The meeting at 0930 Thursday 26th June 2008 at Robin's home in Sunninghill was between Kerry Stevens, Head of Service Provision Adult Social Care, Robin Lovelock and Terry Kensey, friends of the patient, Trevor Saunders.

The meeting was requested by Kerry Stevens, via his PA, on 16th May, and this was the earliest date available in Kerry's diary.

The meeting lasted over an hour and there was a polite and clear exchange of views.

Robin thanked Kerry for the meeting being at Robin's home, an hours drive from Kerry's office and Trevor's care home. Robin is the closest of Trevor's friends to Trevor's location, and Terry was further away - taking 1.5 hours each way. Robin and Terry summarized their view of the situation that has developed, and that is documented in letters, in the file, held by all parties, and public since April 2008 on
e.g. Robin is the official representative of Trevor, and is recognized as such by the NHS.
e.g. Trevor has always made clear to everyone, since early 2007, that he wishes to be near his friends and Bracknell, where he lived for many years.

Kerry Stevens explained that he is the senior person in Social Services, responsibe for Trevor's case. Adrian Walker reported directly to him, as did Barbara Johnstone via Ronel Murray. Jim Peart reports to him through Trish Robertson. (these individuals appear in the letters sent to Social Services and now public).

Kerry Stevens explained that his assumption was that
1) Robin is NOT the official representative of Trevor.
2) Trevor is happy to remain at Chiltern Court, Wendover.

When asked if Kerry had any evidence of these assumptions, such as the signed and witnessed letters in the file, his response was that he "could not comment".

When asked if Kerry had taken the opportunity to read the file, he said that he had not. He had also not seen

When it was suggested that there could be a meeting with Trevor, where Robin, Terry and Social Services could check these two assumptions above, Kerry said he was concerned that any such meeting "might distress Trevor".

Kerry Stevens said that he would investigate Trevor's case further, including reading the file, visiting including Trevor's pages, and visit Trevor himself, to hear what Trevor has to say directly.