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GPS Software Download Statistics

* about 1000 people visit the front page of each day ...

* more than 100 people download the software each day ...

Updated Saturday 4th September 2010 UK time

* from Robin in August 2010: for over ten years, our web site appeared at the top of the front page of google, if you searched on "gps software". I see the same applies to now. However, a few days ago, we changed the forwarding of onto from ENOM - used in recent years - to The transfer process, taking a few days, seems to result in google losing it completely. Hopefully, this is a temporary glitch, and we have resubmitted the URLs to google, as we did many years ago. The visit counts above have dropped massively, down to a few tens of visits per day, compared with many hundreds. This indicates that most of the visits were due to google, rather than other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Lycos. I'll remove this note if the situation changes significantly. Footnote on 4th September: I see it is creeping up again - without help from me :-)

Click on this World map thumbnail to see from where people visit the front page of

You will see a similar pattern as that of people downloading the software, as that shown below. However, more people in USA download the software, whereas more people in UK visit the front page.

This "ClustrMaps" facility was only added in June 2009.

Less than 3% of those who download GPSS, take advantage of free registration, using the Quiz on the download page.

If numbers increased, we might make the Quiz more difficult :-)

The pattern of people downloading GPSS from the website has not changed significantly since we started collecting detailed statistics in early 2005. i.e. the distribution of countries reflected in this snapshot below: maybe 16% from USA, 9% from UK, 3% from places like Germany, Australia, Holland, Canada, etc, trailing off to far fewer in places like Brunei, Belarus, Barbados, Bahamas, etc.

The distribution of downloads by country is reflected in the Quiz forms and emails that we receive.

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download stats
download stats