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We now have 4 pages of USA links, the most recent people usually on the last page. So you may find those at the top of the list have changed their e-mail address, or forgotton all about Robin and GPSS :-)
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Alaska, USA Steve Balogh on sbaloghunicom-alaska at 604727N1614838W Bethel,AK. G12XL.
Alaska, USA Rickie Smith on ricsmithmicronet at 611882N1493262W Eagle River,AK. G75.
Alaska, USA Timothy Muennich on tgmgci at 610884N1495390W Anchorage,AK. RndMcN.
Alaska, USAOcie Adams on ociegci at 582100N1343025W Juneau,AK. G3.
Alaska, USA Adam Wentworth on mojalaskadementia at 570467N1352258W Sitka,AK. G12xl.
Alaska, USA Jere Graudon on jgraudonmosquitonet at 645325N1473695W Fairbanks,AK. G12XL.
Alaska, USA Ronald K. Sedgwick on rapoth at 582231N1343485W Juneau,AK. G3.
Alaska, USA Paul VanDyke on paulvandyke.sytes at 611136N1494819W Kodiak ALASKA. MagMerGold.
Alaska, USA Mark Donovan on janet_markdonovanacsalaska at 611328N1494752W Anchorage,ALASKA. Grino120.
Alaska, USA Christopher Gates on nngates at 610619N1495197W Anchorage,Alaska. Getrex.

Hawaii, USA Tim jB on tjbworldnett at 212367N1575666W Honolulu Airport, Oahu, Hawaii. G48.
Hawaii, USA John Lacey on jalaceyhawaii.rr at 211585N1574762W Honolulu. GEtrex.
Hawaii, USA Alan Whinery on whineryhawaii at 211799N1574893W Honolulu. M315.
Hawaii, USA James Newhouse on newhojsmhpec at 204336N1562642W Kihei. LowGM100.

USA Ira Stein on isteinstellar-trax at 405523N0740619W Fair Lawn,NJ. G35. GPSS Partner
USA Graham Avis on gavishns at 325451N1171145W San Diego,CA. HNS-7100. GPSS Partner
USA Jerry Bransford on jgb2earthlink at 323872N0972239W Fort Worth,TX. G3+. GPSS Partner
USA Dr. Pascal Le Menn on pascallemenn at 372458N1215943W Sunnyvale,CA. Royaltek. GPSS Partner
USA George Carr on amsecllctelebyte at 472812N1223644W w of Seattle. G2+. DFjr.
USA Ron Cutler on dteksysenol at 401622N1114180W Orem nr Salt Lake. G12. WTS DF. Dtek Site
USA Ron McGuire on ron55hpe.infi at 360118N0800112W High Point, NC. Low.GM100.
USA Joe Mastromarino on emergncymd at 425892N0705612W ? Rye, NH. Tripmate.
USA David Pompea on dmpsystnetacc at 430742N0773721W Rochester, NY. G35.
USA Laurence Preble on laurencepreble at 382754N0852490W La Grange, KY. G3+.
USA Vernon Bumgardner on vcbumg0pop.uky at 380148N0843195W Lexington, KY. Tripmate.
USA Andrew Marks on amarks1867 at 361308N0940912W Springdale, Ak. G3.
USA Steve Fowler on sfowlerixcom at 390676N0763397W Pasedena, MD. G45XL. Music.
USA William Cook on mswjcook at 335571N1182425W El Segundo, CA. G3+.
USA Charles Brombaugh on brombaughctce at 395758N0860665W Indianapolis, IN. G12XL.
USA John Mermelstein on jmermelsteinwhateverltd at 264145N0800455W New York. Mitac.
USA Travis Meyer on mochalatteworldnett at 393712N1045312W Greenwood Village, CO. M2000XL.
USA Charles Skiles on w6rmrarrl at 374100N1215600W (approx) Dublin, CA. G3. DFjr.
USA Danna Betts on dbettstifton.cpes.peachnet at 312856N0833186W Tifton, GA. OmniStar.
USA Lin Evans on data2earthnet at 401660N1050899W Berthoud, CO. G12XL.
USA Gordon Arneson on garniname at 444454N0925261W Hastings, MN. LowGloNav12.
USA Gary Paulson on paulsong at 455394N0951997W Alexandria, Mn. TrimFltmate. Pilot.
USA Arthur Fitzpatrick on art.fitzixcom at 422473N0710282W Everett, Ma. G48. boat.
USA Steve Kaufman on at 371776N1215319W San Jose, Ca. TravRDoor2Door.
USA Chuck Cooperman on cbchis at 391000N0765700W (approx) Highland, Maryland. TrRoCoP.
USA Daniel Christoffel on daniel.j.christoffelvanderbilt at 360842N0864895W Oklahoma City. G2+.
USA Larry Boroff on lboroff2 at 344691N0873644W Muscle Shoals, Alabama. G3+.
USA David Eastman on deastmanlr at 432148N0712518W Loudon, NH. G3+.
USA Eric Bartholomew on ericlightbeam at 412747N0810654W Burton, Ohio. G48.
USA Dan Ferris on ferrisenteract at 421097N0880350W Lake Zurich. IL. G12XL. Mac.
USA Paul Schnettler on paulschssec.wisc at 425579N0891348W Stoughton, Wis. G12XL.
USA Jim Rostenberg on rostyenteract at 415413N0874708W OakPark n Chicago. Tripmate.
USA Chris Turnham on ch270 at 323661N0852984W Auburn, AL. Garmin.
USA Carlos Martinez on carlochs1 at 253794N0802674W Miami, FL. M315.
USA Ernest Lopez on elopezgowebway at 434312N0712776W Pembroke, NH. Tripmate.
USA Jerry Powell on jpowell2erols at 385849N0762920W Annapolis, Maryland. Garmin StP.
USA David Shiver on shiverameritech at 423625N0830025W Sterling Heights, MC. G12.
USA E V Hood on boscoe at 275264N0971828W Portland, TX. Mag6000.
USA Jerome Smith on jeromespiritdesign at 353136N0825884W Lake Junaluska, NC. G3. Ham.
USA John Kimmel on guynoiraracnet at 452344N1223655W Gladstone, OR. M315. Rowing P.
USA James Alley Jr on jalleyprodigy at 394311N0791686W Grantsville, MD. G3.
USA Tom Guenin on tterapinlightstream at 413498N0811179W Chardon, OH. M315.
USA Dave O'Connell on daveo9 at 423226N0711034W Wilmington, MA. G12XL.
USA Martin Szymanski on martinscaltel at 375800N1204205W Copperopolis,CA. G3+.
USA Tom Curbishley on tomcdiprinceton at 401608N0744403W Lawrenceville, NJ. G40.
USA Dan Hardesty on danhardest at 371559N1215098W San Jose. Etak ET-GPS1.
USA Ron Stone on ronstone1 at 330135N0970763W Flowermound,TX. G3+.
USA Bob Ulrich on bulrich1home at 372533N0774073W Midlothian,VA. M315.
USA Frank Halbert on halbertfprodigy at 303006N0862495W Niceville, FL. G12.
USA Andrew Matthews ? on andymsco at 375924N1220232W Santa Cruz, CA. G12CX.
USA Dan Welch on danbyonics at 334716N1174616W . Earthmate to NMEA !
USA Michael Harnois on mharnoiswillinet at 422438N0921590W . G2+.
USA Bob Spencer on r.s.spencerworldnett at 480170N1220483W Lake Stevens, Wash. M4000XL.
USA Gene McManus on gmcmanusbwcinet at 395244N0824140W Baltimore OH. G3+.
USA John Jackson on control_onenvsn at 420200N0881500W approx. Elgin, IL. Garmin StP.
USA Cass Lewart on rlewartmonmouth at 402372N0741150W Holmdel, NJ. M315.
USA Don Ericson on bjericson at 402456N1044412W Greely,CO. G12.Ham.StrmCh.
USA Carl McLlwain on ccmsan.rr at 324982N1171603W La Jolla, CA. M315.
USA Jim Durbin on jdurbinflash at 384845N0772156W Springfield,VA. G12XL.
USA John Adams on jqawhidbey at 481766N1224038W Oak Harbour,WA. G12XL.
USA James Miles on j_milestechie at 283707N0811148W Oviedo,FL. Garmin ?
USA James Carney on jacarneyhome at 414836N0725535W Burlington,CT. G12XL.
USA Earl Campbell on ks8jspeedchoice at 334111N1120838W Glendale,Az. G12XL,DLEM.
USA James Shelton on jbshel-320email. at 384964N1044585W Colorado Springs. G3+.
USA Bill Wheeler on bwheelerroadsafetglobal at 474407N1223860W Poulsbo,Wash. G75,G12XL.
USA Joy St Amant on at 301047N0854540W Panama City, FL. G12XL.
USA Scott Alden on saldenkavouras at 444652N0931898W Eagan MN. Garmin.
USA Charles Overly on chuckocvzoom at 400484N0793201W Connellsville,PA. St.Pilot.
USA Joseph Collins on n0fnf at 383309N0902067W St Louis, Missouri. G3.
USA Jesse Hillman on jhillman1home at 325777N1170264W San Diego, CA. Mag410.
USA John Lingle on John.Linglemedtronic at 451294N0932267W Andover,MN. Tripmate.
USA Mike Kipper on mkipperworldnett at 393996N0740984W Surf City. M315.
USA Phil Morgan on morgapmurlin at 384118N0931815W Sedalia, Missouri. Rnd.McN.
USA Simon Tung on Simon_Tungemail. at 334717N1175979W Garden Grove, CA.
USA Charles Roesch on at 344245N0864674W Madison,Al. Lowr212.
USA Michael Laudel on mdljps at 375196N1221751W Berkley,CA. G45XL.
USA Derek Newbold on dvnmail at 403250N1120232W West Jordan,UT. Garmin.
USA Paul Farage on jacktrak9 at 425758N0853793W Grand Rapids,MI. TrR.C.P.2000.
USA Pat Knerr on patmirixcom at 294164N0952746W Bellaire, TX. G3+.
USA Dennis Lambeth on drlambeth at 294241N0953986W Huston, TX. G3+.
USA Don Mars ? on don_marsagilent at 372100N1220410W Los Altos, CA. G12map.
USA Steve Mallard on youssm19idt at 361644N0940198W Rogers, AK. M4000XL.
USA Hal McChesney on h_mcchesney at 414760N1241092W Crescent City,CA. trimFM.
USA Dante Kubischta on dkubishome at 334331N1181709W El Segundo,CA. G3+.
USA Russ Ingraham on chatisfaction at 412180N0960952W Bennington, Nebraska. G12.
USA John Lyman on jjlymanlynxus at 450113N0925969W North St Paul, MN. GarEmap.
USA Michael Adams on madamsphonewave at 392908N1185052W Fallon,Nev. EagX,Lo212,G38.
USA Arnold Hansen on arn93 at 353750N0821872W BlackMountain,NC. Mag.
USA Danny Lynchard on at 360785N0961370W Sand Springs, OK. Low.
USA Mark Davis on mfddolby at 373523N1222895W Pacifica, CA. GarColSP.
USA Ken Mires on kmirespoka at 325796N1014964W ODonnel,TX. Tripmate.
USA Jerry Gulden on jerry.guldentelecheck at 433974N0712116W Moultonborough,NH. G3+.
USA David Pearson on skytonhome at 422007N0823512W Sterling Heights. JRC.
USA Bill Salina on wsalina at 404716N0732975W Plainview,NY. G Etrex.
USA Dudley Hattaway on sqsailors at 375220N1220120W Walnut Creek,CA. Ap920.
USA Thomas Schreiber on thomasgenmagic at 371521N1215324W San Jose,CA. G38.
USA Chuck Marken on ChuckMarkenworldnett at 350600N1064000W (approx) Albuquerque. G12XL.
USA Kevin Steele on ringmakewt at 293485N0951910W Pearland,TX. G3+.
USA Adam Fetterman on lawmanjr1 at 353636N0823257W Asheville,NC. G3+.
USA Mike Hefner on mhefnerqsystem at 300951N0921001W Duson,LA. M315.
USA Ravi Sekhar Thambireddy on ravisekharonebox at 400462N0830907W Dublin,OH. G3+.
USA Chris Taylor on chriscaliforniabrit at 334276N1161493W Indio,CA. RMcN.
USA Philip Acosta ? on pangburn at 352485N0914827W nr Little Rock. Sailor&Pilot. Lowrance.
USA Joe Agrelo on jagreloagrelo at 424918N0741083W Pattersonville nr Albany NY. DFjr Site
USA Ted de Castro on at 374272N1220533W San Francisco. TripMate & Gar2+.
USA Darren Corley on DHCorleyMSN.COM at 415792N0914433W Cedar Rapids 200m w Chicago. G45XL.
USA Bob Denton on bobdnax at 262964N0800362W nr Fort Lauderdale FL. G12XL. Skuba Site
USA Jack Feldman on jackihcmail.ih.lucent at 414900N0875958W Downers Grove in Chicago area.
USA Dallas Jensen ? on jens800netlink at 423061N0971180W Coleridge, 40 miles west of Sioux City.
USA Rod Levine on at 385884N0770602W Washington D.C. TripMate. SA6. *
USA Frank Lundis on lundishempseed at 402500N0800443W near Pittsburgh, PA. Business Web Site
USA Jason Meredith on irishsatexas at 293855N0983685W n of San Antonio, Texas. G2,G3.
USA Lowell Mullins on lmullinscyberramp at 325575N0963694W north east of Dallas, Texas.
USA Dale dePriest on daledcadence at 371378N1214968W San Jose, nr San Francisco. Garmin38.
USA George Reid on belenuseskimo at 471449N1220571W Seattle. Garmin12XL.
USA Eric Remy on eric.remysnet at 410350N0733149W Stamford NE of New York. Mag4000.
USA Steve Stevens on stevensvisi at 365338N0761275W Virginia. EagleX. Family Site *
USA Joe Tomasone 404605N0731900W Long Island NY. HAM. DFjr. GPS2+.
USA Jon Pearch on joniag at 282087N0811422W St Cloud, FL. DFjr. EagleX.
USA Joe Minotti on jminottiiag at 283604N0812847W DFjr. Pine Hills, FL.
USA Mark Elliott on melliottocslink at 404755N0893600W Peoria sw of Chicago. DFjr. G2+. DF Site
USA Gene Ralston on gralstonmicron at 433104N1161892W Boise. White Water ! Trimble NT300D.
USA Dave Sorenson on webmasterblue-hills-innovations at 453023N0914494W Rice Lake, WI. G12. Blue Hills GPS Site
USA Bill Bowser on bbowseramerica at 470645N1105102W nr Gt Falls, Montana. G12. no cable.
USA Stovey Brown on stovychesapeake at 384049N0765151W s of Washington. G2+. Sailor. Pacific Cup
USA Jerry Jenny on gjenncruzio at 365614N1214738W Santa Cruz. G90.
USA Rolph Van Jindelt on wb6jkwix17.ixcom at 340795N1180143W Arcadia nr L.A. HAM. G12XL.
USA Tom Grenga on tip32aloa at 415141N0712889W Providence nr Boston. HAM. G45, Ashtek G8.
USA Jim Korenz on 110440.1605 at 405746N0812408W s of Cleveland. MotoPVT6. DFjr.
USA Stephen Holle on jfkorenzgoodyear at 454863N1082955W Billings, Montana. Mag3000XL. No Sound.
USA George O'Neil ? on george.oneillibm at 351440N1203880W San Luis n of LA. Trimble Loc 100.
USA Ulrich Gross on ugross at 453250N1225224W w of Portland. EagleX.
USA Kevin Holme on kevin_holmeemail. at 340895N1173889W San Antonio Heights e of LA. G2+.
USA Steve Barnes on stevebaviationairmotive at 253642N0801997W Miami, FL. G40.
USA James Giles on jamesgilesworldnett at 355310N1061920W Los Alamos. G40.
USA Brian Cail on bcailemail. at 355454N0773177W Glenburniw w of Raleigh, NCar. G12.
USA Mike Allison on ahhamom.hooked at 374047N1214450W Livermore. G45. MicroFinder DF. AhHa DF
USA Subhash Reddy on sreddy10 at 302561N0910308W Baton Rouge. G12.
USA Phillips Hamilton on phamil at 333004N0820061W Augusta. G12XL.
USA Marc Cohen on ltccohenartsci at 341963N1183261W. nw LA. G3.
USA Norris Smith on nsmith001cwix at 351906N1063279W Albuquerque. M4000XL.
USA Alan Taylor on altaylormyself at 420668N0800703W Erie. G12XL.
USA Jim Drewett on outpacbell at 323766N1170481W San Diego. G12XL. Radio. SA6.
USA Chris Coyle on at 461762N1191702W Richland,WA. G3.
USA Tom Snedden on tomcts at 324943N1165993W San Diego. G12XL. AhAh DF.
USA Larry Brandt on lrbrandtstatestreet at 422034N0705443W G12XL.
USA Rick Yost on at 355124N0783507W Raleigh. G12XL. SA6.
USA Ivan Belyea on ivan.belyeaflir at 452669N1225007W Portland. G3.
USA Danny Brown on browndbrinet at 352857N0825942W Waynesville. Pilot. G55.
USA Tom Ballard on TWBallard at 302837N0862615W Niceville. LowrGM100.
USA Mark Grubbs on at 374117N1214257W Livermore. G12+TrimFliMate.
USA Matthew Grooms on at 293032N0982686W Brooks, San Antonio. Trim.Placer400.
USA Brian Sherrod on w5amibigcountry at 350974N0922651W wooster, n of Little Rock. G2+. Ham Site
USA David Wilkingson on dewtooarn at 351135N1015142W Amarillo, Tx. G3.
USA Bill McNaul on bmcnaulcoi-world at 330016N1165731W Romana, Ca. G2+.
USA Paul Anderson on paulandmr at 450465N0931357W New Brighton nr Minneapolis. G12.
USA Scott Kittleson on fiddleruswest at 451127N0931810W Coon Rapids nr Minneapolis. G12XL.
USA Robert Graham on kc8irxusa at 281734N0824285W Ham. RVer. G35.
USA Jeff Keenen on keenanjziplink at 413907N0724525W nr Stamford. G45XL.
USA Robert Childers on rgchildime at 440032N0700390W Lisbon Falls, Maine. EagleX2.
USA Paul Goble on goblefamswbell at 292941N0983641W San Antonio, Tx. Ham. G3.
USA Steve Cramer on missyctaz at 351515N1135938W Kingman, Az. Student. M2000XL.
USA Dennis Rieger on kk5dbworldnett at 350620N1061937W Tijeras, NM. G2+.
USA Dave Lee on daveluve at 445411N0932032W Edina, Minnesota. G12XL.
USA Alan Goldenberg on agoldenicanect at 244425N0800670W (boat) Plantation, Fl. G75.
USA David Sweet on dsweetfbtc at 295260N0955590W Brookshire,Tx. Vol.Firem. G3+.
USA Ward Stegman on wardstegmanworldnett at 305164N0944711W Olathe, Kansas. GPS ? Ham. StormT.
USA Mitch Labenz on mav42 at 411590N0960318W Omaha. G12XL.
USA Frank Gates on fgates at 340596N0841605W Alpharetta n Atlanta. G2+.
USA Vernon Fischer on verndam at 381414N0904315W Rocky Mount, Missouri. G12CX. exHiP.
USA Pedram Majidishad on pmajidisuci at 334717N1175318W Orange, Ca. Sony Etak Skymap Pro.
USA Chris Drakiotes on drakcheshire at 425515N0721763W Keene,NH. Lowr12.
USA David Sudduth on dsudduthprodigy at 391431N0943512W Kansas City,MO. G45.
USA Charles Toombs on ctoombsworldnett at 295218N0900635W Mooaro,LA. G12XL.
USA Brian Williams on bwilliamsmail.kmsp at 444361N0931469W Apple Valley,MN. G45XL.
USA Doug Jacques on dougj85635 at 313231N1101458W Sierra Visa,AZ. M315.
USA James Burns on kd5fexnetdoor at 322569N0900570W Madison,MS. G3+.
USA Mike Smith on j9nmikeuswest at 450628N0931332W Mounds View,MN. G12.
USA Richard Ostendorf on batman29hauns at 325370N1055588W Alamagordo,NM. MagMXL
USA Monty Austin on maustin2tampabay.rr at 274316N0822724W Tampa Bay,FL. M315.
USA Jerry Bishop on jerry.bishopworldnett at 393929N1050596W Lakewood,CO. G3. Pilot.
USA Jishnu Mukerji on jisgarden at 404365N0742207W Short Hills,NJ. G3+. Calcutta.
USA Jim Craig on jim.craiginame at 402400N1051129W Loveland,CO. LowGN12. Ham KOJTZ.
USA John Ip on johniphome at 325945N0963899W Richardson,TX. RandMcN.
USA Chuck Ryan on chuck_ryan at 414541N0712568W Warwick,RI. G12.
USA Lou Bilancia on lfbilanciaieee at 452603N1223428W OakGrove,OR. Tripmate.
USA Kevin Mathews on campaignehw.midatlanticexpress at 391670N0770134W Glenwood,Maryland. RandMcN.
USA Freddie Davis on freddie1starnet at 334100N0952900W (approx) Paris,TX. Earthmate.
USA Richard Williams on dndwilliams at 405340N0812763W North Canton,OH. RandMcN.
USA Camilo Rojas on camilorojasusa at 261812N0801729W Coral Springs,FL. G.Emap.
USA Michael Bamberg on michael.l.bambergintel at 453242N1225693W Hillsborough,OR. G3.
USA Jim Bulger on jbulgerjps at 385610N1210430W Auburn,CA. G12XL.
USA Stephen Nickolson on snickolsonearthlink at 414900N0885100W (app.) Glen Ellyn,IL. Earthmate s/w.
USA Bob Pollack on bobthepollacks at 340320N1182876W LA. G.Emap.
USA John Stultz on icchiprev at 371581N0705406W Roanoke,VI. G40.
USA Charles Collins on at 335771N0840840W Duluth. G3.
USA Earl Burgess on c21eburghrfn at 370657N0763047W Newport News,VI. G3+.
USA David Earle on dearlepullman at 464250N1170967W Pullman,WA. G12.

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