GPS bottle last reported.

if you find a smaller bottle ...

You should not mistake a normal bottle from a GPS bottle - it is much smaller (0.75 instead of 2 litre) and has a large paper note inside it, instead of the solar panel and GPS system, etc. For these you just follow the instructions on the label.

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