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Updated Thursday 8th May 2014

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Australia Mark Rothwell on mrmarineoptushome at 334982S1510765E Gladesville. I180. GPSS Business Partner
Australia Graham McCann on at 352074S1490231E Canberra.
Australia Steven Janda on infostartrade at 335975S1510171E Sydney. G38.
Australia Steve McCully on stevemtechnet2000 at 275715S1532379E Southport 40m s Brisbane. GPS2.
Australia Guy Law on galawfree2air at 271300S1530400E Brisbane. Ambulances. EagleX.
Australia Scott Stephens on scott.stephensbigpond at 271565S1530609E North of Brisbane. GPS12.
Australia Raj Mallik on at 334482S1505845E near Sydney.
Australia David Watkin on at 335010S1510856E Sydney.
Australia Ian Tulley on at 335100S1510833E Sydney. Mag3000XL.
Australia Kevin Withnall ? on kevinwithnall at 342631S1504981E Wollongong. Family Web Site
Australia Ross Simmons on at 374124S1445594E Melbourne.
Australia David Johnson on d.johnsonbigfoot at 375197S1445337E Melbourne. G48.
Australia Bob Blumfelds on at 315051S1155190E Perth. G36.
Australia Allen Westerweller on westynetworx at 232365S1502988E Rockhampton. G12XL. Marine.
Australia Jack Chomley on chomleytelelink at 233530S1502774E Rockhampton. G38+radio. TeleLink Site
Australia John Wright on vk4jgwbigpond at 232079S1503152E Rockhampton. G12+radio.
Australia Wolfgang Meike on wolfgangmeike at 122278S1305280E Darwin. Mag4000XL. Amb-Trek.
Australia Bradley Edwards on at 320543S1155793E Perth. Lowr.GN212.
Australia Ian Waters on at 352539S1490809E Chisholm. G12.
Australia John Cameron on at 353543S1492680E Captains Flat. G3. V.Fire.Brig.
Australia Richard Philp on at 375051S1451339E Wantirna. G120XL.
Australia Anthony Schabel on eraser1tpg at 242422S1503093E Biloela. G2+. model a/c.
Australia Tooraj Enayati on toorajisc at 374810S1480980E. Earthmate. ISC Site
Australia Jim Tippett on jmt at 335921S1510515E Oatley. G12XL.
Australia Kevin Isabeth on at 263951S1530603E Maroochyshore. Mag.Col.T
Australia Neville Nankervis on nnankerv at 315250S1155608E Beechboro. Garmin.
Australia David Hopkins on dhopkinsgil at 273236S1531204E Capalaba. G2+.
Australia Norm Friebe on at 381806S1451132E Hastings. G11.
Australia Alex White on alexwavenet at 315663S1155111E Perth. G12XL. Radio.
Australia Alex White on maccatopend at 122412S1305510E Karama,Darwin. temp.G38.
Australia John Brooks on jrbrooks at 314720S1154860E Kingsley. M2000XL.
Australia Stuart Cowan on scowan at 342737S1505044E Unaderra. Moto.Encore.1mIT.
Australia Robert McIntyre on at 334321S1503448E Springwood.G12XL. student.
Australia Peter Moller on at 345538S1383187E Lockleys. G11.
Australia Lindsay Stodden on at 375181S1451387E Wantirna. G38.
Australia Craig Sumis on at 350110S1384186E Stirling. GarminCX.
Australia Mike Wood on mbw555bigpond at 380007S1452062E Harkaway,Melbourne. MagColTrk.
Australia Don Greensmith on donmelbourne at 375456S1450786E Melbourne. Rojone SirfStar.
Australia Richard Hassall on r.m.hassallbigpond at 123167S1415258E Weipa. MagTrkr.
Australia Norman Dahl on at 272039S1525738E Eatons Hill. G12XL.
Australia Leon Kotzen on kotzentig at 335317S1511454E Bondi Junction. G12XL.
Australia Dennis Cooper on at 305060S1511340E Neutral Bay. G2+.
Australia Colin Eames on chrisleesatlink at 380953S1450850E Frankston. EagleA12.
Australia Chris Jackson on at 334317S1510636E Sydney. LowGN212.
Australia Tony Hill on at 315948S1155390E Perth. G12XL.
Australia Bruce McLean on at 275989S1532291E Ashmore. M2000XL Balloon Site
Australia Greg Schouten on at 320419S1155267E Leeming. Motorola.
Australia Chris Harris on charrissquirrel at 264551S1530432E Buderim. G Etrex.
Australia Tim Watkins on tim.watkinsqr at 210894S1491097E Mackay. GEtrax.
Australia Anton Leshinskas on lasha at 351894S1490865E Canberra. G2+.
Australia Horst Leykam on hltpg at 334466S1511686E DeeWhy. G2+.
Australia Ron Fisher on ronftnet at 315289S1155474E Morley. G3.
Australia Des Phelan on at 251769S1525077E Hervey Bay. G2.
Australia Peter Shanahan on engineeringrojone at 340254S1504448E Ingleburn. ROJONE.
Australia Michel v d Walle on vk3kvwiaccess at 380681S1443985E Enfield. M315.
Australia Gordon Fleming on gxfqad at 350632S1383798E Clarendon. G12XL.
Australia Frank Holder on waywardw at 333965S1512826E Northbridge. Getrex. Boat.
Australia Miguel Miranda on miguelmigtec at 335333S1511379E Bondi Junc. G12XL.
Australia Michael Griffin on at 350259S1383113E Marino. G45.
Australia Ian Manley on at 334773S1510828E Chipping Norton. G12.
Australia Robert Cheel on rachelltpg at 345976S1383750E Belair. G12.
Australia Gary Reed on gapa_covepicknowl at 350469S1383037E Hallett Cove. G12.
Australia John D Hunter on at 333958S1510811E Mt Kuring-gai. G12.
Australia William Delorenzo on w.delorenzobigpond at 373983S1450437E Mill Park. G3+.
Australia Paul Watson on paul.watsoncyberdude at 351723S1485750E Mawson. Gemap.
Australia Brian Cowen on at 204490S1392933E Mount Isa. MN6000.
Australia Dennis Tipping on tipps at 374053S1443504E Melton. M315.
Australia Michael Coop on mcoopaussietech at 355214S1461188E Whirls Hill. G45XL.
Australia Don Incoll on at 373971S1453068E Melbourne. RndMcN.
Australia Dave Pettitt on pettittd at 333845S1511024E Seven Hills. Gemap.
Australia Gary Doust on doustgrausi at 381308S1462536E Morwell. Apelco 15.
Australia Greg Lannen on elgregor at 350688S1391539E Murray Bridge. M320.
Australia David Phelan on pheland at 272537S1530098E Grange. Getrex.
Australia Anthony Pitt on at 341697S1503719E Jamberoo. M310.
Australia Geoff Sax on geoffsax.mail at 344802S1384087E Wynn Vale. M315.
Australia Steven Hughes on stevehugsenet at 344030S1384038E Salisbury East. M315.
Australia Peter Davies on at 273701S1524627E Ipswich. G135.
Australia Steven Chadd on steven_chaddcompass at 375115S1445895E Melbourne. M320.
Australia Robert Arthur GREIG on robertg46start at 335816S1510717E Carlton NSW. M315.
Australia Jon Biddell on at 333459S1503739E RICHMOND NSW. GeMap.
Australia Tim Fox on foxtaapcs at 334110S1511503E North Ryde NSW. G12XL.
Australia Steven Cullen on tipan47 at 272564S1530851E Wynnum. GPS ?
Australia Rimen Wong on rimenaccsoft at 334658S1510773E Epping NSW. Gemap.
Australia Hardy Wincen on rossford at 230678S1480226E Capella. G12XL.
Australia Ian Fleming on ianflemingfalcom-aust at 375597S1450047E Hampton North. FalcomA2.
Australia Roger Conway on plusmcmedia at 354780S1453478E Tocumwal NSW. Ge-map.
Australia Travis Reddy on treddycorpdata at 374831S1351048E Nunawading,Vic. SANAV Gm-44.
Australia Travis Reddy on treddycorpdata at 374831S1451048E Nunawading,Vic. SANAV Gm-44.
Australia Saeid Nahavandi on & at 381127S1441940E Geelong. G35.
Australia Brian O'Connor on brianocgil at 262578S1522077E Pullenvale. GEMap.
Australia Les Pertzel on wileybearprimus at 380473S1451658E Cranbourne. G2+.
Australia Peter Wall on wjpfdnelsonbay at 325571S1514678E Newcastle. MLR sp24.
Australia Terrence Gardiner on tabcombigpond at 172012S1453731E Malanda. Placer GPS400.
Australia John Trimmer on john_trimmercomputercorp at 314615S1160143E Lesmurdie WA. M310.
Australia Andrew Young on at 374771S1435079E Melbourne. Lexus 1992 Sc400.
Australia Peter Milne on at 341165S1421116E Mildura . G2.
Australia John Couvaras on j_couvaras at 273744S1530368E Stretton. GeTrex.
AUSTRALIA Przemyslaw Gawronski on przemekoptushome at 334428S1511667E CROMER NSW. UBloxMS1.
Australia Sam Zammit on abstractacon at 335674S1505060E Green Valley. MM330.
Australia Marc Lawrence on at 315019S1155342E Ballajura. G76.
Australia Jeremy Freeman on jeremyfreemanoptusnet at 335760S1505378E Sydney NSW. G12.
Australia Andrew Vervark on vervarkanet2000 at 375764S1450473E Cheltenham. Tripmate.
Australia Robert Jones on rojonesbigpond at 335380S1510043E Bass Hill NSW. MLR sp24.
Australia Hung Nguyen on hungnguyen111 at 273791S1530241E Parkinson Queensland. Gemap.
Australia Ian Mills on imillsawa at 334912S1510128E Rosehill NSW. Gventure.
Australia Jon Gough on jon.gougheclipsesystems at 351491S1492178E Wamboin. G3P.
Australia Neil Gallegos on gallegosiprimus at 315880S1155326E Kensington. Jupiter.
Australia Bob Richmond on garbobobbigpond at 335952S1505307E Ingleburn,NSW. G12.
Australia Roderick Wall on at 375862S1451373E Dandenong. Laipac TF30.
Australia Don Fitzgerald on don.fitzgeraldresearchevaluation at 352039S1490297E Holder ACT. GEmap.
Australia Daryl Hitchcock on darylj2bigpond at 355666S1454099E Cobram. Gemap.
Australia Des Sullivan on dsullbigpond at 330038S1514258E Redhead NSW. Laipec TF10 [OEM].
Australia Marcelo Albertoni on marcelocia at 335676S1511214E Mascot,NSW. M310.
Australia Stewart Jinkins on jinks at 375914N1450718W Dingley. TrimPlacer400.
Australia Stewart Jinkins on jinks at 375916S1450738E Dingley. TrimPlacer400.
Australia Kenneth Wilson on ken_wilsonsofthome at 272340S1530367E Brisbane QLD. M310.
Australia Elvis Adamson on elvisadamsoncrossecom at 320036S1155154E Perth. DGPS-220.
Australia San Chotai on s.chotaichotais at 272908S1525736E Wishart, Brisbane. GEtrex.
Australia Martin Thomson on gpssmartinthomson at 123678S1310746E Humpty Doo NT. Getrex.
Australia Roger Neville Knight on at 344722S1383967E Salisbury. GEtrex.
Australia Steve Brown on infoausfish at 273714S1530298E Brisbane. G12.
Australia Tony Tomlinson on at 212521S1491300E Sarina. G75+45.
Australia Phillip Simpson on pasyican at 381102S1450702E Frankston. LGM100.
Australia Herb Zetting on at 335907S1510550E Oatley. MM330.
Australia Lee Glass on at 372169S1444468E Romsey. G45.
Australia Stephen Dial on at 330058S1513963E Floraville. EagleX.
Australia Peter Gable on at 234844S1505748E Nth Rockhampton. LaipacTF10.
Australia Istvan Gyetvay on gyetvay at 275157S1531183E Cedar Creek. G12.
Australia Kevan Wilson-Elswood on kelswood at 334931S1510717E Greystanes NSW. Getrex.
Australia Ian Mallett on at 351850S1491160E Mawson ACT. G76 (WAAS).
Australia Andrew Phelps on androoihug at 343740S1384111E Hillier. G45xl.
Australia Gert Brorsen on gbrorsen at 375874S1451502E Bentleigh. Getrex.
Australia Phil Richards on philtwpo at 343743S1384428E Evanston Park. 2+.
Australia Norman PETERS on norm56tpg at 352031S1490375E Weston. G12XL.
Australia Ray Hudson on vk4tftbigpond, at 165882S1452529E Mareeba. Sony.
Australia John Morrissey on at 352532S1490801E Gilmore ACT. G3P.
Australia Kelly Ainslie on kelly.ainslieisas at 122302S1303227E Darwin. G3.
Australia Steve Baydar on gpsfreek at 335147S1510061E Granville. G35-hvs.
Australia William Liu on wliu99.geo at 335236S1510137E Auburn NSW. Unknown.
Australia Michael Meskers on michael_meskers at 333752S1504778E Windsor South NSW. Getrex.
Australia Tony Hill on tankerausbigpond at 263441S1484769E Roma QLD. G12XL.
Australia Alex Stewart on alexsbigfoot at 335205S1511216E Sydney NSW. G2+.
Australia Hamish Coleman on hamishzot at 374701S1445936E Melbourne . GEtrex.
Australia Brett Beyer on bjboptusnet at 334454S1510953E Sydney NSW. Getrex.
Australia Hank Beyer on beyerhoptusnet at 334036S1511804E Sydney NSW. Getrex.
Australia Garry Irish on GIrish at 270452S1525623E Caboolture. Getrex.
Australia Matthew Kennedy on matthewkbigpond at 344794S1501268E Orient Point. GEmap.
Australia Ray Gould on rayg at 351264S1490575E Giralang ACT. GeMap.
Australia David Henderson on hendohendoscorner at 315344S1155197E Dianella. M320.
Australia Peter Wilkins on wilkinsp at 334828S1511703E Manly NSW. Getrex.
Australia Misha Zigas on mishzmishz at 162914S1452756E Mossman. Navman.
Australia Terry Manley on tmanleyglobaltv at 335449S1505741E Chipping Norton NSW. G12.
Australia Alex on amedic at 340281S1504504E Narellan Vale NSW. MagMerP.
Australia Joe Wippo on joewippo at 334404S1511548E Cromer Heights. G90.
Australia Brendan Williams on bwilliamsgps-ag at 364518S1441630E Bendigo Victoria. G35.
Australia Andew Kirker on andrew.kirkerbigpond at 375017S1445805E Melbourne. M330.
Australia Russell Fredrickson on freddos at 261967S1524262E Gympie. M320.
Australia Jim McNally on at 374643S1451535E Warranwood. M315.
Australia Mick Tomlinson VK4BMT on madmicktbigpond at 270421S1524686E Mt Mee. G75.
Australia Geoff McKay on grmckay at 334924S1510053E Sydney NSW. M310.
Australia Ralph Westbury on RDWestbury at 351521S1490353E Canberra ACT. GVenture.
Australia Peter Overton on at 334469S1505251E Quakers Hill. G76.
Australia Julian Breau on at 351496S1490719E Canberra ACT. GEmap.
Australia Roger Jenkins on at 205841S1445999E Junction View. M315.
Australia Charles John Phillips on phillipscj1bigpond at 264757S1530489E Little Mountain QLD. Getrex.
Australia Brian Begovic on briannotebooksolutions at 375713S1451356E Dandenong. USB.
Australia Koll Starejko on kollans at 345861S1383204E Adelaide. G48.
Australia Roy Jacques on royjiprimus at 334432S1505949E Baulkham Hills. RoyaltecRGM2000M.
Australia Rene Pears on at 321879S1154488E Waikiki. M320.
Australia Andrew Clay on at 273515S1515901E Toowoomba. G20.
Australia Peter Christian on at 380399S1452938E Pakenham Victoria. Moto.
Australia Henry Yong on henryakatech at 375065S1450865E Mulgrave. Holux GM210.
Australia Ian Davis on saasnoarlunga21bigpond at 350628S1383233E Morphett Vale SA. MagMerPlat.
Australia Kevin Aumann on KevinBatterySpecbigpond at 191660S1464491E Townsville. G12.
Australia Malcolm Porter on malcolm.porterpcins at 320000S1162432E Perth wa. sanav Gm-44.
Australia Martin Kinda on mkindaconcept-cdt at 374648S1450897E Melbourne. Garmin.
Australia John Maker on jadafmak at 314398S1154464E Marmion WA. Getrex.
Australia Robert Murray on at 273296S1525506E Brisbane . G12.
Australia Tom Plackowski on tfppowerup at 272376S1525949E Everton Park. G45.
Australia Ray Chan on at 374643S1445652E Flemington. G12xl.
Australia David Cartwright on landdcart at 264298S1530744E Kawana Is Queensland. G12XL.
Australia Peter Bainbridge on pjbainiprimus at 374850S1450665E Melbourne. G12. G
Australia Colin Cooper on colin.cooperplanetone-asia at 334690S1510790E Glenmore Park. DeluoUSB.
Australia Murray Edwards on jmelanbigpond at 334301S1504272E Cranebrook . Trimble OEM.
Australia Alex Glouch on alexglouch at 374596S1445821E Brunswick Victoria. furunoGP-35.
Australia David Hosking on davidblamlan at 364651S1441540E Golden Square. LaipacTF-10.
Australia Norm McAllister on at 315934S1155139E Como. G2+.
Australia Danny Moss on djmhbtgwsouthcom at 424452S1471602E Gagebrook Tasmania. M315.
Australia Mark Murray on mark.joymdmurray at 374249S1450622E Greensborough. M315.
Australia Daniel On on dniel.geo at 280547S1532489E Stephens Queensland. RndMcN.
Australia Darren Jensen on darrenjgpsstracktronics at 270252S1525756E Elimbah QLD. GGPS16.
Australia John A Whitlock on johnwhitlock at 334841S1510281E Eastwood NSW. G12XL.
Australia Adrian Snell on rfhead at 345329S1383846E Felixstow. Moto.
Australia Anthony Greaves on agreavesalphalink at 375995S1452488E Upper Beaconsfield. Garmin.
Australia Paul J. A. Wise on at 351463S1490417E ?. G72.
Australia Gerry Kellock on at 352018S1490799E Curtin. G12.
Australia Manfred Wimmer on fredwimmerbigpond at 344752S1383653E Parafield Gardens. Crux II GPS D152N-5.
Australia Luke Schapel on lschapelbigpond at 345842S1383696E Kingswood. Motorola.
Australia Lou Schillaci on lou_schillaci at 313616S1152195E Como WA. EMATC Bluetotth.
Australia Peter J Knights on at 352561S1490735E Chisholm. Globalsat. BU-303.
Australia Larry Franks on lfranksmagpet at 272446S1530169E Kedron Queensland. G12.
Australia Nikolas Psevdos on nikp at 345465S1383441E Adelaide. GPS compact flash.
Australia Daniel Howard-Jones on do_hj at 382256S1422946E Warrnambool. G12.
Australia Dave Bauman on easybeast at 273492S1515567E Toowoomba Qld. Dconnex bu-303.
Australia Glen Wilson on glen_wilsonakamail at 232282S1503017E Rockhampton. NaviLock BU-303 USB.
Australia Brett Dodson on gomazdodo at 322343S1155746E Serpentine West. Getrex.
Australia Nick Abelas on nabelaskern at 344913S1384024E Modbury North. Billionton CF GPS.
Australia Christopher on c_scholten at 374541S1450431E Heidelberg. HOLUX.
Australia Dave Savage on dksavagetelstra at 345563S1384000E Erindale SA. Holux GM270.
Australia Mariano Diaz on diazdenoptusnet at 335230S1505840E Riverwood,nsw. dconnex.
Australia John Staker on jrstakerlexi at 374586S1450999E East Doncaster Vic. Crux II CF Card.
Australia Liam Michael Early on at 332255S1153814E Bunbury. Getrex.
Australia Scott Meredith on scott.meredithoptusnet at 271198S1530237E Brisbane. navman scout ss7.
Australia Rob Secombe on at 380232S1450791E Chelsea Heights Victoria. M315.
Australia Nicholas Welham on at 315997S1155216E Como WA. Getrex.
Australia John McPherson on jmcphersoptushome at 273709S1525460E Gailes. BU-303.
Australia Joshua Hagger on at 351586S1384483E Ashbourne. BC-307.
Australia Don Berrie on donlivestockdatalink at 235475S1505644E Mt Larcom. MSpTrkPro.
Australia Geoffrey Meinrath on agemgeoff at 375466S1450103E Brighton East Victoria. HI-303MMF.
Australia Shane Larsen on cloudsplitter at 333697S1150621E Dunsborough. M315.
Australia Michael Van den Acker on at 380159S1452092E Berwick Victoria. M310.
Australia Richard Andrew Duduc on richardad at 280577S1532661E Burleigh Heads. G2+.
Australia Nathan Watkins on watkinsntpg at 261286S1523540E Gympie QLD. BR-304.
Australia Chris McKay on at 412763S1470813E Launceston TAS. Generic (no branding).
Australia Richard Baird on rbairdami at 320290S1160062E Maddington. Globalsat USB GPS Bu-303.
Australia James Boman on jamzboman at 350172S1383732E Blackwood. Socket Bluetooth.
Australia Terry Tomlins on at 351311S1383228E Airlie Beach Qld. MMap330M.
Australia Dennis Jones on f5s at 334634S1511544E Allambie NSW. MagMer.
Australia Tim Fletcher on timeastern-blue at 335168S1510841E Russell Lea NSW. Garmin.
Australia Gary Rollans on at 334453S1511218E Frenchs Forest NSW. SGR-603.
Australia Ashley Maple on tmaple1234 at 284813S1143750E Geraldton WA. BU-303USB.
Australia Ross Horley on at 320254S1155320E Willetton. BC-307.
Australia David Perkovic on dperkzwestnet at 375159S1444182E Hoppers Crossing VIC. Haicom 203E.
Australia Joe Chiu on joechiuoptusnet at 335135S1505797E Chatswood NSW. Rikaline 6010.
Australia Darral Clarke on wendaroptusnet at 273967S1530372E Browns Plains. Getrex.
Australia John Evans on gpsslampcs at 271235S1530265E Rothwell QLD. Meridian Gold.
Australia Robert Fullarton on rob.fullartontpg at 273065S1530084E Brisbane QLD. Trimble SVee8.
Australia Beau Walker on bjdag at 320297S1155814E Thornlie WA. Comnix USB device.
Australia Bruce Wodetzki on wodettpg at 375493S1451041E Wheelers Hill. M315+G2+.
Australia Steve Sharp on steve_sharpfirehousemail at 281422S1533009E Terranora NSW. i.trek USB.
Australia Gary Dykgraaf on gary_dykgraaf at 372613S1452688E Ringwood VICTORIA. iTrek.
Australia Douglas Johnstone on at 374775S1451129E Donvale VIC.. EMtac BT.
Australia Steven Hall on stevehall184 at 273715S1525144E Collingwood Park QLD. Getrex.
Australia Simon Chan on simoncmemo at 315392S1154862E Osborne Park. SANAV BT-48.
Australia Ray Burg on at 324474S1514552E Raymond Terrace NSW. Leadteck 9537.
Australia Dave Radburn on davradaustarnet at 250233S1514336E Gin gin QLD. i.trek mouse.
Australia Russell Crosser on rcrossernetlink at 373885S1452219E Yarra Glen VIC. Getrex.
Australia Stephen Young on at 312814S1525400E Port Macquarie NSW. holux GM-70 CF.
Australia Ian Kirkpatrick on at 272820S1530451E Morningside QUEENSLAND. DConnex.
Australia John Monro on johnmonrooptusnet at 375231S1445971E Balaclava VICTORIA. Laaipac TF10.
Australia Dave Manwell on salesozcamz at 335702S1510398E Chester Hill NSW. Trimble Placer 450.
Australia Geoff Bennett on bennetthwy at 324059S1494150E Mudgee NSW. G76S.
Australia Russell Peart on at 272407S1530348E Nundah QLD. DConnex Bu-303.
Australia Don Hansford on donhhalenet at 281312S1520148E Warwick QUEENSLAND. .
Australia Glenn Watson on at 314686S1154727E Woodvale W.A. HI-203E.
Australia Clinton Young on clinton_ydodo at 350588S1383158E Reynella SOUTH AUSTRALIA. GPS?.
Australia Norman Mcgeoch on normanmcgeoch at 334224S1510588E Hornsby. Gemap.
Australia Stewart Little on silcopnc at 334475S1503780E Blaxland NSW. Road Angel.
Australia Les Hills on leshillsoptusnet at 284872S1532106E Goonellabah NSW. Navman 4410.
Australia Peter Grey on martech at 315917S1154719E Claremont WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Trimble Lassen SQ.
Australia Peter Tipping on pandppdodo at 375901S1451433E Doveton VICTORIA. Generic CF Card.
Australia Roger Savill on rogerdragnettc at 320444S1155165E Leeming WA. Holux GR-230.
Australia Norman Bardell on at 272949S1530168E Brisbane QLD. GPS Mouse (USB).
Australia David Spark on sparticus_8 at 381103S1442748E Leopold VICTORIA. G35-HVS.
Australia John Robson on john.robsongroundprobe at 040280S1370720E Manly QUEENSLAND. DConnex.
Australia Matt Dykstra on at 319452S1158604E Thornlie WA. Getrex.
Australia Andrew Rae on at 273221S1530268E Brisbane QUEENSLAND. Motorola Oncore GT.
Australia Stephen O'Flynn on stephensoflie at 373438S1444473E Hillside VICTORIA. Leadtek bluetooth.
Australia Anthony John Ruth on spirogrinder at 375742S1450360E Mellbourne VICTORIA. Getrex.
Australia Paul Harrison on at 325685S1514375E Merewether NSW. GMap76.
Australia Kevin Smeaton on at 264651S1522245E Jindalee QUEENSLAND. USB GPS.
Australia John Anderson on andoley at 264188S1530616E Mountain Creek QUEENSLAND. BU-303.
Australia (Tasmania) Mike Johnson on mike44tassydodo at 410418S1455369E Burnie TAS. M315.
Australia John Anderson on andloey at 264187S1530615E Ountain Creek QUEENSLAND. BU-303.
Australia Antony Jones on katielee_au at 342292S1505362E Tarrawanna NSW. BC307 CF.
Australia Lawrie Beales on maildreampod at 165197S1454138E Cairns QUEENSLAND. i Trek SGR 603 USB.
Australia Val Poremskis on at 333078S1512006E Ettalong Beach NSW. G2610.
Australia Cam Leckie on cjleckie at 314729S1155801E Ellenbrook. GGeko201.
Australia Raymond C Schumann on kaljamdodo at 353215S1383772E Victor Harbor. M315.
Australia Darryn Fry on skywraithnnsw.quik at 273628S1525107E Riverview QLD. M310.
Australia Wayne Thomas on at 375341S1443838E Werribee VIC. BU-303 USB.
Australia Geoff McKnight on gamckaccsoft at 335385S1510351E Greenacre NSW. GPS?
Australia Jason Gray on Omoikiribigpond at 364566S1441658E Maldon VIC. Getrex.
Australia Geoff McKnight on gamckaccsoft at 335385S1510351E Greenacre NSW. Zodiac Chipset.
Australia Graham Raines on grainesgmeng at 330961S1511255E Kariong NSW. MagMerColor.
Australia Kim Michael Glew on at 380598S1451745E Cranbourne VICTORIA. Getrex & Globalsat BC307.
Australia Wayne Raisbeck on waynoexemail at 343346S1504763E Albion Park Rail NSW. CF.
Australia Manuel Risco-Herrera on mriscoherrerainternode.on at 351493S1490599E Canberra ACT. USB GPS i.trek.
Australia Ken Garnett on ken.garnettthermo at 381638S1443740E Blaxland NSW. Fortuna GPSmart.
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Australia Gordon Palfrey on gpalfreyezweb at 333200S1511800E Green point NSW. GPS?.
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Australia James Manion on at 340027S1510477E Sydney NSW. Getrex.
Australia Le Potts on at 315891S1154805E Nedlands WA. I.Trek USB.
Australia John McCauley on jacuzithree at 324503S1534291E Merrylands NSW. D Connex BU303.
Australia Dale Moody on at 315473S1160243E Helena Valley,W.A. Haicom HI204e.
Australia Robert McIntosh on robmcacay at 334203S1510651E Hornsby,,NEW SOUTH WALES,. BU-303.
Australia Edwin Gibbons on at 351447S1490726E Lyneham,ACT. G72.
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Australia Ian Matthews on whyknotmyway at 350652S1383191E Morphett Vale. Leadtek GPS 9537 Bluetooth GPS Receiver.
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Australia Boffo Bombour on bombour at 342938S1390399E Adelaide,SA. G18.
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Australia Adam Bewsher on adambewsher at 340348S1510450E Grays Point, Sydney,NSW. TP-051.
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Australia William B Kilburn on bill_7711 at 281037S1533230E Coolangatta,QUEENSLAND. bu-353 (usb).
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Australia Ralph Koch on windchill at 373611S1451388E Hurstbridge,VIC. ts gum001.
Australia Barrie Brierley on at 282654S1142984E Dongara,W.A. Gmap60c.
Australia Dave Bee on at 375136S1451159E Melbourne,VICTORIA. pharos 360.
Australia Neil Barker on neilbarker at 211062S1490868E Mackay,QUEENSLAND. btgps74r.
Australia David Bramham on at 275535S1532344E Gold Coast,QUEENSLAND. G38.
Australia David Manson on crazycamoptusnet at 334554S1510299E Beecroft,NSW. globalsat bluetooth gps.
Australia Craig Beilby on beilbyc at 383123S1455789E Leongatha,VICTORIA. globalsat br-355.
Australia Robert Sturtz on at 374772S1451695E Croydon,VIC. bu-353 (usb).
Australia Glyn Williams on aussie1.1950 at 333729S1510639E Kellyville,NSW. G12.
Australia Nathan Wheeler on at 201865S1183529E Port Hedland,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. altina usb.
Australia Craig Beilby on beilbyc at 383123S1455789E Leongatha,VICTORIA. globalsat br-355.
Australia David Marr on dmarr40 at 262237S1530114E Tewantin,QLD. i-blue 737.
Australia David Lopes on porshe_gtrgotmail at 374059S1443379E Melton,VICTORIA. .
Australia Brian Williams on at 325616S1171148E Narrogin,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. ts-gpm008.
Australia Paul Bennison on sandgroper1958 at 335136S1505523E Smithfield,NSW. motorola gm11.
Australia Matthew Bell on bellmattdodo at 350748S1472469E Wagga Wagga,NEW SOUTH WALES. sanav x44.
Australia Brett Danvers on danverswestnet at 272022S1525725E Eatons Hill,QLD. .
Australia Leo Wolf on flow_oel at 164553S1454345E Townsville,QLD. ts-gpm008m.
Australia Chi Hung Wong on chihungwong918 at 315711S1155253E Perth,WA. qstarz bt-q818.
Australia Oliver Armstrong on ostrong01 at 280499S1532375E Brisbane,QUEENSLAND. iPAQ HX2410+navman gps 1000.
Australia Efrain Pellman on barupel at 345197S1383356E Adelaide,SA. iPAQ 6515.
Australia Steve Benko on steveriverscomms at 343378S1504947E Wollongong. deluo.
Australia David Larson on scythe80 at 314638S1154596E Perth,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. nemerix bt77.
Australia Keith Jones on keithgjoptusnet at 325587S1513954E Newcastle,NEW SOUTH WALES. Getrex.
Australia Stephen Estherby on stbstevebigpond at 342067S1505398E Woonona,NSW. ipaq 1450.
Australia Tony Phillips on tonyphil2optusnet at 335342S1510970E Stanmore,NSW. twig ts-gpm008.
Australia Chris Waters on at 262278S1525152E Pomona,QLD. bu-353.
Australia Peter Mcewen on pcmcewenoptusnet at 375304S1444652E Altona Meadows,VICTORIA. navman tu30-d140.
Australia Ian Sutton on iysutton at 364500S1490375E Penrith,NSW. dell x50v axim.
Australia John Haddock on at 124084S1325535E Plympton Park,SA. ts-gum001.
Australia Darren Reyer on v8drifteroptusnet at 272844S1530860E Brisbane,QLD. jrt - 29 BT.
Australia Raymond Black on prem2bigpond at 273429S1531124E Brisbane,QUEENSLAND. twig ts-gum001.
Australia Lex Morley on at 272340S1525900E Brisbane,QUEENSLAND. Getrex.
Australia Geoff Heathcote on clowsounddodo at 375354S1401900E Upper Ferntree Gully,VICTORIA. G45.
Australia Bill Bloomfield on bentonite2bigpond at 262331S1530414E Noosa,QUEENSLAND. navman pin 300.
Australia Julianne Vincent on juliannegoaustraliacard or julianne@iwalktours at 352891S1464991E Sydney,NSW. TWIG.
Australia Kevin Feltham on at 384086S1461670E Port Franklin,VIC. ts-gpm008.
Australia Colin Flynn on at 273734S1525782E Brisbane,QLD. qstar sirf star 111.
Australia Peter Egan on preganbigpond at 142714S1321609E Katherine. Getrex.
Australia Richard Condie on rcondie5bigpond at 333712S1504859E South Windsor,NEW SOUTH WALES. ts-gum001.
Australia Andrew Bewsher on drewbewsher at 334541S1510517E Epping,NSW. jrtgps.
Australia Rob Williams on rob.williamsinternode.on at 350453S1383156E Sheidow Park,SA. bluetooth jrt-29.
Australia Peter Middleton on peterpetermiddleton at 344764S1382930E North Haven,SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ts-gpm008.
Australia Richard Condie on rcondie5bigpond at 333730S1504823E South Windsor,NEW SOUTH WALES. ts-gum001.
Australia Damian Tazzyman on at 372895S1442990E Melbourne,VICTORIA. ?.
Australia Garth Pennington on garthpen at 280484S1532686E Burleigh,QLD. jrt29.
Australia Alan Stubbs on alan.stubbsbigpond at 313249S1162739E Toodyay,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. mx bg001.
Australia Garth Pennington on garthpen at 280487S1532686E Burleigh,QLD. jrt29.
Australia Rick Downie on at 272427S1525763E Brisbane,QLD. holux m1000.
Australia Lance Moule on lance_mouleoptusnet at 374474S1450219E Melbourne,VICRTORIA. usb.
Australia Julian James Mayson on harowerbigpond at 191541S1464886E Townsville,QUEENSLAND. inbuilt.
Australia Alan Evans on at 273251S1531606E Cleveland,QUEENSLAND. haicom hi-204iii-usb.
Australia Rick Burr on rickburr78 at 183867S1460973E Ingham,QUEENSLAND. bu353.
Australia Richard Cove on richard.cove at 375054S1450771E Box Hill South,VICTORIA. emtac.
Australia Kent Fuller on kentswiftdsl at 325664S1514141E Kotara,NSW. haicom hi-204iii-usb.
Australia Ross Tester on rosstester at 334329S1511746E Narrabeen (sydney),NSW. qstarz btq818.
Australia Ross W Logan on at 152802S1451510E Cooktown. 42 channel bt-gps.
Australia John Hogan on hogiintrnode.on at 265884S1531012E Burleigh,QUEENSLAND. asus r2h.
Australia Elias Mohn on elias.mohngmx at 335325S1511137E Sydney,NEW SOUT WALES. ostarz bt q1000.
Australia Scott Meredith on js_meredithcomcen at 233897S1463807E Alpha,QLD. GPS?

2008 ...

Australia Michael Seurig on at 122229S1305262E Darwin,N.T.. igps-m pro receiver.
Australia Rohan Hills on rohanconnect2us at 275303S1533392E Southport,QUEENSLAND. qstarz bluetooth bt-q818.
Australia Peter Heathfield on pheathbeagle at 342151S1384109E Gawler,SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ts-gum001 usb.
Australia Arif Shaikh on arifmshaikh at 335084S1510221E Sydney,NEW SOUTH WALES. airis pda.
Australia Andrew Copping on 302290 at 351035S1432221E Nyah,VICTORIA. i-blue 737.
Australia Tony Saint on tsaintinternode.on at 345824S1383320E Adelaide,SA. HTC tytn ii.
Australia Jonathan Foulds on at 323907S1093296E Busselton,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. bt411.
Australia Richard Wellington on wellingtonrichard at 374504S1452134E Lilydale,VICTORIA. M315.
Australia Michael Farrell on at 275798S1531336E Mount Tamborine,QUEENSLAND. bu353.
Australia Michael Hunt on m1m1m1m1m1 at 344000S1382830E Adelaide,SA. 54 ch BT.
Australia Richard Albert Mercer on denamercertelstra at 283170S1532892E Mullumbimby,NSW. Getrex h.
Australia Edwin Gibbons on at 352194S1490661E Canberra,ACT. garmin gps72.
Australia Ian Graham Macgregor on vk2imac at 314253S1483884E Gilgandra,N.S.W. explorist 500.
Australia John Soh on at 280654S1532145E Mudgeeraba,QUEENSLAND. ipaq 6500 + airis t620.
Australia John Marsden on tbe at 333647S1510075E Glenorie,NSW. twig mouse ?.
Australia Michael Haug on haugmichaelnorthnet at 293258S1503402E Gravesend,NSW. navibe.
Australia Mark Tunstall on ozinsanity at 273203S1530605E Brisbane,QUEENSLAND. dopod 838.
Australia Joel Fraser on at 315146S1160270E Perth,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. BT.
Australia Mike Blake on at 315404S1155232E Dianella,WEST AUSTRALIA. map 330.
Australia David Gonsalves on gonz1200gs at 321704S1484312E Dubbo,NSW. imate ultimate 8502.
Australia Julian Simpson on jtsim64 at 234643S1503553E Gladstone,QLD. generic bt gps.
Australia Colin Fuss on cdfxco at 372138S1444428E Romsey,VICTORIA. ts-gum003.
Australia Brad Cockman on triguard at 122390S1305295E Darwin,NT. Airis.
Australia Michael Gailer on mgailerbigpond at 285057S1532604E Alstonville,NEW SOUTH WALES. gps2blue.
Australia Dennis Haustorfer on at 380121S1442309E Lara,VICTORIA. .
Australia Marcus Dunharrow on at 122360S1305504E Darwin,NT. bu303.
Australia Doug Smith on smith_dougoptusnet at 335745S1510275E Peakhurst,NSW. ibt-gps.
Australia Peter Hart on pierrehoptusnet at 374529S1450705E Templestowe,VICTORIA. g-sat bt 359.
Australia Peter Dodd on dodd.pcbigpond at 413401S1471492E Evandale,TASMANIA. ts-gbt010 bluetooth.
Australia Brett Neil on brett_neil at 351034S1490788E Canberra,ACT. haicom.
Australia Alan Stern on at 335971S1510632E Sydney,NSW. globalsat bt359.
Australia Jason Allen on at 170028S1452541E Mareeba,QUEENSLAND. ipaq hx2100/BT GPS.
Australia Marcus Gunning on marcusciiruscomms at 332721S1491099E Orange,NSW. home built.
Australia Steve Stoke on stevestokefish at 273000S1530464E Brisbane,QUEENSLAND. dell axim x5.
Australia Mat Palmer on mathewrpalmer at 335230S1510983E Sydney,NSW. avg.
Australia Deidre Leonard on piggie88di at 280429S1532381E Robina,QUEENSLAND. o2 xda zinc.
Australia Brian Williams on at 320816S1171148E Narrogin,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. ts-gpm008.
Australia Nigel Smith on thekernelkernelsandoz at 273039S1530016E Brisbane,QLD. htc touch ii.
Australia Jeff Lane on jklaneoptusnet at 350691S1472246E Wagga Wagga,NSW. bu 353.
Australia Gavan Jacob on at 315264S1154835E Perth,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. .
Australia on tyzackinternode.on at 374217S1445237E Tullamarine,VIC. iPAQ hx2490+nokia ld-3w.
Australia Bruce Tyzack on tyzackinternode.on at 374217S1445237E Tullamarine,VIC. ipaq hx2490 nokia ld-3w.
Australia David Friend on at 374857S1451334E Ringwood,VICTORIA. globaltop touch gps (bluetooth).
Australia George Abernathy on avionixoz at 340178S1414199E Queanbeyan,NSW. gps 6010.
Australia Terry Gardiner on tabcombigpond at 172022S1453751E Malanda,QLD. airis t620.
Australia Jeff Lane on jklaneoptusnet at 350690S1472246E Wagga Wagga,NEW SOUTH WALES. bu353.
Australia Jay Heather on jayy.heatherbigpond at 375726S1450101E Sandringham,VICTORIA. ipaq 612c.
Australia Grant Mcgill on at 333055S1511896E Gosford,NEW SOUTH WALES. global top bluetooth g66.
Australia Joshua Bairstow on bairsjw at 175829S1221390E Broome,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. bu 353.
Australia Richard Philp on randwphilpbigpond at 264598S1525911E Mooloolah Valley,QUEENSLAND. byonics gps2.
Australia Ken Hallett on kenfh at 122422S1305491E Darwin,NT. globalsat bt-338.
AUSTRALIA Shane Tudman on shane.tudmanoptusnet at 272937S1530358E BRISBANE,QUEENSLAND. .
Australia James S.L. Brownbill on at 410732S1464915E George Town,TAS. GlobalSat BR-305.
Australia Rodney Pyke on rodandfran at 314904S1154643E Perth,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. bu 353.
Australia Paul Hewett on cerebraladam at 345454S1383764E ST PETERS,SA. holux m-1200.
Australia Roger Haigh on rjhaigh at 271322S1513180E Ocean View,QUEENSLAND. Haicom.
Australia Tim Harrison on tharrison1optusnet at 412010S1481730E St Helens,TASMANIA. Generric Bluetooth.
Austrailia Kevin Caire on vk5fadlbigpond at 344940S1384162E Modbury North Adelaide,SA. pda hp ipaq 6825.
Australia Peter Neuhold on neuholdtpg at 375324S1450071E Elsternwick,VIC. Globalsat BU-353.
Australia Greg Hall on at 331853S1154251E Bunbury,WA. Holux M1000.
Australia Nick Morris on nickhmorris at 333951S1511900E Newport,NSW. Gosget BU-363.
Australia Vinh Bui on bechuot at 335263S1511184E Sydney,NSW. BU-353 Globalsat.
Australia Chris Pendred on chris.pendred at 320625S1155670E Perth,WA. ipaq6515.
Australia Shaun OSullivan on vk4www at 272796S1530165E Brisbane,QLD. Sylish GPS (Blue Tooth).
Australia Peter Askey-Doran on at 425741S1472056E Taroona,TASMANIA. .

2010 ...

Australia Ian Anning on at 165923S1452500E Mareeba,QUEENSLAND. Motorone PND60M.
Australia Karin Shemmeld on at 350108S1373751E Adelaide,SOUTH AUSTRALIA. .
Australia Simon Miller on at 374795S1445748E Melbourne,VIC. ipaq-rx4250.
Australia John Fegan on at 310258S1510342E Kootingal,NEW SOUTH WALES. HI-204III-USB.
Australia Glen Smith on at 320491S1155509E Bentley,WA. BU353.
Australia Russell Twining on at 425952S1471860E Kingston,TAS. bu-353.
Australia Neil McKenzie on ranger62optusnet at 345537S1383592E Adelaide,SA. Gosget BU-363.

2011 ...

Australia Albert Gnaccarini on at 380868S1442139E Geelong,VICTORIA. garmin 76.
Australia Dennis Jackson on bookkeepa at 325610S1513764E Newcastle,NEW SOUTH WALES. BU353.
Australia George Hall on gihalliprimus at 360319S1465968E Albury,NSW. Anadigi GPS-206.

2014 ...

Australia Gerry Herd on gher6569westnet at 333607S1150563E Dunsborough,WESTERN AUSTRALIA. TWIG.

New Caledonia Gabriel LAGARDE on at 220982S1665316E ARMEES. G12.
New Caledonia Laurent Blaize on at 221513S1662786E Noumea,SOUTHERN PROVINCE. holux m1200.

New Zealand Paul Catchpole on at 390403S1740528E New Plymouth, N Island. G12XL.
New Zealand John Hickey on at 365507S1744334E Auckland. G45. no cable yet.
New Zealand Andrew Davidson on at 431643S1723398E nw of Christchurch. Lawr212.
New Zealand Rory Bell on at 374830S1751646E Hamilton. Trim.ACE. No Sound.
New Zealand Ken Maynard on kmaynardiee at 433597S1724328E se Christchurch. G45.
New Zealand Bill Ruske on at 433450S1723330E Christchurch. Garmin ?
New Zealand George Rhedey on grhedeykxx at 364927S1744780E Howick, Aukland. G12XL.
New Zealand Chris Hill on at 433419S1723370E Christchurch. G12.
New Zealand Ewan McKenzie on at 444716S1705715E Waimate. G3.
New Zealand Neil Barr on neilmactech at 432938S1723419E Christchurch. GPS30.
New Zealand Peter Benjamin on at 364894S1744313E Chatswood. G12XL.
New Zealand Martin Kane on at 450258S1691108E Cromwell. G12.
New Zealand Neville Young on scubadiverbigfoot at 412050S1744580E Wellington. G2+,GM76.
New Zealand Rod Bradman on at 280557S1532717E Burleigh Head. G12XL.
New Zealand John Cooper on j& at 383892S1773449E Gisborne. G2+.
New Zealand Michael Slack on at 383239S1765087E Hawkes Bay. G38.
New Zealand John France on at 365130S1744500E Auckland. G3+.
New Zealand Robert East on at 365201S1743783E Henderson. G12.
New Zealand Owen Moore on owenmcomsol.nzl at 435333S1714532E Ashburton. G12.
New Zealand Dave Jagger on djaggerarm at 432943S1723977E Christchurch. Earthmate.
New Zealand Brent Snellex on at 431665S1723577E Ashley. Getrex.
New Zealand Arron Scott on ascottcisco at 365418S1751665E Aukland. M320.
New Zealand Ian Culhaem on at 365340S1744957E Aukland. G12.
New Zealand Rajiv Rao on at 365502S1744474E ?. Getrex.
New Zealand Jonathon O'Meara on at 365790S1745142E Papatoetoe. G12/Etrex.
New Zealand Mike Finnegan on at 374000S1761000E Tauranga. G35.
New Zealand Donald Webster on macdonaldwbigfoot at 365111S1745082E Auckland. Talon.
New Zealand Andrew Court on at 410630S1750644E Wellington. Laipac TF10.
New Zealand Graeme K Strang on at 451483S1692268E Alexandra. G45.
New Zealand Ben Millar on benmillar at 365537S1744000E Auckland. GEtrex.
New Zealand Paul Millington on at 371787S1753215E Kerepehi. M3000.
New Zealand John P. O'Reilly on at 442364S1711471E TIMARU Seaview. M320.
New Zealand Will Redfern on at 374208S1760966E Tauranga Bay of Plenty. GM44.
New Zealand Jason Henning on at 365799S1743819E Laingholm Auckland. Getrex.
New Zealand John Hobart on at 364903S1743762E Auckland. NavmanHalo.
New Zealand Bob Harris on at 374094S1761011E Tauranga. GM38.
New Zealand Ed Wealleans on at 383857S1760125E Taupo. G2.
New Zealand Scott Wootton on at 383894S1780183E Gisborne. G12.
New Zealand Scott Wootton on at 383895S1780182E Gisborne. G12.
New Zealand Jim McColl on at 365424S1745459E Auckland. M315.
New Zealand Steve Hoyle on at 432673S1723584E Christchurch . Getrex.
New Zealand Romain on at 365412S1745077E Auckland . Getrex.
New Zealand Jason Molloy on at 364279S1744412E Browns Bay Auckland. Getrex.
New Zealand Andrew Roberts on at 364359S1744319E Albany . Getrex.
New Zealand Michael Dawson on at 433198S1723465E Christchurch. Deluo USB.
New Zealand Bill Simmons on at 395386S1750089E Wanganui NI. LowranceGlobalNav.
New Zealand Richard House on at 365243S1745086E Auckland . NAVMAN eSeries.
New Zealand Bob Curwood on at 433322S1724015E Christchurch . G12XL. G
New Zealand Craig Lilford on at 395518S1750366E Wanganui . Holux GM-210.
New Zealand Steve Sub on stevesub at 364849S1744334E Auckland . GeTrex. MAC?
New Zealand Iain Twentyman on at 365317S1745546E Howick Auckland. Navman.
New Zealand John Leader on at 364309S1744422E Browns Bay North Shore City. Navman .
New Zealand Martin Hall on at 365299S1744454E Auckland . Pretec.
New Zealand Ed Blackwell on at 365837S1745118E Auckland . G12.
New Zealand Robert East on at 364353S1744461E Rothesay Bay Auckland. Getrex.
New Zealand Tony Franklin on at 405372S1745892E Paraparaumu Beach. G12.
New Zealand Errol W. Jones on at 405416S1750051E Paraparaumu. Gmap76.
New Zealand David Robb on at 365371S1744405E Auckland . G3+.
New Zealand Michael J Taylor on mtayloremployees at 433220S1723320E Christchurch . G3.
New Zealand Thor Riddering on thorriddering at 410968S1745001E Linden . Getrex.
New Zealand Bevin Lealand on at 394838S1733120E New Plymouth . Getrex.
New Zealand Richard Warham on richard.warhamhp at 365422S1744611E Auckland . Rikaline 6020 (CF module).
New Zealand Kevin Mitchell on at 370119S1745525E Manurewa . Ashtech G8.
New Zealand Peter Adams on at 411541S1744580E Crofton Downs WELLINGTON. Getrex.
New Zealand Gunner Groenbaek on at 390978S1741235E Inglewood . DSE USB GPS XH6831.
New Zealand Steve Evans on at 374289S1760813E Tauranga . GPS?.
New Zealand Iain Fletcher on at 365305S1744324E Auckland . Marco Polo PCMCIA.
New Zealand Gerard van Soest on gerardvsoest at 433477S1723879E Christchurch . Trimble Placer 400.
New Zealand John Robert Fellowes on at 410824S1730121E Nelson. G128.
New Zealand Andrew Mitchell on at 370262S1745509E Takanini AUCKLAND. DConnex BU-303.
New Zealand Bernie Brenner on at 364662S1744549E Auckland. Navman e series.
New Zealand Jeff Pai on xpaij at 364610S1744324E Glenfield AUCKLAND. USB GPS mouse.
New Zealand David Thomas on at 411687S1744571E Lower Hutt . USBXH6831.
New Zealand Nicholas John Hobart on at 442272S1711284E Timaru . Navman Halo.
New Zealand Mark Sudfelt on at 393882S1765276E Hastings . Techway TP-051.
New Zealand Bill McNatty on at 374803S1745152E Raglan,WAIKATO. Emtac pcmcia.
New Zealand Ian Wilde on ijwilde at 365530S1744029E Auckland,N/A. Polstar PGM-111.
New Zealand Warren cummerfield on at 400985S1753534E Feilding,MANAWATU. polstar.
New Zealand Glen Sadler on at 354536S1741846E Whangarei,NORTHLAND. DSE.
New Zealand David Thomas on at 410714S1745689E Wellington,. USB GPS.
New Zealand Pieter Albertyn on at 393264S1765016E Napier,HAWKES BAY. Getrex.
New Zealand Rey Machado on at 354178S1741793E Whangarei. M320.
New Zealand Rob Murray on at 402321S1753725E Palmerston North. Navman Bluetooth.
New Zealand Bill Peters on at 461553S1683549E Gore,SOUTHLAND. Getrex.
New Zealand Lindsay Turvey on l2turveyyahoo at 364806S1744709E Auckland,NORTH ISLAND. G76.
New Zealand Darryl Ovens on at 364260S1744346E Albany,AUCKLAND. DSE USB XH6831.
New Zealand Andy Buckley on at 393195S1765147E Napier. BR-304.
New Zealand Bladimyr Guzman on at 433111S1723441E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. G16 HVS.
New Zealand Ian Trafford on at 395444S1750390E Wanganui,MANAWATU. Getrex.
New Zealand Owen Booth on stickitexpressions at 433163S1723803E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. M310.
New Zealand Alex Dargaville on at 365188S1745193E Auckland,. Holux GPSlim 236.
New Zealand Alex Dargaville on at 365188S1745193E Auckland,. Holux GPSlim 236.
New Zealand Rob Engelken on at 433452S1723306E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. Holux GPSlim 236.
New Zealand Paul Verburg on at 411180S1745452E Lower Hutt. Holux gps ultra.
New Zealand Shane Young on shane1dominatehair at 365138S1744449E Auckland,. USB GPS.
New Zealand Simon Kerr on si_kerr at 402453S1753469E Palmerston North,MANAWATU. GPS?
New Zealand Neil Orton on at 374643S1751811E Hamilton,WAIKATO. Nemerix.
New Zealand Bob Looker on at 370445S1745786E Papakura, Auckland. Polstar USB/Com.
New Zealand Christopher Hentschel on at 432940S1723936E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. Holux GR-213.
New Zealand Chris Robinson on tranzmetroyahoo at 411246S1752235E Featherston,WAIRARAPA. carcomm enav-bt33.
New Zealand Patrick Greene on at 374521S1751618E Hamilton,WAIKATO. usb.
New Zealand Bruce Smith on at 433009S1722508E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. bu303.
New Zealand Dan Clark on danclarknz at 455312S1702871E Dunedin,OTAGO. usb.
New Zealand Jonathon Bond on at 370922S1753372E Thames. on mio a701.
New Zealand Howard Abbott on at 365336S1743910E Glendene,AUCKLAND. imate jasjam+qstarz bt-q818.
New Zealand Mark Koci on at 411473S1744650E Ngaio, Wellington,NZ. earthmate blue logger.
New Zealand David Kerr on at 410721S1750319E Upper Hutt,WELLINGTON. i-mate jam +BTbs4100.
New Zealand Bob Provis on bprovisbaku.oilfield.slb at 313394N1101994W (USA) Invercargill. HP iPAQ MOD:hx2490b.
New Zealand David Mccluggage on at 354357S1742029E Whangarei,NORTHLAND. navman gps e.
New Zealand Mick Calder on at 403000S1734875E Renwick,MARLBOROUGH. hp ipaq hw 6965.
New Zealand Mick Calder on at 413084S1734904E Renwick,MARLBOROUGH. hp ipaq hw 6965.
New Zealand Graham Ockleston on at 365290S1744641E Epsom,AUCKLAND. hp ipaq hx2490.
New Zealand Chris Bell on silverdragon at 533828S1501901E Panmure,AUCKLAND. anadigi.

2008 ...

New Zealand Paul Wavish on at 411681S1744583E Northland,WELLINGTON. gr-301u.
New Zealand Paul-John Greenaway on pjp-jnet at 365701S1745407E Manukau,AUCKLAND. holux m1000.
New Zealand Brian Hewson on bhewsonunityresourcesgroup at 402364S1753847E Palmerston North,MU. htc p4550 tytn ii.
New Zealand Peter Paisley on at 462246S1683313E Invercagill,SOUTHLAND. hp ipaq rx 5915.
New Zealand Warwick Stephens on at 433304S1723809E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. Holiday Q9.
New Zealand Pengiran Badar on pen at 365565S1743836E Glen Eden,AUCKLAND. Uniden GPS501.
New Zealand Martin Lowen on and also to at 433391S1723977E Christchurch,CANTERBURY. iPAQhx4700.
Australia Allen Charlesworh on chucksworth at 312676S1525434E Port Macquarie,NEW SOUTH WALES. .
Australia Gerrit Beekman on gbeekmanoptusnet at 375106S1451483E Bayswater,VICTORIA. HUDGPS.
Australia Nadeem Shaikh on nadeem_nz at 332894S1505021E Sydney,NEW SOUTH WALES. .
Australia Ian Hereward Hill on at 375130S1404558E Mount Gambier,SA. GlobalSat BC-337.
Australia Keiran O'Shea on keiran.oshea at 335370S1511026E Stanmore,NSW. o2 xda 2 + BT gps.
Australia Richard Oliver on roli7048optusnet at 377410S1420151E Hamilton,VIC. nokia LD-3W.
Australia Julianne Vincent on juliannegoaustraliacard at 335741S1510827E Kogarah,NSW. TS-GP008.
Australia David Reeves on david_b_reeves at 340274S1510454E Kirrawee,NSW. TS-GPM008.
Australia Robert E Lucas on at 545046N0830557E Erskinevile,NSW. Twig.
Australia Rhett Jenkinson on rhettjoptusnet at 374086S1445235E Westmeadows,VICTORIA. Fortuna GPSmart.
New Zealand Ken Kok on kenkoknz at 364807S1744543E Auckland. polar.

2009 ...

New Zealand Paul Cuthbert on pcuthbert40 at 365089S1743902E Auckland,AUCKLAND. BU-353.
New Zealand Bob Packard on at 395484S1750224E Wanganui,. iGotU then HOLUIX 236.
New Zealand Andy Head on quantumandy at 363965S1742767E Helensville. GPS?
New Zealand Bill Christiansen on at 411510S1745715E Lower Hutt,WELLINGTON. iPaq hx2750+Rikaline 6036.
New Zealand Kevin Bell on gpss] at 354333S1742057E Whangarei,NORTHLAND. Gisteq GT-730F.
New Zealand G F Alexander on grega_1205 at 364349S1744442E Auckland,AK. USb Dongle.

2010 ...

New Zealand Barry Stuck on at 462523S1682138E Invercargill,SOUTHLAND. SmartBook.

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