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Quiz Form - for free registration of GPSS

(after having GPSS or GPSSppc respond to a GPS)

updated 2030 Thursday 8th May 2014 UK time

please see "other ways of sending Robin your Quiz answers ..." below.
If you don't get a reply within 24 hours, please email me on
if you have ANY business interest in GPS, please read the business page carefully.

Robin This Quiz Form is for you to help me help you.

GPSSp mode1 Some information such as your GPS lat/lon (Latitude Longitude) is very important, since I use it for my reply giving you information such as what mapping to download. Please have your lat/lon ready in degrees and minutes, in the GPSS 15 character format. e.g. 512382N0003960W as displayed in low centre of the GPSS or GPSSppc screen, or as "last fix" on Ctrl-R form.

Some of the information is to convince me you have done step 1 on the download page. i.e. you have GPSS responding to a GPS.

I like to know who you are, before entering into any detailed email conversation with you. I do not provide useful information to those who remain anonymous. You may read about us on our family, history and contact pages, including our full address.

Please take reasonable care and be honest in all your answers.

Please do NOT e-mail anything you regard as confidential.

Sorry that the old quiz form method has been removed.

Sorry for all the questions - but it will save us both time later.

Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill UK. May 2014.


other way of sending Robin your Quiz answers ...

Please use the alternative method provided below, of emailing me your Quiz answers:

Just COPY the lines below into the Clipboard. e.g. scoop up and use Ctrl-C.

Insert these into your email from the Clipboard using Ctrl-V.

Fill-in the answers, starting on the same line as :, including pasting in the Control-R details from your Laptop PC, from REGFORM.TXT

There should be one space after the : before your answer. e.g. age: 66
This answer reduces the risk of Robin telling grandma how to suck eggs :-)

IMPORTANT - full name:
IMPORTANT - email = mailto:
IMPORTANT - country:
IMPORTANT - your nearest town:
IMPORTANT - the make & model of Pocket PC or gps:
IMPORTANT - displayed by GPSS or GPSSppc - your latlon:
if you want a free key code for full Windows GPSS....
(you can also replace 6 lines below, by Control-R details from REGFORM.TXT)
GPSS version:
Registration text:
last fix:
Reg code:
GPSS running with GPS-->Laptop or Pocket PC ? (YES/NO):
if GPSS, what make and model of Laptop PC:
GPSS works OK ? (e.g. correct position on map):
Operating System ? (e.g. XP, Win7, WM5):
Version of GPSS and/or GPSSppc ? (e.g. GPSS v5.5 GPSSppc v5c):
your occupation ?:
why interested in GPSS:
anything more you want to tell Robin ?:
e.g. work, hobbies, family, - as many lines as you like :-)

(if business) name of business ?:
(if business) full address ?:
(if business) telephone including country code ?:
(if business) what do you sell now ?:
(if business) what do you hope to sell ?:

.....then use the e-mail link and PASTE the details into your e-mail to Robin.

Sorry again for any inconvenience, and many thanks for your patience :-)

Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill, UK.