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Robin Snoopy robot boat to cross Atlantic from UK to USA

Snoopy's Marine Traffic page

updated 1000 GMT Wednesday 17th February 2015 UK time (under construction).

For more detail of Snoopy's robot boat, intended to cross the Atlantic, see the Snoopy page. This "Marine Traffic " page is for experimental exploitation of to show Snoopy's position in relation to vessels. You will see use of in our blog of Snoopy's March 2015 Attempt.

Snoopy on Snoopy on Maybe Snoopy can be made available to all users ? If so, he might appear as on the left: the picture could include important information such as his small size !

We are waiting to see if Support can make Snoopy appear, based on the SPOT position reports being forwarded since 15th February. If so, it should not be too difficult to automatically centre the map based on Snoopy's position. If they cannot add Snoopy, then we may be able to add our own javascript to achieve the same result. We would probably need to do this anyway, if we want to show extra information such as Snoopy's track over days and weeks, and his intended route.

Many Thanks to Mazin of in Greece for help and collaboration. Peter Facey, appearing on our Snoopy page, did the software supporting our past attempts, and I'm grateful for his help, along with Abraham in Holland.

Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill,UK. February 2016.

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