GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat
Snoopy was launched 18th March, on the UK south coast, in an attempt to reach the USA. The "Microtransat Challenge" is a French idea. That's a French boat above !
Robin and June live in Sunninghill, and were married at St Michael's Church in 1971. Robin is retired, and so too busy to do paid work. Robin is Snoopy's boat owner.
June says she heard you on BBC Radio 2, looking for guys to go to the pub with. Robin does have such a small group, who meet at least once a week. Read on Chris ! :-)

Chris Evans ! Snoopy the Viking needs your help ! Can you email or text someone from holiday ? "See" :-)

Snoopy the Viking

Hi Chris ! This is Robin Lovelock. My wife June and I were married in the church opposite your home in 1971.

Snoopy the Viking needs your help to get publicity on BBC, as he did in 2012. Snoopy is in the middle of the Channel, after being launched nearly two weeks ago, but he stopped reporting his position last Friday, and is being blown towards Dover-Calais.

We want any fishermen, or people on ferries, to keep an eye open for Snoopy - he will be easy to spot if it's sunny. If the BBC send up that damn helicopter, that was making all that noise over Cliff Richards place, opposite me, so much the better ! :-)

We need a simple message to get through which is, "See if you want to know more about Snoopy". I'm hoping these public words will get your attention, along with others, like Nick Knowles, who did the first TV broadcasts of my GPS Stuff in 1995.

All was already public - you just need to know where to look: this mosaic below is from "Snoopy's Froggy page".

I'll deliver paper copies to your postbox, and to Stephen, Andrew, and hopefully Nick will get to hear about it too :-)

BBC TV South broadcast of launch, reported by Ben Moore, BBC Reporter Ascot News 2013 The first we knew that you had moved into Sunninghill, was when June and I went for a meal in the Raj Vooj, on an unusually quiet evening, and there were only two table, each with two people. You were sat with another chap, near the bar, and we were down the far end. June whispered to me "Isn't that Chris Evans ?", and it was soon confirmed by the waiter. The owner, Mr Khan, and I know each other well: his son was in the same class as our daughter Saskia, and I did a "deal" with him, many years ago, for an "Indian Theme Evening" in the Cordes Hall, for our local AMRA Residents Association, when I was Chairman, and not too busy, having a full time job in the defence business. Now I'm retired, I'm too busy with Snoopy's Robot Boat, and my Coughlan Campaign charity work.

I think the last time that I saw Stephen, our young vicar, was at the last Ascot Retirement Fair, at the Racecourse, last year. I was there, manning my NHS Care Couglan Campaign, playing Pam's video on on my laptop. Or was it when I popped into the church, and Stephen kindly gave me some extra copies for friends, and June's dad Jack, 95, and still going strong, who was also married in that church. Andrew, the editor of "THE MAGAZINE"(a copy was dropped through my door by our neighbour Fay, yesterday), will remember the Snoopy the Viking article, and may be interested in the words near the bottom of the new "Froggy" page. We saw the nice article of you allowing Andrew to drive your Ferrari around your garden ! :-) Robert and Liz, at Chapman's on the back of The Magazine know me well: Much of Snoopy's boat originates from them, such as the squirty foam, inside his hull, that should keep the boat afloat. I often ask Liz to get something from the top shelf ! :-)

Maybe Noah would like a "Noah's Arc" sailed by Snoopy ? If so, I'm sure something can be arranged over at Bray Lake. Checkout that little WindMill boat on the "Snoopy" page. Here are a few pictures from the ASONTV page of Nick was the first to give us publicity in the UK, in 1995, before the rest followed. That's our place in Armitage Court, with our daughter Michelle, and friend Julie opposite, acting as "film extras". Yes, our local coppers also know me well :-)

June just told me that you might be seeking local guys to go to the pub with. I am afraid that is highly classified information. We do have such a group, my "Last of the Summer Wine" team, who meet up here at least one day each week, before midday, before I drive them to the pub of our choice. I stick to coke so they can have real ale. I could give you a lift too. I am prepared to divulge more to you, if you 'phone me - or you could just turn up on my doorstep, as our Adam Afriye did. Or email me. But please don't let this make you neglect the family, and enjoy your holiday ! :-)

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