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Snoopy's Microtransat Contact List

Updated 1030 Thursday 27th August 2015 UK time

You probably reached here from Snoopy's GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat page. If not, click on the link to know more. I set up this page because I get many emails from around the World about Snoopy's part in Microtransat, and I will find it easier if I know if the person already gets emails from the list. Some of you may find it useful in future too.

If you want to be added to this list, please email me on or with details to be added to the list of names below.

Snoopy the Viking on Snoopy Sloop robot boat Please include:

Please also include part of a recent Microtransat List Posting, so I know you are already on that List.

The order in the list may change, as "major players" are added. e.g. Teams who have made attempts. Don't be shy about giving more than the minimum. e.g. Dick's entry in the list. It seems that 1947 "was a very good year" :-) Yves is at the top of the list, because he suggested the "Microtransat Challenge" in 2004. The idea was published in May 2004 in a french conference (a conference about education in electrical engineering ). He then browed the internet looking for similar projects, and found Mark Neal and Roland Stelzer, at the University of Aberwystwyth, in Wales, UK. This is how it all started. Well Done Yves - we know who to blame, when speaking to our wives ! :-)

Robin Lovelock
December 2014.

Snoopy's Contact List ...

* confirmation needed by Robin that already on Microtransat List. e.g. an example posting. All are currently confirmed. Note that Robin cannot put you onto the Microtransat List: this page is for those who are already on it. Robin can add more information, including a small picture, and paragraph of text, for those that do not have their own web site or blog.

... end of Snoopy's Contact List.

Microtransat Team Pages ...

The following is a very useful list of the Microtransat Teams, with links to their own web sites. It is copied from the Wiki Microtransat Team List.

I've corrected the links originally shown as: " GPSSTeam Joker, Ascot, UK " to: " Team-Joker in Ascot, United Kingdom: Snoopy's page and John's page ".
This avoids the confusion of needing to click on "GPSS" to visit Snoopy's instead of John's page. Also, Snoopy's link was to the old "GPSS.Force9" hosting, rather than the primary "" link. I find these team pages useful when speaking with other team members, or seeing who may have visited the "Snoopy" page.

Team Pages

Teams with dead web pages

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