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Why so many "Lovelock" Geocaches ?

Updated 1400 Monday 12th November 2001

Robin Geocaches map Hi ! I originally set up this page to answer in more detail some basic questions like, "why has Robin and June planted so many geocaches ?", and "what are Robin's true motives ?", which appeared on the UK Geocaching Forum. This page also provides the means by which people can access the Lovelock cache information, so they may continue to visit the caches. Hopefully, in the longer term, this page will migrate to being a "UK Geocaching News" page, providing less controversial and more interesting information :-)

Geocaches hidden by Robin and June

On Monday 5th November 2001 all the Lovelock Geocaches were removed ("archived") from by Grounded Inc in USA, due to pressure from a group of Geocachers in the UK who regarded them as "commercial". The caches are still there, of course, but there is little point in publishing them unless visits to them are logged on sites such as, and

cache contents Most of the Geocaches hidden by us are very easy to find, and are usually large tupperware boxes full of low cost "goodies" including things like toys and books for children, batteries, CD, torches, and a disposable camera to take a picture of yourself - but to leave in the cache after your walk around nearby. We try to choose places that will be of interest to tourists, and plant caches likely to draw more people into buying a GPS and taking up geocaching.

Here are the methods by which you can access the Lovelock GeoCache information: