draft letter for Coughlan claim from www.nhscare.info

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Dear Sir or Madam,

subject: Claim of 100% NHS funded Care under Coughlan.

This letter is to put on record our claim of 100% NHS funding of care under the Coughlan ruling, for [patients name], born [patients date of birth], national insurance number [NI number]. This includes all costs that may have been paid before this letter by the family, due to unlawful advice from NHS and/or Social Services staff. It also applies to any future claim, or refusal by the family to pay for future costs such as those of a care home.

I refer you to where I took legal advice: the web site www.nhscare.info and information on this site such as this quotation from the Law Society:
"The judgment in Coughlan clearly establishes that where a person's primary need is for health care, and that is why they are placed in nursing home accommodation, the NHS is responsible for the full cost of the package. " - from the summary of the Law Society's Evidence to the House of Commons Health Committee Inquiry into NHS Continuing Care in 2004.

I suggest that you read the overview page on www.nhscare.info to aquaint yourself with the basic facts related to "Coughlan". I'm sure you already know that ignorance is no defence should you or others be accused of acting unlawfully. Also, whatever changes may be made in the law related to the 100% funding of NHS care since 1948, these changes cannot be made retrospective. No such changes seem likely anyway.

Please ensure that this letter, and any additional information enclosed with it, are not lost. To cover this possability, I have filed all correspondance and given copies to close friends and relatives, including any who might be heirs to the patient's estate. I may also choose to provide copies to others such as the patients GP, my MP, and the Health Ombudsman.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by post to me at the address above, including your full name, date and signature. Many Thanks in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

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