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Updated 2150 Sunday 5th March 2017

Sending e-mail to Others with an Interest in GPS & GPSS

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
They have used GPSS and may share an interest or hobby with you.
There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

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UK Robin Lovelock on gpss at 512382N0003960W Sunninghill. Author of this site and GPSS
UK Tony Wale on silvauk at 514925N0040051W Staines. SilvaMN.
UK Darryl Coffey on darrylpremierelect at 514121N0000195W Waltham Cross. CruxII.
UK Robert Hatton on robbhattonnetscapeonline at 525768N0011002W Nottingham.
UK Adrian Silcox on infogpsw at 512627N0002322W GPSW Hanworth.
UK Steve Williams on satellarm at 524615N0002215W (approx) Bourne.
UK David Gibby on davidgibby at 505247N0012410W Hythe Marina. RYA/DoT Yachtmaster. Web Site
UK Mike Edwards on mike.edwardsswatchway.fsnet at 513486N0002967W Basildon. GPS2. ROO2GPS Site
UK Geoff & Lynda Sharp on [114430,352] at 512242N0005509W G12 Learner but Master Thatcher
UK Michael Synnott on michaelsynnott at 513776N0000311E Buckhurst Hill. G3.
UK Barry Shippen on b.shippenclara at 541779N0024994W Kendal. M315.
UK Ian Mitchell on ipmitchellbtinternet at 504680N0000593E Seaford. G3+.
UK Steve Holmes on steveblendworth.fsnet at 505498N0005941W Waterlooville. G12XL.
UK David Cheney on david_cheney5alvertoneeserve at 520665N0005478W ? Gt Lindford. G2.
UK Mick Forster on at 530047N0021055W Stoke on Trent. M2000XL.
UK Ivan Morley on ivanmorley at 525989N0020847W Stoke on Trent. G2.
UK Geoff Potter on geofouraimeeeeserve at 531429N0024862W Chester. M315.
UK Adam Mills on adam.millseggconnect at 504523N0014827W Christchurch. M315. student.
UK Chris Dolphin on chris.dolphin at 511820N0003648W Woking. G3+.
UK Phil Wilson on phil.wilsondial.pipex at 510903N0032189W Washford. TrimFM.
UK Plamen Grozdanov on plamenbulgario at 512323N0000749W (home Bulgaria)
UK David Wilkinson on dwilki007 at 550750N0013008W Blyth. G3.
UK Mark Bartlett on mark.bartlettaxa-im at 513085N0000561W London. G2+.
UK Alan Murphy on murphygpsu at 505972N0012199W Eastleigh. G45,Getrex,M315.
UK Ray Hawkins on hawki777 at 520826N0010937W Moreton. G128.
UK Nigel Chetwood on nigel.chetwood at 515959N0020819W Tewkesbury. Gemap.
UK Kevin Minett on at 541757N0013097W Gatenby. G12.
UK Pascal Daulton on pascaldaultonusa at 510629N0004487W Hindhead. TrimFM.
UK Alan Lythaby on alanabstraction.cix at 512529N0000546W Otford. G3+.
UK Jonathon Martin on jonathon_martinsaevuseeserve at 511552N0001771E Sevenoaks. G3+.
UK David Attwood on dt.atwoodiclway at 521117N0021091W Malvern. Sequoia910.
UK Neil Thackrey on gm0vpgarrl at 572815N0041698W Inverness. G3. Ham.
UK Robin Laing on grandturkemail. at 512947N0001000W London. G12.
UK Stephen Boyd on secretsquirrel at 512362N0004477W Bracknell. Etak.
UK Keith Jarrett on keithjinfoquest.clara at 511405N0004865W Fanham. G12.
UK Colin England on colin.a.englandbtinternet at 555736N0032810W Winchburgh. M310.
UK Alan Williams on a.williamsalloywheels at 513084N0031419W Cardiff. GStP.
UK John Harris on g6clo at 523924N0002347E Kings Lynn. Holux. Ham.
UK Russell Kaye on robsoxbreathemail at 533333N0021883W ?Radcliffe. Getrex.
UK Allan Mitchell on allan_mitchell at 552619N0043925W Ayr. M310.
UK Rob Parker on robert.parker at 521210N0014276W Stratford. M315.
UK Stewart Hacking on stewfreeserve at 553705N0025426W ?Shaw. Earthmate.
UK Chris Jones on chris_jones at 505226N0012108W Southampton. G12XL.
UK Tim Taylor on t.m.taylortalk21 at 510741N0030104W Bridgewater. G12XL.
UK Paul Coogan on paulcoogan at 513653N0001998W Harrow. G3.
UK Jon Edwards on joninchgarvie at 555630N0031083W Edinburgh. Getrex.
UK Ade Clarke on ade.clarkebtinternet at 515548N0013882W Suckley. Getrex.
UK Dave Lucas on dave.lucas at 524484N0015667W Rugeley. G3+.
UK Alastair Henderson on alastair_hendersonfree4all at 531578N0015433W Buxton. Gemap.
UK Jason Dean on jasondjbase at 514546N0002780W Hemel Hempstead. Etak.
UK Philip Russell on prussellnetlab at 514580N0002910W Hemel Hempstead. M315.
UK Brian Roe on brian.roebtinternet at 520376N0011313E Ipswich. G2+.
UK Mark Mortimore on morty.m at 512587N0003084W Staines. Getrex.
UK Andy Booth on andy.boothballoon60.fsnet at 512628N0023349W Bristol. G48. Balloons.
UK Julian Toler on julian.toler at 525538N0010746W Nottingham. M315.
UK Jeff Thompson on capntomo at 520538N0002675E Haverhill. M3000.
UK Ilya Kazi on ilyakukonline at 513333N0000079W London. G3P.
UK Tom Dawson on tom.dawsoniptest at 531445N0023129W Northwich. Getrex.
UK Otto Souta on osotamat at 513683N0001955W Stanmore. G3+.
UK Brian Kneller on brian_kneller at 512996N0000629E London. G3.
UK Gary Kemp on nluk13 at 533358N0012709W Barnsley. Gemap.
UK Stephen Ellis on stephen.p.ellis at 511840N0001983W Leatherhead. G12XL.
UK Brian Telford on brianrushprintmon at 521222N0015522W Evesham. M315.
UK Jonathon Bouchier on jonbcix at 512649N0001253W London. GPS ?
UK Richard Taylor on at 515272N0001068W Stevenage. G3+.
UK Brian Gordon on wbg008email.mot at 555285N0033073W Dedridgewest. GstP.
UK Mike Kirby on mike.kirby at 514174N0031323W Aberbargoed. M315.
UK S Smith on sfjsmithhorseflyeeserve at 511043N0030355W Bridgewater. G45XL.
UK Charles Hunter on chashelib1eeserve at 525450N0011060W Nottingham. Gemap.
UK Mike Smith on mikepolaritymon at 534004N0014763W Huddersfield. M310.
UK Richard Griffin on rgriffinxilinx at 512117N0002744W Weybridge. G3+.
UK David Horton on big.birdcableinet at 524584N0020759W Halesowen. G38.
UK David Vaughan on dhvpropbtinternet at 520266N0024322W Hereford. Getrex.
UK Vince Dempsey on vincefarmworks at 540942N0004164W Rillington. Getrex.
UK Alan Ridley on alanhomeskiving at 521940N0004218W Wellingborough. GM200.
UK Andy Robinson on at 510141N0002055W Southwater. G12.
UK Peter Howard on phowardtotalise at 514155N0002459W Watford. Getrex.

2001 ...

UK Roy Startup on roy.startupbtinternet at 520399N0010744E Ipswich. M320.
UK Mark Kiddoch on markcobblesmon at 513349N0005204W Hambledon. Getrex.
UK David Wallace on wallisd at 514876N0011654W Bicester. Getrex.
UK Ian Eastwood on ian.eastwood at 502172N0035515W Modbury. Getrex.
UK John Thompson on john.thompsonarm at 513971N0005437W Stokenchurch. Gemap.
UK Ken Snowdon on kenk5vtk at 553816N0040814W Gilmourton. M315.
UK Robert McHenry on robertmchenrybtinternet at 541210N0012424W Thirsk. G12XL.
UK Craig White on craigg7vkfeeserve at 522484N0014630W Coventry. G3.
UK Colin Meikle on colin.meikle at 554113N0040393W Strathaven. M315.
UK Dave Ford on daverammy470eeserve at 544343N0022472W Ramsbottom. M315.
UK Mike Faulkner on miketowerpwllheli at 525337N0042501W Pwllheli Gwynedd. Etak PCMCIA.
UK Alistair Biggar on albiggar at 554805N0041759W Giffnock Scotland. G38.
UK Mike Lawson on mikelawsonm15eeserve at 535891N0015977W Skipton. M315.
UK Nic Jamin on tapcintalk21 at 513643N0000979W North Finchley. Holux.
UK Brian Finch on brifinchlineone at 514164N0001755W Radlett.GEMap.
UK Graeme Davison on gdavisonsomanetworks at 512501N0005183W Woosehill. Getrex.
UK Neil Carter on neil.carteralpconsultants at 523878N0012222W Barlestone Nuneaton. G3.
UK Ray Jenkins on at 532192N0011946W Sheffield. G35.
UK Andrew Redmond on andrew_redmondlathamsgroup at 534241N0021674W Rawtenstall. Getrex.
UK Timothy Brickell on tbrickell at 510651N0001134W Crawley. Gemap.
UK Nick Ground on nickgroundgkdtechnik at 504855N0015504W Wimborne.Gemap.
UK Brian Lewis on brian.lewisntl at 521654N0013273W Northfield. M310.
UK Alex Orrow on alexgeoff-uxbridgemon at 513442N0003427W Gerrards Cross. G12map.
UK Alan Ellison on alanellison-uk.fsnet at 535931N0010358W Huntington. G3.
UK Steve Bates on Stevesbates at 540115N0002780W Griffield. G12.
UK Brian Gay on gaybtalk21 at 504394N0011282W Newport I of W. G120 XL.
UK John Mullan on john.mullanlateraleeserve at 555767N0031119W Edinburgh. RndMcN.
UK Jim Ashworth on jimabbeysysmon at 534950N0022435W Clitheroe. Getrex.
UK Mark Barber on mbarberspacetrac at 513046N0003281W Slough. G25.
UK Evelyn Westland on E_Westlandhotmail at 573957N0023094W Inverurie. GeTrex.
UK Simon Pollard on simonourhouse14eeserve at 513976N0004168W Holmer Green. GeTex.
UK Ian Cann on iancann1.worldonline at 501142N0052452W Hayle. G3.
UK Paul Jones on pauljonestechnologist at 533789N0014232W Huddersfield. GEmap.
UK Andy Garratt on darkyundernet at 525402N0003989W Jacksdale. G12XL.
UK David Hill on david.j.hill at 525475N0010984W Wilford. M315.
UK Dave Turner on dave.turnerorange at 504744N0001890E Eastbourne. G12XL.
UK David W.E. Roberts on chelsworth.lodgebtinternet at 515790N0012197E Felixstowe. GeTrex.
UK Alan Thomson on athomsonbtinternet at 555667N0031311W Dunfermline Fife. GeTrex.
UK David Hart on davividhwapp at 513031N0004274W Shipton Bellenger. RndMcN.
UK Antony Panteli on antonypanteli at 513907N0014122E Margate. Getrex.
UK John Porter on Porter.Jbtinternet at 512168N0003940W Windlesham Surrey. GeMap.
UK Diane Jackson on diane-s-jsupanet at 524386N0024443W Shrewsbury. etak.
UK Stephen Burgess on sburgessssi at 512059N0014614W Pewsey. G12XL.
UK Neil Rowley on neil.rowleytotalise at 523717N0011296W Leicester Forest East. M315.
UK Ron Andrews on RONANDREWS27.FREESERVE.CO.UK at 505241N0015510W Verwood. M3000XL.
UK J. Martin Morris on jmmorrislineone at 512836N0032783W Llantwit Major. G3+.
UK Sean Eyers on seanetotalise at 512716N0000878E Bexleyheath.G35.
UK Miles French on mileshatchwarren.screaming at 511675N0010355W Basingstoke. G3.
UK Miles Esterson on milespsonyourwall at 513614N0001189W Finchley London. GeTrex.
UK Alan Gent-White on alangentwhitecs at 561064N0053258W Ardfern,Argyll. G12.
UK Andrew K Kenton on akkaldemar at 513404N0001924W Harrow. Gemap.
UK Tony Hobbs on AGHobbs at 521903N0000586W Hemingford Grey. G12.
UK Dan Pike on dandjpc at 511963N0020020W Potterne. M310.
UK Cyrus Wadia on cwadiaredplc at 511864N0003388W Woking. G3+.
UK Ian Carney on ian_carney at 533571N0024173W Wigan. GEtrex.
UK Ken Whelan on kenwhelank66.fsnet at 515906N0003721E Halstead. Getrex.
UK David Sumbler on davidaeolia at 532926N0020333W Stalybridge. Getrex.
UK Scott Hollins on scott.hollins at 524143N0015627W Burntwood. M315.
UK Jerry Larder on jerrywelltech at 153503N0323285E Khartoum (Bournemouth). G3+.
UK Graham Nunn on graham.nunnmcnicholas at 513761N0001541W Mill Hill. G12.
UK John Turner on j.turnernet.ntl at 515458N0001296W Stevenage. G2+
UK David Roberts on daveroberts99lineone at 510034N0030549W Taunton. GeTrex.
UK James Ward on JWEDRAOL.COM at 504562N0015399W Bournemouth. G3+.
UK John Hughes on john_hughes2000 at 533694N0014223W Huddersfield. M315. No Laptop.
UK Peter Lander on gpslandermon at 522773N0020345W Cradley Heath. G12.
UK Raymond Shearing on ray.shearingntl at 514518N0032474W Merthyr Tydfil . Trimble 248c.
UK Nigel R Bray on nrbrayfreenet at 515830N0001992W Pirton Hitchin. G3+.
UK Andy Langford on andyandybb at 533323N0003902W Scunthorpe. ETACStM.
UK John Gregory on johnlevel-1mon at 514111N0002314W Watford . G3.
UK David Clements on at 560391N0042783W Glasgow. G12.
UK Simon Fisher on stmellons at 513286N0030672W Cardiff. M315.
UK Mark Annandale on mark_annandalelineone at 504513N0015595W Poole. GeTrex.
UK Duncan Pettman on duncan.pettmanbtinternet at 514793N0002689W Borehamwood. Crux-II.
UK Paul Sinclair on paul.sinclaireu.joneslanglasalle at 515138N0014426W London . G3+.
UK Dave Bisping on dbispingfor465xeeserve at 513549N0000101W Walthamstow. M330.
UK Tracy John Dale on tj.dalearmoursoft at 540423N0011300W Tollerton. Holux GM-200.
UK Andy Clark on andyandrewclark at 514626N0003478W Berkhamsted. Getrex.
UK Peter Hughes on petecstc at 520482N0005348W Potterspury. G12.
UK Malcolm B Gosling on goslingmbtinternet at 504317N0032997W Exeter. G12.
UK Simon Panesar on simonplineone at 535188N0013405W Leeds. GM38.
UK Tom Soulsby on tomsoulsby at 511372N0001668W Reading. Crux II.
UK George Ifrim on gifrim at 514582N0002743W Hemel Hempstead. G3+.
UK Roger Fentiman on roger.fentimancamcon at 521394N0000862E Haddenham, Ely. GEtrex.
UK Ronald Hill on beeapi at 513465N0014713W Swindon. G12.
UK George Allan on g17allan at 570938N0021762W Westhill. G12XL.
UK Eric Richards on kibworth at 523202N0005942W Kibworth. Getrex.
UK Oliver Jenkins on oliver.jenkinsmetso at 511772N0010416W Basingstoke. G3+.
UK Teddy Layton on edwdreedmanseatxscape at 504744N0010908W Gosport. M315.
UK Tibor Noszkay on tiborg0tchnoszkayeeserve at 512023N0025778W Weston-super-Mare. GeTrex.
UK Craig Rosier on crosierbottesford.oilfield.slb at 525862N0004657W Long Bennington. Getrex.
UK Rishi Shah on at 524570N0011449W Loughborough. ETAK ET-GPS1.
UK Louis F Ellison on louellison at 533878N0013968W Dewsbury. G3+.
UK Roderick Meyers on rodmeyers at 513128N0001116W London. Getrex.
UK Pete Lewis on plewis2014 at 514074N0041857W Llanelli Carms. Getrex.
UK Martyn Bushen on martynbushen.worldonline at 522425N0012609E Coventry. GEmap.
UK James N Swallow on proflangtoftmon at 524745N0000871W Spalding. ETAK.
UK George Garner (touring) on gg2000cwcom at 505128N0002599E Bexhill-on-Sea. Tripmate.
UK Nigel Andrews on Nigel.D.Andrewsbtinternet at 505034N0002418W Worthing. G2+.
UK Brian Collins on briancolattglobal at 523952N0005905W Wolverhampton. GEtrex.
UK Sue Hogg on shnfieldeeserve at 522507N0015711W Birmingham. Getrex.
UK Ian Horsey on ianogogoch at 531352N0041204W Anglesey. GeTrex.
UK John Gilvear on johngbristolllsec at 513193N0023464W Bristol. G35.
UK Colin Rice on ricesofandover at 511370N0012868W Andover. GEtrex.
UK Mike Gardiner on mike.gardineraeat at 515994N0011670W Culham. G35-DGPS51.
UK Paul Royds-Jones on paulrjglobalnet at 505083N0012818W Warsash. G12XL.
UK Julian Anthony Strong on ukmansun at 512689N0005886W Reading. Getrex.
UK Dave Barwood on dbarwoodcableinet at 512608N0023560W Bristol . GeMAP.
UK Simon Briscoe on simonbcorfevieweeserve at 504599N0020129W Corfe Mullen. G12.
UK Mark Humphreys on markmidasmarketing at 512140N0005833E Broadstairs. Getrex.
UK John Wallace on john_wallacebtinternet at 555195N0032615W Livingston. Holux GM200.
UK Graeme Harkes on infoaboveboardmon at 555363N0022248W Dunbar. GEtrex.
UK Jonathan Knight on jonathan.knightenterasys at 510014N0013455W Romsey. GeMap.
UK Malcolm Williams on malwilliamsbtinternet at 533955N0014377W Kirkhraton. Gemap.
UK Steve Harris on writerrazorgang at 511570N0010586W Basingstoke. GEtrex.
UK Geoffrey Davis on geoffdhomechoice at 513032N0001287W London. GEmap.
UK Simon Abel on simonabel32eeserve at 524215N0011453E Horsford. M315.
UK James Samuel on james.samuelhoots at 512302N0004815W Wokingham. G3.
UK Derek Essam on salesdirectordrallim at 504641N0001833E Eastbourne. RndMcN.
UK Alun Owen on alunowe at 504868N0010912W Gosport. G12.
UK Colin Mitchell on clmbtinternet at 512136N0003146W Ottershaw. GEtrex.
UK Peter Goodhew on at 504913N0010397W Langstone. GeMap.
UK Mark Gibbon on mark.gibbonbrulines at 543738N0011236W Stockton. Lassen MK II.
UK Ian Ashford on ian.ashford2ntl at 523796N0015789W Walsall. G11. DF.
UK Andy Norton on anortonestee-lauder at 510578N0011796W Winchester. G3+.
UK Richard Hatfield on hatfieldcsi at 512591N0031089W Penarth. G3.
UK Mike Webber on mike_webbertalk21 at 520105N0004068W Milton Keynes. GEtrex.
UK Andy Newman on at 524113N0020200W Cannock. G3.
UK Colin Jardine on c.j.r.jardinebtinternet at 512012N0002841 W Byfleet Surrey. M320.
UK Jonathan Cameron on joncameronclanmailmon at 514043N0005053E Bledlow Ridge. GeMap.
UK Phil Bassett on Philbtplt at 514258N0002473W Abbots Langley. Getrex .
UK David G. Elliott on at 501436N0051149W Redruth. G12.
UK Danny Abbs on DAbbs31470 at 512166N0010975W Aldermaston. G35.
UK Sanjay Patel on sanjaypukdesi at 512803N0002230W Hounslow. Teletype.
UK Paul Roberts on paulrobertscwcom at 524032N0004284E Oakham. G2+.
UK Kevin Hand on k_hand at 524191N0015962W Cannock. G12XL.
UK Alan Charlton on agcstoat at 512292N0013657W Marlborough. MColTrk.
UK Mike Weight on mike.weightparagonav at 514999N0000952W Tewin. Getrex.
UK Richard W Middleton-Meadows on TAZMEADOWSAOL.COM at 520516N0004357W Newport Pagnell. Tripmate.
UK John Sharman on jaysharjohn-sharman at 523641N0011665E Norwich. Getrex.
UK Robert Summersgill on summersgillbchatburn1eeserve at 535367N0022151W Chatburn. G12.
UK Nigel Wilkins on nigel.wilkinslineone at 521599N0013256W Heathcote. M320.
UK Charles McGee on C.McgeeVirgin at 524121N0022519W Telford. G3P.
UK N J Dilley on ndilleyhoughton at 531176N0025239W Hoole Chester. Pretec.
UK John Rodger on johnonetouchmedia at 560699N0034696W Alloa . G12.
UK Ken Halliday on khcaninemon at 532356N0023775W Warrington. ETRAK-GPS1. (returned?)
UK Heinz S. Wolff on heinz.wolffdebrett at 513047N0001818W London. Tripmate.
UK Ben Konyn on Benkonyn at 513700N0001937W Stanmore. Getrex.
UK Bob Tate on bobfawleyeeserve at 511591N0010188W Southampton. MotoSLOncore.
UK Aidan Waters on ajwaters at 514635N0002652W Houghton Regis. Tripmate.
UK Tony Dod on tonystarduck at 532069N0030074W Chester. GeTrex.
UK Kevin L. Powell on kevin_powellgillette at 511962N0010329W Bramley. Getrex.
UK Pete Lewis on peterc.lewis at 522995N0020927W Kingswinford. M310.
UK Mr Raymond Slade on ray_sladelineone at 514464N0002678E Chelmsford. G100AVD.
UK George Berry on georgegbuk at 532120N0021054W Stockport. G12.
UK Brian Lawther on brian_lawtherhp at 512266N0003801W Crowthorne. Thales24CX.
UK Julian Poulter on julian.poulter at 514021N0001932W Naphill. HI-201.
UK Bruce Hartley on BruceSeahunt at 512212N0025515W Worle. GEtrex.
UK Sunil Patel on backofficeking at 505930N0004586E Wallington. Getrex.
UK James Ferguson on at 511447N0003489W Guildford. GeTrex.
UK Richard Nixon on bigarf98 at 554146N0034022W Carstairs. Tripmate.
UK Michael Harman on michael.harman at 511963N0013224W Redcar. HaicomHI-202.
UK Mark Newport on mark.newport at 513547N0014594W Swindon. HoluxGM200.
UK Malcolm Jones on malc.jones2btinternet at 532645N0022244W Manchester. G3.
UK Chris Stone on habilelineone at 515689N0005296W Winslow. GeMap.
UK David Picken on david.picken at 531764N0020674W Bollington. borrowed Getrex.
UK Lynton Paul Towler on lyntonlinux-gurumon at 523644N0001486W Peterborough. G12.
UK Alan Bennett on alanpallance at 504458N0011901W Northwood IOW. G3+SonyETAK.
UK Geoff Taylor on ghticlway at 512606N0003191W Staines . MLRSP24.
UK Colin Wright on mailto:kvbkent-petra at 511326N0012302E Deal. G2+.
UK Steve Williams on billpeak4eeserve at 532329N0013002W Sheffield. G3.
UK Simon Uden on udenssensormatic at 513679N0002843W Rugby. PINO BU-301.
UK Keith Record on K_Record at 512120N0012628E Herne Bay. Gemap.
UK Alan Jolly on alanberllandeg.easynet at 525326N0030521W Selattyn. LowGM100.
UK Simon Jefferson on sjcars.classics at 513867N0015600W Swindon. Getrex.
UK David Mitchell on david_mitchell3com at 514586N0002577W Walton on Thames. PremierPCMCIA.
UK Andy Reeds on Andyreedsbtopenworld at 511790N0014646W Upavon. GEtrex.
UK Mark Goossens on gbgoossmgenie at 535031N0023311W Preston. GeTrex.
UK John Philip Parfrey on john.parfrey at 511997N0004489W Camberley. Haicom HI-202 USB.?
UK Brian Williams on BrianLichfield at 524040N0014856W Lichfield. Etak(Sony).
UK Iain Harrison on iainhairydog at 533816N0015052W Huddersfield. G3+.
UK Andy Westthorp on awestthorp at 554528N0020030W Berwick upon Tweed. G40.
UK John C Fuller on joncf at 510127N0021238W Motcombe. HI-201.
UK Steve Wood on stevewoodstigs.fsworld at 504655N0040809W Okehampton. GEtrex.
UK Chris Stephens on chris.stephensbtinternet at 515860N0011907E Trimley St Mary. Getrex.
UK William R. Dunstone on wrdunstonebtinternet at 562624N0041864W Saltash. Getrex.
UK Clive Noel Westwood on CliveWestwood-s at 510348N0001023E Crowborough. G12XL.
UK Peter William Brown on peterwilliambardenbrowneeserve at 504470N0013950W Barton on Sea. G11/128/Cetrek 740.
UK Dave Ackrill on daveg0dja at 531360N0011686W Bolsover. G3+. G
UK Stephen Taylor on st014b1957blueyonder at 533257N0012537W Barnsley. M315.
UK Chris Harrison on chrismicrobus at 513632N0004205W Loudwater. Jupiter LP.
UK Graham Cheater on gcheaterdial.pipex at 513140N0023218W Bradley Stoke S. G45.
UK Steve Harriss on stevei-db at 540002N0013207W Harrogate. Getrex.
UK Marc Oglesby on marc.o at 533359N0000458W Grimsby. G3+.
UK Graeme Gunnell on graeme_gunnellagilent at 524630N0022516W Edgmond. MSkyB.
UK Roger Kille on amibrewenterprise at 510181N0000005W Danehill. G3P.
UK Michael Woodroffe on michael.woodroffe at 533361N0000495W Grimsby.. G111.
UK Syd Arkles on sarklessiname at 524049N0014504W Whittington. Getrex.
UK Chris Priest on chris.priestdreamstream at 505412N0012229W Woolston. TrimSV6.
UK Derek Wilson on derekwpncl at 510702N0000931W Crawley. M3000.
UK Bill Alexander on BillSAlexander at 553737N0044002W Darlington. G3.
UK Philip Wayne Lancaster on G0ISWqsl at 544011N0024542W Penrith . Getrex.
UK Paul Brooks on paul.brookssarsen.fsnet at 511725N0015871W Market Lavinton MMXL.
N.Ireland Noel Sofley on kaldorabtinternet at 543338N0060376W Lisburn. G2+.
UK Mark Smith on markmarksmith.fsnet at 540042N0010473W Haxby . Haicom201E.
UK Brian Collins on briancolbtopenworld at 523591N0020892W Wolverhampton. Getrex+FalA2D.
UK Martin Round on mroundblueyonder at 521638N0015358W Studley. MLR SP24.
UK Glenn Martin on glenngmartin537 at 532146N0022060W Walsall. Getrex.
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UK Keith Caley on keithcaley at 512848N0005780W Reading. Getrex.
UK Gordon Taylor on at 535932N0010385W York. GeTrex.

2002 ...

UK Simon Nagle on simon_nagle at 521359N0005331W Northampton. Getrex.
UK Bob Smith on robert.k.smithbt at 555074N0030317W Gorebridge. Getrex.
UK James Graham on JBG.911ICSCOTLAND.NET at 555810N0025708W Port Seton. RndMcN.
UK Ben Potter on potterb68 at 514728N0012822W Witney. G12.
UK G.Arlington on germann.arlingtonase-ga at 513375N0002422W Ruislip. G3.
UK Robert Ashmall on at 513348N0000412E Ilford. Etak GPS1.
UK Jon Haddock on jon.haddockthefreeinternet at 510564N0020245W Salisbury. Getrex.
UK David Holman on DavidDavidHolman at 501929N0044928W St Austell. G3+.
UK Alan Wanford on alanautolecwisbech at 524470N0000766E Wisbech. Getrex.
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UK Nick Mccullough on intelresearchyahoo at 512417N0003978W South Ascot. Getrex.
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UK John Ward on 114006.2036 at 521103N0004933W Piddington. M315.
UK Peter Stokes on ARTfxFSBdial at 511341N0002029E Hadlow . G111.
UK Nigel Harris on at 514305N0003661W Chesham. M315.
UK Mike Dunlop on mdunlop001 at 513855N0023987W Chepstow. G12XL.
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2003 ...

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UK Peter Whitworth on peter.whitworthlineone at 520833N0013617W Stratford-Upon-Avon. MotoOnc.
UK Martin Jones on martinallen-jones at 505944N0012057W Romsey. G3.
UK Dave Walters on davewukbigfoot at 511983N0004597W Farnborough. Haicom 202E.
UK Rocco Ianiello on roccoianiello at 523058N0014530W Birmingham. Haicom HI-201S.
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UK Bob Kendall on Bob.Kenair at 502320N0040828W Plymouth . G92.
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UK Gary Clayton on gazboldnuts.fslife at 534251N0010128W Carlton . Mmap330.
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2004 ...

UK Christopher R V Knowlson on chrisrvk at 532061N0021225W Handforth. Socket/Emtac D1598 Bluetooth.
UK Charles Benson on cmbnetcentral at 530782N0022143W Sandbach Cheshire. hi204E.
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UK Craig Lewis on craig1lewisyahoo at 531705N0025515W Ellesmere Port. BlueTooth Tom Tom.
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UK Rob Swinbank on bobitmembers.v21 at 542970N0011701W Hilton STOCKTON ON TEES. Motorola Oncore.
UK Chris Blakey on chris_b_52 at 521584N0005068W Northampton. Getrex.
UK Kevin Walton on kevinunseen at 521934N0004236W Wellingborough. SiRF Mouse.
UK Nigel Emson on nigelemsoneeserve at 521081N0010132W Pattishall. Getrex.
UK Clive French on clive.french at 514888N0001205W Welwyn Garden City. BU-303.
UK David Elsegood on davide4orange at 521776N0015778W Redditch. Haicom Hi-203.
UK Steve Goodman on stevegoodman at 523184N0013094W Nuneaton. Road Angel.
UK Paul goulding on paulgoulding6913.fsnet at 523419N0012056E Norwich . Getrex.
UK Leslie Briddon on lezbigfoot at 535857N0010420W York . fortuna gpsmart BT.
UK John Heywood on johng4ial at 535469N0024682W Garstang . G2+.
UK Roy Collins on roythefamilycollins at 521630N0011056W Daventry. Haicom HI-203E.
UK Dr Peter Naish on peterhypnoeeisp at 512970N0010322W Milton Keynes. Getrex.
UK Stephen Coates on scoatesbtinternet at 511480N0010731E Canterbury. MagSpTrkPro.
UK Jeremy Paul on jeremy_paul at 515462N0000586E Albury,WARE HERTS. G12cx.
UK Stephen Hayes on stephenhayestalk21 at 513319N0031994W Llantwit Fardre. Haicom HI-203 E.
UK Paul Cooper on a.paul.r.cooper at 521589N0001175E Waterbeach. Silva Multinavigator.
UK George Eastwood on g-eastwoodlineone at 532299N0021329W Cheadle. BU-303 (USB).
UK Richard Foot on Richardfoot30eeserve at 514286N0002849E Chelmsford. Getrex.
UK Jean-Pierre Lockwood on jipp2002 at 512750N0002157W Whitton / Twickenham . Racelogic GM200 (holux g2-10103).
UK John Williams on johnannwbigfoot at 510487N0001826W Horsham . Getrex.
UK Kevin White on at 512591N0005693W Reading . G128.
UK Roger Pilkington on rogerpilkingtonfsmail at 555632N0032362W Edinburgh . BR-305.
UK Alex Noble on em00agnyahoo at 513061N0002837W West Drayton. Haicom HI-202E.
UK Les Nettleton on lesnet at 512499N0031546W Barry . G76.
UK John Dagnall on jdagnalltalk21 at 522314N0014753W Solihull WEST MIDLANDS. Globalsat BU-303.
UK David Catchpole on catchdfreeuk at 512103N0002761W Steeple Claydon. LowGmap100.
UK Mars Montero on montemar88 at 512994N0023945W Lawrence Weston BRISTOL. G12.
UK David Hibbert on davidhibbert at 533371N0022796W Bolton . Haicom Hi-202E.
UK Geoff Gorringe on ggorringetalk21 at 531958N0010850W Worksop . GPS mouse.
UK Ron Williams on ronrwbtinternet at 521321N0001734W St Neots, Cambs . BU-303 USB.
UK Dick Henneman on dick.hennemanspiritcrest at 512732N0010132W Reading. Getrex.
UK Mike Jeffs (M0RMJ) on mike.jeffs at 525718N0005802W Bingham. HAICOM HI-203E.
UK David Wilkinson on daviddavid-wilkinson at 524138N0014944W Lichfield STAFFORDSHIRE. SysOn GPS CF plus.
UK Shane Sells on shane_sellsblueyonder at 502217N0041062W Plymouth DEVON. Prolific BU-303.
UK Joe Corrigan on joe.corrigan1blueyonder at 512912N0002215E Grays ESSEX. BU-303.
UK Vic Abbott on vicvabbotteeserve at 514411N0002961E Chelmsford . BU-303.
UK David G Smith on gpss] at 515323N0003172W Dunstable BEDS. G12.
UK Alan Miller on at 532594N0011612W Bramley. GPS12.
UK David John Roberts on DJRgpssDavidRoberts.Org.UK at 523716N0010684W Leicester. Fortuna GPSmart Bluetooth.
UK Christopher Holloway on christopher.hollowaybtinternet at 513974N0035673W Swansea. BU-303 USB 1.1.
UK David Bourner on davidbourner at 504820N0000295W Brighton. GPS Mouse USB.
UK Christian Nold on at 512760N0000683W London . G2+.
UK John Bennett on heinkeljb at 505278N0000083E Lewes EAST SUSSEX. HI-203E (HaiCOM).
UK Mark Harbord on markharbord at 512198N0003922W Windlesham. BU-303 USB.
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UK Trevor Sainty on TSainty at 512999N0013581W Marlborough WILTS. M320.
UK Trevor Hall on thallabconn at 512448N0031749W Barry VALE OF GLAMORGAN. Rikaline 6010.
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UK Reginald G Hamblett on reg1waidee at 532265N0023364W Warrington . Getrex.
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UK Ray moorhead on moorheadeidosnet at 510672N0000919W Crawley W.SUSSEX. bu-303.
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UK John Hedges on sawsedges at 513099N0014377W Chisledon WILTS. DConnex.
UK Simon Painter on simonpf2s at 512291N0001791W Surbiton. DConnex USB mouse GPS.
UK John Hale on john.haletiscali at 521173N0001264W Abbotsley CAMBS. G126.
UK M Gheffari on gheffari at 513272N0003650E Manor Park LONDON. BU-303.
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UK Graham Ratcliffe on GrahamRR at 533563N0030239W Southport MERSEYSIDE. Getrex.
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UK Graham Murly on grahamg3cps at 534501N0013223W LEEDS W. YORKS. M315.
UK David N Campbell on at 510935N0530032E (Khazakstan) Basingstoke. G3+PretecCF.
UK Keith James-Sleafer on beltech at 512902N0000508E Plumstead LONDON. HAICOM HI-204E.
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UK Steve Farrage on stevefarrage at 505980N0000444W Haywards Heath WEST SUSSEX. USB GPS Mouse.
UK on Phil Ellett at 532378N0012967W Sheffield SOUTH YORKS. BU-303.
UK Phil Ellett on philcyberws at 532378N0012967W Sheffield SOUTH YORKS. BU-303.
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UK Iain McBride on iainimcbridemon at 583549N0033043W Thurso CAITHNESS. Getrex.
UK Ian Brown on gtemco at 512485N0002358E Gravesend KENT. Generic GPS - USB.
UK Geoff Goode on geoffgoode at 523422N0014769W Sutton Coldfield. Dconnex BC-307 with CF adapter.
UK Kevin A Hughes on andrewliahona-limited at 545365N0012555W Sunderland TYNE & WEAR. Haicom HI-203E.
UK James Barrett on James_A_Barrett at 513738N0003717E Hullbridge ESSEX. DConnex BC-307.
UK David Hazell on david.hazell4btinternet at 502577N0040833W Plymouth . Haicom HI-204E.
UK David Jordan on davidjordan65 at 512233N0000636E Orpington KENT. Getrex.
UK Rich Pyke on richrichpyke at 519184N0020873W Cheltenham. navi1.
UK Adrian Woollaston on adrianwitzend.idps at 522026N0003601W Wellingborough. BU-305 USB.
UK Mike Hall on mikehalllocall at 532106N0025541W Liverpool. HAICOM H1-202E USB.
UK Paul Clark on paulclarkyboy at 513968N0007474W Bracknell BERKS. Rayming TN200.
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UK Ian Bryant on ian.bryantcarclo-optics at 513499N0004590W Marlow BUCKS. USBE-bay.
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UK Gareth Cripps on gazcrippsbeamingbroadband at 510242N0004713E Ashford KENT. BU303.
UK Richard John Harman on rjhnsomerset4eeserve at 512557N0024464W Nailsea NORTH SOMERSET. M310.
UK Paul Crampton on pwe.crampton at 531057N0003196W Lincoln . bt-203 bluetooth.
UK Peter R Barr on hastingsf2s at 505129N0003259E St Leonards EAST SUSSEX. GeMap.
UK Sacha Mazilis on sacha.onsiteautocab at 533135N0022989W Atherton . all types.
UK Tom McKay on haggis760micron at 554871N0040123W Bellshill NORTH LANARKSHIRE. Getrex.
UK Mark Storr on mark.storr at 524950N0013810W Burton on Trent STAFFS. G3Pilot.
UK Vaughan Pitman on vaughanboltblue at 536716N0038547W Barrow on Humber. bu-303.
UK Neil Langston on neilregencycomputers at 524384N0024390W Shrewsbury SHROPSHIRE. DConnex BU-303.
UK Alisdair Gurney on gpssagurney at 555937N0033557W Polbeth WEST LOTHIAN. G48.
UK Trevor Rumble on trevorrumblezoom at 515585N0010738E Weeley Heath . Haicom.
UK Steve Mayhew on tobtellanildram at 505135N0002307W Worthing SUSSEX. PCMCIA.
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UK Steve Bacon on stevesmokey73eeserve at 590223N0025202W Balfour ORKNEY. BC-307 CF.
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UK Iain Pybus on iainandertonmon at 534813N0012969W Leeds WEST YORKSHIRE. Globalsal BU-303.
UK Richard King on rmkorange at 520102N0004626W Shenley Lodge. Globalsat BU-303.
UK Christopher Jarratt on Jarrattkomplikted at 534560N0002693W Hull. dconnex compact flash gps.
UK Alex Jones on alex595btinternet at 513580N0021739W Bristol . DConnexBU-303USB.
UK David Ramsay on davidtramsaybtopenworld at 557249N0000393W Ashgill LANARKSHIRE. BU-303.
UK Phil Jones on pjones455 at 512590N0024603W Nailsea NORTH SOMERSET. BU-303.
UK Craig Robertson on craigrobf2s at 534886N0022533W Clitheroe . CF BC-307.
UK Russell Sabin on sabirch6 at 534788N0010227W Selby. BU303.
UK David Horsler on david.horslerlineone at 521192N0001826W Wyboston . GPS?.
UK Pete Hargreaves on peteregionaleng at 531130N0040508W Bangor, Gwynedd . MMeridian + M315.
UK Grayham Chayney on grayhamchayneyeeserve at 504536N0015152W Bournemouth DORSET. G12.
UK Ian Lonslow on iandatashare at 533241N0010544W Doncaster. Haicom HI-204E.
UK Nick Simms on druidminority at 533081N0012851W Birdwell. GGeko201.
UK Luke on lwiltonmicromill at 505310N0010256W Waterlooville HAMPSHIRE. G20.
UK Clive Jenner on clive.jennerorange at 512815N0000293W New Cross LONDON. Haicom HI-202S.
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UK Mark Hughes on gm4ismbigfoot at 554404N0035715W Larkhall . Sigem SGM5608.
UK Keith Ellis on keith.ellis12btinternet at 513903N0031968W Abercynon MID GLAMORGAN. GStPilot3.
UK Alistair Roberton on alistair.robertonbtinternet at 505580N0010017W Waterlooville HAMPSHIRE. Navilock BU-303.
UK Ed B Broadbent on edmeridsail at 505160N0011912W Hamble SO31 4RH. G72.
UK Jim Kerins on jim_kerins at 554823N0042333W Barrhead STRATHCLYDE. Getrex.
UK Keith Window on k.h.windowbtinternet at 513490N0003722E Rayleigh ESSEX. Getrex.
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UK Geoff Crisp on grcrisp at 505943N0012004W Eastleigh HANTS. BU-303.
UK Jon Licence on jonjonlicence at 522014N0000463W St Ives CAMBS. Prolific USB.
UK Graham Try on jandgtry at 515094N0003982W Cheddington, Leighton Buzzard BEDS. Getrex.
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UK Roy Connolly on roy.connolly at 541697N0013575W Bedale NORTH YORKSHIRE. Rikaline 6010.
UK David Ramsay on davidtramsaybtopenworld at 554331N0035549W Ashgill LANARKSHIRE. BU-303.
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UK Rob Woolf on robert.woolfeidosnet at 512550N0025173W Clevedon SOMERSET. Getrex.
UK Bryan Stracey on brstracey at 513645N0001326E Romford . PGM-111.
UK Chris May on at 515691N0004684W Milton Keynes BUCKS. BC-307.
UK Peter A Last on lastpa at 523974N0003178E Marham, NORFOLK. G38.
UK Barry Green on barrygrntiscali at 513467N0040292W Swansea GLAM. Msportrak.
UK Guy Attrill on guyaguya at 505540N0012429W Southampton HAMPSHIRE. haicom 204e.
UK Mark Trayner on vintageb3vintage.f9 at 561151N0030138W Methil Leven FIFE. Navroute USB.
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UK Barry Walker on bwalker542003yahoo at 514158N0001449W Hanwell LONDON. mitac BU303.
UK Paul Banks on at 514739N0045860W Haverfordwest PEMBROKESHIRE. BU-303.
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UK Yuri McPhedran on gpss.x.ymcpxoxy at 512058N0000684W Purley SURREY. Getrex.
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UK Guy Attrill on guyaguya at 505540N0012429W Southampton HAMPSHIRE. haicom 204e.
UK Allan Howlett on allanhowlettgmx at 525662N0000474W Frampton West . Globalsat BC-307 CF.
UK Paul Smith on thelonegunman21 at 545863N0014270W Newcastle. DConnex BU-303.
UK Keith Rendel on tiggerwd3 at 514085N0002921W Sarratt HERTS. CF.
UK Martin J Smith on martin.smith72 at 514203N0002492W Abbots Langley HERTS. G3+.
UK UK Alan Redman G4KUF on ajredmantalk21 at 514207N0002582W Abbots Langley HERTS. G3.
UK Ian Featherstone on ian2.featherstone at 543437N0012215W Stockton CLEVELAND. Ggeko201.
UK Alistair Lamb on ali_man_2000 at 435793N0792239W (Canada) Edinburgh FIFE. Navman e series.
UK Ian Brown on ianbrownblueyonder at 512610N0025056W Clevedon SOMERSET. HI-204s.
UK Ian Finlay on imfinlayyahoo at 513484N0001807W Harrow . Holux GR-230.
UK Chris Berrisford on chrisbezbtinternet at 530009N0021481W Newcastle STAFFORDSHIRE. BC-307.
UK Graham Wright on gpw357 at 533270N0000170W Cleethorpes N. E. LINCS. GlobalsatBU-303 USB.
UK Paul Crossley on paulmacromotorsport at 534604N0010487W Selby NORTH YORKSHIRE. Generic Rikaline.
UK Chris Edmond on c.edmond at 543220N0013360W Darlington DURHAM. BU-303 GPS mouse.
UK Paul Drage on paule-swoosh at 520395N0012072W Banbury. GPS Mouse USB.
UK Stuart Gates on stuartgates at 514404N0002878E Chelmsford ESSEX. Prolific BU-303.
UK Andreas Ladas on aladasprimary-process at 512939N0001526W London . Haicom 303MMF.
UK Chris Cacicedo on chrisgpscacicedo at 510866N0002815W Cranleigh . Rayming TN200.
UK Alex Ottway on alexottwaytiscali at 525722N0010838W Nottingham . Getrex.
UK Bernie Ledwick on at 532644N0021700W Chorlton-cum-Hardy MANCHESTER. BU-303USB.
UK Daniel Gould on danny_gouldtelemorphix at 510433N0001831W Horsham W. SUSSEX. Holux.
UK Neil Jackson on jackotechnomon at 512297N0022134W Bath AVON. Globalsat BU-303 USB.
UK Kent Kjaer on kent.kjaerzen at 512256N0025739W Weston-super-Mare. BU-303.
UK Pete Willingham on pete_willinghambigfoot at 504680N0005710W Hayling Island HAMPSHIRE. G12.
UK Warren Masters on warrenisblueyonder at 503112N0033752W Newton Abbot DEVON. Globalsat BC-307.
UK J Martin Morris on jmmorrislineone at 512498N0032794W Llanmaes VALE OF GLAMORGAN. G3+.
UK Simon Hall on simon.hallgetstarted at 555506N0031370W Edinburgh MIDLOTHIAN. BU-303.
UK Ian Bailey on ian_baileytalk21 at 513004N0000570W London . Holux GR230.
UK Colin Macer on colinmacer at 521484N0000098E Cambridge CAMBS. HI-204E.
UK Kim Schulte on kdschulte at 512464N0001158W Wimbledon . Fortuna.
UK Dave Stockford on stockyontheroadstockford1970.fsnet at 531416N0011808W Huntingdon CAMBS. DConnex BC-307.
UK Chris Whitlow on whitlowco2 at 513178N0023574W Stonehouse GLOS. GPS?.
UK Neil Rodgers on neilrodgers at 512240N0000260W Croydon . TomTom bluetooth.
UK Eddie Manning on eddieeddiemanning at 512905N0002735W Sipson MIDDLESEX. Navilock USB.
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UK Marcus Middleton on marcus.middletonbalfourkilpatrick at 533912N0014837W Huddersfield. Eathmate+GST1.
UK George davies on georgeinnerrange at 512781N0005910W Reading BERKS. Leadtek 9532.
UK Des Michael on desmichaelfamily at 535117N0013122W Leeds WEST YORKSHIRE. Globalsat CF BC-307.
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UK Richard Payne on at 513710N0002573W Oxford. Fortuna Bluetooth Clip-on.
UK Chris Wells on chris_wells at 511867N0004373W Frimley SURREY. Road Angel.
UK Geoff Brook on geoffkent-telephones at 512302N0012287E Margate KENT. prolifric.
UK Anthony Britt on anthony.brittbtinternet at 505797N0011903W Bishopstoke HANTS. GeMap.
UK Paul Frank on paul_a_frank at 533992N0014854W Huddersfield. DConnex BU-303.
UK Donald Utton on don.uttonbtinternet at 532265N0022041W Altrincham CHESHIRE. M330Map.
UK Robert Griffin on par64tiscali at 535002N0012837W Leeds WEST YORKS. haicom hi-203e.
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UK Eric Whitford on ericwhitfordblueyonder at 512572N0024678W Nailsea AVON. Global sat Bt 308.
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UK Darryl Adams on darryltheshowbusiness at 533086N0011181W Doncaster SOUTH YORKSHIRE. Haicom Hi-202E.
UK Derek Idle on derk.idle at 533533N0023220W Horwich BOLTON. hiacom.
UK Martyn Bradd on mbraddonetel at 525291N0001084W Spalding LINCS. globalsat bu-303 usb.
UK Phil Crook on philcrook at 512138N0001148W Sutton SURREY. GeTrex.
UK Nigel Edmunds on njedmunds at 514906N0010122E Brightlingsea ESSEX. Getrex.
UK Florentin Florev on fflorev at 513123N0001164W London . DConnex BC-307.
UK Hugh McPartlan on hughmcpartlan at 511242N0013518W Thruxton HAMPSHIRE. sportrackcolour.
UK Krasimir Panchev on kpanchevorange at 511721N0004616W Farnborough . bu-303.
UK Krasimir Panchev on kpanchevorange at 511720N0004615W Farnborough . BU-303.
UK Matthew Holder on mattmattmole at 522676N0015610W Birmingham WEST MIDLANDS. BU-303.
UK Kevin Farnsworth on kfarnlbabacus at 515488N0003798W Leighton Buzzard BEDS. Tyco.
UK John Byrne on john.byrnebtinternet at 512874N0002453W Hounslow MIDDLESEX. GStPilotColMap.
UK Steve Smith on steveamadeus3eeserve at 512074N0003195E Chatham . Holux g2.
UK Nicholas Coleman on niccolemanbtinternet at 505321N0001124E Hailsham . Haicom Hi-204E.
UK Eli Mayost on eli.mayost at 516133N0017589W London . Royal Tek RGM-2000.
UK Terry Kensey on tkenseyf2s at 511672N0005014W Fleet HANTS. Getrex.
UK Maxwell Fluton on flight69btopenworld at 512563N0002062W Tedddington MIDDLESEX. NaviLock BU-303.
UK Jon Gogan on at 532639N0021117W Manchester . Pretec CompactGPS.
UK Arthur Young on arthuryoungblueyonder at 555604N0030976W Edinburgh. G3+.
UK Tad Piesakowski on taddsl.pipex at 512961N0001862W London . USB.
UK Brian Beswick on brimeteosat at 531984N0030459W Barnston WIRRAL. G12.
UK Pierre-Jean BENEY on pjbeney at 512961N0001069W LONDON LONDON. G90.
UK Lesley Barchaim on mistrey52 at 513586N0001276W London NA. Tom Tom Navigator.
UK Jonathan Whiteside on jonwaccobraeeserve at 515217N0002197E Tiptree ESSEX. BR 304.
UK Steve Moss on mossypossyworldonline at 511548N0003581W Guildford SURREY. M315.
UK Geoff Colson on geoffcolsontiscali at 531250N0007386W Horncastle LINCOLNSHIRE. Road Angel.
UK Andy Cummings on justfona at 543747N0033324W Workington CUMBRIA. BU303.
UK Brian Barnard on bjbarnard at 505078N0000654W Brighton . Gmap76.
UK Matt Weir on matt__weir at 533025N0022779W Astley MANCHESTER. BR-303.
UK Allan Smith on allan.smithmerlincommunications at 520793N0021936W Malvern WORCESTERSHIRE. Navsymm XR5M.
UK Jeremy Fiddler on at 513001N0000744W London . GPS?.
UK Dave Gage on d.gagemerseymail at 531647N0025411W Ellesmere Port CHESHIRE. USB.
UK Colin Wisby on colinwisbyonetel at 511852N0005410W Hartley Wintney HAMPSHIRE. TomTom Bluetooth.
UK Peter Allridge on PALLRIDGEHOTMAIL.COM at 533987N0023876W Chorley LANCS. USB.
UK John Hugall on johnops at 504297N0032967W Exeter DEVON. MagSpTrkPro.
UK Richard Blundell on blunderch at 540352N0025286W Morecambe LANCASHIRE. bu-303.
UK Barrie Skirrow on at 533361N0012661W Royston STH YORKSHIRE. DConnex Mouse.
UK Chris Burchett on burchettctiscali at 531189N0025209W Chester CHESHIRE. TN220.
UK Duncan Sample on gpsantimatters at 522478N0000918W Ramsey CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Globalsat BC-307.
UK John Siddle on johnctcwwt at 530604N0021904W Alsager STAFFS. DConnex DC 220.
UK Petre Bennett on pbennezonnet at 513035N0004395W Maidenhead. G12.
UK Peter O'Connell on peteoc22 at 532740N0022049W Urmston MANCHESTER. BR-305.
UK Tom Lewis on tomlewis007yahoo at 512672N0001842E Swanscombe KENT. Fortuna.
UK Chris Westwood on chrisw_46yahoo at 510609N0011851W Winchester HAMPSHIRE. BU-303.
UK Paul Conlon on paulsea-clean at 533373N0014619W Holmfirth WEST YORKS. bu-303 usb
UK Richard Havard on richard.havardtotalise at 522737N0020338W Halesowen WEST MIDS. BU-303.
UK Dick Heath on dick.heathbermad at 512399N0011875W Newbury BERKSHIRE. G126+G45+GStP
UK Christian Bonsall on cbcbonsall at 501524N0050273W Falmouth CORNWALL. BU303.
UK Zygmunt Green on zygmuntgreen at 535320N0011525W Tadcaster N. YORKS. USB BU-303.
UK Don Ingman on don.ingmanbtinternet at 533023N0011689W Mexborough SOUTH YORKSHIRE. BR-304.
UK Michael Washington on mdwashington44yahoo at 524018N0020152W Walsall STAFFS. GPS Mouse.
UK Gordon Muir on gordonmuirstravel at 553649N0034727W Douglas Water LANARK. TomTom wired.
UK Mike Parsons on mike.parsonsazlan at 505380N0010079W Waterlooville HANTS. Road Angel.
UK Paul Ekins on p.ekins at 531512N0003254W Lincoln LINCS. BU 303.
UK Patrick Flanagan on pfayrtiscali at 552679N0043858W Ayr . G3+.
UK Nigel Sumner on nsnw17462blueyonder at 533881N0025768W Southhport MERSEYSIDE. Saphire Mouse by royaltek.
UK Ian Stewart on ian-stewartdsl.pipex at 554452N0035829W Larkhall LANARKSHIRE. Connex BU-303.
UK David Hoppe on daveflintclose.fsnet at 505416N0011963W Southampton HAMPSHIRE. G12.
UK Steve Clarke. on swallabat at 522635N0014944W Coventry . Tripmate.
Isle of Man Rob Mercer on robmercermanx at 540440N0044352W Gansey PORT ST. MARY. M320.
UK Chris Tuckwood on at 584877N0104625E Stapleford NOTTINGHAM. rf solutions LS-40CM.
UK Chris Tuckwood on at 525573N0011655W Stapleford NOTTINGHAM. rf solutions LS-40CM.
UK Alastair Cook on ap.cook at 505940N0012853W Romsey HAMPSHIRE. G12.
UK Glenn Read on fdf2s at 512141N0004621W Sandhurst. Globalsat 307.
UK David Edworthy on Edworthy1066_ (mailto:Edworthy1066@aol) at 505174N0003422E Hastings. MagSpTrkCol.
UK Phil Rawlyk on pipperfect at 512703N0021638W N.Colerne WILTS. Getrex.
UK Simon Quin on simonthequins at 505985N0012288W Eastleigh. G35
UK Kennith Caswell on kennithcasAOL at 514514N0032270W Merthyr Tydfil . Haicom 303S.
UK Tim Bowles on trikerblueyonder at 533328N0030329W Formby . G45XL.
UK Stuart Castledine on S_Castledine at 512962N0031336W Cardiff . RoyalTec Saphire.
UK Mark Gilliland on mark.gillilandinclarity at 513727N0001114W Finchley. Holux GR-231.
UK Ray Allan on ray_allanblueyonder at 561170N0030858W Glenrothes FIFE. BR-304.
UK Paul Amess on paulamess" at 534743N0001914W Hull . Getrex.
UK Ken Roberts on khtransportltd at 520424N0011154E Ipswich SUFFOLK. royaltek bluetooth.
UK Paul Monckton on paul.monckton at 524237N0014088W Tamworth STAFFORDSHIRE. Getrex.
UK Stephen Bell on at 531445N0023093W Northwich CHESHIRE. Getrex.

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