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Updated Friday 2nd January 2015

GPSS Users

Sending e-mail to Others with an Interest in GPS & GPSS

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
These are people who have used GPSS and may have a common interest with you.
If you would like to be added to the list, please e-mail
Robin will ask for answers to 'Quiz-Free Registration' on the Download Page
There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

Germany Klaus Peter Myer on kpmcypress-pro at 522897E0132310E Berlin Web Business Web Site
Germany Klaus Hirschelmann on k.hirschelmannmainzsurf at 500000N0081200E (approx) Mainz. Klaus's Gadgets
Germany Michael Mueller ? on michael.muellerpa-consulting at 500288N0084247E South of Frankfurt.
Germany Thomas Ott on t.ottott-edv at 512791N0071344E Bochum. PalmPilot Site
Germany Frank Weisser on frank_weisserweb at 501368N0083459E Oberursel. G35. Haicom 303. G35.
Germany Andreas Grassl on andreas.grasslgmx at 480638N0113946E Munich. G12. PhD Student.
Germany Tilman Issin on tispinuts at 523027N0312183E Berlin. SiRF Ev.Brd. Student.
Germany Uwe Tews on utewstews at 533775N0095038E Hamburg. GPStype? TEWSTechnik Site
Germany Christian Schmidt on cschmidtgmx at 533873N0100998E Hamburg. G12.
Germany Gregor Gross on gregor_gross at 481867N0113869E Neufahrn. G12XL.
Germany Klaus Raske on klaus.rasket-online at 511775N0065203E Ratingen. G12.
Germany Claus Christgau on c.christgaualcatel at 492397N0104155E Dieterhoffen. G195. Pilot.
Germany Hilmar Roth on hrothcaso at 475222N0120699E Rosenheim. G12XL.
Germany Joerg Wesselmann on joerg1400 at 514527N0075444E Ahlen. G12CX.
Germany Thomas Abschinski on t.abschinskitv-bs at 520900N0104100E ? Dettum. G12.
Germany Bernd Maliszewski on bernd.maliszewskiberlin at 522768N0132687E Berlin. Appolo Precedus.
Germany Georg Bucher on georg.buchert-online at 482564N0100737E Gunzburg. G75.
Germany Andre Hammer on hammeradr at 483997N0090379E Schoenaich. G12.
Germany Joachim Grossmann on Joachim_Grossmanngmx at 484254N0090018E Sindelfingen. G12XL.
Germany Dirk Jettmann on Glas.Jettmannt-online at 521837N0085518E Minden. G12XL.
Germany Manuel Schmidt on manuelschmidtgmx at 533591N0100697E Hamburg. G3.
Germany Werner von Jurgensonn on wvjfreenet at 522683N0132398E Berlin. G12.
Germany Wolfgang Eversmeier on wolfgang.eversmeiert-online at 490084N0082840E Karlsruhe. G45.
Germany Joachim Fritz on jfgjfritzt-online at 534371N0100089E Norderstedt. G-Emap.
Germany Burkhard Wolf on boogiewolfsnet at 511739N0071308E Wupperdatal. G12XL.
Germany Florian Fuchs-Steigerwald on ffsffs-online at 480394N0083202E Baden-Wuerttenberg. G3.
Germany Oliver Hoffmann on oliver.hoffmannadecon at 500471N0081471E Weisbaden. G3+.
Germany Dirk Haase on haase.dirkt-online at 505882N0135338E Birkwitz. Bosch?.
Germany Jens Rettel on webmasterjrsbauberatung at 513527N0094545E Adelebsen. M315.
Germany Stefan Mueller on smxgmx at 494550N0090030E Michelstadt. G45XL.
Germany Udo Stegmann on udo.stegmannplanet-interkom at 511559N0070391E Wuppertal. GEmap.
Germany Dieter Mondon on d.mondoncyberfun at 484721N0100588E Oberkochen. G3,G55.
Germany Herbert Neumann on neumannnetsurf at 541585N0100427E Molfsee. RndMcN.
Germany Reiner Grobbel on r.grobbelweb at 510932N0081530E Eslohe. G3+.
Germany Lars Jacobsen on rosenskjoldt-online at 505816N0060622E Geilen Kirchen. Tripmate.
Germany Uwe Schwalm on Schwalm-Borkont-online at 510230N0091752E Borkon. G2+.
Germany Andreas Bunning on andreasbunning-edr at 540253N0092827E Schenefeld. G3.
Germany Gerhard Wolfrath on gwwolfrath at 521051N0094292E Nordstemmen. Getrex.
Germany Holger Kuhn on holger.kuhnarcormail at 484324N0090860E Stuttgart. Getrex.
Germany Elmer Lantermann on elanterelasoft at 500020N0084109E Duisberg. Gemap.
Germany Walter Welz on welzwdialup.nacamar at 495659N0093955E Stromberg. RndMcN.
Germany Niels Hoffmann on hoffmannihtiuni-hannover at 521932N0093955E Ronnenberg. G3 G12.
Germany Oliver Schwartz on oliver.schwartzgmx at 533557N0100019E Hamberg. Getrex.
Germany Dieter Degenhardt on dieter-degenhardtweb at 475365N0101601E Wolfertschwenden. Getrex.
Germany Rainer Gimbel on at 515730N0073963 town? G3.
Germany Dave Vaughn on dcvaughnsurfi at 495757N0083103E Morfeldon. RndMcN.
Germany Martin Probst on dc4hpt-online at 532900N0093644E Nottensdorf. Unitronic.
Germany Artur Munz on amunzmail.skylink at 475918N0073997E Breisach. Gemap.
Germany Karsten Lindemann on segunda363stepnet at 473608N0073969E Lorrach. G100.
Germany Frank Holthausen on frank.holthausenuumail at 510578N0065388E Monheim am Rhein. G3+.
Germany Andy Weis on at 524090N0054090E Hessen. Holux.
Germany Tarik Stolz on tarik.stolzt-online at 543009N0094733E Gammelby. G3+.
Germany Peter Evertz on peter.evertzgmx at 512462N0113005E Berlin. Getrex.
Germany Matthias Nettmann on matthias.nettmannt-online at 512541N0073145E Schwerte. G12.
Germany Michael Griebel on red.bulletweb at 492112N0111835E Burgthann. G2+.
Germany Pramod Snel on withlovemindless at 505601N0065653E Cologne. Getrex.
Germany Alex Brueggemann on abrueggbigfoot at 484065N0091432E Filderstadt. G3+.
Germany Jens Burkert on jens.burkertgmx at 505975N0125828E Mittweida. G3.
Germany Ralf Paffrath on paffrathdfn at 525044N0133833E Berlin. G12.?
Germany William Dishman on dishmanw at 492725N0073613E Landstuhl. Earthmate.
Germany Ralf Krause on ralfshuttle.edevau at 484912N0125817E Deggendorf. G2.
Germany Knut Feiert on knut.feiertepost at 494873N00902223E Breuberg. Trim.
Germany Ralf Pathraff on paffrathdfn at 523131N0132287E Berlin. G12.
Germany Michael Munz on michael.munzonline at 482933N0091352E Reutlingen. Tripmate.
Germany Gunter Ries on at 505429N0080267E Siegen. G45.
Germany Andi Schilling on skippersy-stellamaris at 474126N0073046E Loerrac. Furuno30.
Germany Benjamin Friedrich on bfriedrichfriedrich-partner at 475762N0113536E Altkirchen. Getrex.
Germany Mayer Hemz on dl1namlau-net at 492110N0111360E Schwarzenbruck. M210,G35.
Germany Michael Weeber on michael.weebert-online at 474911N0082026E Bonndorf. G2+.
Germany Kocak on AirZebraweb at 504578N0071106E Sankt Augustin. HOLUX GM-200.
Germany Ralf Figge on Ralf_Figgebitmail.prima at 512783N0072991E Dortmund. G2+.
Germany Frank Hartmann on f.r.hartmanngmx at 503094N0084977E Lich. G12.
Germany Wolfgang Frohloff on frohloffgmx at 522271N0094826E Langenhagen. G12.
Germany Gundolf Volk on gv-dogmx at 513634N0073130E Lünen. G3.
Germany Heiner Sietas on heinersietas at 533341N0095945E Hamburg. G2+.
Germany Christian Herdegen on christian.herdegenuniopt at 490105N0120685E Regensburg. G12.
Germany Ingo-Sven Linke on gpsingo-Sven at 493899N0081915E Alzey Rh-Pf. GeMap.
Germany Stefan Kreutschmann on RangeRovergmx at 491127N0091373E Neckarsulm. G12.
Germany Georg Voelkle on gvoelkleicqmail at 480421N0094814E Biberach BW. G12XL.
Germany Karl-Heinz Bukowski on KBukowskit-online at 533901N0100797E Hamburg. G12.
Germany Brian Pogson on Pogsont-online at 535340N0095297E Ottersberg . G35.
Germany Johannes Roth on j.rothgmx at 475181N0090071E Stockach. G12.
Germany Dirk Möll on pet2001c-box at 523816N0100560E Celle. TrimSV6.
Germany Butuman Victor on but_U at 474003N0092313E Kluftern . GM-200.
Germany Werner Wegscheider on werner.wegscheiderphysik.uni-regensburg at 485974N0120561E Regensburg. GeTrex.
Germany Stefan Wilhelmy on electronfatalsoft at 522519N0131922E Berlin. G12. DF.
Germany Dr. Franz-Josef Mayer on dr.mayergmx at 500350N0101682E Mainberg. G3+.
Germany Rafael Storz on drrstorz at 492100N0084644E Bammental. G12.
Germany Alexander Schrötter on alexanderschroetter at 500381N0080922E Wiesbaden. G35.
Germany Andreas Krause on andreas.krauseplanet-interkom at 473646N0093184E Langenargen BW. Getrex.
Germany Axel von Hirschheydt on axelvon-hirschheydt at 513846N0092450E Beverungen NRW. RndMcN.
Germany Stefan Huber on shuberati at 475636N0113738E Munich. G35.
Germany Christian Doerr on cdoerrusd at 501314N0083895E Bad Homburg. G3+.
Germany Colin Stephan on colin.stephant-online at 495628N0084464E Messel . G90.
Germany Wolfgang Terheggen on wterheggent-online at 500266N0083319E Karlstein. G38.
Germany Siegfried Kowald on SKowaldt-online at 512201N0073346E Hagen . G12.
Germany Max Große Hündfeld on maximilimuenster at 515639N0073961E Münster NRW. GPS?
Germany Henryk Hauer on henryk.hauergmx at 523247N0133446E Berlin . G12XL.
Germany Eric Sollbach on eric.sollbachweb at 504862N0063917E Cologne. HoluxGM200.
Germany Dieter Hüsken on DieterHuesken at 495514N0083128E Büttelborn. GEtrex.
Germany Frank Sauer on frank.sauert-online at 513953N0081945E Lippstadt. Getrex.
Germany Klaus Hegemann on Klaus.Hegemannt-online at 510795N0065965E Lippstadt. RndMcN.
Germany Dirk Penzel on dirk.penzellaerchenberg at 504102N0120144E Triebes. Getrex.
Germany Peter Dirszus on piet.d12move at 500721N0081986E Wiesbaden. G12.
Germany Frank Döblitz on frankdoeblitz at 533921N0100084E Hamburg. G3+.
Germany Dieter GARVERT on dgaugustin at 504555N0071109E St.Augustin. HoluxGM-200.
Germany Hans Ott on Hansfirma-ott at 481236N0122785E Kraiburg. Jitech?
Germany Martin Dehmel on martindehmels at 484485N0084866E Simmozheim. G76.
Germany Christian Gerloff on christian.gerloffuni-tuebingen at 483180N0090227E Tuebingen. Getrex.
Germany Ulf Dieter Thordsen on udthordsent-online at 540411N0095646E Stockelsdorf. G35.
Germany Olivier Kovacevic on okovacevict-online at 500475N0081404E Wiesbaden Hessen. HOLUX GM-200.
Germany Claus Walter on mailraa at 490010N0082317E Karlsruhe Baden-Wuerttemberg. G12M.
Germany Marek Vajda on M.Vajdagmx at 484260N0090685E Stuttgart. G12.
Germany Ingo Wieczorek on do2widarc at 511661N0124496E Leipzig. M310.
Germany Rob Berg on rob.traciet-online at 492241N0083762E Heidelberg. G3+.
Germany Joerg zeitschel on zeitschelnemesiscom at 503099N0084075E Hanau Hessen. G38.
Germany Michael Hanke on micha.hankearcor at 512614N0070326E Essen. G2+.
Germany Ulrich Knierbein on uli_k_et-online at 511281N0092534E Edermünde. G12.
Germany Peter Danisch on pdanischpurfuerst at 524294N0092858E Wunsdorf. GEMap.
Germany Dirk Brill-Wirtz on onn-abgmx at 493346N0071500E Freisen Saarland. Getrex.
Germany Dr. Carl Ulrich Herrmann on 05119562498-0001t-online at 522340N0094919E Hannover. G45.
Germany Berndt Heger on berndt.hegert-online at 473996N0092229E Immenstaad. G12.
Germany Erwin Mannhardt on erwin mannhardtt-omline at 481125N0105856E Egling. GstP.
Germany Michael H. Gail on mgailgmx at 504857N0065895E Wesseling. GeTrex.
Germany Dennis Nedin on dennisnedingmx at 484895N0092642E Geradstetten Baden Wuerttemberg. Holux.
Germany Joerg Knaak on v-maxeweb at 532837N0095707E Seevetal. GEMap.
Germany Joerg Knaak on v-maxeweb at 532837N0095707E Seevetal. GEMap.
Germany Armin Klose on tffakgmx at 511521N0074478E Werdohl. M315.
Germany Gert Gestermann on gert.gestermannt-online at 505441N0062142E Jülich. Getrex.
Germany James Clarkston on dj0wqhamradio at 494259N0084993E Reichelsheim Hessen. G3.
Germany Christian Franzl on cfranzlweb at 513123N0072200E Dortmund. Holux GM-200 USB.
Germany Tobias Fuhren on tofutu-clausthal at 513720N0085373E Clausthal-Zellerfeld. G2.
Germany Bernd Huckele on B.Huckelegmx at 492436N0083463E Plankstadt. Getrex.
Germany Klaus Jourdan on kjcomtechgmx at 495983N0083413E Moerfelden-Walldorf. M315.
Germany Joerg Hobrlant on jhobrlantweb at 492885N0110741E Pyrbaum. GStP.
Germany Bernd Bause on Bernd.BauseT-online at 533556N0095283E Hamburg. G2.
Germany Urr Vaher on at 481111N0112926E Munich. Getrex.
Germany Thomas C. Mueller on Thomas.C.Muellergmx at 502297N0080300E Limburg. GPS Mouse.
Germany Stefan Lorenz on lorenz.stefanarcor at 475731N0074953E Au. Getrex.
Germany Jochen Deutsch on teleservicebigfoot at 493605N0110083E Erlangen . GM48USB.
Germany Narcis Ilisei on inarcishotpop at 484045N0090070E Boeblinegn . M310.
Germany Christoph Brandenburg on christoph.brandenburgplanet-interkom at 511508N0062420E Viersen . GPS?
Germany Gerhard Kontny on kalkbergweb at 535582N0101870E Bad Segeberg. Tripmate.
Germany Günther Feustle on gumafet-online at 474058N0090818E Konstanz. MColorTrack.
Germany Heinrich Schewe on HeinrichScheweweb at 481183N0085002E Hausen BW. G38.
Germany Peter Vogt-Goes on p.vogt-goesweb at 522023N0103058E Braunschweig. G12.
Germany Tom Kayser on TomKayserfreenet at 523047N0131201E Berlin. G2+.
Germany Thierry Bertman on capsacompusrve at 500708N0083963E Frankfurt. GMAP175.
Germany Werner Fertig on werner.fertigt-online at 495155N0084474E Rossdorf. G12CX.
Germany Andreas Kießling on andreas.kiesslingt-online at 512038N0123639E Kastanie. HI-202E.
Germany Guido Muesch on odiuggmx at 510015N0062086E Linnich. Getrex.
Germany Hans-Ulrich Denfeld on ulidenfeldweb at 512012N0063185E Krefeld. Furuno+lots of Garmins
Germany Gert Topf on gert.topft-online at 482680N0100511E Elchingen. G12XL. NoLT.
Germany Joachim Klein on Joachim.Kleinhamburg at 532566N0102111E Geesthacht. Leica8.
Germany Heinz Kimmel on kimmel.hweb at 474891N0090293E Bodman-Ludwigshfen . G45.
Germany Jost Eickmann on eickmannnetcologne at 505798N0065371E Koeln. Magelan.
Germany Mike Gwosdz on mike.ichweb at 512267N0121872E Leipzig . GPS ?
Germany Gerhard Waldmann on gerhardwaldmanngmx or at 485739N0090755E Bietigheim-Bissingen. benefon ESC!.
Germany Tobias Schleicher on Tobias.Schleichergmx at 504593N0061615E Stolberg NRW. HI-201E.
Germany Gerry Frisk on gerrry_hhbigfoot at 534290N0100003E Norderstedt . GPS-Mouse.
Germany Thomas Grötschel on Thomas.Groetschelt-online at 485887N0083256E Pfinztal . G45.
Germany Jens Kriese on jens.krieset-online at 475100N0122220E München. G45.
Germany Jürgen Johannssen on juergen.johannssenewetel at 530432N0084915E Bremen. G2.
Germany Wolfgang Schnorrenberg on wolfgangschnorri at 511092N0070121E Solingen. G38.
Germany Dieter Bieber on bossdieterbieber at 511687N0062809E Willich . Mouse.
Germany Joachim Glinsky on JoachimGlinsky at 530313N0084677E Bremen. HI-201E.
Germany Christian Lenzen on lenzenc at 530284N0082257E Hatten Niedersachsen. G38.
Germany Gerd Pitschmann on officekielpilot at 542197N0100840E Strande D. G35.
Germany Christian Lenzen on lenzenc at 530284N0082257E hatten niedersachsen. G38.
Germany Christian Ecklebe on cecklebet-online at 533771N0112231E Pingelshagen .GPS?.
Germany Dieter Peter on DieterPetert-online at 505130N0092796E Oberaula. Getrex.
Germany Heiko Hartmann on Bandit1200Ngmx at 502411N0084428E Steinfurth. Lassen SKII GPS.
Germany Eric Poehlsen on ericeric-poehlsen at 490605N0114838E Beratzhausen nostate. Holux GM-200.
Germany Daniel Bruecher on sailordanielweb at 504689N0060533E Aachen NRW. M320.
Germany Timo Karey on tkareyweb at 482552N0095874E Burgrieden BW. GPS?.
Germany Ralf Köhler on r.koehler.rodt-online at 515259N0111325E Rodersdorf D. BU301-USB.
Germany Peter Paduschek on peterpaduschekyahoo at 480572N0113799E München. HI201E.
Germany Dieter Schittko on neku_werbung+druckt-online at 485904N0121166E Neutraubling . G12.
Germany Rolf Gress on rolf.gressqueensgruppe at 510374N0065694E Köln . Navigon.
Germany Rudi Lloyd on rudi.lloydberlin at 523827N0131704E Berlin . G12.
Germany Gerd Leibold on Gerd.Leiboldt-online at 475265N0115385E Bruckmuehl. G45XL.
Germany Udo Kebschull on kebschullinformatik.uni-leipzig at 512032N0122268E Leipzig Saxony. Getrex.
Germany Fabian Jahn on fjahnrumms.uni-mannheim at 492756N0082869E Mannheim. Getrex. NoLT.
Germany Frank Zech on Frank.ZechBfPHotelbau at 474767N0125733E Hammerau Bayern. G45.
Germany Christian Schäbsdat on chschmedia2000-berlin at 523432N0133080E Berlin. NaviLock.
Germany Markus Speicher on donaldaraceli at 492864N0062311E Perl Saar. Holux.
Germany Dieter Schittko on neku_werbung-druckt-online at 485904N0121166E Neutraubling. G12.
Germany Dr. Michael Frieben on Dr.Michael.Friebengmx at 493253N0083835E Weinheim . HAICOM HI-202E USB.
Germany Alain SORIN on alainsorinnetcourrier at 511691N0063955E ¨Meerbusch. Getrex.
Germany Fred Gross on mfgrossfreenet at 474914N0124201E Siegsdorf Bavaria. M320.
Germany Wolfgang Klein on wolfgangpunktkleinweb at 480419N0114045E Neubiberg . G45.
Germany Andor Toth on andor.totharcor at 480894N0113253E Munich . GeMAP.
Germany Thorsten Sandrock on gpscasa-trente at 512074N0063146E Babenhausen Hassia. HI202E.
Germany Thomas Klette on thomas.klettet-online at 480249N0110520E Schondorf. GeMap.
Germany Christian Friedrich on chrischtianchrischtian at 512673N0073503E Schwerte. GEtrex.
Germany Ralph Witt on ralph-wittarcor at 501038N0082405E Kelkheim Hessen. GPS-Maus ser.
Germany Burghardt Eichloff on burghardt.eichloffweb at 521909N0085471E Minden . M320.
Germany Herwig W. Lange on herwig.w.langet-online at 511498N0064690E Düsseldorf NRW. Getrex.
Germany Dr. Peter Runge on prungeoptimal-online at 532276N0123512E Roebel / Mueritz . Evermore.
Germany Werner Ruebel on werner.ruebelarcor at 492364N0071647E Bexbach Saarland. M315.
Germany 57339 Wilhelm Marburger on w.marburgerfreenet at 502920N0081520E Erndtebrueck. MagSpTMap.
Germany Ulrich Foerstermann on infouffm at 511928N0071572E Sprockhoevel NRW. BU-301.
Germany Michael Wiesner on mwsacred-bytes at 503935N0081948E Sinn . BR-302.
GERMANY Falko Rieger on at 522509N0093635E Garbsen/Hannover. HOLUX.
Germany Dieter Handorff on mailhandorff at 520229N0083452E Bielefeld NRW. HOLUX GM-200.
Germany Jochen Armbruster on joe.progmx at 480496N0074922E Reute Baden Würtemberg. GPS Mouse.
Germany Matthias Spiller on matspillergmx at 475935N0075037E Freiburg. GPS-Mouse.
Germany Manfred Hueber on infofinck-medien at 485124N0102954E Nördlingen Bayern. G3Pro.
Germany Jan-Freerk Janssen on infocam4spy at 491974N0111181E Wendelstein. several NMEA.
Germany Peter Gonschorek on dg8sqweb at 484830N0095010E Ludwigsburg. GPSmouse.
Germany Holger Rodewald on holgertaf-bremen at 525586N0085797E 27321 Emtinghausen . G45XL.
GermanyWolfgang Klinkebiel on Wolfgang.Klinkebielt-online at 481596N0090088E Albstadt. FortunaU2.
Germany Bernd Roeben on berni_rweb at 534256N0070894E Norderney. HS-201.
Germany Burkhard Heess on b.heessgmx at 482933N0091351E Reutlingen. MagSpoPro.
Germany Dirk Wagner on dirk.wagnerpc-werker at 475270N0112789E Geretsried. Holux G2.
Germany Wolfgang Vetter on wovetterdebitel at 480183N0112915E Baierbrunn. Trapp Navtronik.
Germany Hans-Jochen Zunke on hansjochenzunke at 515460N0095821E Landwehr. GeTrex.
Germany Sherif Zaki on sherifzakit-online at 504153N0070944E Bonn . Haicom usb.
Germany Guenter Trabert on guenter-trabertt-online at 511202N0072993E Halver. MagPioneer.
Germany Clark Fritzsch on clark.fritzscht-online at 501356N0084671E Karben Hessen. GeTrex.
Germany Stephan Wingsch on wingsch-waehlergmx at 541841N0100709E Flintbek. G72.
Germany Gaspar Andres on andres.gapg at 490993N0095466E Ilshofen . Falcom A3D-JP3.
Germany Jörg Schittenhelm on jschittenhelmgmx at 484936N0091031E Stuttgart . Navlock BU-303.
Germany Andreas Kalmbach on Kalmbachweb at 493352N0105230E Herzogenaurach. Getrex.
Germany Rainer Schachtschabel on rainerschachter at 504352N0100549E Dermbach. Navilock BU-330 BR-304.
Germany Dietrich Gerhard Kimme on gkimmeweb at 475913N0075153E Freiburg BW. RGM 2000, USB.
Germany Michael Schrey on KPTMichaelSchreyaol at 492995N0082595E Speyer Rheinland Pfalz. G45 XL.
Germany Alexander Linke on alexander.linkeacm at 480511N0114015E Munich . G2+.
Germany Hogler Wieland on holgerwieland at 474158N0092328E Kluftern BaWü. Getrex.
Germany Konstantin Georgoulis on servicekaygee at 480327N0112188E Gauting. M4000L+ Evermore.
Germany Archie Minneman on minneman10 at 475281N0115911E Goetting. Deluo .
Germany Bernd Eckert on eckertberndweb at 404817N0094052E Aalen. RndMcN.
Germany Axel Grüner on axelgruenerweb at 491794N0083025E Altlußheim BaWü. Getrex.
Germany Wolfgang Heubel on wHeubelt-online at 485090N0102899E Baldingen . GPS?
Germany Karsten Scholz-Weigl on KSWLoop at 513635N0071008EW Gelsenkirchen . G12.
Germany Al Rankin on rankinal at 523776N0100312E Wohsburg . G12.
Germany Al Rankin on rankinal at 523776N0100312E Wohsburg . G12.
Germany Emopin Aiyenuro on emopinweb at 511931N0093045E Kassel Hessen. HI-202E.
Germany Emopin Aiyenuro on emopinweb at 511265N0092867E Guxhagen. HI-202E.
Germany Robin Agnew on robin.agnewt-online at 484263N0093959E Goeppingen BW. Navman.
Germany Konrad Tremmel on k.tremmelt-online at 490141N0121081E Regensburg. haicom 203e.
Germany Christian Blümel on bluemel79gmx at 510220N0134384E Dresden. G12map.
Germany Ulrich Brinken on cliffideotiscali at 530230N0103529E Petershagen. GPS?
Germany Werner Gattermann on gatmangmx at 481137N0111655E Emmering BY. Ashtech gg24.
Germany Wolf Koch on wolfrainerkoch at 520907N0101988E Dassel. BU301.
Germany Gerhard Plaicher on orcawaleweb at 500543N0083830E Frankfurt. Getrex.
Germany Christoph Warmbrunn on katastercityweb at 513646N0071222E 45659 Recklinghausen. G12.
Germany Jörg Aschenbach on H-J-C-AschenbachT-Online at 530379N0084823E Bremen. GPS-Mouse.
Germany Claus Jander on dark-hawkonline at 524427N0122342E Berlin. Pretec compactGPS.
Germany Hans- Hermann Radert on murnauweb at 474212N0111083E Murnau G. Lc-HI-201E.
Germany Peter Hose on pughoseweb at 520157N0085052E Lemgo D. VaviLock.
Germany Volker Ackert on voackweb at 484063N0111913E Karlshuld. HI-202E.
Germany Thomas Leifert on thomas_leifertagilent at 483724N0085301E Nufringen BaWue. HOLUX GM-210.
Germany Bernhard Janßen on gpssneuvrees at 525853N0074811E Friesoythe. M310.
Germany Christian Santl on christiansantl at 474368N0101900E Kempten. rfg 1000.
Germany Klaus Philipp on philipp.klaust-online at 530030N0090355E Achim . u-blox TIMA.
Germany John Freihart on freihartweb at 490447N0114493E Hemau Bavaria. G12XL.
Germany Rainer Hasselmann on nassisnafu at 523720N0131448E Berlin. G12.
Germany Siegfried Peter on smmsi-peter at 515368N0084620E Schlangen. Navilock BS304.
Germany Thomas Kleisch on kleischhmi at 522714N0131510E Berlin . G12 XL.
Germany Thomas Göttgens on thomasfivemile at 505017N0060432E Herzogenrath NRW. FortunaU2.
Germany Reinhard Kuehn on reinhardkuehn-family at 511981N0073826E Nachrodt. BR304.
Germany Scholz on AxScholzonline at 523335N0132097E Berlin Germany. LACT / GM307.
Germany Axel Scholz on AxScholzonline at 523335N0132096E Berlin. LACT / GM307.
Germany Madhava K Turumella on madhavamadhnet at 523302N0132360E Berlin . NAVILOCK USB1.1 GPS.
Germany Klaus Thurow on klaus.thurowewetel at 532172N0071282E 26725 Emden . GPSUSB HI-202E GPS.
Germany Ben Benisch on b.benischfreenet at 510274N0134844E Dresden. HI203E.
Germany Rainer Falk on rainer.falkt-online at 494162N0105947E Heroldsbach. NaviLock BU303.
Germany Gert Ducke on gdckzfreenet at 510275N0134846E Dresden. HI202E.
Germany Thomas Gernhoefer on tgtgmr at 533164N0092516E Fredenbeck. Getrex.
Germany Chris Norris on SCJ.Norrist-online at 525355N0100942E Faßberg. G12.
Germany Wolff Bäumlein on gpsbaeumlein at 522318N0085674E Petershagen. GPS Mouse ?
Germany Klaus Ebert on mike.ebertgmx at 505815N0080786E Hilchenbach . MagXL.
Germany Tobias Pecher on pechertcrz at 491425N0124215E Cham .. Holux GM210.
Germany Ralf Stenglein on Ralf.StengleinWeb at 533469N0095604E Hamburg. HI-202E.
Germany Jay Shuttleworth on jayshuttleworth at 524824N0095710E Bergen Westfallia. G12XL.
Germany David Wharam on david.wharamuni-tuebingen at 483184N0090378E Tuebingen . GPService Pilot (ME 45 Handy)).
Germany Kai Dickmann on fresh.gwalsertalposse at 514175N0065230E Schermbeck NRW. Navilock MU303.
Germany Joachim Nejedlo on joachim.nejedlobremerhaven at 532831N0083919E Loxstedt. NoName.
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Germany Krzysiek Pawel on at 482745N0111600E Muenchen . Fortuna.
Germany Srihari Narasimhan on snhari at 484794N0085956E Leonberg. SysOnCF+.
Germany Volker Schaefer on volkisgmx at 502830N0085705E Hungen Hessen. GPS-mouse.
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Germany Harry Seebeck on harry.seebeckt-online at 533606N0083552E Langen. Fortuna U2.
Germany Alfred Weber on Weber_Alfredt-online at 482771N0082561E Freudenstadt. HI 203E.
Germany Bjoern A. Bloehdorn on rayraystream at 543063N0102028E Kiel SH. HI-203E.
Germany Peter Gloystein on hape.gloysteinweb at 531950N0082900E Brake. M315.
Germany Edi Agirbas on eagirbasyahoo at 495761N0113575E Bayreuth . Hicom 202e.
Germany Frank Fritzsche on zwulchgmx at 541048N0121461E Roevershagen . G72.
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Germany Hugh Bonfield on hughbonfield at 480002N0111850E Starnberg Bavaria. Holux GM-210.
Germany Wolfram Glöckner on glowoweb at 533801N0095822E Hamburg. Navilock.
Germany Christoph Keuck on keucklutz at 510979N0064515E Wachtendonk NRW. Getrex.
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Germany Norberto Guimaraes on zdne_norbigmx at 500618N0083844E Frankfurt am Main Essen. Navilock USB.
Germany Achim Hansen on AchimHansenGer at 510926N0065646E Hilden NRW. GPS?.
Germany Sebastian Koopmann on wastl.kgmx at 505185N0070307E Cologne NRW. Ggeko 201.
Germany Thomas Plewka on at 523335N0132478E Berlin D. NaviLock.
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Germany G.M. Etten on ettengmiyahoo at 485274N0123354E Straubing . M315.
Germany Dieter Schuetze on dieter_schuetzegmx at 484367N0100494E Boenen . HI203E.
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Germany Thomas Lehmann on thomas.peterlehmann at 511005N0070032E Solingen NRW. Getrex.
Germany Thomas Stüber on thomasstueber-net at 522473N0132522E Berlin. BU-303 (from
Germany Hermann Hodrus on hermannhodrus at 474826N0101745E Dietmannsried . G72.
Germany Dennis Kueper on at 511024N0075169E Plettenberg NRW. Fortuna U2.
Germany Helmut Haeussler on helhae.hamburgweb at 533811N0100537E 22391 Hamburg . Rockwell.
Germany Arno Strecha on ah.satreonlinehome at 513928N0065955E Dorsten NRW. MLR SP24.
Germany Frederik von Blomberg on gpscasamuc at 481949N0114472E Hallbergmoos BY. Rikaline GPS-6010.
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Germany Richard A. Haenle on riha.gaildorft-online at 485965N0094585E Gaildorf. BU-303.
Germany Ulrich Biersack on ulrich.bimail at 480773N0113604E München,. Navilock BR-305.
Germany Ron Scheppat on ronschonlinehome at 484649N0091059E Stuttgart,BADEN WÜRTEMBERG. lactec.
Germany Kurt Schulmeister on kurt.schulmeistergmx at 484748N0081950E Gaggenau,BADEN-WÜRTEMBERG. UG-200 USB.
Germany Florian Bach on flow.ilmgmx at 504187N0105506E Ilmenau,THURINGIA. UG 200.
Germany Joachim Bernd Bleckmann on jbleckmannt-online at 493856N0111443E Gräfenberg,BAVARIA. Holux 210.
Germany Klaus Langerwisch on nezagmx at 535260N0104205E Hamburg,SH. Getrex.
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Germany Erwin Zwemmer on zwemmere at 492208N0084474E Heidelberg,BADEN-WURTTEMBURG. GPS mouse.
Germany Sebastian Wollny on sebastianwollnyweb at 521935N0095828E Hannover,NIEDERSACHSEN. Holux GM210.
Germany Andreas Nitzsche on andreasnitzscheweb at 522430N0121016E Genthin,SACHSEN-ANHALT. MagSpTrkMap.
Germany Alexander Hummer on alexander.hummerweb at 495689N0121464E Mitterteich,BAVARIA. Haicom 203 e.
Germany Mueller on pemu0001 at 491849N0072274E Homburg,SAARLAND. Getrex.
Germany Andreas Grasse on agrasset-online at 484455N0091062E Stuttgart,BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG. Acore AG-200.
Germany Jan Schuhholz on Jan.Schuhholzgigatronik at 481134N0113462E Munich,BAVARIA. Getrex.
Germany Rolf Schubert on schubert35t-online at 483011N0085800E Rottenburg,BADEN-WÜRTEMBERG. Navilock CF.
Germany Bastian Rieck on bastianannwfn at 491535N0084062E Heidelberg,BADEN WUERTTEMBERG. Getrex.
Germany Peter Meyer on acpmeyert-online at 494120N0090086E Michelstadt,HESSEN. Fortuna U2.
Germany Hrogtar Karon on Hrogtargmx at 494398N0100979E Kitzingen,BAVARIA. LACT.
Germany Matthias Hopf on matthias.hopfgmx at 482855N0074657E Eisenach,THÜRINGEN. UG-200.
Germany Jörg Müller on fifty.oneweb at 475660N0082919E Donaueschingen. UG-200.
Germany Hannes Tuch on hannes.tuchgmx at 474751N0110391E Peißenberg,BAVARIA. Aktronix BT GPS.
Germany Jens Grapentin on grapentinonline at 524874N0095976E Bergen,NIEDERSACHSEN. EverMore GM-307.
Germany Rainer Vetter on rainer.vettervetter-aidlingen at 484078N0085449E Stuttgart,BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG. Getrex.
Germany Henk Richel on h.richelhccnet at 510003N0055107E Heinsberg,NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN. ADAPT Bluetooth.
Germany Hans-Ulrich Karsch on alpine.a110web at 501317N0110222E Grub am Forst,BAVARIA. Hicom HI-202E.
Germany Bernd Finkbeiner on finkbeiner at 491413N0070098E Saarbruecken,. Gemap.
Germany Nils Brumme on nilsbrummeweb at 536027N0100244E Hamburg. usb-mouse
Germany Nils Helbig on Nilspferd at 520010N0134912E Zeuthen. G276C.
Germany Daniel Briem on dabrigmx at 524162N0131782E Berlin,BRANDENBURG. HI-202E.
Germany Michael KLAUS on gpsmichael-klaus at 495762N0081586E Mainz,RHINELAND-PALATINATE. Rockwell Jupiter.
Germany Wolfgang solka on s.sollyplanet-interkom at 481052N0112869E München,BAYERN. Simvalley USB.
Germany Rene Hohnsbein on renenewid at 535189N0104124E Luebeck,SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN. Tegaron 'Home made'.
Germany Monte Jones on monte.jonesgmx at 480293N0113726E Taufkirchen,BAVARIA. Navilock NL-202U.
Germany Hans Maier on clemens65web at 523066N0131340E Berlin,BERLIN. XAiOX.
Germany Albert veiglhuber on a.veiglhubert-online at 474309N0114249E Bad wiessee,BAVARIA. Ggeko 201.
Germany Ulrich Klauck on ulrich.klauckhtw-aalen at 485035N0100440E Aalen,BADEN WÜRTTEMBERG. Trimble module.
Germany Mike Moyer on mmullers at 481652N0116427E Munich,BAVARIA. Evermore GM-307.
Germany Andreas Gevers on andreas.geverst-online at 521669N0074235E Ibbenbüren,NRW. polstar PGM-111.
Germany Olaf Siemon on olafvirco at 531039N0044520E Frankfurt,HESSEN. BU-303.
Germany Rhian Geleick on rhianrhima at 514643N0060640E Kleve,NRW. Navilock NL208P.
Germany Michael Cremer on dl2dbyweb at 514110N0082324E Lippstadt. G12.
Germany Geoff Bulmer on bulmer-bect-online at 482230N0075285E Friesenheim,BADEN-WUERTEMBURG. UBLOX-LF.
Germany Francisca Loi on franciscaloihotmail at 510258N0075507E Kassel. Other.
Germany Dieter Soost on mailsoost-berlin at 522532N0132769E Berlin,BERLIN. Navilock BU-303.
Germany Christian Wahl on cwahl3 at 514945N0063703E Bocholt. NL-209PU.
Germany Martin Wagner on mwagnerringfoto at 492670N0105966E Fürth,BAYERN. Fortuna bluetooth slim.
Germany Milos Mirkov on milosmirkov at 492809N0110599E Nuremberg,. Navilock NL-202U.
Germany Markus Sieber on siebermarkusyahoo at 484661N0114788E Regensburg,BAYERN. NL-302U.
Germany Peter Mueller on peter_muelleriname at 510686N0094264E Frankfurt,NONE. Samsung GPM13A01 module.
Germany Hans-Georg Wellhausen on hans-georg.wellhausent-online at 492888N0081618E Ludwigshafen. APOS GPS Mouse.
Germany Björn Tiedemann on BjoernTiedemannweb at 484834N0090841E Stuttgart. Navilock NL-302U USB SIRF Star III.
Germany Harald Jauß on Harald.Jaussphilips at 484071N0085909E Böblingen,. Holux.
Germany Jan F. G. B. on neodei.JBgmx at 492906N0082563E Frankfurt. BU-303.
Germany Martin Schulze on vanGogh1gmx at 474182N0102083E Kempten,BAYERN. THINKPAD 600.
Germany Karsten Friedemann on karsten.friedemann at 505926N0134489E Goppeln,SAXONY. Navilock NL208P.
Germany Karl-Heinz Ziegler on carrier92arcor at 484647N0085453E Renningen. Ambion BT112A.
Germany Altus Viljoen on altussafarika at 501302N0083831E Bad Homburg vd Hohe,HESSEN. GMAP76CS.
Germany Holger Witt on WittHlgWeb at 484692N0081281E Baden-Baden,BW. Navilock NL-302U.
Germany Soenke Koebke on skohoeft-wessel at 522518N0094961E Hanover,. Navman.
Germany Gabriel Barreiro on 2nd40tks-net at 484801N0090104E Leonberg,BADEN WURTZBERG. bu-353.
Germany Ines Kolland on ines-kollandweb at 482236N0105410E Augsburg,BAYERN. navibe ups sony.
Germany Astrid Dietrich on hddr-dietrich-hamburg at 533800N0100984E Hamburg. G50.
Germany Fritz Eckl on fritz.ecklgmx at 474580N0090992E Ueberlingen,BADEN. MagMerPlat.
Germany Martin Glötzl-Koch on gpssgrowngizmo at 484311N0104746E Donauwörth,BAVARIY. navilock bt-338.
Germany Clifton W Ward iii on cwwardemail.uophx at 493210N0083501E Viernheim,HESSAN. bc-337.
Germany Frank gerlinger on fgcromabase at 533646N0100297E Hamburg. navilock nl 208p.
Germany Uwe Schubert on ikuschubertweb at 512116N0121868E Leipzig,SAXONY. tomtom.
Germany Hagen Thus on hathgmx at 511919N0122263E Leipzig,SAXONIE. prolific usb.
Germany Stephan Feldmann on feldmannds-nord at 533067N0072848E Aurich,LOWER SAXONY. navilock 302u.
Germany Maik Frank on maik.frankt-online at 485576N0092373E Burgstetten,BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG. Getrex.
Germany Georg Bronat on bronatgmx at 533315N0100431E Hamburg,HAMBURG. nl-320u.
Germany Anatol Wiesner on sig346netscape at 523206N0132080E Berlin,BERLIN. sirf grf2i.
Germany Ralf Ruprecht on rruprechtarcor at 510138N0134554E Dresden,SAXONY. distefora navigator.
Germany Klaus Holzapfel on khkh44 at 513081N0065080E Oberhausen,NRW. GPS?
Germany Andreas Thaller on tripo48yahoo at 481100N0114700E Munich,BAYERN. gps75.
Germany Rolf Foerster on rolf.foersterweb at 523534N0131789E Berlin. gns 5830 bluetooth.
Germany Norman Steward on kaifu-taxent-online at 533821N0103131E Koberg,SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN. navilock nl209.
Germany Dr. Bernd Esser on bernd.essergmx at 504406N0070646E Bonn,NRW. t-mobile MDA compact iii.
Germany Dietmar Benner on dietmarbennerimail at 505055N0071284E Lohmar. qtek t-mobile mda pro.
Germany Kazuo Watanabe on ryorownifty at 522698N0131696E Berlin. PPC dg-100 (globalsat).
Germany Dirk Becker on dirk.beckerkkh-eckernfoerde at 542898N0094898E Eckernfoerde,SH. fujitsu siemens loox 830 t.
Germany Christian Lander on chrischrisla at 481447N0093914E Munderkingen,BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG. holoux gr-230xx.
Germany Jan Bretthauer on janbretthauer-online at 515832N0084426E Bielefeld,NRW. ipaq 3820.
Germany Lothar Ulrich on infogredt at 511987N0062249E Krefeld,NRW. activepilot.
Germany Edmund Wilhelm on at 484663N0085470E Renningen,BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG. palmone gps.
Germany Thomas Fichtner on thomas.fichtner at 505072N0125594E Chemnitz,. winetec wbt 201.
Germany Holger Stabenau on holger.stabenauweb at 513667N0071825E Castrop-rauxel. hi-204iii-usb.
Germany Maximilian Knoll on maximilian.knoll at 492354N0083589E Plankstadt,BAWÜ. tomtom.
Germany Gerald Lehmann on gelehmannt-online at 505121N0125674E Chemnitz,SAXONY. keomo.

2008 ...

Germany Andreas Kuhn on gpssppckuhn-hamburg at 533455N0100542E Hamburg,HAMBURG. dell axim x51v.
Germany David Shuman on dershu at 480418N0122164E Schnaitsee,BAVARIA. i.trek m5.
Germany Christian Beuschel on jar66mnet-online at 480570N0113953E Munich,BAVARIA. navilock.
Germany Juergen Klix on berlinjuergen-klix at 523275N0130784E Berlin,BERLIN. ibt-gps.
Germany Holger Neumann on neumann.holger at 480845N0112957E Munich,. holux 236.
Germany Thomas Gschweng on gschweng at 485467N0091327E Ludwigsburg,BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG. sysonchip sirf ii bluetooth gps.
Germany Mario Giner on mario.ginergenion at 493541N0110159E Erlangen,. medion md 95000.
Germany Josef Memmel on eleleljogmx at 490331N0102084E Dinkelsbühl,BAVARIA. noname.
Germany Alexander Buhrow on miro.1405web at 515149N0114253E Neugattersleben,SACHSEN ANHALT. i gps-m pro mtk 51, usb.
Germany Jan E. Henrick on ras.eric at 533316N0095516E Hamburg,HH. ibt 737.
Germany Majo Karthe on karthearcor at 510976N0133435E Weinboehla,. Holux M-241.
Germany Martin J. Hannappel on mjhannappelgooglemail at 540586N0120638E Rostock. ASUS MyPAL 686.
Germany Gunder Schmitt on gunder27gmx at 503088N0083655E Giessen,. xaiox wondeXL.
Germany JUERGEN REHBERG on koniadaarcor at 512902N0092217E Hofgeismar,HESSEN. iPAQ 214.
Germany Dave Melancon on melancondtks-net at 492213N0083188E Heidelberg,. .
Germany Dieter W. Sattler on DWSattlerwtnet at 533963N0100583E Hamburg,HAMBURG. Furuno (Marine).
Germany Ian Goulden on InGldnweb at 495098N0083029E Riedstadt,HESSEN. NAVILOCK NL-402U.
Germany Ulrich Weiss on uweiss-wht-online at 491081N0095126E Wolpertshausen - Hassfelden,BW. Wintec G-rays 1.
Germany Klaus Sketa on Klaus_metintasweb at 512092N0013164E Dresden,SAXONY. Holus M-1000.
Germany Bernd Kassühlke on bekassweb at 480605N0114736E Munich,BAVARIA. navgear.
Germany Christian Perk on karayaflygmx at 521929N0102813E Braunschweig,NIEDERSACHSEN. HTC Touch Pro.
Germany Steve Cairns on scairnsnetzero at 492638N0110536E Nuremberg,BAVARIA. PHAROS GPS-360.
Germany Andre Legrand on die.legrandsgooglemail at 533903N0100350E Hamburg,HAMBURG. Klicktel bluetooth.
Germany Olaf Kramer on olaf.kramerarcor at 495940N0093555E Lohr Am Main,. Navilock bt413.
GERMANY Wigbert Florian on WFlorianweb at 531835N0082907E Brake .
Germany Casimir Minder on cajobaltern at 485927N0120825E Regensburg,BAVARIA. Hama 00062723.

2010 ...

2011 & 2012 ...

Germany Mario Giner on mario.ginergenion at 493541N0110159E Erlangen,. medion md 95000.
Germany Josef Memmel on eleleljogmx at 490331N0102084E Dinkelsbühl,BAVARIA. noname.
Germany Wolfgang Buchner on wbuchner1freenet at 484856N0115402E Ingolstadt,BAVARIA. PGM111.

2013 ...

Germany Ingo Rudorff on ingorudorff at 480506N0114077E Munich,BAVARIA. Navilock NL-602U

* these people would be too modest to admit it, but Robin considers them experts in use of GPSS, including how to add more data. This is based on emails, so there may be others of equal expertise. Sorry if you were not included :-)

Typical abbreviations above are: EagleX = Eagle Explorer, EagleA = Eagle AccuNav, G45 = Garmin GPS45, etc. DF = Interest in Direction Finding. HAM = Amatuer Radio.

? - these are e-mail addresses which have failed. Please tell Robin any new address.