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updated Tuesday 6th April 2010 flyer

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Keep copies of this flyer with you. Make good use of it.

The date at the bottom is when it was updated - 4th November 2008.
The earlier version was 310706 - 31st July 2006.

You may also want to use our latest Press Release to go with it.

distribution ...

Some of you will wish to give copies of this flyer to close friends and relatives, with whom you are discussing the situation of a family member. You may also wish to give copies to your GP, solicitor, or those you meet within NHS and Social Services.

Others will wish to give copies to colleages.

Some will wish to help us "spread the word" to the UK public at large, including distributing copies to local newspapers, or leaving a few copies in the advice leaflet shelves at places like :

- or wherever those with a probable interest might see it.

How to find these places near you ? Try google local searching on something like "Day Centres in Sunninghill" or "Community Centres in Bracknell". You can zoom in and print a map after finding the ones you want to visit.

I started with a trial run of 1000 copies of the flyer, in late 2005, printed at 109 by my local KallKwik. I simply found their number, gave them my 'phone number and the URL and they rang back with the price for 1000 and took my credit card details. The two boxes of flyers were ready for collection within three days.

I've been amazed at the good responses from almost all the places I've visited.

I simply explained that this was purely "charity" and that few people knew that care home costs should be 100% NHS funded under the law.

More recently I tried Garden Centres and wondered why I had not thought of them earlier: Just a few minutes was all that I needed to get their agreement to a flyer being used as a poster in a prominent position. Good spots are near the cash tills and exit, where people have to wait anyway. Some garden centres have tables especially for charity leaflets. Other good spots are to be found near or in the tea room or restaurant.

My local post office waived the cost of putting a copy up on their notice board and allowed me to leave a pack with other advice leaflets. A local day centre for the elderly was distributing the leaflet around tables within minutes, suggesting that they give a copy to their children when they next visit. Many shops, who already had posters in their window, happily agreed to display a copy. I always left a bunch more, so they could distribute to their own friends and relatives. I even left copies at my local bank - since it was relevant to advice on inheritance tax, etc.

I did not expect such a cooperative response from local Social Services and hospitals, but was also pleasantly surprised. Those in "the front line" have not been told about this truthfully, and so are sometimes happy to help - despite the obvious worry concerning what their boss might think.

So far I have spoken directly to those I see, like the receptionist, explained simply and briefly what it's about, and left a number of copies according to how receptive they seemed.

Local Day Centres for the older folk seem to be the most effective place to have a flyer put on a notice board and a few left for distribution. At one Darby & Joan Club they interrupted the meeting and I was asked to say a few words and answer questions. The leaflets went like hot cakes.

* Another 1000 copies were distributed soon after, and a third 1000 printed :-)