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Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland.

Updated Tuesday 19th June 2018

GPSS Users

Sending e-mail to Others with an Interest in GPS & GPSS

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
These are people who have used GPSS and may have a common interest with you.
If you would like to be added to the list, please e-mail
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There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

Andorra Brian Keep on at 423000N0013500E (approx.) La Massana. GPS2.

Austria Hans Comper on comperaon at 471232N0153447E on river 18km ne of Graz. GPS3.
Austria Karl Schneider on karl.schneiderhappnet at 463674N0141893E Klagenfurt. G45.
Austria Kurt Stenzel on at 475285N0134255E Linz. G45.
Austria Bernhard Moser on bernhardnetwing at 472645N0115371E Radfeld. G3+.
Austria Oliver Vagaja on edi.1gmx at 481222N0162103E Vienna. GEmap.
Austria Adrian weisweiller on weisweiller at 480375N0135391E St Anton, Austria.
Austria Franz Scherz on franz.scherzaon at 480673N0164158E town? G12map.
Austria Enrico Schuerrer on enricogmx at 480944N0162407E Vienna. Gemap.
Austria Kurt Reichel on kurt.reichelaon at 481519N0162477E Wien. Getrex.
Austria Wolf Auersperg on wolf-engelbrecht.auerspergt-online at 481206N0162191E Vienna. G12.
Austria Gerhard Hörak on gerhardhbigfoot at 474781N0130300E Salzburg. Getrex.
Austria Johannes HRAUDA on hardware3c.via at 481158N0162116E Vienna . RndMcN.
Austria Marker Anton on phoniegmx at 480689N0161636E Schremsgasse. Navipoint.
Austria Karl Mikulaschek on karlmikulaschek at 481824N0141606E Linz. G2+.
Austria Robert Langhammer on nice2cuaon at 474650N0130419E Salzburg. G36.
Austria Hermann Hummer on officemc-technik at 480004N0162815E Mitterndorf. BU-301.
AustriaFlorian Lagg on florianlagg at 472396N0105573E Lermoos. G2+.
Austria Walter Milowýz on walter.milowiztelering at 391980N0264186E (boat) Wien . Garmin.
Austria Cyril Dance on danceaon at 470287N0152826E Graz . M315.
Austria Christian Wolfger on wolfgerchello at 481095N0162160E Vienna. Getrex.
Austria Gerald Bindreiter on geb01gmx at 481469N0141684E Linz . HI 201E.
Austria Florian Gruber on flo4gmx at 481880N0163460E Vienna. RndMcN.
Austria Klaus-Peter Weissinger on kp.weissingerutanet at 481647N0134983E Stadt Haag . NaviLock 61121.
Austria Sascha Maslo on sascha.maslochello at 464830N0214480E Vienna. G35.
Austria Christian Hansbauer on c.h.aon at 472976N0115993E Salzburg. Haicom HI-203E.
Austria Johann Srienz on johann.srienzat.sibt at 463716N0141925E Klagenfurt. HI202E.
Austria Herbert Mayerboeck on at 481713N0160753E Tulbing . BU 303.
Austria Gottfried Gaisbauer on gottfried.gaisbaueraon at 480448N0141141E Rohr Oberösterreich. GPS?
Austria Roman Steindl on officenew-starch at 483664N0150971E Zwettl . Navilock BU-303T.
Austria Emmerich Lenz on e.lenztsn at 470726N0103732E Fließ. Prolific.
Austria Rainer Aglas on racyber-x at 475485N0134919E Enns N/A. Haicom HI-202E.
Austria Alexander Machold on macholdsbox.tugraz at 470527N0152734E Graz. Mouse USB.
Austria Aigi drei on aigi3 at 480457N0144917E Hausmening,AUSTRIA. Fortuna Bluetooth.
Austria Herbert Roemer on profsnape91hotmail at 480119N0161415E Vienna. GGeko201.
Austria Franz Kluppenegger on franz.kluppeneggernextiraone at 474809N0130092E SALZBURG. BU-303.
Austria Geert Boedt on geert_boedt at 481501N0161819E Vienna. Getrex.
Austria Benedikt Herndler on benni456gmx at 481499N0162578E Vienna. Gemap.
Austria Gerhard Mueller on gemua1 at 471806N0105731E Mieming,TIROL. BU-301.
Austria Mauracher Michael on muehle28 at 381523N0162438E Vienna,VIENNA. GPS Blootooth.
Austria Cel Tune on celtunegmx at 481413N0164927E Vienna,LASSEE. rikaline gps-6033.
Austria Ricardo Schaupenlehner on at 472483N0094495E Dornbirn,VORARLBERG. PS-1200.
Austria Bergur Hermanns Bergsson on bergurskarfur at 481410N0162513E Vienna,WIEN. G2.
Austria Thomas Zenz on tz0815 at 481821N0162170E Vienna,AT. qstarz.
Austria Markus Hell on herkusaon at 471401N0112015E Götzens,TIROL. ibt-gps.
Austria Julian Walton on j.waltona1 at 474831N0130303E Koppl,SALZBURG. tmobile ameo (htc).
Austria Alexander Holzinger on gpss] at 475627N0135086E Linz,UPPER AUSTRIA. ipaq hw6915.
Austria Martin Neumann on neumann_martinemc at 480608N0161811E Brunn Am Gebirge,LOWER AUSTRIA. dell latitude d630.
Austria Thomas Berner on bernertomyahoo at 475113N0130143E Salzburg,SALZBURG. BU-303.
Austria Kurt Bamacher on kurtbamacher at 48.001580 13.652570 Voecklabruck,UPPER AUSTRIA. ipaq 2210.
AUSTRIA Stephan STOERMER on stoeutanet at 480983N0162246E Vienna,VIENNA. Yakumo.
Austria Frank Farkas on frank.farkasaon at 481898N0132453E Hart,. Hama 62723.
Austria Herbert Lendl on herbert.lendlaon at 472646N0122310E Kitzbühel,TIROL. G3.
Austria Lothar E. Waechter on l.waechtercooperative at 481255N0162083E Vienna,. BU353.
Austria Chris Reiser on chris.reiser1968 at 481297N0161898E Vienna,VIENNA. Evermore CF-R 500 & Win3.1 !.

Estonia Argo Kirikal on at 591960N0243371E south west of Tallinn.
Estonia Tarmo Jurgens on at 582349N0243155E Parnu. MagTracker.
Estonia Jaanus Palm on jaanusprivador at 592158N0244552E Tallinn. M315.
Estonia Rein Kasak on at 592590N0244498E Tallinn. M4000XL.
Estonia Laur Laatspera on at 582257N0264369E Tartu. M315.
Estonia Valeri Ross on at 592550N0244660E Tallinn. G76.
Estonia Ivar Lindla on at 592480N0244213E Tallinn . MagMerG.
Estonia Andres Soojärv on at 582359N0264499E Tallinn. Getrex.
Estonia Andrew Wilson on at 592453N0243798E Tallinn . Holux GPS engine board.
Estonia Hanno Saks on at 582310N0242992E Paikuse PÄRNUMAA. Rikaline GPS-6010.
Estonia Karu Momm on at 581314N0262588E Tartu . BU-303.
Estonia Niki La on at 592837N0245052E Tallinn . Micronet SP3130.
Estonia Inno Tähismaa on at 592305N0244228E Tallinn,HARJU. Insmat BU-303.
Estonia Tarvo Stint on at 592321N0244326E Tallinn,HARJU. Altina USB.
Estonia Veikko Vilen on at 582206N0253669E Viljandi city,VILJANDIMAA. Globalsat BU-303 USB.
Estonia Margus Tohter on at 592416N0244166E Tallinn,HARJUMAA. BU-303.
Estonia Ulo Mets on at 592457N0243849E Tallinn. GPS18USB.
Estonia Teet Eltmaa on at 582242N0264632E Tartu. GGM308.
Estonia Mati Terve on at 592751N0243990E Tallinn,HARJU. Dell Axim x3+insmat sirf iii bt.
Estonia Eric Bowman on ericbowman at 591584N0244771E Killi,HARJUMAA. holux m215u.
Estonia Raivo Tilk on at 582353N0243263E Parnu,PARNU. GlobalSat BU-353.
Estonia Ott Köstner on at 592538N0244605E Tallinn,HARJUMAA. built in GD6000.

France Pascal Granger on granger.pwanadoo at 484590N0051052E BAR LE DUC Meuse. RndMcN. GPSS PARTNER
France Nicolas DELAPORTE on EDITROUEN at 4927000010511E (approx.) Rouen. GPSS PARTNER
France Jean-Francois Chouraqui on jfchouraclub-internet at 485335N0021917E Paris. G2+.
France Jean-Sebastian Deligny on 15x20x30csi at 485197N0022440E Paris. G2+.
France Dieter Brosamie on Tieter.Brosamiewanadoo at 431360N0060952E e of Toulon. G45 (on boat).
France Laurent Mangane on 100270.457 at 433678N0012623E Toulouse. G90. Satellites.
France Henri-Claude Bignon on hc.bignonwanadoo at 484198N0021944E Morengis. G45.
France Jean-Christophe le Liboux on jean-christophe.lelibouxwavecom at 484958N0021610E ? Issy. SiRF kit.
France Guy Saver on guy_saverhp at 452369N0054406E Vourey. G3+.
France Denis Dupuis on volcatouclub-internet at 453655N0241380E Saint Sauves. G12.
France Gerard Kitten on akittenclub-internet at 484123N0000975E Bures Sur Yvette. G2.
France Daniel Viotti on dviotti1 at 454549N0045087E Rhone. G12.
France Lucien Gerbaulet on lucgerbau at 500099N0040328E Fournies. G3+.
France Frere Roy on frereroytaize at 463076N0044044E Taize. G12CX.
France Francois Poronnet on Francois_Poronnet at 484911N0021923E Montrouge. G120.
France Jean-Paul Molina on mjeanpaulwannadoo at 450745N0052201E Seyssins. MagColTk.
France Kees Vonk on keesvonk at 434120N0065855E Le Bar-sur-Loup. G12.
France Jean Charles Hanotte on oradruinwanadoo at 502480N0013415E Berck. G12Map.
France Patrick Fourdrinier on patrick.fourdrinierwanadoo at 463555N0013163E Argenton. G3.
France Sebastian Prat on scprat at 485238N0021841E Paris. G2+.
France Christian Gandon on christianunimedia at 474402N0004880E Les Ponts de Ce. G12.
France Christian Mars on cmars at 485529N0020771E Montesson. G.St.Pil.
France Jean Marc Isola on jmisolajmisola at 484828N0021053E Paris. Gemap.
France Pierre Fallas on pierre.fallaswanadoo at 502227N0033309E St Saulve. Getrex.
France Stephane Layes on layeswanadoo at 490271N0032376E Chateau-Thierry. GStP.
France Denis Bonomo on mhzsrcwanadoo at 480073N0014260W Laille. Holux GM200.
France Christophe Seitier on christophe.seitierfree at 451374N0043958E Roilfieux. G3.
France Jean-Paul Cornec on jean-paul.cornecwanadoo at 484434N0032754W Lannion. G12.
France Gilles Metais on gpsoreka at 484967N0021625E Issy les Moulineaux. G12.
France Regis GREFFION on f1ioiifrance at 465942N0014806W MACHECOUL. GeTrex.
FranceYves Delesse on yvesdelesse at 491250N0065168E PETITE-ROSSELLE. M315.
France Charles PAUL on charlespaulwanadoo at 431583N0052398E Marseille. G2+.
France Cedric MARSOT on Cedric.Marsotfree at 483963N0021454E NOZAY. GEtrex.
France Jean-Marc Yzerman on jmyzermanresopharma at 492356N0031613E Pommiers . MLRSP24XC.
France Arnaud Boucher on arnaudbifrance at 430245N0060824E Verrieres le Buisson . MLRSP24XC.
France Eustache Stribit on e.stribithstcorp at 490655N0061053E Metz Moselle. MicroM-OEM.
France David Nachmias on david.nachmiasrocketmail at 461783N0060615E Versonnex Ain. G76M+G89+SkyBl.
France TANGUY Hervé on herve.tanguywanadoo at 475296N0032085W CLEGUER . HOLUX GM-200.
France Thierry VERGNE on vtconsulwanadoo at 484503N0021633E Verrieres le Buisson. G35.
France Guillaume Fougeres on guillaume.fougereslibertysurf1 at 433101N0052679E Aix en provence Bdr. RockJ.
France Marc Messeant on Marc.MEsseantworldnet at 490669N0022557E Luzarches. G12XL.
France Luc Rieu on Lrieu at 484207N0023566E Draveil. MsbXL.
France Claude H Cau on chcauworldnet at 483890N0014919E Saint Mandé . Getrex.
France Daniel Bleriot on danielbleriot at 484863N0021546E Clamart. G12.
France Ch Brechignac on brechouxfree at 485156N0021505E Boulogne. G2+.
France Franck Jonnon on at 484296N0021508E Palaiseau. MotoOncore.
France Franck JONNON on at 484296N0021508E Palaiseau. Motorola Oncore.
France Corre Bernard on correim3 at 434309N0044184E Fontvieille . MLRSP12.
France Devaud on waougfree at 474502N0032514W Lorient. G38.
France Jean Marc Devaud on waougfree at 474502N0032514W Lorient. G38.
France Jean Marc Devaud on waougfree at 474502N0032514W Lorient. G38.
France Robert Bayle on ROBBAYLEAOL.COM at 483837N0020432E Limours. G2+.
France Christiane Louis-Guerin on clouis.guerinwanadoo at 483656N0024762E Saint Brieuc. HOLUX.
France Guillet Jean Pierre on jhanerwanadoo at 490157N0021952E Beauchamp. G3+.
France Herve Crampon on h.cramponwanadoo at 455285N0061058E Veyrier du Lac. Getrex.
France Marc LE HEN on racoonclub-internet at 484817N0022486E Alfortville. MMGold.
France Göran Jarl on goran.jarlhaldex at 484315N0074660E Hoerdt. G45.
France Conti Franck on at 452781N0041797W Saint Genest Lerpt. Getrex.
France Jeff Esteve on jeff.estevewanadoo at 491401N0025374E Crepy en Valois. G3P.
France Viktor Braun on vhbworldonline at 431808N0052407E Marseille. M315.
France Matthieu michel on montmirailnetcourrier at 484810N0021063E Viroflay . MLR24.
France Gilles Garrouste on ggarrroustenetscape at 445026N0003878W Merignac . Tri-M.
France Cedric PUJOLS on pujecaramail at 444765N0003750W Bordeaux . Holux.
France Louis Dupont on louis.dupontfree at 502660N0031574E Beuvry la foret Nord. Micrologic ML-510.
France Bruno CHARLES on bcharlesrafi-france at 484980N0023625E Aubepierre . Holux GM-200.
France Godinho on dias10libertysurf at 463248N0060115E Morbier . MLRsp24.
France Denis Palacio on denis.palacioonline at 431519N0053516E Roquefort la Bedoule . MLRsp24xc.
France Lochet on diwalifree at 465870N0001696E nueil sous faye . GEtrex.
France Sebastien Delgrande on sdelgranworldnet at 491345N0011042E Louviers Eure. Holux GM-200.
France Jean-Yves ROBIN on f1fdawanadoo at 471157N0015612W Vue L-A. MLR Valsat 02.
France Michael Strom-Tejsen on Stromtejse at 433243N0051224E La Fare les Oliviers. NavimouseEZ.
France Nicolas Deleporte on kikinicodrome at 502146N0024525E Neuville St Vaast. HoluxUSB.
France François Garibaldi on fgaribaldiifrance at 484646N0021910E Bourg la Reine . HolluxGS200.
France David Mézière on davidmezierenerim at 483897N0022121E Morsang sur Orge . HI-302.
France René Massia on NEWALTAIRAOL.COM at 485392N0060753E Metz. HOLUX 200U.
France Max Sabourin on maxmaxserv at 485030N0021359E boulogne . MLR SP12X.
France Luc Gendre on lugendreforumsante at 483002N0045687E WASSY . GMap295G+3Pilot.
France Jean-Pierre TRZCIALKOWSKI on jptrzwanadoo at 433262N0062794E Draguignan . G48.
France Jean-Marie Prual on jean-marie.pruallcpc at 470924N0013873W Bouguenais Nantes. Getrex.
France Joel Villemont on villemontfree at 490074N0010435E St Sebastien . G12.
France Alain Menard on alaim.menardlaposte at 460896N0044652E Dracé. holux gm200.
France Philippe Herelle on philiprlwanadoo at 485006N0021719E Paris. Gemap.
France Remi Fiorilo on helifioyahoo at 423039N0011920E Frousins. G90.
France Philippe SARRA-BOURNET on philippe.sarrabournetgemplus at 431767N0053553E Aix en Provence. Gemap.
France Francois Cornaille on francois.cornaillewanadoo at 442346N0010941W Biscarrosse . Ashtech G8.
France Manu on manucqradio at 491922N0044878E Macon . MLR SP24XC.
France Philippe CHINA on china69club-internet at 453999N0045758E Mions . MagMer.
France Francois Adams on adamsiplfr at 445897N0012229E Issendolus . G76.
France Jaap Bossinade on jakob.bossinadewanadoo at 473205N0022137W Marzan Bretagne. GMap76S.
France Franck Feppon on frankbestone at 484460N0021373E Tassin . Deluo.
France Stephane Le Roy on leroy.stephanefree at 444534N0002946W Quinsac. expert gps.
France Michel Febvet on michel.febvetwanadoo at 482163N0065264E Etival. Holux 210.
France Artos Pal on artos.palworldonline at 431707N0052310E Marseille paca. Getrex.
France Guclu Sesoren on sesorenwanadoo at 502729N0025431E Harnes . Deluo serial.
France Emmanuel Hivet on emmanuel.hivetclub-internet at 455639N0044696E Trevoux . BU301.
France Stéphane Fardoux on stephanefardoux at 503734N0030901E Villeneuve d'Ascq . deluo.
France Robert Soubie on soubieatlantic-line at 444605N0003739W Gradignan. GlobalSat EM-401.
France Bruno Ghibaudo on g2inter at 430979N0062879E le Rayol . HoluxGM210.
France Marc Legrand on marcotwingomarcotwingo at 502827N0030459E Moncheaux . Navilock.
France Philippe Henninot on philippe.henninotwanadoo at 482902N0022094E LA FERTE ALAIS . Getrex.
France Stephane GRANDGIRARD on sgrandgirardwanadoo at 470364N0064043E Villers le Lac . G25+SV6.
France Richard Armspach on drchirawanadoo at 435977N0015238E Vieux . Model No: BU-303 USB.
France Jean-Francois VINCENT on jean.francois.vincentnoos at 485384N0021973E Paris . G12.
France Sébastien GIOVAGNOLI on sgiovagnolicgea at 454383N0045772E CHASSIEU . MGL-30R/U.
France MILLIAT JEAN CHRISTOPHE on jc.milliatorange at 453593N0051325E St Alban de Roche . MagMar.
France Alain Menard on alain.menardlaposte at 463615N0043257E Dracé . holux gm200 usb.
France Boris Politi on bpolitikalya-partners at 491495N0040085E Reims . HI-204E.
France Jean-Christophe Ossola on cossolaclub-internet at 484771N0023033E Paris. MSpTrk.
France Jean-François Lefebvre on f6gbrlaposte at 492635N0011286E Ymare . Holux 230.
France Gerard CHARTIER on chartig at 483343N0022610E MENNECY ESSONNE. Blue tooth.
France Rios Jacques on jsoiroreka at 432099N0031333E BEZIERS . GPS Mouse USB.
France Bernard LEVANT on blevantriwanadoo at 491871N0003780W RYES . MagMerMar.
France Amaury Jacquot on sxpertesitcom at 451278N0054591E Corenc . G16.
France ATTARD Michaël on m.attardlaposte at 501693N0024713E Arras . Getrex.
France Gérard NUGUES on g.nuguesfree at 484875N0022503E Alfortville . Getrex.
France Marc LECROSNIER on marc.lecrosnierfree at 485913N0021414E Franconville . Getrex.
France PELOSO Michel on voley12worldonline at 484992N0022425E Paris . HAICOM HI-204E.
France Maurice Roccon on maurice.rocconwanado at 455993N0043707E RIVOLET. Meridan Marine.
France Urrengoechea on j-m.urrengoecheawanadoo at 434387N0001438W Le vignau . .
France Lang Sacha on sachalangyahoo at 473152N0072865E Hagenthal le Bas . Dconnex DC-0103.
France F.j.meijer on f.j.meijerwanadoo at 502555N0020135E Wambercourt PAS DE CALAIS. GPS?
France Jean-Paul WEIBEL on jeanpaulweibelfree at 433853N0065873E GRASSE PACA. Getrex.
France Thierry Robert on trobertfreesurf at 484745N0021543E Clamart FRANCE. LEADTEK 9531.
France Bertrand Mazieres on bmaziereslibertysurf at 490620N0061292E Nancy . Holux GM210.
France Gerard Allart on gerard.allart1tiscali at 500237N0030947E Villers-guislain *. Rikaline bluetooth 6030.
France Serge Moulront on serge.moulrontvoila at 510231N0022386E TETEGHEM NORD. Royaltek BT3000.
France Jean Francois Martin on jf.martinfree at 443070N0061844E Gif sur Yvette IDF. Gmap 76S.
France Marc Lécuyer on marcmaxicreen at 484515N0021814E Bourg la Reine . Holux GR-230.
France Thierry MORZADEC on tmorzadecwanadoo at 480486N0044758W Laval . NAVILOCK BU-303.
France Pierre JACQUEMIN on pierre.jacqueminwanadoo at 484884N0021936E Montrouge . Getrex.
France Michel Girard on quipe42ifrance at 452663N0043090E Saint Chamond . Gemap.
France Graham Kirby on grkirbywanadoo at 463100N0003583W St. Laurs . MagSpTrk.
France Flandrin Samuel on samlolowandoo at 485112N0021775E Päris . Asus BT100.
France Cyrille BERNIZET on zeb71wanado at 463854N0045201E SENNECEY LE GRAND. BU-303.
France Jean Neutre on neutre99wanadoo at 484234N0022801E Montgeron,. Kirrio BT.
France Robert Mauran on robert.maurantele2 at 434931N0054743E Manosque. Navilock BU313.
France Soutoul Patrice on soutoulpclub-internet at 433345N0013146E St Orens. Getrex.
France Antonio Pereira on apereira1free at 483100N0015062E Ablis. G72.
France Jean-Marc TYCHYJ on rainbow45free at 474108N0014645E Orleans. MLR SP 24 XC.
France Pieter Cramwinckel on pcramwinckelwanadoo at 462385N0063829E Maxilly sur Leman,HAUTE SAVOIE. Haicom CF 302-E.
France Patrick tranchant on jurassik.patfree at 482967N0020491E Boissy le Sec,ILE DE FRANCE. MagSpTrk.
France François ASSROUR on francois.assrourwanadoo at 485035N0020762E La Celle-Saint-Cloud. BU-303 USB 1.1.
France Jack Candles on neoboardmail333 at 484680N0022013W Rosny,HAY. Motorola T432X.
France Roger DAVID on r.davidinfonie at 485357N0022300E Paris. BONA Computech GPS USB.
France Bob Taylor on bobsmarttech-ww at 431388N0024050E Castelnau d'aude,AUDE. dconnex bu303.
France Martin Winyard on martingintronic at 431611N0025400E Narbonne,AUDE. Fortuna clip-on.
France Guillaume Calais on guillaume.calaisfree at 460028N0041726E ,RHONE. Gforetrex101.
France Francois DISSAIT on fdissaitwanadoo at 453166N0031761E Parentignat,. ToTom Bluetooth.
France Philippe Thauvin on philippe.thauvinfree at 475539N0001093E Arnage,PAYS DE LOIRE. GM-307.
France Sébastien Lacroix on seb.lacroix2wanadoo at 455280N0003167E Saint-brice sur vienne,HAUTE-VIENNE. bu-303.
France Guy CARLIER on aajcdfyahoo at 503676N0030648E LEZENNES,NORD. G2.
France Yahn Le Prettre on yleprettrefree at 434135N0003344W Hagetmau,LANDES. evermore.
France Francis ROCH on f6aiu at 474050N0054575E VILLERS-VAUDEY,FRANCHE-COMTE. Getrex.
France Etienne Nirrengarten on etienne.nirrengartentele2 at 455856N0072334E Goetzenbruck,LORRAINE. EverMore GM-307.
France Alain Coupet on coupet.alainlaposte at 433493N0011933E Toulouse,HAUTE GARONNE. HI-240E usb.
France Glyn GOODALL on goodallsm.u-bordeaux2 at 445077N0003523W Bordeaux,GIRONDE. HOLUX GPSlim 236.
France Philippe Darchy on philippe.darchywanadoo at 482822N0023037W Saint Brieuc. Globalsat BT338.
France Hervé LEFAIX on at 482124N0041545W Brest. Holux GR213u.
France Remi Barrier on rsbarrierwanadoo at 484899N0021904E Montrouge. GeMap.
France Jeroen van Dijk on floroenneuf at 433500N0012705E Toulouse,MIDI PYRENEES. Holux GM-210.
France Rene Thys on rene.thyswanadoo at 431317N0054826E Toulon,VAR. Globalsat bt 338.
France Patrice PETIT on occazzfree at 481405N0040925E TROYES. HAICOM HI 204E.
France Richard mason on masonrwanadoo at 482169N0025350W Lanfains,BRITTANY. Evermore GM-R700.
France Peter Bourne on pmbpost at 461860N0060180E Echenevex,. Evermore GM-R305 with USB.
France Robert Laluk on Lalukfree at 480961N0045889E Wittenheim,ALSACE. CF.
France Trevor Duckworth on at 454277N0005478E Champagnac La Riviere,HAUTE VIENNE. Getrex.
France Stephane Degunst on stephane.degunstmaileva at 485205N0022493E PARIS,. Heicom HI-204 III.
France Habel karim on dragonhelt at 433741N0070276E Nice,PACA. adapt ad700.
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France J-Luc Delon on jeanluc.delonfree at 434351N0034890E Montpellier,HERAULT. Holux-GR230.
France Bruce Bracken on brucebrackensinfrance at 490184N0012213E Ménilles,HAUTE NORMANDIE. XLOC 266 Sirf III.
France Thomas Lextrait on thomaslextrait at 512466N0004050W Antibes. GPS?.
France Didier Sorin on didiersorinorange at 493860N0001357W Tourlaville,MANCHE. Gforetrex 201.
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LatviaJanis Zvirgzds on at 565715N0240483E Riga. Motorola.
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Latvia Andrey Saiko on at 565775N0240112E Riga . GeMap.
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Switzerland Hans Nafzger on hb9aqzamsat at 472702N0083490E near Zurich.
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