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Download Page for Canada, Greenland & Mexico

Updated 1530 Sunday 1st July 2007

Do NOT run these downloaded EXE from your Internet browser. Put them in the GPSS folder then run from file Explorer to add the files.

Desktop Demos in .NME files

Some of the mapping downloads below include a .NME demo file. The mapping will work 'for real' with GPS 'on the road' but you may want to see the mapping demonstrated 'on the desk' first. The simplest way is to Associate .NME files with GPSS.EXE then double click on the file to start GPSS and play back the demo. An alternative is to start GPSS then hit Control-A to access the playback and analysis facilities. click on the .NME file then hit the REPLAY button. Watch and Listen until you get bored :-)

Canada - updated 9 April 2001

Note from Robin on 1st July 2007: the CANADA, MONTREAL and OTTAWA downloads below were updated today to reduce the number of colours of several scanned maps to 16, so they could be handled by GPSS on the Pocket PC.

These maps and sounds for Canada provide a 'starter pack' which should enable most of you to start doing something useful with GPSS in your country. The data was originally uploaded for use by Tony Wallace, Mathieu Godin, Frank King, Naush Ladha and Tim Rhind - and anyone running GPSS 'on the road' in Canada. Some of these people are on the Canadian Links Page Maps and sounds are provided for all Canada, but with more detail across all Newfoundland, between Toronto and Quebec, and Calgary to Vancouver.

CANADA.EXE is a self extracting file and will expand into approximately 6 MB of BMP, WAV and other files for use in the GPSS directory.

Download CANADA.EXE (828,132 bytes)

GPSS with Microsoft USA Trips 2001

Microsoft USA Trips 2001 has good mapping for Canada, and can be used with GPSS, after adding mapping from this page. For more information see the Microsoft CD Page

Legal Sub Division Codes

(old) Information on these facilities are on the CANADA Page

French Speech

You can make GPSS speak French by visiting the LANGUAGE Page

Ottawa Maps - updated 9 April 2001

These 2 maps and 41 sounds are for all our "GPS" friends in and around Ottawa - particularly Russ Gladden who upgraded the WAW file. A quick demo of the mapping is in OTTAWA.NME and some real GPS data is in OTTAWA1.NME - which starts just outside the more detailed map. Please take care when using GPSS 'on the road'.

Download OTTAWA.EXE (516,061 bytes)

Montreal Maps

These 4 maps and 21 sounds cover Montreal and are for Jamie Morehouse, George Hager, Akhtar Mirza, their friends - and others using GPSS here. A demonstration is in MONTREAL.NME. Please take care 'on the road' !

Download MONTREAL.EXE (661,095 bytes)


These 2 maps and 28 sounds in and around the City of Winnipeg are for Ken Kroeker, his friends, and anyone here with a GPS. A demonstration is in WINNIPEG.NME and Ken's real GPS data, used to calibrate the map is in KENKR1.NME. More accurate maps would be needed for reliable 'matching' with the road - but it should work, 'after a fashion' :-) Please take care 'on the road', Ken.

Download WINNIPEG.EXE (454,698 bytes)

Alberta and Saskatchewan

These 79 maps and 29 sounds were uploaded for Akhtar, his friends, and anyone else using GPSS here. A demonstration is in ALBESASK.NME ALBESASK.EXE holds most of the data, including the essential ALBESASK.WAW but ALBESAS2.EXE has the last 9 maps, to keep everything floppy disk sized. Please take care, and do not rely on these maps or GPS for navigation. ALBASASK was corrected on 13th Oct to add missing ALBESASK.WAW.

Download ALBESASK.EXE (1,422,620 bytes) 13 Oct

Download ALBESAS2.EXE (176,833 bytes)

Vancouver Maps - Updated 13 April 1999

Tanks to supply of some recorded GPS data collected by Warner - you can plot the with Control-A WARNER.NME DRAW - we now have much better calibrated mapping for Vancouver. WAW and NME and DES files corrected.

This 1 map and 28 sounds cover the North Vancouver to Langley area. They are for use by Sukru, Warner, their friends, and anyone here with a GPS. A demonstration is in VANCOUVE.NME but the guidance part of the demonstration is near the end. You may want to modify the text file VANCOUVE.WAW which controls spoken description of position. e.g. to make some landmarks more accurate, or to add your own. Those travelling south may want to download the Seattle mapping from the USA Download page.
Please take great care when using GPSS 'on the road'.

Download VANCOUVE.EXE (410,090 bytes)

Toronto Maps

These 2 maps and 17 sounds cover Toronto and west to London.
They are for Ted Hooton, his friends, and anyone with a GPS.
Thank Ted, for helping to calibrate the very old Toronto map.
A demonstration is in TORONTO.NME. Take care 'on the road' Ted !

Download TORONTO.EXE (485,606 bytes)

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

These 24 maps and 22 sounds are for Larry McKnight, his friends, and others with GPS.
Take care Larry !

Download NEWBRUNS.EXE (505,902 bytes)

Northern Canada Maps

These 51 maps and 3 sounds were uploaded for Chuck Slade and his friends using GPSS in Northern latitudes. The mapping covers all Canada north of latitude 60 degrees, with a little more detail around Resolute. No one has used GPSS "for real" this far north - so please look out for errors in the software or mapping. A demonstration is provided in CANANOR.NME

Download CANANOR.EXE (1,451,896 bytes)


Roberto from Rome, Italy, flying into Canada soon, reminded me that this area had been missed :-) These 47 maps and 8 sounds cover the area. A demonstration is in NEWFOUND.NME and two WAW files are used, one for the mainland and one for the island.

Download NEWFOUND.EXE (879,181 bytes)


101 maps and 6 sounds covering Greenland. Many Thanks to Erik, first to register GPSS from Greenland, for helping speak those places a little better :-) Was a real problem deciding what page to put Greenland on - it belongs to Denmark, but it's not exactly part of Europe :-) Please do not rely on the mapping for navigation.
Download GREENLAN.EXE (978,453 bytes)


42 maps and 34 sounds covering all Mexico for Julio Garcia Coll, his friends, and anyone else with a GPS.
Download MEXICO.EXE (917,914 bytes)

Here is some more detail for Mexico City, produced with the help of Julio and his GPS.
2 maps and 4 sounds. A demonstration is in MEXICITY.NME.
Please take care 'on the road' Julio !

Download MEXICITY.EXE (377,013 bytes)