updated 1000 Friday 28th March 2008 UK time

Robin TWIG CD This page is for those of you who purchased a GPS from Twig Solutions which included an old CD with a free copy of GPSS. The free licencing of GPSS to Twig in 2006 and 2007 has now expired, and GPSS is no longer included on the TWIG CD. But you may have an old CD.

The latest version of GPSS from our download page will probably work with your Twig GPS.

Those who have a CD such as that on the right, can contact me on if you need help getting "step 1" on the download page to work OK. i.e. GPSS responding as it should to your GPS. Then you can do "step 2" (answer the Quiz) on the same page, and get a free key code and more detailed support whenever you ask for it.

Since setting up this page in March 2006, I've had many people register GPSS, who received the Twig CD, and all seem very happy customers. Thankyou for your feedback.

Robin Lovelock
28th March 2008

the "Twig Solutions" CD ...

The CD is labelled "Twig Solutions" and includes a version number. Here is what has been on the CDs since the trial release in March 2006:

GPSS v5.98 from March 2006 with low detail maps for a number of countries.

The GPSS mapping includes that for Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Tasmania, Turkey, UK, USA, and Venezuela. Much of the mapping is not detailed, but provides the means of adding more detailed maps for these and other countries.

GPSS includes an automatic search for the GPS, testing each COM port from COM1 to COM19 and at 4800 baud (the NMEA standard) and 9600 baud. This search is initiated after a minute or two of demonstration, or immediately you hit the = key. When GPSS finds the GPS it will update GPSS.CFG so that the search is not needed next time you start GPSS. However, this will only work if you have installed GPSS on your hard disk - because it cannot write to your CD.

When adding maps to this copy of GPSS you will need to have it on your hard disk (i.e. not the CD copy) and you must delete FASTMAPS.DAT from the GPSS folder. If you need to know more, register for free support by doing step 1 then step 2 on the download page.

GPS failed to work with GPSS ?

You should have no problem getting GPSS to work with your GPS.

If you do have any problem at this early stage, you may get the solution directly from TWIG via their web site .

e.g. some TWIG customers found that GPSS would not work with the GPS after running the SiRF demonstration software - not supplied by Sunninghill Systems. The simple solutions for switching the GPS back to standard NMEA mode are given on this topic of the TWIG Forum here.

But do not hesitate to contact Robin on if you have any problem with GPSS.

We welcome your feedback and will be pleased to help.