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GPSS "Starter" or "Free" CDROMs

Updated 1200 Saturday 13th November 2004

Robin CDROM This page is aimed at those who manufacture or distribute GPS products to the consumer, or plan to do so in the near future. It is not aimed at the person wanting to buy one or two of these products - although he may find it of great interest.

We can supply CD masters for low cost (typically 1$US when produced in quantity) "entry-level" CDs, suitable for use in over 100 countries, as a companion to low cost GPS products, such as those sold in the USA since 1999 for as little as 79$US (55 GBP) - for the GPS AND the CD. Some may choose to distribute this as a "free" CDROM, bundled in with their product. This might be an existing hand-held GPS, such as Garmin Etrex or Magellan 315, or the many GPS-Mouse products sold for as little as 50 USD which need software to be used.

Smile GPS + Notebook The "right" selling price will vary between countries: in many countries the GPS with GPSS CD might be sold at as little as 60$US. That's a decision for the GPS distributor - but he needs a low cost CD to achieve a low overall price. He may also wish to offer more profitable "upgrade" options such additional "companion" CDs with more detailed mapping for a particular country of city.

CDROM Since 2001 the "free" GPSS CD have included street level mapping for all of the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico - as described on the TIGER Page. The CD holds the whole of the web site, as it was at the time the master CD was burnt. This includes the many pages of information, and latest version of GPSS. Mapping for 150 countries is now included, and speech guidance in 12 languages. For typical information on use of a GPSS CD, please visit the GPSS CD HELP Page. The CD gives you all the information, software and data from, but with much faster and simpler installation onto your PC via the SETUP Wizard

Practically all the contents of this CD will have appeared already on this web site, and will have been Beta tested by our many GPSS Users around the World. Autoroute GB This includes the GPS Software itself, mapping, and software interfaces such as ARED, described on the Microsoft AutoRoute Page, which makes it possible to exploit other CD mapping products. Software on the CD will also support the remote tracking capabilities of GPSS - for those with suitable hardware and GPSS Licence. Several of our existing partners will be CDROM supported by special downloads holding their own business logos displayed when GPSS starts. No reason why deals should not be struck, where the CDROM is produced with artwork for that particular partner - such as this on the left, for the new UK-based business called "GPS Warehouse".

This "Starter" (or "Free") CDROM will include running copies of GPSS and a "snapshot" of these web site pages and pictures - edited to promote products released with the CDROM by those who collaborate with us.

CDROM How can we and our GPSS Business Partners offer a CD with this much capability for as little as 1$US - and why would we wish to ? Even small 1000-off production runs are below this cost, and in principle, issue of the CD is little different from allowing downloads direct off 10,000 to 100,000-off production runs are even lower in cost, giving plenty of scope for a small royalty to be paid to Sunninghill Systems, yet still keep the total cost to less than a dollar per CD.

We can be confident, from feedback over recent years, that the end-user will be "overjoyed" with what he has on the CDROM of his "entry level" product, and there are no lack of "bells and whistles" waiting to be unlocked within the software. "Upgrade" CDROMs will also be available for some countries through other business partners of ours - these will normally be those who already own copyright on mapping, and/or offer mapping CDROMs. Several examples already exist, such as those from Microsoft and AUSLIG in Australia. Another, illustrated on the right, is one providing street level mapping for the London area from Bartholomew, as it might be produced for GPS Warehouse.

We work with all sizes of business. If you are interested in discussing this further with me, please take a look at these pages, including the business page, then download and test GPSS from the Download page, then provide all the answers you can to the Business Quiz on the same page. You may also call me on 44 1344 620775 between 0830 and 1700 UK time, but I prefer e-mail contact first.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Robin Lovelock
Sunninghill, UK. November 2004.