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GPSS Users

Sending e-mail to Others with an Interest in GPS & GPSS

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
These are people who have used GPSS and may have a common interest with you.
If you would like to be added to the list, please e-mail
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There are many GPSS users in the World - these are a few you may contact directly.

Belgium Eric Pieters on eric.pietersexgate.tek at 505281N0042745E Bruxelles. Gemap.
Belgium Benny Verelst on benny.verelstvillage.uunet at 511522N0040683E w of Antwerpen. G12.
Belgium Bert Weis on bweismail.dma at 511332N0042427E Antwerpen. G2+.
Belgium Peter Dooms on peter.doomsskynet at 504712N0032047E Zwevegem. G12XL.
Belgium Koen Vanootegheim on vanootegheim.hallumiezvillage.uunet at 511106N0030107E Oudenburg. GPS on loan.
Belgium Paul Reisch on paul.reischwanadoo at 505220N0042221E Brussels. G12XL.
Belgium Tom Knockaert on tokiomail at 504980N0031696E Kortrijk. G35.
Belgium Johan Naert on globalpandora at 505035N0031146E Gullegem. Toms G35.
Belgium David Blankley on david.blankleypandora at 510174N0042894E Mechelin. G2+.
Belgium Jacques Schroeder on jschroederfreegates at 493571N0054933E Messancy. G2+.
Belgium Luc Buelens on luc.buelensvandeweghe at 511371N0042834E Deurne. Leadtek90.
Belgium Rik Schmitz on ON5GJvillage.uunet at 505816N0054112E Maasmechelin. Bosch?
Belgium Ivan Deleus on ivan.deleusfreebel at 510212N0043004E Sint-Katelijne-Waver. G3+.
Belgium Peter Verheyden on pverheydenfreegates at 503985N0042523E Lasne. G3+.
Belgium Richard Firley on richard.firleypandora at 510903N0042730E Edegem. TrimSK8.
Belgium Phil Verlinde on phil.katyavillage.uunet at 504508N0033588E Ronse. G3+.
Belgium Fred Heynen on nananetpoconos at 503663N0053328E Liege. GM38.
Belgium Christophe de Wagter on de_wagter at 510589N0033769E Ghent. G3+.
Belgium Jan v den Broeck on jan.vandenbroeckpandora at 511920N0045520E Turnhaut. Getrex.
Belgium Luc Smeets on luc.smeetspandora at 511371N0043284E Wijnegen. GPS Locator.
Belgium Danny Geyssens on danny.geyssensvillage.uunet at 511141N0033486E Eeklo. G12.
Belgium Jacques Debouche on jacques.deboucheyucom at 504895N0042610E Brussels. Gemap.
Belgium Tataru Nicolae on tataruucb-group at 504171N0042092E Braine l'Alleud. M315.
Belgium Francois Parie on francois.pariegiantsteps at 511047N0045009E Herentals. Gemap.
Belgium Thiery Moens on thiery.moensadvalvas at 504520N0041572E Aartselaar. Getrex.
Belgium Tanguy v d Walle on tvwswing at 493725N0054303E Mei-le-Tige. MLRSP12X.
Belgium Ralph de Been on ralphdebeen at 505357N0042820E Zaventem. G3P.
Belgium Kris Rotsaert on k.rotsaertworldonline at 511077N0031366E Bruges. G12.
Belgium Nick Groené on Nick.GroeneAdvalvas at 510424N0042202E Oudenaarde. GeMap.
Belgium Hughes Bouche on hughesbskynet at 502796N0045288E Namur. GeTrex.
Belgium Yvan van Welden on yvan.vanweldencompaq at 505577N0043102E Steenokkerzeel. G35.
Belgium Iris De Coster on iris.decosterthti.telindus at 505181N0044548E Korbeek-Lo. G12.
Belgium Jean-Paul MARECHAL on jpmayucom at 502097N0052736E DURBUY . G12.
Belgium Roland den Roover on rollyeastjava at 510217N0034443E Ledeberg. TrimbleSM.
Belgium Daniel Grajchen on daniel.grajchenpandora at 510201N0052925E Houthalen n/a. G12XL.
Belgium Roelandt Rudy on airunitinfonie at 503735N0045949E Wasseiges. GeMap.
Belgium Willain Pascal on willaincapliberte at 504350N0042390E Waterloo . M320.
Belgium Erik Van Lierde on at 511076N0041930E Hemiksem. Haicom HI-202.
Belgium William Vorage on wimvorage at 511153N0050196E Geel . M320.
Belgium Frederic Claeys on frederic.claeyschello at 505204N0042217E Brussels. G12.
Belgium Wim Praet on wpraet1planetinternet at 510426N0034540E Sint- Amandsberg . Holux GM-200.
Belgium Wim Verlinden on wim.verlindenpandora at 511814N0043444E Brecht. Getrex.
Belgium Dirk Lammens on dirk.lammenseuronet at 511293N0025599E Oostende. MagMerG.
Belgium Michel VAN DAMME on mvdmichelpi at 505538N0052085E Hasselt . HoluxGM200.
Belgium Danny Verkuringen on Danny.Verkuringenskynet at 505640N0052015E Hasselt . M6000XL.
Belgium Christophe Scholiers on cscholiersram at 510054N0043934E Brussels. Jupiter.
Belgium Patrick Van Limbergen on vonseppenburgskynet at 511382N0051856E Lommel. HoluxGM200.
Belgium Koen D'Hondt on kdhondtxs4all at 510908N0042827E Hove Antwerp. HI-202E(USB).
Belgium Stefan THYS on stefan.thyswol at 503941N0050783E Lens-St.-Remy LIEGE. HOLUX GM-200 USB.
Belgium Patrick DUBUFFET on patrick.dubuffetskynet at 503441N0052727E Huy. PRETEC.
Belgium Eric Vanhemens on eric.vanhemenspandora at 504998N0032887E Anzegem. G44.
Belgium Eric Feremans on meesterichot;mail at 511714N0045060E Lauwe wvl. G2.
Belgium Milos Zarkovic on mzarkoveunet.yu at 505105N0042704E Brussels. MMSpoTrakM.
Belgium Walter Huwels on walter.huwelsyucom at 510191N0041912E Bornem. G76M.
Belgium François BEAUMONT on zefranciscaramail at 501874N0045656E Purnode . HI-201EN
Belgium Carl Vandoorne on carl.vandoornepandora at 505228N0044305E Leuven Brabant. BU301.
Belgium Patrick Cohn on patricksystech at 505235N0042500E Brussels. HI-202E.
Belgium Eric Evers on eric.eversattglobal at 505389N0044733E Linden. HI-202E.
Belgium Ivo Legon on ivo.legonskynet at 505479N0041926E Ekeren (Antwerp) . Holux.
Belgium Ramon Nieva on gpssnieva at 504976N0042459E Brussels. Getrex.
Belgium Stefaan Van der Eecken on stefvdeeckenfreegates at 505371N0040449E Denderleeuw. G2+.
Belgium Dirk Provoost on stayammans at 510451N0023596E Oostduinkerke. Deluo USB.
Belgium Hans Moens on hans.moensbelgacom at 510111N0040637E Dendermonde. Holux GM200.
Belgium Eric Van Tuerenhout on ericalfasys at 510090N0042677E Hombeek. BU-301.
Belgium Luc Henderieckx on luc.henderieckxpandora at 510751N0042822E Kontich. Gmap196.
Belgium Rudiger Vanden Driessche on ruudoleoskynet at 511095N0033565E Eeklo. HAICOM HI-202S.
Belgium Michael Hendeles on gpss] at 504781N0042049E Brussels. HAICOM CF302.
Belgium Wouter Dobbelaere on wdobbel at 505854N0034628E Merelbeke. Getrex.
Belgium Jean-Marie masco on jeanmarie.mascoskynet at 505859N0044886E Aarschot . M6000.
Belgium Carlo Nulens on carlo.nulenspandora at 505516N0052005E Hasselt . HI-203E.
Belgium Johnny Vandekerckhove on johnvandek at 505872N0033174E Deinze OVL. Leadtek.
Belgium Yves Burléon on yves.burleonskynet at 503916N0054938E Battice Liège. Holux GM 251.
Belgium Johan Bosman on johan.bosmantijd at 510075N0040910E Lebbeke . SanJose.
Belgium Ardeel Geert on ageepodor at 511892N0031811E Knokke-Heist EU. HI-202E.
Belgium Robert Lindekens on robert.lindekensskynet at 510585N0054157E Neeroeteren. Royaltek.
Belgium Karl Herrebout on karlherrebout at 505126N0031598E Kuurne -. HI-201S.
Belgium Luc Janssen on at 510925N0045950E Geel . FAC MG-30 (
Belgium Dirk van Rompuy on dirkvanrompuy at 510200N0043934E Grasheide . M320.
Belgium Kristof Eykens on gpss] at 511919N0045590E Turnhout Antwerpen. G12.
Belgium Peter Muyshondt on easycrdmaker at 510540N0041398E Bornem Antwerpen. Hi-203E.
Belgium Davy Verbraekel on davy.verbraekelpandora at 505518N0035582E Erpe-Mere. HI-202E Haicom.
Belgium Steve Guns on Blizzpandora at 510266N0042819E Mechelen. Haicom HI-202E.
Belgium Nat Deryckere on nderyckere at 503311N0032166E Desselgem. H202E.
Belgium Mathieu Beckers on mathieu.beckerspandora at 505358N0053605E Lanaken. Getrex.
Belgium Krispijn Schuyesmans on kripsskynet at 510625N0043846E Berlaar . GPS?.
Belgium Kesbeke Jacques on jacques.kesbekeskynet at 510863N0035725E Lokeren . Hi-203E.
Belgium Jan Van Damme on jan.v.dammeskynet at 510913N0040158E Sinaai-Waas. HAICOM.
Belgium Danny Vercammer on danny.vercammerpandora at 505066N0042831E Kraainem. RGM2000.
Belgium Walter de Schutter on wdscimbol at 511433N0045165E Poederlee . u2.
Belgium Erik Servaes on erik.servaesskynet at 511198N0042568E Berchem Antwerpen. selfmade.
Belgium Rik Vanhoenacker on rik.vanhoenackerskynet at 510406N0034143E Gent . MMerGold.
Belgium Eric Zwiekhorst on eric.zwiekhorsttiscali at 504215N0051602E Waremme . Hicom HI-202E.
Belgium Peter Guns on peter.gunsugent at 510157N0034381E Gent -. Rockwell Jupiter TU30-D140.
Belgium Bart Vos on bart.vospandora at 511294N0050670E Mol Antwerp. Haicom 202e.
Belgium Paul van der Vleuten on paul.vleutentiscali at 511926N0045279E Vosselaar . Haicom HI-203E.
Belgium Guy Orban on guy.orban1pandora at 511304N0025441E Oostende. GPS?
Belgium Ca-Mel on camelseller9 at 511783N0033124E Brecht Antwerp. haicom 202e.
Belgium Dirk Everaet on dirk.everaetpandora at 505015N0034111E Horebeke EAST-FLANDERS. Rockwell.
Belgium Manuel RODRIGUEZ on mrccswing at 505860N0043047E Noduwez . Prolific USB.
Belgium Marc Govaerts on marcdecomputerspecialist at 511116N0042323E Antwerpen. BU-303 usb.
Belgium Eric Borremans on eric-gpssborremans at 505016N0042653E Bruxelles . Fortuna GPSmart Bluetooth.
Belgium Dirk Smet on smet.rafpi at 510967N0040845E Sint-Niklaas VLAANDEREN. G12Map.
Belgium Paul Desmet on paul.desmet1pandora;be at 511250N0042015E Zwijndrecht ANTWERP. Gemap.
Belgium Dirk Vanderbemden on amblinpandora at 505215N0050944E Nieuwerkerken LIMBURG. DConnex BU-303.
Belgium Abde AISSI on abderahman.aissiclub-internet at 505003N0042116E Bruxelles . GPS?.
Belgium Vervaet Geert on billy70pi at 511035N0045374E Olen ANTWERPEN. Haicom HI-202E.
Belgium Dirk Charlier on decharre at 504756N0043612E Evere VLAAMS-BRABANT. HI-202E.
Belgium Bruno Van Leuvenhaege on brunovlpandora at 511427N0040918E Zandhoven . HI-203E.
Belgium Waegebaert Jürgen on jwaegebaertpandora at 505463N0031502E Ingelmunster . FalcomSTEPP.
Belgium Jean-Pierre Van Dormael on JP.VANDORMAELSKYNET.BE at 504052N0044393E Chaumont-Gistoux . Getrex.
Belgium Guido vandekerckhove on vdkhpandora at 505943N0053156E Genk . rn202.
Belgium Jos Plevoets on plejotiscali at 505242N0051418E Kozen LIMBURG. Navilock BU-303.
Belgium Eric Moeskops on eric.moeskopsskynet at 504576N0053138E Tongeren . USB MOUSE.
Belgium Gergely Juhasz on juhaszgergely at 502088N0045662E Leuven . Fortuna U2 Serial.
Belgium Hans Andriese on hansandriese at 505816N0044510E Rotselaar . Haicom 204E PS2.
Belgium VERHELLE Mario on on4cmvskynet at 510751N0031923E BEERNEM W.VL.. Getrex.
Belgium Ernst Sittig on ernstsittig at 511855N0045052E Beerse . Holux GM-210.
Belgium Orije Johan on 4orjo1telenet at 505688N0051594E Kermt LIMBURG. Deluo GM-305.
Belgium Johnny De Jonghe on De.Jonghe.Johnnypandora at 510670N0041959E Niel ANTWERP. HI-202E.
Belgium Pierre Catoul on pierre.catoulsiemens at 510217N0043316E Bonheiden. G100.
Belgium Jerome HARLAY on at 504912N0042378E Bruxelles. GGeko201.
Belgium Blasco-Valseca Victor on victor.blasco.valsecaskynet at 504996N0042638E Brussels. Globalsat BU-303.
Belgium De Vylder Luc on lucdevylderpro.tiscali at 510988N0042554E Edegem,ANTWERPEN. Haicom 202E.
Belgium Danny Vandevijvere on infovtsxpress at 509268N0032530E Ingelmunster. G17.
Belgium John Maftei on j.mafteitiscali at 510969N0040283E Sinaai. Getrex.
Belgium Patrick Vandervorst on Beaconlight.cottagetiscali at 511767N0030451E Wenduine,WEST-VLAANDEREN. gm307.
Belgium Peter Ross on peteremailross at 505205N0044203E Leuven,VLAAMS-BRABANT. Getrex.
Belgium Wim de bruyn on wim_debruynpandora at 511404N0050686E Dessel,ANTWERPEN. HOLUX GM210.
Belgium Bram kortleven on bramantwerpen at 505900N0043281E Antwerpen,ANTWERPEN. BU-303.
Belgium Ronny Geebelen on Ronny.geebelenbelgacom at 510965N0052222E Hasselt,LIMBURG. BU303.
Belgium Francis Tillemans on francis.tillemansfree at 504783N0042430E Boitsfort,BRUSSELS. XAIOX X3.
Belgium Maarten Van Baelen on zopsted at 504926N0031560E Kortrijk,WESTVLAANDEREN. HI-202S.
Belgium Laurens Behaeghe on laurensbehaeghe at 504897N0045353E Boutersem,VLAAMS-BRABANT. G5.
Belgium Stefaan Enghien on stef.pcskynet at 510563N0034585E Gent,OOST-VLAANDEREN. BR-305.
Belgium Jacques Vandeperre on silvermolly at 504449N0040029E Galmaarden,BRABANT. Royaltek.
Belgium Mathieu Roelands on infostruif at 511514N0043238E 's Gravenwezel,ANTWERP. Navilock nl-208p.
Belgium Morisse Frans on jonardf at 503027N0044342E Bruxelles,BRUXELLES. Foretrek 201.
Belgium Walter Van Ooteghem on walter.van.ooteghemtelenet at 503441N0044504E Deinze,EASTERN FLANDERS. Acer n30.
Belgium Paul Van Remortel on paul-van-remortelpandora at 511564N0044748E Turnhout,ANTWERPEN. Microsoft USB.
Belgium Eric vanden Driessche on eric-vandendriesscheskynet at 511563N0031338E Brugge,WEST VLAANDEREN. hi-204iii-usb.
Belgium Jan Houben on jan.houbenversateladsl at 505937N0052953E Genk,LIMBURG. sanav gl-50s.
Belgium Ian Davies on ianandmicky at 502984N0035968E Obourg,WALLONIA. qtek 2020i smartphone.
Belgium Jan Neeskens on janneeskens at 511360N0051800E Lommel. iPAQ rx5935+sirfstariii.
Belgium Peter Blanckaert on peter.blanckaertugent at 491748N0004870W Gent,OOST-VLAANDEREN. tripmate.
Belgium Sandy Sanderson on sandyandsheilaskynet at 504045N0042052E Ophain. hp ipaq h2200.
Belgium Wim Becks on wim.becksoce at 505339N0045546E Brussels,. ipaq2200.
Belgium Berry Van Der Looij on bolleke64 at 511872N0042843E Brasschaat,ANTWERPEN. versaview 1500p.
Belgium Jacques Dhondt on jackbeljackbel at 504787N0042519E Watermael-boitsfort,BRABANT. ipaq hx2795b.
Belgium Pierre Van Hove on infoalltexfashion at 511476N0032673E Brussels,VLAAMS BRABANT. .
Belgium Geert Verhoeven on rawlinson1836 at 510694N0035001E Lochristi,OOST-VLAANDEREN. garmin geko 301.
Belgium Jef Vervisch on jefvisarcon at 511418N0025696E Bredene,WEST-VLAANDEREN. emtaccruxii.
Belgium Pieter Celis on pietercelis at 510725N0042992E Lint,ANTWERP. holux gpslim236.
Belgium Nico De Buck on at 510508N0034663E OOSTAKKER,OOST VLAANDEREN. haicom.
Belgium Jef Vervisch on zeftje at 511195N0025543E Oostende,WEST-VLAANDEREN. Emtax CruxII.

Holland Peter de Blecourt on pe1mxvardfnlmon at 515697N0043417E Capelle. G12XL. DF.
Holland Casper Hoefman on thedukepcint at 520768N0060920E 16 km south east of Apeldoorn.
Holland Sandor Kruise on digitechcuci at 505255N0055306E Klimmen nr Maastricht. G?. Digitech
Holland Klaas Knol on kjaknolfreemail at 525743N0055248E Heerenveen. G12. NT.
Holland Arie Barendrecht on a.barendrechtdzh.rws.minvenw at 515394N0042643E Dordrecht. G12. Ham.
Holland Pim Servaas on at 520658N041959E Zoetermeer. G12.
Holland Jan de Buck on debuckiae at 513123N0052859E Son. G3.
Holland Bert Oosterom on rdffoxhunting at 520794N0043917E Alphen. SanJ38. DF Site
Holland Jan Pasterkamp on j.pasterkampworldonline at 523972N0053580E Urk. G3. Sells PCs.
Holland Dick de Vries on dickvrimetech at 522594N0044691E Westzaan. G12. Radio Ham.
Holland Terry Baker on wrestlerworldonline at 522455N0045576E Amsterdam. G3.
Holland Hugh Evans on hevansxs4all at 521111N0042994E Leiden. Mag3000.
Holland Rob Laden on rladendds at 521109N0042847E Oegstgeest. G3.
Holland Jan-Dirk Schuitemaker on jandirks at 521044N0054034E Stroe. G12.
Holland Roelf Renkema on postmastergrijsmon at 530194N0053945E Low.Glo.100.
Holland Fred Willemse on fredwbart at 515505N0042550E Rotterdam. G2+.
Holland Nico Heemskerk on nico.heemskerkedu.han at 514972N0054825E Nijmegan. G3.
Holland Rob Lucas on robmantelebyte at 414869N0054760E Nijmegan. G12.
Holland Daniel Karrenberg on danielkarrenberg at 522130N0045615E Amsterdam. Tripmate.
Holland Robert Putz on rjputzhetnet at 520821N0042720E Voorschoten. G38.
Holland Jan Sellis on jan.selliswxs at 522987N0060528E Hattem. G12. Mountains.
Holland Maurits Zandbergen on mzandbergenram at 520765N0050239E Maarsen. G2+.
Holland Joeri Blauw on j.blauwhccnet at 521849N0050273E Weesp. G12XL.
Holland Jack Slager on slagerjnwxs at 515480N0051994E Buren. G12map.
Holland Mark Dinnissen on m.h.dinnissenwxs at 514279N0055451E St Agatha. G3+.
Holland Daniel Hofman on d.hofmanbureau.rug at 531953N0062999E Groningen. M2000XL.
Holland Joop Klassen on joop_klassenagilent at 523251N0050207E Tilburg. G3.
Holland Idso Brouwer on ibrouwercisco at 523985N0051275E Venhuizen. Tripmate.
Holland Ivan Ferrol on i.ferroliname at 515478N0042882E Rotterdam. G12. Mother.
Holland Rob Pension on rpensionwish at 512206N0051503E Hapert. G.Emap.
Holland Jac Lardenoije on lardenoyknmg at 521350N0044038E Leimuiden. Etak Jep.
Holland Ferry Rietveld on ferry.rietveldplanet at 521940N0050711E Muiderberg. G3P. DF.
Holland Arie Petrus on aj.petruschello at 522241N0050915E Almere. G2.
Holland Marcel vd Lans on mvdlanswanadoo at 520033N0041485E Honselersdijk. G3.
Holland Peter Barkey on pete_angelique at 521247N0050527E Loosdrecht. G Etrex.
Holland Roger Evers on r.eversblick at 513916N0045235E Oosterhout. Earthmate.
Holland Paul Soeteman on suehetnet at 520352N0051636E Driebergen. RndMcN.
Holland Henri Westerkamp on henriwesxs4all at 522146N0043735E Heemstede. M315.
Holland Richard Beijer on rbeijerxs4all at 520389N0050653E Soest. G2+.
Holland Nigel Jack on nigel.jackwxs at 515998N0064485E Winterswijk. G3+.
Holland Gerard Truschel on ltruschel at 522341N0045533E Amsterdam. G3.
Holland Jan Holema on jan.holemaplanet at 522423N0045015E Amsterdam. G12.
Holland Robert Siegel on bobiekey at 522244N0045268E Amsterdam. G12.
Holland Richard Dennemans on Richard.Dennemansemtec-industrial at 513321N0054161E Genert. GEmap.
Holland Luc Peerdeman on l.peerdemanzonnet at 515458N0043130E Rotterdam. G12XL.
Holland Theo Helmerhorst on theohelmerhorsthetnet at 530805N0062564E Roden. G12CX.
Holland Roel Haazelager on hasta.roelsolcon at 521265N0051761E Baarn. TinyTrack.
Holland Bas Kluiters on b.m.kluitersbigfoot at 514190N0051769E 's-Hertogenbosch. G100.
Holland Jeroen Martens on martensprosys at 523451N0063734E Hardenberg. Etrax.
Holland Marinus v d Heijden on marinus.vanderheijdencompaq at 513737N0050993E Biezenmortel. Getrex.
Holland Leo Hoek on lahoekworldonline at 520929N0044631E Nieuwkamp. G12.
Holland Jan Verkerk on jc.verkerkfreeler at 521054N0051711E Soest. G12XL.
Holland Kees Dollekaus on kwdollekknmg at 512515N0052104E Veldhoven. G2+.
Holland R van Vliet on vliehartworldonline at 520604N0042409E Leidschendam. M320.
Holland Paul Koot on kootdata4 at 520636N0050139E Vleuten. G3+.
Holland Ad de Laat on laat25zonnet at 514002N0052841E Schijndel. G12XL.
Holland Michael Verhaegh on michaelskylight at 513185N0042940E Roosendaal. G126.
Holland Jan Burggraaf on heimfreeler at 523134N0044315E Mijdrecht. RndMcN.
Holland Bob Walberg on b.r.walbergchello at 522090N0045863E Dieman. RndMcN.
Holland Jack Kempen on j.kempen12move at 515633N0053150E Crijk. G38.
Holland Allard v Wallene on wallenehetnet at 520234N0042399E Nootdorp. G2.
Holland Rob Lucas on robmantelebyte at 514874N0054766E Nijmegan. G12.

Holland Nico Bilardie on n.bilardiequicknet at 524236N0051753E Enkhuizen. MLRSP12X.
Holland Dick Rademaker on dickdickymon at 521746N0045211E Amstelveen . Getrex.
Holland Lucas Schansman on Schansmanmicrotoolsmon at 520807N0050304E Maarssen . Getrex.
Holland Stefan van Melis on stefanintemo at 512834N0054027E Helmond. SG-104.
Holland Jack Kempen on J Kempen12move at 514389N0055252E Cuijk. G12.
Holland Bas Zwartkruis on bas.zwartkruisalcatel at 514975N0040852E Hellevoetsluis. MLR SP24.
Holland Gerard Campschreur on gerard.campschreurfreeler at 515313N0055586E Haalderen. Getrex.
Holland Hafid Bourich on hafid24 at 515949N0055579E Arnhem . u-blox-ps1.
Holland Harry Struijk on struijkmultiweb at 523019N0044020E Heemskerk. G12.
Holland van Geldrop on tonvangeldrophetnet at 524467N0061781E Ruinerwold . GPS ?
Holland Raymond De Jager on radachello at 522664N0045098E Zaandam NH. G12.
Holland Aart Blok on userablnetscape at 520495N0050783E Utrecht. G48.
Holland Ron Brouwer on brouwer.rchello at 522122N0044765E Amsterdam . GPS?
Holland Gert Jan Troost on gjtroost at 521210N0050829E Loosdrecht. M320.
Holland Richard de Boer on Richardacousticart at 524075N0062153E Zwolle Overijssel. G45.
Holland Ben Bos on bos7553wn45home at 521513N0064762E Hengelo. GEtrex.
Holland Tonny Mulch on thedarkzonnet at 532271N0064786E Franeker. G12.
Holland Eric Boere on ericbalcom at 515476N0043262E Capelle. Conexant TU70-D200-001.
Holland Luuk Oostenbrink on luuksurfnet at 522186N0045184E Amsterdam. Getrex.
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Holland Stephan Lucassen on stefvoflucassen.tmfweb at 515725N0060834E Well Limburg. sirf starII/LP.
Holland P.Dane on at 521682N0045057E Amstelveen . Getrex.
Holland Christo Todorov on christo.todorovwanadoo at 520575N0042797E Leidschendam . CFN.
Holland Wouter Sloothaak on at 521640N0050930E Bussum NH. Globalsat BU-303.
Holland Kees Polderman on pe1rnlzeelandnet at 513891N0035433E Zierikzee . Jupiter.
Holland Addy de Jongh on a.dejonghaqualutra at 531212N0054759E Leeuwarden. iP-LOC8R (GPSNokia).
Holland Klaas Wierenga on klaaswierenga at 520543N0050670E Utrecht UT. Globalsat bluetooth.
Holland Remmert Makken on makkenjr at 530189N0053966E Sneek FRIESLAND. Longrange.
Holland Maarten Breet on m.p.breetwanadoo at 524149N0050215E Wieringerwaard NH. Globalsat.
Holland Jaap Both on j_bothwanadoo at 520409N0041721E Delft. GlobalSat BR-305.
Holland Hans van der zee on hvdzxs4all at 515905N0042196E Delft. Jupiter.
Holland Stefan Maarschalk on stefan666hetnet at 521248N0054255E Sluiskil . USB.
Holland Henk Nieuwold on H.NieuwoldMenterwolde at 520552N0052727E Kropswolde . CF-GPS HI-302CP.
Holland Kees Barendregt on cp.barendregtchello at 514927N0042269E Westmaas ZH. Globalsat BR-305.
Holland Tino Pat on tinopatplanet at 520330N0042034E Rijswijk. GPSmap76.
Holland Martin van der meulen on martinuseuronet at 520933N0052255E Amersfoort. holux GPS GM-210.
Holland Arie de Geus on ariewxs at 524552N0046026E Ijmuiden. GPS?
Holland Francesco van der Kraan on mickey1raketnet at 515458N0042978E Rotterdam ZH. Leadtek GPS-9532 SiRFII.
Holland Arno Siemons on a.w.siemonschello at 521948N0053208E Zeewolde FLEVOLAND. G72.
Holland Paul van der Leest on pph.vanderleestplanet at 515537N0055035E Elst GELDERLAND. BU-303 USB.
Holland John van der Horst on rotherder at 512646N0053722E Mierlo N-BRABANT. HI-202E.
Holland R.C.L. van der Velde on rclvdvwish at 063309N0031318E (Nigeria) Aalsmeer. RoyalTek RGM-2000 usb
Holland Tom Brouwer on citroencxm at 520326N0050443E Nieuwegein UTRECHT. BR-305.
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Holland G.Eerhart on gac.eerhartplanet at 522238N0051303E Almere FLEVOLAND. self made GPS.
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Holland Klaus Donnert on k.donnertchello at 515417N0041551E Rozenburg,ZUIDHOLLAND. BU 303.
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Holland Henk van Hoek on henkfamvanhoek at 522237N0051091E Almere,FLEVOLAND. TOMTOM BlueTooth.
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Holland Cor Marjee on at 512956N0033704E Middelburg,ZEELAND. PalmOne.
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Holland Engelbert Torremans on engelberttorremans at 521784N0051530E Huizen,NH. Tomtom wireless GPS MKII.
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Holland Jeroen Swart on swartzeelandnet at 513209N0035434e Goes,ZEELAND. haicom 204-3-usb.
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Holland Vincent Van Estrik on jv2503xs4all at 520364N0042343E Den Haag,ZUID HOLLAND. htc tytn.

2008 ...

Holland Imre Kassai on imrekassai at 515458N0042812E Rotterdam,ZUID HOLLAND. globalsat bt-308.
Holland Vico Beerepoot on vico.beerepoot at 521343N0065445E Enschede,OVERIJSSEL. i-blue 737.
Holland Gerard Persoon on gradjep at 511892N0051839E Bergeijk,BRABANT. nl-202u.
Holland Tet Tjoa on tettjoa at 513649N0050890E Udenhout,NOORD BRABANT. tomtom 9821x.
Holland Rene Splinter on renesplinter at 520428N0041951E The Hague. holux g2-12859.
Holland Ciska Kramer on teststordiau at 522338N0060338E Oene,GL. GPS?
Holland Gerard Van Antwerpen on at 512817N0034413E Nieuwdorp,ZEELAND. vodafone 1615 (htc tytn2).
Holland Jan Bielderman on jan.bielderman at 521454N0063405E Goor,OVERIJSSEL. leadtek 9537.
Holland Hero Elzinga on h.elzingahelzinga.tmfweb at 533658N0063042E Amersfoort,UT. royaltek rbt-1000.
Holland Maurits Kruithof on m.kruithofyahoo at 522938N0044870E Wormer,NH. royaltek bluetooth.
Holland Jan Bielderman on jan.bielderman at 521449N0063405E Goor. leadtek 9537.
Holland Charan Van Tijn on charanvtijn at 522334N0043954E Zaandam,NH. toughbook integrated.
Holland Don Van Zanten on air-max at 522244N0045185E Amsterdam,NOORD-HOLLAND. iPAQ rx5720.
Holland Fabian Maas on puchjezonnet at 513464N0045582E Breda,NB. qtrek gps-s3.
Holland Hans Man on j.h.manhccnet at 520498N0050164E De Meern,UTRECHT. Adapt AD-300.
Holland Paul J.h. Groeneveld on paulsite-2-site at 520383N0050640E Utrecht,UT. royaltek rbt-1000.
Holland Marc Fleischeuers on marc.fleischeuersxs4all at 51.839810 5.846460 Nijmegen,GLD. eten x500.
Holland Alm Krinkels on alm.krinkelshccnet at 512169N0042395E Bergen Op Zoom,NOORD BRABANT. gm 307.
Holland Sipke Gonggrijp on sipkegonggrijp at 524677N0065522E Emmen,DRENTE. haicom gpsmuis hi-204 3 usb.
Holland Pieter Zipp on pjzippxs4all at 521170N0042611E Rijnsburg,ZUID HOLLAND. Bu303.
Holland Robert Hermsen on lakkie at 515790N0055927E Duiven,GELDERLAND. HI 204 III.
Holland Raj Raval on rkr_eng at 512639N0052983E Eindhoven,NOORD-BRABANT. Adapt-350.
Holland Frank Taylor on familie.taylor at 522947N0043937E Beverwijk,NOORD HOLLAND. adapt.
Holland Pieter Zipp on pjzippxs4all at 521170N0042611E Rijnsburg,ZUID HOLLAND. Bu303.
Holland Jan Haakman on jmhaakmanquicknet at 524308N0051657E Enkhuizen,NH. KeychainGPS 2000.
Holland Jan Haakman on jmhaakmanquicknet at 524308N0051657E Enkhuizen,NOORD-HOLLAND. KeychainGPS 2000.
Holland Jos Koning on josenmanonchello at 520047N0060320E Rheden,ZH. Asus mypal a63.
Holland J.W.M. Beek on jwm.beekhome at 511228N0060069E Roermond,LIMBURG. Getrex+MioP350.
Holland Vincent De Roos on vincentde-roos at 531178N0063320E Groningen,GR. Adapt AD800.
Holland Gerard Oderkerk on mail4gerardquicknet at 521833N0044022E Hoofddorp,NOORD HOLLAND. HTS HD.
Holland Eric Kooiman on at 520414N0041528E Den Haag,BU303.
Holland Han Schellekens on hanschelkkpnplanet at 510165N0051515E Sittard,LIMBURG. BlueNext BN-903S.
Holland Ko Crucq on crucqkpnmail at 512380N0052805E Waalre,NB. TOMTOM navigator5.
Holland Fabian Maas on puchjezonnet at 513464N0045582E Breda,NB. qtrek gps-s3.
Holland Paul J.h. Groeneveld on paulsite-2-site at 520383N0050640E Utrecht,UT. royaltek rbt-1000.
Holland Matthijs Bosma on matthijs.martine at 521715N0050899E Naarden,. ipaq hx2750.
Holland Brian Elliott on wasbrianhccnet at 513848N0054263E Odiliapeel,BRABANT. bt338.

LuxembourgFrancois Krumlovsky on krumlovskyselection-line at 492829N0060245E Tetange. GPS3.
LuxembourgJohn Vincent on at 403656N0060605E Luxembourg. G40.
LuxembourgAlain Nevens on anevenshermesnet at 493516N0061470E Moutfort. G3+.
Luxembourg Martti Toivakka on toivakkagmx at 493947N0061456E Oberanven. Earthmate.
Luxembourg Carlo Thiry on at 493646N0060605E Luxembourg NA. DCONNEX 230.
Luxembourg Jean-Claude Nanni on JC_N at 492925N0060541E Dudelange. BU-303.

* these people would be too modest to admit it, but Robin considers them experts in use of GPSS, including how to add more data. This is based on emails, so there may be others of equal expertise. Sorry if you were not included :-)

Typical abbreviations above are: EagleX = Eagle Explorer, EagleA = Eagle AccuNav, G45 = Garmin GPS45, etc. DF = Interest in Direction Finding. HAM = Amatuer Radio.

? - these are e-mail addresses which have failed. Please tell Robin any new address.