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GPSS Users

Sending e-mail to Others with an Interest in GPS & GPSS

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
These are people who have used GPSS and may have a common interest with you.
If you would like to be added to the list, please e-mail
Robin will ask for answers to 'Quiz-Free Registration' on the Download Page
There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

Canada Akhtar Mirza on amirzabordercity at 531557N1100092W Lloydminster. Garmin.
Canada Robert Spilak on robertgpstoday at 432799N0794008W Oakville.
Canada Boris Lavrinoff ? on VE5BLdlcwest at 502759N1043899W Regina, Saskatchewan.
Canada Brad James on mr-fierocyberdude at 492756N1123904W Calgary.
Canada Bill Fischer on bill.fischert8000 at 510156N1140375W Calgary. G3.
Canada Rick Young on rhyoungistar at 452067N0754016W Ottowa.
Canada Alain Rheault on Alain.rheault2sympatico at 454573N0740248W Montreal. Web Site (Français)
Canada Jack Seguin on jackseguin at 450198N0744296W Cornwall se of Ottowa. G38. No Sound.
Canada Ted Hooton on thootonbigfoot at 431200N0801800W sw of Toronto. Tripmate.
Canada Philip Morris on morrisadan.kingston at 441440N0763616W near Kingston. EagleX.
Canada Larry McKnight on ibmtechnbnet.nb at 460620N0645024W Moncton New Brunswick. EagleX.
Canada George Zurakowski on mailgeorgezurakowski at 452622N0774240W Barry's Bay Gmap76cs+Delorme Bluelogger.
Canada Bart Stassen on bstassenintldata at 452396N0754230W Ottowa. G3.
Canada Allan Douglas on adouglasgolden at 432599N0802925W Kitchener. EagleX.
Canada Anthony Churchill on jdchurchhome at 505622N1140754W Calgary. G12.
Canada Drew Hamilton on drewichallenge at 433509N0801688W 1m n of Guelph. LowGN12.
Canada Sukru Uludag on suludag1home at 490858N1231031W Kingston, Vancouver. G3+.
Canada Warner G Mrosek-Manheim on moosedccnet at 490943N1225601W, Vancouver. Marc. G35.
Canada Alain Bernard & Marc on venusglobalserve at 452573N0754424W Ottawa. Students. PLGR+96.
Canada Richard Frost on montag451sprint at 533101N1133029W Edmonton. G45, Rock, DeLorme. AVL s/w.
Canada Chris Wilford on cwilfordimail at 490899N1221970W Mission, BC. G12.
Canada Paul Gilmore on pgilmoreglobalserve at 434491N0792073W Toronto. G3.
Canada Francois Cournoyer on fcournoyer at 452466N0732790W La Prarie. G2+.
Canada Mike Swendson on c.mike.sendsonhome at 510141N1140892W Calgary. G2+.
Canada Erney Humphreys on maynernmnsi at 423537N0822436W Wallaceburg. G2+. Pilot.
Canada Eric Pellerin on pelgovideotron at 453246N0735447W Deux-Montagnes. G92. Pilot.
Canada Allan Chiasson on ve1apeqsl at 460476N0601530W Sydney. G45XL, G12XL.
Canada Mike Johannes on Mike.Johannesalcan at 441508N0763170W Kingston. EagleX.
Canada Alan Bererstein on bigalatconnex at 440662N0800375W Mansfield. G90. AirL.P.
Canada Gaetan Bolduc on gblbsympatico at 462449N0724030W St Louis de France. G48.
Canada Raymond Pellerin on pelogousa at 453513N0752530W Buckingham. G90.
Canada Serge Pieters on spieterswhiteradio at 441439N0795240W Burlington. Boat. G12XL.
Canada Bert Roseboom on bert.roseboomosg at 543155N1283575W Terrace. RandMc.
Canada Ken Kroeker on ken_kroekerhp at 494790N0970292W Winnipeg. G2.
Canada Perry Young on perryyounghome at 510786N1140870W Calgary. G12XL.
Canada Christopher Dean on chrismail.usethis at 440368N0792793W Newmarket. G12XL.
Canada Jack Berry on jberrypgonline at 535238N1224652W PrinceGeorge. G12CX.
Canada Georges Hayet on ghayetfido at 465186N0711492W Charlesburg. G3.
Canada Robert Ewart on rewartclearnet at 500249N1103982W Medicine Hat,AL. G2+.
Canada Joseph McCall on jkmccallcablelan at 500090N1192406E Kelowna. G12XL.
Canada Qurie de Berk on qdeberkmb.sympatico at 511448N0964432W Riverton. LowGN200.
Canada Phil Balgobin on philbalgobin at 434415N0791865W Toronto. MicML150.
Canada Harry van Eaton on ciiistar at 491756N1224883W Coquitlam. G50.
Canada Rob Ewart on rewartclearnet at 500252N1103993W Medicine Hat. G2+.
Canada George Hager on ahagersecurenet at 452884N0733311W Montreal. RandMcN.
Canada Carmine Pacifico on carminetelusplanet at 510846N1140743W Calgary. EagleX.
Canada David Porter on davidpola.bc at 492027N1230435W North Vancouver. G2+.
Canada Ben Van der Star on benvanderstar at 491902N1230313W Vancouver. G75.
Canada Gilles Bellemore on gbellemoreoricom at 465239N0713112W Shannon. G45XL.
Canada Owen Parker on at 505608N1024864W Melville. G12.
Canada Pierre Sliger on psligertelusplanet at 554517N1171483W Falher. LowGN212.
Canada Ryan Lidstone on ryan_lidstonecanadamail at 482837N1231752W Victoria. G12.
Canada David Thomson on jafopowersurfr at 532705N1133486W Edmonton. Tripmate.
Canada Walter Mangra on Walter.Mangrahome at 434989N0791781W Markham. Pharos iGPS180.
Canada Bill Wood on bill.woodpoaox at 450000N0811500W (approx) Lion's Head. G75.
Canada Claus Dieners on cdienerscgocable at 432805N0794323W Oakville. RndMcN.
Canada Alan Perez on aaprezcam at 452981N0734986W Dollard des Ormeaux. RndMcN.
Canada Bruce Dunlop on bdunlophome at 532835N1132500W Edmonton. G12XL.
Canada Khursheed N Jeejeebhoy on khushjeejeebhoy at 434072N0792421W Toronto. RndMcN.
Canada David Kallweit on davidfreewheeling at 434082N0791940W Toronto. G38.
Canada Michael Bracci on braccihome at 440013N0791453W Stouffville. Gemap.
Canada James Moutsos on jmoutsosblti at 441496N0794912W Aurora. Gemap.
Canada Bob Charlton on bob.charltonhoneywell at 433672N0792071W Aurora. G38+G76.
Canada Steve Kasm on kcerhome at 432014N0783259W Port Colborne. M320.
Canada Steve Ridley on samtechdsisp at 443937N0811715W Sauble Beach. G40.
Canada Alex Bovey on boveytelus at 490825N1230774W Richmond. G45.
Canada Christian Leclerc on cleclerchome at 482640N1232138W Victoria. M310.
Canada Tim Kuechler (via Ron) on ronpaynetelus at 491970N1230342W N.Vancouver. G45.
Canada Jesse Chang on jc_chang at 491050N1230809W Richmond. G3.
Canada Jacques Boucher on ve2ctvac at 452653N0732768W Brossard. G3+.
Canada Jasper Van Den Bos on j.vandenbosbigfoot at 435342N0785557W Whitby. GM100.
Canada Hubert Duvieush on duvieushfrancomedia.qc at 452655N0734823W Pointe-Claire. EagleAN.
Canada Kenneth Milkowski on kenmneptune.on at 440332N0792714W NewMarket. MagCT.
Canada Brian Watson on bwatsonnavalew at 482751N1232161W ?Victoria. Tripmate.
Canada Tony Matheys on matheystelusplanet at 510615N1141957W Calgary. G12.
Canada Gary Martens on gary_martensumanitoba at 494841N0970810W Winnipeg. G3+.
Canada Brian Smart on briansm1telus at 564401N1112754W Fort McMurray. LowGN200.
Canada Nick Ciarallo on nickvlsi.polymtl at 452555N0735217W Quebec. RndMcN.
Canada Scott Barnhill on barnhillns.sympatico at 451363N0631966W Brookfield. G3+.
Canada Jamie Morehouse on jfmcanada at 452773N0733740W Montreal West. RndMcN.
Canada Charles Gale on cgaleplayground at 451025N0761941W Clayton. Getrex.
Canada John Belsize on qp2trzvisionol at 443501N0795240W Toronto. Lowrance.
Canada Rod Armstrong on rodfixitmobile at 494041N1245504W Comox. M315.
Canada Tony Russell on trussell_69 at 435360N0791533W Markham. G35.
Canada Dennis Range on rangedtelusplanet at 510252N1140250W Calgary. GstP.
Canada Stan Armstrong on sarmstronghfx.eastlink at 443847N0633530W Halifax. Earthmate.
Canada Kevin Anthony on kanthonyns.sympatico at 454845N0700979W Yarmouth. Tripmate.
Canada Mel Long on at 490540N1131042W Cardston Alberta. Getrex.
Canada Peter Martin on pmartinwonder at 452350N0753676W Ottawa. GlobN200.
Canada Darek Dabrowski on darekdtrekspace at 445739N0805576W Brampton.Earthmate.
Canada Allen Burgess on Allen.Burgessalcatel at 452462N0754150W Ottawa. G3+.
Canada Randy Pearson on rsp111 at 544017N1140507W Red Deer,Alberta. GEtrex.
Canada Russ Gladden on russ_gladden at 452248N0754567W Ottawa. Getrex.
Canada Ken Barrett on kenb6 at 441163N0792888W Keswick. G2+.
Canada Bruce D. Haberl on ve6hdotelusplanet at 494542N1123933W Lethbridge Alberta. G45XL.
Canada Jean-Claude Desroches on loux1globetrotter at 454560N0734239W La Plaine. LGM100.
Canada Robert Ireland on kanehdian at 543007N1132423W Perryvale Alberta. G2+.
Canada Stephen Utter on sjutterhome at 434536N0792503W Cambridge. G3+.
Canada Richard D Belanger on richardbmts at 495504N0971026W Matlock. EagleX.
Canada Chuck Slade on slademagi at 744290N0945902W Resolute Bay Nunavut. M330.
Canada Daniel E Stewart on des0222home at 482777N0891415W Thunder Bay. G2+.
Canada Peter Darby on pdarbytelusplanet at 515958N1141566W Innisfail. Gemap.
Canada Jeff Detmold on yamathegreat at 510499N1135798W Calgary ab. Getrex.
Canada Ross Maloney on rmaloneysolarwinds at 561660N1210111W Charlie Lake. G12CX.
Canada Ivan Hains on hainsi at 473396N0701266W St.Irenee. EagleX.
Canada Lawrence Z. Johnson on larry_avery.johnsonsympatico at 450754N0780945W Wilberforce. Tripmate.
Canada Byron K. Goodall on goodallbcadvision at 511414N1135867W Balzac Alberta. Tripmate.
Canada Rick Jonker on rick_jonker at 491044N1215634W Chilliwack. Brunton MNS.
Canada Robert Lefebvre on BobLvideotron at 462300N0722948W Ste-Marthe du Cap. G3.
Canada David Balcaen on balcaenviewscape3d at 520693N1215815W 100milehouse. EagleANS.
Canada Mandeep Sidhu on msidhuhome at 490842N1225005W Surrey,BC. ZcomVG.
Canada Jim Carswell on carswellhome at 434016N0791828W Toronto. Gemap.
Canada Troy Mayhew on kryptek20 at 450256N0761129W Perth Ontario. G3+.
Canada Edward G. Orton on egogwn at 451707N0750367W Casselman Ontario. EarthMate.
Canada Andrzej Szelerski on szelerskisympatico at 452905N0733448W Montreal. LowGM100.
Canada John Tunea on jtuneawincom at 421920N0830068W Windsor. GeMap.
Canada Chris Blake on onslow22 at 490302N1221790W Abbotsford. EagleANS.
Canada Luis Ruiz on luis.ruiztelus at 452940N0734256W Montreal. TrimbleGeoX2.
Canada Ken Northmore on tetrabytegolden at 432210N0805844W Stratford. GEtrex.
Canada Pat Bawtinheimer on pbawttelusplanet at 522050N1134654W Red Deer. G2+.
Canada Trace Klassen on ve7rzhome at 482820N1232370W Eastridge Place. G38.
Canada James Piper on jpiper1home at 431284N0791335W St Catharines. GeMap.
Canada George W Higgins on gwhica at 440103N0794832W Tottenham. GEMap.
Canada Donald Lapenny on dlapennyhome at 432922N0794170W Oakville. M315.
Canada Bill Street on wst-inchome at 495751N1192759W Kelowna. GEtrex.
Canada Mike Brennan on mbrennannbnet.nb at 452662N0655542W Quispamsis. GEtrex.
Canada John Mayo on jekmrotoprecision at 433373N0793459W Port Credit. Getrex.
Canada Greg Mason on ape.familyhome at 535752N1224610W Prince George. GEtrex.
Canada Stephen Schiwy on sschiwy at 510714N1141023W Calgary. M315.
Canada Jean-Marc Ranger on rangergel.usherb at 452314N0715538W Sherbrooke. M310.
Canada Craig Cormier on competcomp at 460125N0602135W East Bay . Getrex.
Canada Warren Moore on xos35talk21 at 434201N0793021W Etobicoke. G38.
Canada Marcel Giroux on erabliere69 at 454613N0734977W StADP QC. G3+.
Canada Alain St-Pierre on at 453695N0725522W St-Hyacinthe Québec. EagleX.
Canada Jerry Smith on datasmithgeocities at 435449N0795318W Oshawa. G2+.
Canada Allan Craig on craigaji-zoom at 443215N0783148W Bobcaygeon. Getrex.
Canada Aaron Lambie on b568zunb at 455744N0663884W Barrie. GEtrex.
Canada Steve Blatch on va3sgbrogers at 433090N0801358W Guelph. garman.
Canada David Wilson on davwilnb.sympatico at 455536N0663767W Fredericton. M310.
Canada Stuart Marcellus on smarcellsympatico at 444983N0775605W Peterborough. RndMcN.
Canada Eric Edwards on ericecintek at 493051N1154641W Cranbrook,BC. 38.
Canada Philip Clements on DCPCNetnetscape at 454692N0824035W Alvinston. Getrex.
Canada Jacques Pitre on pitre99telusplanet at 554525N1172053W Girouxville. GStP.
Canada Rob Sutherland on rsutheryukoncollege.yk at 604208N1350098W Whitehorse Yukon. Gemap.
Canada Joe Williams on williamsottawa at 452906N0753114W Orleans. Gemap.
Canada Artur Maj on arturmaymajbrothers at 491123N1224848W Surrey. G76.
Canada Sedat Oruclar on sedattelusplanet at 505698N1140775W Calgary. Getrex.
Canada Raymond Riverin on r.riverinsympatico at 482397N0710867W Whitaker. M315.
Canada Alain Hauseux on hauseuxaaicqmail at 441432N0762607W Newburgh. LowEagleX.
Canada Pat Degagne on shutup_cartman at 453052N0734794W Montreal Quebec. M315.
Canada Marc Demers on lorenzodemersshaw at 495123N0970766W Winnipeg. tripmate.
Canada Ted Hinsch on hinscht3web at 491878N1230358W N.Vancouver B.C.. Tripmate.
Canada Larry Badun on ldbaduntelusplanet at 504762N1135441W DeWinton. Getrex.
Canada Peter Dunn on pete_dunn at 490392N1225026W Surrey BC. LowGN12.
Canada Chris Hindy on chindygrocerygateway at 433942N0794464W Brampton. Getrex. G
Canada David Veldman on david.veldmanleitch at 433524N0794595W Mississuaga. G3+.
Canada Andrew Cassidy on cassidynbnet.nb at 472176N0682054W Edmundston. EagleX.
Canada Kent Johansen on kentanakron at 451873N1225784W Vancouver. G295.
Canada Costantino Florio on cosflorio2 at 453817N0733378W Montreal. Serial GPS?.
Canada Alex Houston on houstontelus at 485196N1233110W Saltspring Island. G5.
Canada Peter Robbinson on probbinssympatico at 433995N0792862W Toronto. Getrex .
Canada Devin Pollock on netshadoesympatico at 451742N0755373W Ottawa Ontario. Gemap.
Canada Kyle Lundy on klundysympatico at 432631N0802657W Kitchener Ontario. GEtrex.
Canada Kim Krouse on maderacquickclic at 431262N0795496W Hamilton. MagMer.
Canada Mike Poirier on mpoiriermiranda at 454224N0735416W Blainville Quebec. G12.
Canada Michal Berg on mersh_skatanik at 425823N0805678W Mississauga. Getrex.
Canada Karel Jennings on coglinetelusplanet at 550877N1185221W Grande Prairie. Tripmate.
Canada Mervyn J. Blizzard on mervblizzardtelus at 491656N1224934W Coquitlam,BC. Getrex.
Canada Wolf Sasse on wolf2rogers at 434438N0793022W Toronto. Getrex.
Canada Doug Murdoch on dougmurdochshaw at 532779N1133062W Edmonton. Getrex.
Canada John Toulmin on johntforterie at 425250N0790294W Ridgeway Ontario. MM330.
Canada Mel Kuntz on melkuntzshaw at 491720N1241062W Nanoose Bay. G2.
Canada Stephen Peszel on speszelintlc at 491385N1230973W Vancouver. Getrex.
Canada Roy Kuhnlein on roy.kuhnleinieee at 510293N1141055W Calgary AB. EagleX.
Canada Steve Doering on stevedoering at 491272N1223469W Maple RIdge Bc. MagMerPl.
Canada Patrik Harvey on pharveylogicon at 453445N0735360W St-Eustache Quebec. Getrex.
Canada Pierre A. Tremblay on patremblayattglobal at 453280N0732976W Longueuil. Deluo+G48.
Canada David Newcomb on imagingslave at 492109N1230448W North Vancouver. G12.
Canada Menno Bergen on mpbergeniname at 492661N0964419W Stienbach Manitoba. M320.
Canada Bill Bartsch on camdowtelus at 490394N1221466W Abbotsford,BC. Leadtek 9531.
Canada Xin Jin on at 452176N0754282W Nepean ON. Getrex.
Canada Jared Barrus on jaredbnait.ab at 533375N1133168W Edmonton Alberta. G12XL.
Canada Pieter Ciere on pcieremountaincable at 431323N0795210W Hamilton,ON. Getrex.
Canada Gerald Leger on grlegersympatico at 432062N0794783W Burlington. Holux GM 210.
Canada S.J. Majewski on sjmajewskisympatico at 432041N0794874W Burlington Ontario. M310.
Canada Bob Otjen on otjenbob at 443480N0633299W Herring Cove. Getrex.
Canada Alan Osburne on aldot1nbnet.nb at 460551N0644758W Moncton. Meridian.
Canada Daniel Ross Hall on daniel.hallsympatico at 425912N0822251W Sarnia Ontario. M315.
Canada Rick Oskirko on roskirkofanshawec.on at 425467N0812485W Delaware. G38.
Canada A. M. Ferron on iso9141yahoo at 463660N0810113W Sudbury Ontario. M315.
Canada Jim Arens on jarens35441shaw at 490231N1221647W Abbotsford BC. Cmc allstar.
Canada Wayne Rees on at 485831N0543658W Gander NF. Getrex.
Canada Chris Morffew on cmorffewmyfreehelpdesk at 434636N0792384W Toronto Ontario. Haicon H202s.
Canada Bill McKenzie on bmckenzimts at 495371N0971887W Winnipeg. EagleX.
Canada Jeff Davis on ve3aksympatico at 432250N0794945W Burlington Ontario. MagColTrk.
Canada Sylvain Gagnon on sylgagnonsympatico at 465306N0713042W Courcelette Quebec. G76.
Canada Jean-Yves Levesque on levek2videotron at 465062N0711510W Charlesbourg. Gmap76S.
Canada Roger Jones on rogerrogerbjones at 491275N1225840W Burnaby. Getrex.
Canada John Hello on hellojanbnet.nb at 480049N0664010W Campbellton. Getrex.
Canada John & Lori Bosch on jlboschbmts at 441713N0812886W Tiverton Ontario. Getrex.
Canada David Westerman on dwestermantelus at 492613N1240031W North Vancouver BC. Getrex.
Canada Christian Grenier on christianmcdi at 453272N0733716W Montreal. TF-30.
Canada Alec Wang on alec_nw at 434611N0792030W North York. MeridianGreen.
Canada Catalin Cristea on catalin_cluj at 435050N0703817W Montreal QC. Tripmate+converter.
Canada Julian Burden on julian.burdenvideotron at 452922N0733462W Montreal. Getrex.
Canada Vitaly Fainitsky on vitalymountaincable at 431256N0795043W Hamilton Ontario. Earthmate.
Canada Chris Collin on collinmondenet at 451900N0753740W Gloucester Ontario. Getrex.
Canada Vitaly Fainitsky on vitalymountaincable at 431256N0795043W Hamilton Ontario. Earthmate.
Canada Hugh Ford on hfirogers at 434046N0794573W Brampton. G12.
Canada David Craig on david_craigrogers at 434825N0791018W Scarborough. Getrex.
Canada Doug Nielson on nielsonjd at 441548N0763129W Kingston Ontario. Earthmate.
Canada Albert Lubberts on luby50shaw at 533669N1132740W Edmonton,Alberta. MMerPlat.
Canada Arlis Rose on daemon_legend at 442142N0782898W Omemee. PDT-100SatTrans'r.
Canada Shawn Falzarano on shawnfalzaranowpggamer at 495690N0970439W Winnipeg. G195.
Canada Dave Stubbs on dave.stubbsutoronto at 434125N0793657W Mississauga ON. Socket GP0805-406.
Canada Jacqueline Jansen on at 440133N0792066W Stouffville Ontario. Tripmate.
Canada Matthew James Lake on mattlakeshaw at 481997N1233221W Victoria bc. Mgold.
Canada Peter Story on pwstoryripnet at 443631N0754244W Brockville. Getrex.
Canada Mark Dempster on mdempst_79 at 440590N0785677W Port Perry Ontario. Deluo.
Canada Russell Kemp on russkempsympatico at 451603N0751652W Embrun Ontario. Getrex.
Canada Dan Lalancette on dan.lalancetteatlascopco at 463897N0810039W Val Therese. MagSpTrk.
Canada Dennis Wanner on d.wannersasktel at 493995N1035145W Weyburn Sk. M315.
Canada Daniel Poirier on danielpoirier at 464440N0712163W Cap-Rouge Québec. tn-200.
Canada Doug Colson on doug.colson.bbayer at 410121N0734346W Mineville Nova Scotia. G31.
Canada Derek Milsom on derekmilsom at 432100N0794688W Burlington Ontario. G12.
Canada Roland Wenzl on wenzlsympatico at 433665N0793295W Toronto Ontario. Lowrance iFinder.
Canada Dennis M. Linton on dlintonpollutech at 441013N0802346W Dundalk Ontario. MSpTrkMap.
Canada Dragan Stankic on at 433995N0793361W Toronto Ontario. Getrex.
Canada Ken Huang on kenhuangshaw at 505827N1140787W Calgary. Compact Flash GPS.
Canada Larry Dutton on larrydutton at 445952N0632643W Dutch Settlement Nova Scotia. Tripmate.
Canada Phil Brasher on kapitanpb at 430880N0801260W Brantford Ontario. G90.
Canada David Hill on dghilltelus at 535386N1224446W Prince George. Interrep IR-310.
Canada Dany Thivierge on dany.thiviergecgi at 433522N0794553W Mississauga. CF GPS model 307.
Canada Edwin Kingma on ve7stitelus at 482731N1232531W Victoria BC. G16.
Canada David S. Bain on artoftravellingi-zoom at 443243N0783211W Bobcaygeon. Getrex.
Canada Patrick Valade on pvaladebridgetech at 452913N0753090W Orleans. Getrex.
Canada Louis Lapointe on lslapoinvideotron at 452305N0724472W Granby. globalsat cf-307.
Canada Ernest Leuenberger on ernestltoughguy at 451600N0753956W Gloucester,ON. Holux GM-210.
Canada Peter Pierre on petebabeswithbikes at 482998N1232208W Victoria,BC. Holux GR-210.
Canada Alain Villemaire on alain.villemairevideotron at 453365N0735458W St-Eustache Québec. G12XL.
Canada Brent Minicola on bminicolacogeco at 441605N0763467W Kingston. M gps tracker.
Canada Randy Chapman on rchapman999shaw at 491937N1225669W N. Vancouver,BC. GRino120.
Canada Albert Pisu on shayanproductionsshaw at 535401N1224582W Prince George. G3+.
Canada Philip Baril on plbaril at 444317N0753299W Prescott,Ontario. MagMerMar.
Canada Lenard Dusome on lenard.dusomesympatico at 441424N0795283W Alliston,Ontario. LowGM100.
Canada Bradley O'Neil on weldon.cindyns.sympatico at 442950N0660537W Digby Co. Nova Scotia. MagSpMap.
Canada Les Piccolo on lpiccoloshaw at 463333N0842043W Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario. Getrex.
Canada Ian Hill on ian.hilldal at 443826N0633559W Halifax . Getrex.
Canada Vance G. Anderson Sr. on cinemasnbnet.nb at 480011N0654669W Campbellton. G111.
Canada Len Minor on len.minorsasktel at 520973N1063558W Saskatoon SK. MagMer.
Canada Rob harwood on rharwood1dshaw at 495811N0971146W Winnipeg. Getrex.
Canada Stan Dragosits on roundaboutforkidzsympatico at 433412N0793382W Mississauga. Navman.
Canada Leo Motta on hiph0p23 at 440356N0792802W Newmarket ONTARIO. Getrex.
Canada Brandt Danino on bdaninoshaw at 495333N0971742W Winnipeg MANITOBA. MMG.
Canada Helen Peagram on mompeagramcogeco at 490993N0672340W Stoney Creek. Earthmate.
Canada Alain Godbout on nialagnetzero at 465045N0711441W Quebec QC. TN 200 Rayming.
Canada Shaun Overton on shaun.overtonsympatico at 434883N0791215W Scarborough ONTARIO. Getrex.
Canada Maurice Pennarun on pennaruntbaytel at 482389N0892914W Thunder Bay ONTARIO. Tripmate.
Canada Dominique bellemare on dominique_bellemare at 474170N0685430W Cabano QC. BC-307 CF.
Canada Duco W. Weytze on dweytzesympatico at 435229N0791482W Markham ONTARIO. G12XL.
Canada Claudio Cividino on claudiocshaw at 534683N1134097W Edmonton ALBERTA. Getrex.
Canada Normand Desjardins on normandhumanes at 453260N0734018W Montreal PQ. Holux GM-210.
Canada Bernard Roy on bernardgitedureveur.qc at 473679N0684761W Notre Dame du Lac QC. G75.
Canada Jeff Orr on jeff_orrshaw at 505629N1140636W Calgary AB. M315.
Canada Jason A. Sorensen on ve9emt at 454511N0644356W Riverside-Albert NEW BRUNSWICK. Getrex.
Canada Alex Turkewitsch on alexturkewitsch at 434321N0792434W Toronto ONTARIO. Ambicom GPS-CF.
Canada Michael Ryan on mryanryancomputers at 442277N0755698W Lansdowne ONTARIO. MagSpTrkMap.
Canada Todd francis on at 512768N1090903W Kindersley SASKATCHEWAN. G18.
Canada Glenn Bonnet on gbonnet44hailotm at 510404N1141270W Calgary AB. Deluo USB.
Canada Brett Fournier on brettfourniertelus at 510505N1141176W Calgary ALBERTA. G12.
Canada Michel Bérubé on michelrsberubevideotron at 453386N0754643W Cantley QUÉBEC. Getrex.
Canada Alan Parker on parkeralexeculink at 432072N0801641W Cambridge ONTARIO. MagMerGold.
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2008 ...

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2010 ...

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2011 & 2012 ...

Canada James William Philip on jphiliptheedge at 622628N1142498W Yellowknife,NORTHWEST TERRITORIES. garmin 16hvs.
Canada James Preen on jpreen at 461257N0600133W Dominion,NS. Gtrex.
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Canada Tony Guthrie on at 420457N0801175W Maple Ridge,BC. telenav.
Canada Peter Buckley on peter-buckleyrogers at 434747N0792080W Toronto,ON. bu-353.
Canada Mike Grimes on mpgrimesshaw at 494241N1124888W Lethbridge,AB. Getrex.
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Canada Allan Craig on alkc2009live at 442208N0784439W Lindsay,ON. Serial USB GPS.
Canada Allan Regan on allanregan at 510726N1141021W Calgary,AB. HTC Touch Dual (GPS Phone with GPS2BLUE).

2013 ...