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Updated Thursday 8th May 2014

Sending e-mail to Others with an Interest in GPS & GPSS

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
They have used GPSS and may share an interest or hobby with you.
There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

UK (Channel Islands)Nigel Utting on nemcosuper at 491120N0020517W St Saviour, Jersey. G12XL.
UK (Channel Islands)Colin Le Conte on colinworldoffshore at 492909N0023231W Guernsey. T.Pa400+Rad.
UK (Channel Islands)John Martin on djmmarachnidmon at 492763N0023264W St Peterport Guernsey. G3+.
UK (Channel Islands)Paul Smith on at 492818N0023265W Guernsey. Getrex.
UK (Channel Islands) Will Wilson on willtwilson at 491326N0021240W St Peter Jersey. Gemap.
UK (Channel Islands) Michael Bisson on mbissonjerseymail at 491418N0020542W Trinity Jersey. Getrex.
UK (Channel Isles)Hugh Ashborn on hughwysa at 491126N0020625W St Helier Jersey. PalmtopMod.
UK (Channel Islands) Peter Watson on at 492739N0023262W St Peter Port,Guernsey. G2+.
UK (Channel ISlands) Steve Lajoie on steveguernseyonline at 492751N0023288W St Peter Port GUERNSEY. RoyalTek RGM-2000.
UK (Channel Islands) Steve Blampied on steveblampied at 491145N0020563W Trinity JERSEY. PalmTop GPS Mouse.
UK (Channel Islands) Peter Moffatt on pmoffatt at 492683N0023783W St Saviour,Guernsey. Haicom 303e bluetooth.
UK (Channel Islands)Roger Howard Sale on roger_h_saleyahoo at 491024N0020382W St Helier,JERSEY. Haicom Sirf 3.
UK (Channel Islands)Marcus Rudman on ruddersm at 491476N0021444W ST HELIER,JERSEY. BU 303.
UK (Channel Islands) Neill Stoddart on neillstoddart at 491040N0020337W St. Helier, Jersey. EvermoreGM-R700.

UK (Ireland)Andrew McMaw on andrewmcmaw.swinternet at 545098N0054659W Port of Larne. G128.
UK (Ireland)Mike Little on donardlagen at 543896N0053255W Belfast. G36. PC Site
UK (Ireland)Charles Hill on hillevwwlodge.dcnet at 543317N0054547W Comber. G12XL.
UK (Ireland) Mike Pringle on mikepringle80eeserve at 543590N0055799W Bangor. M4000XL.
UK (Ireland) Alistair Johnston on ajnildram at 543894N0053759W Bangor. Haicom202eUSB.
UK (Ireland) Leslie Wilson on leslie.wilson at 544147N0055612W Newtownabbey. pretec.
UK (Ireland) Thomas Leslie Taylor on thomas.taylor4 at 543255N0013244W Darlington co durham. G3.
UK (Ireland) Raymond McMaster on rayrmcmastereeserve at 544449N0054721W Carrickfergus . Getrex.
UK (Ireland)Robert Gordon on country.lanebtinternet at 542971N0061074W Hillsborough DOWN. globstat bc-307.
UK (Ireland) Gary Alexander Murphy on alexandermurphy26hptmail at 543599N0054806W Dundonald,CO. DOWN. Wonder-X BT77.
UK (Ireland) Alexander Murphy on alexandermurphy26 at 543600N0054805W Belfast,CO.DOWN. Wonder-X BT77.
UK (Ireland) Ian Outram on ianoutramyahoo at 541848N0073940W Lisnaskea,NI. TN-200.
UK (Ireland) Giles Pulman on giles.pulman at 551064N0061979W Ballycastle,ANTRIM. bluetooth solar fusion.
UK (Ireland) Garry MacDonald on garry.macdonaldtartanis at 543570N0055422W Belfast,CO. ANTRIM. GlobalSat BT-338 (Bluetooth).
UK (Ireland) Chris Boyd on boyd-bms at 543872N0054854W Holywood,CO.DOWN. BU-303.
UK (Ireland)Gary Cahoon on garycahoon at 543816N0064442W Cokstown,TYRONE. Royaltek bluetooth.
UK (Ireland) Bryan Lurring on bryanrushhourtechnology at 542447N0061848W Lurgan,ARMAGH. evermore technology usb.
UK (Ireland) Michael Hanna on michael.hanna at 543856N0053840W Bangor,NORTHERN IRELAND. mediatek bt2.3mr.

Ireland Denis Dunne on dennisdunneresultsgp at 532154N0061336W Clontoff, Dublin. M315.
Ireland Tom Roche on trocheeircom at 534057N0083753W Williamstown. Earthmate.
Ireland Nigel Livingstone on nigelliveircom at 515102N0081732W Cobh. G12.
Ireland Jim Henry on JimHenryinfocell-telecom at 531409N0060759W Shankill. G35.
Ireland Michael Coyle on coylemjeircom at 532009N0061023W Dublin. Getrex.
Ireland Brian Swanton on brianswanton at 531775N0061311W Dublin. M315.
Ireland Joseph P. Walsh on at 531526N0062931W Rathcoole. G2+.
Ireland David Girvan on david.girvanindigo.i at 532768N0062994W ? ?. ?.
Ireland Tom Frawley on at 531905N0090293W Galway . G3+.
Ireland Alex Lee on alexsoonleeeircom at 531742N0062578W Carlow. GeTrex.
Ireland Vincent Murphy on Vincent.MurphySun.Com at 532202N0063110W Leixlip. GeMap.
Ireland Tony Kelly on tonygkellyeircom at 533607N0061932W Dublin . Getrex.
Ireland Pat O'Leary on at 514839N0081742W Crosshaven. G76.
Ireland Brendan Murray on bpmurray at 534557N0062650W Coolfore Monasterboice. M315.
Ireland Tom Frawley on at 531905N0090293W Galway . G3+.
Ireland Joe McCauley on joe_mccauley at 531727N0061050W Dublin. uBlox.
Ireland Gerry McQuillan on gerrymcquillaneircom at 533510N0072640W Bunbrosna Mullingar. Getrex.
Ireland David Doyle on at 521564N0070650W Tramore. G12XL.
Ireland Liam Crawford on at 525381N0064777W Naas. Getrex.
Ireland Damien Fagan on at 525535N0082799W Mountshannon Clare. G12xl.
Ireland Richard Leonard on mobydickler at 523333N0083490W Fedamore Co. Limerick. G12.
Ireland Dave OSullivan on david_osullivanmodusmedia at 530930N0065522W Athgarvan Kildare. CP PC Card.
Ireland Paul Goodwin on at 525994N0065898W Athy Co Kildare. Haicom HI-203E.
Ireland Vincent O'Connor on at 531682N0090413W Newcastle Galway. MagMerCol.
Ireland Hamid Mustafa on hamidmustafaeircom at 522654N0063892W Rosslare Strand. GGeko201.
Ireland Tom Higgins on thieircom at 545894N0073986W Letterkenny . Gemap.
Ireland Patrick Duffy on at 532175N0061281W Clontarf DUBLIN. Haicom Hi-202E.
Ireland Mike McNamara on at 521603N0071818W Kolliney CO DUBLIN. Getrex.
Ireland Neil Costigan on at 591822N0180652E (Sweden) Dublin. BU-303USB.
Ireland Frank Duffy on at 531133N0060674W Bray . G25.
Ireland Ewan Duffy on at 532083N0063192W Celbridge CO KILDARE. G12.
Ireland Tony Linton on pcr1000eircom at 524742N0060953W Arklow WICKLOW. CFBC-307.
Ireland Tony Linton on pcr1000eircom at 524742N0060953W Arklow WICKLOW. BR-305.
Ireland John Sullivan on jasullivberkshire at 532160N0061569W Dublin . DConnex BC-307 + Tripmate.
Ireland Des Long on desmondlong at 531905N0062482W Clondalkin DUBLIN 22. .
Ireland Martin McCreesh on martinmccreesh at 545800N0073690W Manorcunningham DONEGAL. Hiacom H204S.
Ireland Tony Peter Walsh on tonykilnageereeserve at 511041N0001027W Kilnageer CASTLEBAR. BR 364.
Ireland Dennis Butcher on basilhillbilly4x4 at 520708N0074725W Cappoquin,WATERFORD. Getrex.
Ireland Gregory Herve on herv_g_2000yahoo at 523395N0102541W Tralee,CO KERRY. Leadtech 9537 Bluetooth.
Ireland Richard Anderson on richardanderzone at 532139N0062473W Lucan,. Holux GOS Ultra GM270.
Ireland Keith Rathbone on keith.rathboneattglobal at 531815N0061467W Dublin,DUBLIN. Haicom 204E.
Ireland Nicholas O'Grady on at 531929N0061730w Dublin,CO DUBLIN. M315.
Ireland Declan Quinn on dequinn at 532085N0062296W Dublin. GPS?
Ireland Les O'Connor on at 532357N0061144W Dublin,LENSTER. Sportrak map.
Ireland John Christopher Brennan on johncbrennaneircom at 520322N0092527W Killarney,KERRY. Mentor GPS.
Ireland Howard Morris on mailhowardmorris at 524817N0082860W Killaloe,CLARE. HI-201E.
Ireland Gerry Shanahan on gerrys at 532213N0061578W Dublin,DUBLIN. BU-303 USB 1.1.
Ireland Peter Atkinson on p.atkinsoncurtisandlees at 532296N0061031W Raheny,DUBLIN. Haicom HI 204E.
Ireland William Fahy on williamwfahy at 534800N0093271W Westport,MAYO. Roadstar usb.
Ireland Derek Fitzpatrick on at 531911N0062649W Dublin,LEINSTER. BC-307 CF.
Ireland Mike Cunney on at 531649N0085831W Galway,GALWAY. G35.
Ireland Jim Dalier on at 541081N0072753W Dundalk,. navibe.
Ireland Liam Greene on ljpgeircom at 531707N0062418W Dublin,TALLAGHT. BT77
Ireland Gavin Maunder on gmaunder at 515088N0082019W Monkstown,CORK. XDAiii+navman 4440.
Ireland Reg Scarff on regscarffeircom at 530909N0060457W Greystones,WICKLOW. ipaq hw6915.
Ireland Darren O'Mara on darrenomara at 533368N0064724W Trim,MEATH. ?.
Ireland John D'Arcy on at 525760N0083150W Nenagh,TIPPERARY. globalsat bu 353.
Ireland Tom Quigley on at 533703N0061201W Balbriggan,DUBLIN. bluenext gps.
Ireland Myo Chetty on travelthe12planets at 531276N0064014W Naas,KILDARE. htc tytn.
Ireland Peter Frederick on peterfrederickp at 535818N0081004W Boyle,CO ROSCOMMON. Globalsat BU-353.
Ireland John Lennon on johnelennon at 532536N0084285W Abbeyknockmoy,. iPAQ 2210.
Ireland Peter Bennett on peterjbennetthotmail at 524936N0082865W Killaloe,CO. CLARE. G20x.
Ireland Tom Quigley on at 533703N0061201W Balbriggan,DUBLIN. bluenext gps.
Ireland Denis Lenihan on at 520965N0091638W Gneeveguilla,RATHMORE. Not sure, built into my machine.