from Robin Lovelock - written in 2002 ...

Robin It suddenly occured to me that I needed to put up a little information about myself, at least to as much detail as I have about Derek. I abhore secrecy unless there is good reason.

My only excuse for not doing it earlier, is that I did not want to be accused of setting up simply as a means of getting publicity for myself and/or my own business. Anyone who wants to know in more detail who I am, or what my own small software business is, need only search on the Internet. It has no connection with the NHS, Social Services or the subject matter of As explained in our press release, my motives are charitable combined with a wish to "oil the wheels" for my mother's case.

Here is a brief summary of who I am: I'm now 55 and live at 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA, with my wife June and our three grown-up daughters Samantha, Saskia and Michelle. We've lived here for over 20 years, and I hope June and I will be here a good while longer.

June and I met where we worked: Ferranti, the defence contractor. We got married in 1971, and soon after we went to Holland, where I worked for 10 years as a senior NATO scientist. We came back to Sunninghill, and I worked as a senior manager for 13 years with another major UK defence contractor. This included all types of work, and all sizes of contract, including those measured in hundreds of millions, and involving high level government to government deals.

Since 1995 I have had my own full time software business based at home, so I am my own boss, and can be flexible with my time. Having said this, I still have a full time business to run, which takes up most of my time through each day. I have been lucky through the years with things like TV publicity, and this has been useful in my charitable work on

I'll end this profile of myself with the words at the end of our press release...

This press release was supplied by Robin Lovelock, whose mother, Eve Lovelock, moved from an NHS Hospital to a BUPA Nursing Home on 18th November 2002. It was only by pure luck that he heard a BBC radio 4 News headline, then was given a newspaper cutting explaining that 360,000 old people had been cheated into selling their homes to pay for their nursing home. He saw mention of MP Paul Burstow and rapidly found his web site, and made contact with James Sandbach, the full time researcher for Paul. Robin was lucky in the timing, and in have written up his mothers 2 year care history. He was put in contact with Derek Cole who has been able to provide expert legal advice to Robin and several other people in similar situations. However, there is no way that Derek could cope with the deluge of work related to the countless families who might soon know they have a claim to make. Robin has set up web site with the help of Derek Cole. It provides whatever free practical advice can be supplied to those who realize that this subject applies to them and their family. It may also assist those, such as staff within the NHS, Social Services, local and central government, who need to make the right decisions in a timely manner. Why is Robin trying to create some publicity ? First because he thinks it is "the right thing to do" - it seems there are hundreds of thousands of families who could claim back money that is lawfully theirs. They can decide who best to give this money: family, charities or "the local authority". Many others need to know how best to take future decisions related to care. Secondly because he believes it will help "oil the wheels" within his own local region, if this whole subject is "common knowledge". It will be more difficult for politicians to "sit on the fence", perhaps claiming ignorance of how the law stands on this. His own mother's case is well documented and uncomplicated, and Robin is happy for details to be made public if there is good reason. However, there are probably countless other good examples, including those that have been won recently out of court, with local authorities anxious to "keep them quiet".

from Robin Lovelock - written in 2018 ...

You will find a lot more about me, and my family, on my "Home" page of . There is also a relevant "Homecare" page here - crazy at it may seem :-)