Robin, June and Politics

both of us

You will find an enormous ammount of information about myself, and our family, including hobbies and holidays, on my family web site

The front page of could honestly say, "Robin and his family have no political affiliations whatsoever", and that remains true now, as when this little page was created in June 2005. June and I remain true "Don't Know" or "floating voters" and have no idea how we might vote, if we do, at the next election. I set up this page ten years ago, to avoid confusion, and assist my talking to all political parties in a similar manner. June and I come from families with different political beliefs, but our parents always encouraged us to think for ourselves. The same applies to our (grown up) "children".

You can read letters from myself to the three major parties, and the analysis of their reply, on my mother's case page.

Robin Lovelock, March 2015.