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Robin and June's Holiday in Sicily in 2014

Updated ~ 8pm Thursday 9th October UK time

when the page was started, in Sicily ...

Hi Folks. This page may get tidied up some time, but right now, I can just share some pictures with friends, Don't expect too much with tricky Wifi and a trickier laptop ! Any places we mention here, will probably be on that "holiday" page above. The "Snoopy" page may also be relevant sometimes :-)

and now ...

I've sent a 30 minute video DVD to our friends, and there is now a 15 minute youtube version here - if you've not already seen it. This page is just the pictures we added, day by day.

our Sicily holiday in pictures ...

First we checked into our favorite Hotel La Riva in Giardini Naxos. Robin was still "working" ...

Robin works

This is what Robin is "working" on ...

Robin works

Friday 19th: June on the beach ( sitting, below pink umbrella ). Scots vote "No" - see Grumpy old man :-)

June on beach

Robin ponders purchase of a bigger boat for Snoopy. Hotel La Riva behind, then Taormina in the clouds ...

Ja bigger boat ?

On Saturday, Robin and June climbed a big hill with friends, Enrico and Matilda ...

hill hill

On Sunday, Enrico and Matilda took us to see traditional Sicilean culture, including bagpipes and Maypole dancing ...


Monday: we drove south, to Scoglitti, and Hotel Al Gabbiano, by the beach; dinner at excellent "Sculipulis": Rosario remembered Robin ! :-) al Gabbiano
Robin was even more amazed to see Rosario had kept Robin's visiting card and Rosario gave Robin a pen. Great food AND free pens !


Tuesday: we tour the local places, including Punta Seca, to visit our friend, Montalbano, Mr Sono, known also as "Baldy".

Casa di Montalbano

Scicli: the lovely Siciliean town in a canyon: home to ancient architecture and sculptures ...


... like this stone carving, from Roman times, of the eagle on a wheel, shod with ancient Pirelli tyres ?

Eagle on wheel

Robin meets his old friend in Scicli, where June bought a lamp last year. Scicli technology ...

Scicli old boy

Wednesday: June sunbathes near the hotel in Scogliti. Robin retreats to the room and aircon. Yesterday maximum temperature was 36 C ! :-)

Scogliti beach

The view from Mazzarino was as stunning as ever, but this time, we could not quite see Etna, as we had last year ... Mazzarino

Thursday: We walked the few yards to Scoglitti harbour, to watch the fishermen bring in their catch ... Scoglitti harbour

to fish market

... to sell their fishes in the Fish Market, open every day at 4pm ... inside fish market

Friday: a trip to Ragusa, taking the scenic route ... sheep have priority on the roads ... filming

Ragussa - a bit like "Birmingham on a Hill" ? But not the old bits of the town, like Ragusa Ibla ... inside fish market

on our way back to the car, we stumbled on them filming a scene for "Giovane Montalbano" ... filming

Checkout those shades ... eat your heart out, Montalbano ... inside fish market

Saturday: June is back on the beach, behind Hotel Al Gabbiano in Scoglitti, soaking up the sun ... strange how horizons in Sicily are not flat ... Scoglitti beach

see Scoglitti from the air ... parachute

Sunday: Enrico and Matilde join us in Scoglitti ... 4 in Scoglitti

they show us where you can collect mud to smear on your body ... mud

then we watch the sun go down into the sea ... sunset ... and listen for the fizz ... sunset ... was that "the green flash" ? sunset

strange names that the Sicileans give their children ... but they teach them to read, and wear sun-glasses early ... pupu

thanks Matilde, for emailing us this nice photo ... Robin e June

booked in for last two nights at Hotel Il Triangolo, on quiet beach, 25 minutes south of airport ... Hotel il Triangolo
nice view of Etna from the beach ... Etna from Hotel il Triangolo
Robin joins the other old men, sitting in "the lounge" of Catania's Piazza Il Duomo ... old men
June watches Enrico buy fish, in Catania's fish market, for our grand meal at their place ... Catania fish market

Photo taken by Matilde: Enrico and Robin discuss the size of melons, seen on the beach. They seem to grow in pairs ... Enrico and Robin discussing melons