Central and South America Links

Antilles, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia,
Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Falkland Islands,
Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Kayman Islands, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraquay, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Suriname, Trinidad, US Virgin Islands, Venezuala

Updated Thursday 8th May 2014

GPSS Users

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These are people who have used GPSS and may have a common interest with you.
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There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

Antilles (Dutch) Gregory Richardson on ceosecuretechinternational at 180076N0630241W Pointe Blanche,St Martin. G72. Partner
Antilles (Dutch)Jeffrey Geferts on jjgefertcura at 120587N0685115W Willemstad,Curacao. G12XL.
Antilles (Dutch) Erik Van Hoppe on emvanhoppe at 120564N0685145W Willemstad,CURACAO. AR-310ST.

Argentina Pablo Untroib on pablopeu at 343486S0582918W Buenos Aires.
Argentina Marcelo Pena on marcelopena at 343333S0583060W Buenos Aires. G2. AVL.
Argentina Gustavo Carpignano on gustavoc66 at 343498S0582954W Buenos Aires. G25. G30.
Argentina Jose Luis Lanci on at 343991S0591618W w of Buenos Aires. G35.
Argentina Pablo Serra on at 343500S0582500W (approx) Belgrano in Buenos Aires. G2.
Argentina Cristian Tamarit on at 343408S0582852W Buenos Aires. G12.
Argentina Christian Lenoir on at 343452S0582435W Buenos Aires. G2+.
Argentina Ricardo Cagliardi on at 345163S0575379W Berisso n La Plata. Tripmate.
Argentina Alejandro Rubino on aar020email.mot at 343561S0582250W Buenos Aires. G2.
Argentina Arturo Ferloni on multiconarg at 344045S0583353W Buenos Aires. G12.
Argentina Daniel Pozzi on at 324189S0620568W w Buenos Aires. G12. No Laptop.
Argentina Victor Russo on at 343480S0582877W Buenos Aires. G3+.
Argentina Jorge Knull on jeknullusa at 400935S0712125W San Martin d l Andes. G2+.
Argentina Aldo Dutto on aduttoarnet at 330677S0641998W Rio Cuarto. G55AVD.
Argentina Andres Pino on at 370817S0610106W Buenos Aires. Earthmate.
Argentina Carlos Chica on at 343490S0582444W Buenos Aires. Getrex.
Argentina Alan Zanardi on alanzanardi at 343375S0583273W Buenos Aires. G12.
Argentina Jorge Martin on at 343346S0583379W Buenos Aires. EagleX.
Argentina Diego Wrobel on at 343399S0582604W Buenos Aires. FV12.
Argentina Juan Carlos Vazquez on at 343269S0582784W 1831 Buenos Aires. Getrex.
Argentina Guillermo Ainsworth on at 534591S0674269W Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego. G3+. No Laptop.
Argentina Fernando Alberto Gonzalez on lu5ddlu5dd at 375900S0573500W Mar Del Plata. G12.
Argentina Cesar Guarino on tocsersat at 343742S0582791W Buenos Aires. EagleMGP.
Argentina Ruben Actis Danna on proconagora .ar at 312577S0641291W Unquillo Córdoba. TRIMBLE (OEM).
Argentina Santiago Virgilio Da Re on at 343564S0582478W Buenos Aires BA. Getrex.
Argentina Jose Carlos Carabajal on at 385601S0700156W Zapala NEUQUEN. Getrex.
Argentina Nestor Camilo on nestor.camilooracle at 343804S0583346W Moron BUENOS AIRES. iTrek SGR 607.
Argentina Jorge Alberto Bilia on at 344813S0582640W Monte Grande,BUENOS AIRES. i.Trek Bluetooth.
Argentina Santiago Miguel Vallée on at 343391S0582788W Buenos Aires. M3105.
Argentina Jose Luis Soriano on jlsoriano at 343621S0582220W Capital federal,BUENOS AIRES. M315.
Argentina Hector Pergolesi on at 344757S0582282W ADROGUE,BUENOS AIRES. MOTOROLA I730.
Argentina Hugo Busso on at 344983S0575755W La Plata,BUENOS AIRES. G5.
Argentina Juanjo Portela on juanjo.portela at 344313S0581544W Quilmes,BUENOS AIRES. deluo.
Argentina Ted Jasik on tedjasik at 343514S0582465W Buenos Aires,BUENOS AIRES. on course gb 737.
Argentina Fernando José De Urquiza on fer.urqui at 346023S0584166W Buenos Aires,. Ericsson F3507g WMC 1.0 modem.

Bahamas Tim Lepnard on tflcoralwave at 250178N0773128W Nassau. EarthmateUSB.

Barbados Stephen Roach on cannonsunbeach at 130927N0593706W Bridgetown. G2+.
Barbados Sherwin Phillips on sephilcaribsurf at 130812N0593673W St. Michael. GEtrex.
Barbados Tomas Pallas Aparisi on tomaspacaribsurf at 130465N0593576W Hastings,CHRIST CHURCH. BU-303 USB.
Barbados Chris Peachment on cpeachmentcaribsurf at 130312N0593199W Atlantic Shores,CHRIST CHURCH. G12.

Bolivia James Peacock on jamesy.peacock at 162942S0680843W La Paz,LA PAZ. .

Brazil Carlos Eduardo Vianna on at 300729S0511359W Porto Alegre. G2+. STECH.PSI.BR
Brazil Robson Coelho on at 225450S0431103W Rio. G12.
Brazil Cezar A M Vasconcellos on at 225292S0420069W Rio. G3, G2.
Brazil Bruno Lobo on brunoblpobox at 230112S0432720W 25km south west of Rio.
Brazil Daniel Mayo on at 233000S0463000W (approx.) Sao Paulo.
Brazil Pedro Fukui on at 233376S0463889W Sao Paulo. GPS3.
Brazil Leandro Dias Cezar on at 300197S0511394W Porto Alegra. G2+.
Brazil Marcelo Pereiva on at 192004S0400426W Linhares. G12.
Brazil Nasser Mahfouz on at 153508S0560459W Cuiba. G2+.
Brazil Hery Paulo de Lima on at 155145S0475182W Brasilia. G3+.
Brazil Iran Maia on at 154823S0475357W Brasilia. G12.
Brazil Valter Ricardo Schad on at 231197S0455387W Sao Jose dos Campos. G3.
Brazil Segio Hegner on at 225524S0431598W Grajau nr Rio. G12XL.
Brazil Paulo Cominetti on paulo.cominettihortolandia.marelli at 225249S0471180W Sao Paulo. G12XL. (Italy)
Brazil Lenilton Braga on at 154916S0475522W Brasilia. G2+.
Brazil Pedro Habechian on at 240312S0462395W Santos. G2+,G24.
Brazil Claudio Abraham on abrahamamericasnet at 233988S0464126W Sao Paulo. G12XL.
Brazil Rajamim Azoubel on at 225000S0432000W Rio. G35. was a partner.
Brazil Jacy Neto on at 230064S0433366W Rio. M4000XL.
Brazil Mario Roberto on bobmariozaz at 012911S0441350W Sao Luis. G2+.
Brazil Sergio Grosso on at 240241S0463080W Embu. Gemap.
Brazil Fabio Scheuenstuhl on at 225902S0431813W Rio de Janeiro. M410.
Brazil Silvio K Watanabe on skimioalumni.haas at 233528S0463815W Sao Paulo. Ge-trex.
Brazil Reinaldo Opice on at 233389S0464105W Sao Paulo. G3.
Brazil Mario d'Urso de Souza Mendes on at 144921S0390196W Ilhéus BA. G3.
Brasil Alexandre de Castro Silva on castrosilvaacs at 225538S0432033W Rio de Janeiro. antenna.
Brazil Eli Smadar on es__ at 1134326S0415552W Natanya. G35.
Brazil Marcio Pavan Dondon on dondonpobox at 233271S0464044W Sao Paulo. G3+.
Brazil Olympio Renno Ribeiro Jr on at 232359S0462466W Sao Paulo. Earthmate.
Brazil Franz Reichenbach on at 234081S0464281W Sao Paulo SP. Globalsat.
Brazil Bill Smith on billbrazilianstars at 252512S0491501W Curitiba Paraná. G3+.
Brasil Sergio Mulinari on at 252546S0491803W Curitiba Parana. G176.
Brazil Charles Sinval Siqueira on at 230258S0453163W Taubaté SÃO PAULO. holux gm-200.
Brazil Pierre Van de Casteele on pvdceqdes at 191900S0434739W SETE LAGOAS,MG. None yet.
Brazil Eduardo Amaral on at 155083S0475432W Brasilia,DF. Getrex.
Brazil Mario Loewenhaupt on mario_loe at 160417S0475874W Valparaiso de GO,BRASILIA. GPS Mouse.
Brazil Wladimir Togumi on at 232935S0463736W São Paulo,SÃO PAULO. BlueGPS Royaltek.
Brazil Mauricio Ribeiro on mauricionatubeef at 233263S0463961W Sao Paulo,SP. Holux Bluetooth GPS Slim 236.
Brazil Carlos Alberto Farineli on at 234362S0452438W SAO PAULO,SAO PAULO. G35.
Brazil Fernando Akira de Almeida on akiraakiraware at 233532S0460401W São Paulo,SP. holux gr236.
Brazil Doyle Krempel Junior on at 225435S0470342W Campinas,SP. hollux gpslin 256.
Brazil Emanuel Korenberg on ekorenbergcompuserve at 200878S0401104W Vitoria,ES. naviway.
Brazil Tomer Neu-ner on tneuner at 130042S0382964W Salvador,BA. Getrex.
Brazil Thiago Nugnezi on t_nugnezi at 214655S0432171W Juiz De Fora,MINAS GERAIS. holux 210.
Brazil Renato De Almeida Freitas on at 233772S0463322W São Caetano Do Sul,SP. asus mypal a696.
Brazil John Hothersal on at 211018s0474951w Ribeirao Prero,SAO PAULO. holux slim 240.
Brazil Valeria Ormerod on at 261115S0483399W Curitiba,PARANA. Gmap 176.
Brazil Victor Porter on vepblueyonder at 225667S0430970W Rio De Janeiro,RIO DE JANEIRO. freedom keychain.
Brazil Heitor Mercaldi on at 221275S0476429W Araraquara,SÃO PAULO. generic module.
Brazil Eduardo Marone on edmarone at 252617S0491308W Curitiba,PARANA. Pharos BT.
BRAZIL Paulo Ricardo Diniz on at 231947S0510925W Londrina,PARANÁ. HTC Advantage.
BRAZIL Jose Thome Da Frota on at 034763S0382976W FORTALEZA,CEARA. internal.
Brazil Daniel Wolarski on danielwolarski at 202004S0401710W Vila Velha,ES. XC-GD75.
Brasil Paul Boulton on dynaglide1994 at 224970S0430856W Vitoria,ESPIRITO SANTO. .

Chile Roberto Sone on rsonemanquehue at 332435S0703584W Santiago. G2. GPSS PARTNER
Chile Erif Balut Corona on erifchilesat at 332800S0703700W (approx.) Santiago. MagMXL.
Chile Fernando Abasolo on fernandoabasolo at 333480S0704173W San Bernando. G3. r/c a/c.
Chile Vicente Lladser de Pablo on alldpentelchile at 332303S0704155W Santiago. G12XL.
Chile Renan Perez on at 332258S0703272W Vitacura Santiago.Rand McNally.
Chile Miroslav Zilic on fzilicentelchile at 332740S0703909W Las Condes Santiago. M315.
Chile Alejandro Goldsmith Llorens on a_britanicaentelchile at 332550S0703730W Santiago. GSt2. NoLaptop.
Chile Luis Felipe Aranibar M on at 332614S0703750W Santiago RM. G3+.
Chile Renan Perez on at 332258S0703272W Vitacura Santiago.Rand McNally.
Chile JW Jones on gppscascada at 335584S0704226W San Alfonso Santiago. G48.
Chile Rolando Arenas Moreno on rarenas_6 at 221913S0685606W Chuquicamata. Getrex.
Chile Miguel Frias on mfsm66 at 332494S0703607W Santiago. G12.
Chile Ramiro Bravo on rambraventelchile at 341258S0704844W Rancagua,SEXTA REGION. Getrex.
Chile Alvaro Varela on at 332683S0703327W Santiago. Getrex.
Chile Nicolas robles neubauer on bulto4x4 at 332325S0703223W Santiago. gpsmap60cs.
Chile Harold Benson on HBENSONEVM.CL at 332559S0703659W SANTIAGO. M315.
Chile Dennis Helm on drhelmdrhelm at 332502S0703551W Santiago. Socket bp250.
Chile Werner Ott on ottwgmx at 332566S0703589W Santiago. Ge-map.
Chile Andres Vicens on at 332678S0703354W Santiago,REGION METROPOLITANA. jrtgps.
Chile Emilio Montecinos on at 332329S0703459W Santiago,REGION METROPOLITANA. ipaq hx2495b.
Chile Conrad Ziebold on czieboldvtr at 332574S0703486W Santiago,SANTIAGO. hama USB receiver.

Colombia Jorge Luis Arango on at 045300N0740230W (approx.) Bogota.
Colombia Sergio Serrano on sergioloco at 043654N0740360W Bogota. G3+.
Colombia Francisco Cuenca on at 044132N0740212W Bogota. G25.
Colombia Rodrigo Perilla on rperillatopservice at 044083N0740503W Bogota DC. Getrex.
Colombia Andrew M. Knott on amknottsofthome at 044862N0754521W Pereira Risaralda. RoyalTek RGM-3000.
Colombia JOSE FERNANDO DEL VALLE on at 043251N0754007W Armenia QUINDIO. ETAK ET-GPS1.
Colombia Santiago Carrillo on tiaguis at 044208N0740344W Bogota DC. Getrex.
Colombia Juan Diego Martinez on jdmartinezol4b at 043283N0732800W Bogota. Duleo+P900 Bluetooth.
Colombia Leonardo Rivera on leonardo_riverawalla at 070635N0730639W Bucaramanga,SANTANDER. Tripmate.
Colombia Fernando Sanchez on fsanchezmts at 044011N0740308W Bogota,D.C.. Holux GM-210.
Colombia Francisco Javier Hoyos Arango on at 043735N0740450W Bogota d.c. Gmap76s.
Colombia Arturo Granados on arturo_florez_g at 075929N0752483W Montelíbano,CORDOBA. iblue 737.
Colombia Herman D Arango on hdarango at 043931N0740378W Bogota,CUNDINAMARCA. deluo and digi-traveler.
Colombia Brigido Lezcano on at 043380N0740116W Bogota,CUNDINAMARCA. ibt bluetooth.
Colombia Harry Ortiz on hopsephiroth at 070714N0730739W Bucaramanga,SAN. i-blue ps 3200.
Colombia Juan Soto on juancarlossoto at 061256N0753437W Bogota,BOGOTA. ipaq hw6945.
Colombia Gabriel Perez on at 061122N0753387W Medellin,ANTIOQUIA. htc p3600.
Colombia Alvaro Guevara on dgdg-trading at 044236N0740251W Bogota,BOGOTA. .
Colombia Pedro Ruiz on pedrruib at 050377N0714782W Bogotá,CUNDINAMARCA. htc tytn ii.
Colombia Nelson Garcia on nelsongarcia3 at 102390N0753325W Cartagena,BLOLIVAR. bu353.
Colombia Carlos Rey on at 044485N0740558W Bogota,DC. OEM.

Costa Rica Klaus Kayser on infoexquisit4u at 095652N0840729W Pavas SJO. G12. GPSS PARTNER
Costa Rica Edgar Mendez on at 095356N0841270W Llorente de Tibás. G12.
Costa Rica Eduardo Steiner on at 095417N0840317W San Francisco. Gmap76S.
Costa Rica Alfonso Alvarado on at 095545N0840412W San José. TrimSK8.
Costa Rica Guillermo Alvarado on at 095777N0840509W Tibas,SAN JOSE. Tripmate.
Costa Rica Fernando MORA on autozonagarage at 095700N0840144W Guadalupe,SAN JOSE. Getrex.
Costa Rica Andres Madariaga on amadaria at 100265N0840497W Los Angeles,SAN JOSE. ipaq hw6945.
Costa Rica Gerardo Araya on garaycr at 100602N0845140W Grecia,ALAJUELA. magella explorist 400.
Costa Rica Victor Rodriguez on at 095625N0840156W San Pedro,SAN JOSE. HP ipaq 6925.

Dominican Republic Carlos Cintron on ccintrondom.gbm at 183000N0700000W (approx.) Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic Elvin Pimentel on elvin_pimentel at 182925N0695894W Santo Domingo. M315.
Dominican Republic Harold Alcantara on harold_alcantara at 182810N0694760W Santo Domingo D.N.. G35.
Dominican Republic William Henriquez on avelock1 at 182709N0695550W Santo Domingo D.N.. Getrex.
Dominican Republic Dan Garcia on dgarciam at 183031N0695677W Arroyo Hondo II,SANTO DOMINGO. Holux GM-210.
Dominican Republic Antonio Rodriguez on rouge_1 at 182652N0695803W Bajos de Haina,SANTO DOMINGO. M310.
Dominican Republic Alejandro A Soto on asotojob at 182906N0694892W Sasnto Domingo. pharos gps phone.
Dominican Republic Klaus V. Berger on klausberger at 182750N0703141W Santo Domingo. digitus da-80101.
Dominican Republic Richie Lim on richielim at 182776N0695398W Santo Domingo,. iPaq hw6965.

Ecuador Ivan Porras on ivanporras at 020343S0795300W 16km north of Guayaguil
Ecuador Juan David Fortuny on at 000363S0783001W Quito. M315.
Ecuador Ray Smith on nantucuriandinanet at 001182S0782457W Baeza Napo. MPro X. Ecuador Johannes Stumpf on daniel.stumpffreenet at 024512N0783147W Cuenca Azuay. Getrex.
Ecuador Luis Bolaños Viera on mat-fricandinanet at 000769S0782916W Quito . GGeko201.
Ecuador Luis Alberto Penna on lpennagye.satnet at 020976S0795661W Guayaquil,GUAYAS. map76S.
Ecuador David Prutchi on davidprutchi at 001238S0783028W Quito (touring). Microsoft pharos gps-500.

El Salvador Jerry W Hoover on jwhooversv.cciglobal at 133984N0884020W San Salvador. Getrex. El Salvador David Pimentel on imora99 at 134181N0891413W San Salvador. Generic.

Falkland Islands Bob & Janet McLeod on at 514167S0575105W Stanley. G45.

Grenada Jerry Aberdeen on jerryaberdeen at 120128N0614263W Westerhall,ST. DAVID'S. cobra gps 1000dx.

Guatemala Max Holzheu on at 143663N0903160W (Work) Guatemala City.
Guatemala Joe Salvado on salvadoguate at 143577N0903071W Guatemala City. G3+.
Guatemala Byron Mota on bmotacempro at 143997N0902977W Guatemala City. G12XL.
Guatemala Jary Hernández on jhsolutionsitelgua at 142815N0903846W Amatitlán. Axiom.

Haiti Julian Donald on julian.donaldmsf at 183028N0721655W Port-au-Prince. Garmin GPSmap 60CS.

Honduras Luis Bueso on lbuesohonduraslegal at 150507N0880412W San Pedro Sula,CORTES. Pharos 360.
Honduras Fernando Aurelio Revilla Landa on frevilla97 at 140579N0871038W Tegucigalpa. HOLUX GR-230.
Honduras Dennis Howard on stoftxktc at 140639N0871275W Tegucigalpa,. Earthmate.

Jamaica Brian Shaw on brianshaw at 180033N0765771W Spanish Town. G35. NoL.
Jamaica Sean Forbes on sedenmail.infochan at 180041N0764978W Kingston. Pharos. NoL.
Jamaica Conrod Hanson on conrodtotalservices-jamaica at 180314N0774123W Santa Cruz/Miami,ST. ELIZABETH/FLORIDA. earthmate gps 9538 v1.
Jamaica Anthony Robinson on anthony.robinsonjamweb at 180391N0764743W Kingston,N/A. htc p3650 (touch cruise).
Jamaica Sai Pan Saw Yel Naw on drnaw2005 at 175744N0765495W Portmore,ST.CATHERINE. BU353.

Kayman Islands Peter Quinland on at 191781N0812255W w Georgetown. RndMcN.

Mexico Julio Garcia Coll on at 192169N0991175W Mexico City. G12XL.
Mexico Carlos Mendoza on cevivasmailcity at 192510N0991020W Mexico City. G3+.
Mexico Sergio Casas on at 204292N1002766W Juriquilla. G12.
Mexico Antonio Gonzalez on at 315211N1163985W Ensenada. MagPMX.
Mexico Daniel Ibanez on at 193001N0991500W Mexico City. SeeNav12.
Mexico Guillermo Lopez Forment on at 210056N1011636W Queretaro. M315.
Mexico Luis Segura Benarides on l_segura at 193012N0990914W Ecatopec. M315.
Mexico Jose CarlosTorres Llorente on at 190906N0960580W Boca del Rio Veracruz. GeTrex.
Mexico Rafael Ituarte on rafaelituarte at 253804N1002314W Garza Garcia NL. M315.
Mexico Victor Torres on at 192775N0991050W 202 Distrito Federal. M315.
Mexico Hector Arrillaga on hemares at 192494N0991606W Sta Fe Mexico. Getrex.
Mexico Rafael Coyoli on rcoyolcigsa at 192305N0990840W Mexico City. G12xl.
Mexico Robidet Burel on at 210681N1013914W Naucalpan Edomex. MagMerG.
Mexico Jack Schwaycer on at 192556N0991341W Mexico City DF. Getrex..
Mexico Carlos Edgar Rivas Mendoza on cerivasmailcity at 192917N0991556W Tlalpan. G3+.
Mexico Javier Ricaño on jricano at 195349N0973591W Xalapa Veracruz. CRUX II CF.
Mexico Carlos Daniel Arguimbau Romo on swimrescue at 203679N1002422W Queretaro. MMap 33020.
Mexico Andres Maurer on at 190311N0981279W Puebla. G12map.
Mexico Rodrigo Sanchez on gottemberg at 212107N1015594W Lagos de moreno Jalisco. M310.
Mexico Josè Àngel Castor Salas on angelcastortutopia at 254075N1002951W Santa Catarina. G3+.
Mexico Manuel Viniegra on mviniegrapost at 195763N0992248W Cuautitlan Edo. de Mex.. Earthmate.
Mexico Hector Andrade on andradeh at 190489N0981411W Puebla. Getrex.
Mexico Jorge Harsanyi on jorgearmstrongmexico at 203974N1032293W Guadalajara JALISCO. Grino120.
Mexico Arvin Avilés on at 192041N0991015W Mexico City D.F.. G3+.
Mexico Francisco Hernandez on mfahern at 192253N0990752W Nativitas DF. MagSporTrak.
Mexico Matías Moreno on matias_mx at 192023N0991391W México City,DF. EarthMate.
Mexico Eduardo Toscano Cavazos on at 254496N1001777W Monterrey,NUEVO LEON. Getrex.
Mexico Bo Carlsson on at 192564N0991114W Mexico,DISTRITO FEDERAL. AmbiCom GPS-CF.
Mexico Christian Chabre on rallymx at 192095N0991516W Mexico City,DF. holux gr236 bluetooth.
Mexico Bo Carlsson on at 192059N0991448W Mexico. deluo universal gps w/usb adapter.
Mexico Jaime Caballero on kagimacjames at 192096N0990750W Coyoacan,DF. GPS?.
Mexico Oscar Torresbaca on otorresbaca at 210867N0865062W Cancun,Q.ROO. br-355.
Mexico Ruben Martinez on at 202691N1020811W Guadalajara,JALISCO. HP HX4700.
Mexico Jose Luis Gomez Garcia on gomezjl at 253947N1002370W Monterrey,NL. .
Mexico Leslie John Harrup on lesharrup at 215178N1021703W Aguascalientes. pharos gps-360.
MEXICO Pablo Albert on palbertinmer at 192461N0990425W MEXICO CITY. hp ipaq hw6500.
Mexico William D Macdonald on mexmercado at 203125N1051883W Puerto Vallarta,JALISCO. microsoft.
Mexico Angel Rueda on arueda50 at 254206N1001780W Monterrey,NUEVO LEON. micronet sp3150v3.
Mexico Martin Legarreta on at 281674N1052906W Delicias,CHIHUAHUA. GPS Bluetooth.
Mexico Enrique Ortiz on eortiz.nadal at 254285N1002241W Monterrey,NUEVO LEON. BU-353.
Mexico William D Macdonald on mexmercado at 203125N1051883W Puerto Vallarta,JALISCO. microsoft.
Mexico Angel Rueda on arueda50 at 254206N1001780W Monterrey,NUEVO LEON. micronet sp3150v3.
Mexico Carlos Von Versen on alanon64 at 275625N1011265W Nueva Rosita,COAH. .

Nicaragua Arturo Henriquez on rothor00turbonett at 121505N0862255W Tipitapa,MANAGUA. Getrex.

Panama Robin Lain on bowkat69 at 072897N0803983W Guarare Los Santos. Getrex.
Panama Steve Magaric on stevemagaric at 090236N0793140W Panama City. btgps74r.
Panama Jose Carlos Perez on jcperez06pa.inter at 090223N0793184W Panama. starfinder 105 from laipac.

Paraguay Pablo Sanchez on at 251600S0572900W (approx) Luque.
Paraguay Renaud OLGIATI on renaudolgiati-in-paraguay at 251804S0573604W Asuncion . G38.
Paraguay Jose Maria Insfran Masi on navitecsrl at 251589S0572961W Luque Central. G3.
Paraguay Hector Fadlala on hfadlala at 251689S0573869W Asuncion,CENTRAL. hw 6945.
Paraguay Marcel Huber on gpss] at -25.301240 -57.429260 Asuncion. Typhoon 7000XL.

Peru Carlos Tomasio on ctomasioavinav at 120150S0770821W Lima. Pilot & Sailor.
Peru David Stewart on davidstewart1976 at 120587S0770303W Lima . Getrex.
PERU Carlos LIBEROFF on at 120019S0755876W La Molina LIMA. G12/Magellan.
Peru Otto Luna on otto.lunagmc-lac at 120601S0765948W Lima,LIMA. Getrex.
Peru Axel Issel on axlbuy at 120893S0770183W Lima. garmin gps 12.

Puerto Rico, USA René J. Rodríguez on renejrodriguezprtc at 182204N0660545W Guaynabo. PRETEC.
Puerto Rico, USA Arturo Santiago Rivera on gpss] at 182752N0660657W San Juan PR. MagMer.
Puerto Rico, USA Valentin Lorenzo on valento427 at 181766N0670829W Anasco,PR. M310.
Puerto Rico, USA Jose Cajigas on cajigasjoselycos at 181393N0670794W Mayaguez. G12.
Puerto Rico Claudio Garcia Solca on claudioggs at 182696N0660219W Isla Verde Carolina. DigiTraveler.
Puerto Rico René J. Rodríguez on renejrodriguezprtc at 182493N0660629W Guaynabo PR. Earthmate USB.

Suriname John de Bye on at 055096N0550871W Paramaribo. G45. G12. ?

Trinidad Ravindranath Goswami on robbycarib-link at 103986N0613141W Woodbrook. M315.
Trinidad Nazir Ali on at 101468N0612824W La Romaine . G12XL.
Trinidad Hilary Lakhiram on lakh2002 at 103419N0610664W Sangre Grande,TRINIDAD. navibe blue tooth gps.
Trinidad Danny Thomas on dannythomas3 at 103774N0612134W Tunapuna,N/A. bu 353.
Trinidad And Tobago Jeffrey Stuart on jeffhstuart at 103923N0612911W Laventille,PORT OF SPAIN. GPS?

US Virgin Islands Elvis Yearwood on honeyviaccess at 181960N0653940W approx. No GPS.
US Virgin Islands Charles Jaquays on charlesbandwidthvi at 182307N0660528W Christiansted. Getrex.

Uruguay Alejandro Schiplov on at 345000S0561500W (approx) Montevideo. G40.
UruguayRoberto Clodomiro Britos Vieira Da Cunha on BOBYBRITHOTMAIL.COM at 344691S0545522W Marindia Canelones. Furuno.
Uruguay Jose Luis Vila on at 345464S0561159W Montevideo Mvd. holux OEM.
Uruguay Nicolas Pereira on at 243307N0814826W Montevideo,MVD. progin sgm-108.

Venezuela Gabriel Medinas on gmedinascantv at 103092N0665405W Caracas. HAM. G45.
Venezuela Luis Aranguren on pizzamansofthome at 102953N0665070W Caracus. TravR.CoP.
Venezuela Tico Moreno on at 100024N0720187W Maracaibo. G12XL.
Venezuela Mario Perez on 489 at 081755N0624388W town? M320.
Venezuela Alfredo Urbina on rolaimaetheron at 100840N0664670W Caracas. G90.
Venezuela Firmo Herrera on at 101548N0673559W Maracay. RndMcN.
Venezuela Pedro L Paz on pigui19 at 102922N0665230W Caracas Miranda. G3P.
Venezuela Pedro M. Marvez on pmarvezcantv at 101268N0675948W Valencia Carabobo. RndMcN.
Venezuela Luis Landaeta on at 103564N0670244W Catia la Mar Vargas. Getrex.
Venezuela Pedro Mendez on pmendezp at 075140N0673040W San Fernando de Apure. MagColT.
Venezuela Pablo Rosa on at 102936N0665188W Caracas. G3+.
Venezuela Rhandy Pinero on at 102580N0665348W Caracas DF. Getrex.
Venezuela Nelson Rivero on nelsonrivero2002 at 102933N0665113W Caracas. G35.
Venezuela Carlos j. Sanchez p. on sanchezcbfvz at 101340N0675758W San diego CARABOBO. M315.
Venezuela Alfredo Alvarez M on 1almacantv at 101214N0680105W Valencia CARABOBO. M315.
Venezuela Leonel Palencia on palencialbfvz at 101480N0675999W Valencia CARABOBO. Getrex.
Venezuela Karim E. Salswach on keshcantv at 101094N0644063W Lecheria ANZOATEGUI. Getrex.
Venezuela Freddy Diaz on at 102862N0665712W Caracas,D.F. Rikaline Receiver.
Venezuela Mark Lander on markcartosur at 083715N0710872W Merida. GeTrex+others.
Venezuela Pedro M Marvez on pmarvezcantv at 101224N0680203W Valencia,CARABOBO. Rand McNally 1225B-R1.
Venezuela Ricardo Martinez Gonzalez on ricardomartinezgcantv at 102715N0665131W Caracas,DC. Getrex.
Venezuela Humberto Lopez on humlofer at 101096N0680019W Valencia,CARABOBO. G10.
Venezuela Samuel Gabay on sgabaycantv at 101289N0644231W Barcelona,ANZOATEGUI. hama BT.
Venezuela Renan Arzola on renan_arzola at 083599N0701538W Barinas,BARINAS. holux 213u.
Venezuela Juan Prada on jcprada5 at 100369N0691710W Barquisimeto,LARA. ipaq 6945.
Venezuela Juan Ygnacio López Hernández on cubarro gpss at 083346N0711251W Mérida,MÉRIDA. Gmap 76csx.
Venezuela Juan Gustavo Aviles on at 111127N0634386W Pedro Gonzalez. Holux M1000.

Typical abbreviations above are: EagleX = Eagle Explorer, EagleA = Eagle AccuNav, G45 = Garmin GPS45, etc. DF = Interest in Direction Finding. HAM = Amatuer Radio.

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