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Updated 1030 Wednesday 21st May 2008 UK Time

Do NOT run these downloaded EXE from your Internet browser. Put them in the GPSS folder then run from file Explorer to add the files.

Please start with AUSTRALI.EXE, then add what else you need in your area.

Most of the maps appearing on these pages are the Copyright of Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill Systems. However, the more detailed maps are the copyright of other organisations, and he would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kind permission to provide these samples for use with GPSS :

  • Bartholomew / Harper Collins Cartographic for 1:300,000 scale samples.
  • AUSLIG for the 1:100,000 scale sample of Canberra.
  • Universal Press Pty Ltd for the UBD street map samples in Canberra & Sydney.

The AUSLIG Web Site is

There is now a OZIMAP Page with software to support Ozi CDROMs.

AUSTRALI - the 'Australian Country Disk'

This mapping was uploaded back in 1998, so is a bit 'dated'. We can do better now, but it's a good place to start: 39 maps and 48 sounds covering all Australia. If you get an unsightly startup screen, showing a map of Australia, delete $$$START.BMP to remove it. These maps were uploaded for Neville, before his trek to Perth, and all Robin's mates in Ausi.

DOWNLOAD AUSTRALI.EXE (1,024,977 bytes) updated 21 May 2008 for Pocket PC


These 14 maps and 20 sounds cover all Tasmania.

Darwin to Adelaide

This data was uploaded for Steven Chew, and other participants in the Solar Challenge event: 26 maps and 33 sounds - mostly of towns along the expected route. The data was prepared in a hurry - so please check it against other sources of mapping, particularly the locations in the DAR2ADEL.WAW file. Maintain close contact with Robin, since he may update this data with help from Wolfgang - who pioneered this trip in his old ambulance :-) If you mix these maps with those from AUSTRALI.EXE above, you may find an older map selecting the less detailed (along the route) AUSTRALI.WAW file. Simple fix for those sticking to this area is simply to copy DAR2ADEL.WAW to AUSTRALI.WAW.
A demonstration can be played back from DAR2ADEL.NME

DOWNLOAD DAR2ADEL.EXE (594,868 bytes)


These 27 maps and 28 sounds cover the coastal area from Cairns to Brisbane. They are for Allen Westerweller, his mates, and anyone else with a GPS here.
Take care Allen !



These 2 maps and 27 sounds are for Bob Blumfelds and others with GPS in and around Perth. A desktop demo is under Control-A PERTH.NME REPLAY. Please take care 'on the road' Bob ! updated 19 June 2007 by Robin: PERTH1.BMP now 16 colours for Pocket PC

DOWNLOAD PERTH.EXE (308,919 bytes)

Melbourne - Updated 5th May '98

This data for the Melbourne area is for David Johnson, Ross Simmons and anyone else in that area. It includes 4 maps, including a wide area map of the area, from the Australian Country Disk, and two based upon a 1:300,000 map of the centre of Melbourne. Voice landmarks include the Airport and University, and these have been extended to 21 sounds. A desktop demo is under Control-A, MELBOURN.NME REPLAY.
Please take care running GPSS 'on the road'.


More detail around Brisbane

These 6 maps and 28 sounds are for Steve McCully, Oliver Fleming, Peter Dore, David Body, Guy Law, BJ Jones, Peter Woodall, Adrian Jansen, their mates, and anyone with a GPS in the area. Most of you are spread along the coast, so I've not put up the more detailed map of Brisbane centre*. The maps are in open BMP form, for you to add more detail - and in BRISBANE.WAW if you wish. Or perhaps you can help get some better mapping. BRISBPOP.GTX holds 744 towns, accurate to about a mile. Copy it to GPSS.GTX and $LPOP.GTX. Please take care !

* updated with extra map in January 2003

More detail of Sydney

This data is for David Watkin, Kevin Withnall, Paul Rodenhuis, Brian Somerville, and others with GPS living in the Sydney area. 2 maps cover Sydney north and south of the harbour, and 23 sounds support verbal description of position. A poorly calibrated map, CIRCULAR.BMP is included, providing street level detail near the harbour. This is for use by those helping me, before it replaced by a calibrated version, and augmented with more detailed sounds for landmarks in this area. Please take care on the road.

DOWNLOAD SYDNEY.EXE (510,276 bytes) 11 Feb 98 updated 31/1/2008 for Pocket PC

The following CIRCULAR.EXE expands into a replacement of CIRCULAR.BMP,DES based on GPS data from Brian. It includes more sounds of streets and landmarks to demonstrate map matching. For a demo, hit Control-A then double click on CIRCULAR.NME followed by REPLAY. At this scale, GPS errors will be large, but it should all work OK. 5 more maps now awaiting calibration.
DOWNLOAD CIRCULAR.EXE (294,554 bytes) 23 Feb 98

More Detail in Canberra

A bit more detail now appearing around Canberra thanks to Graham McCann, who helped me calibrate this 1:300,000 map. Also included is a map with Canberra in the west and the coast in the east. Sounds are included for towns such as Yass, Goulburn, Milton, Nowra and Broulee. Landmarks include Canberra Airport.


The following data is for Graham, Cliff, and others in Canberra :



Please also download and extract these .CPR files :


We hope to update and combine some of the above files soon.

Following 2 maps, 12 sounds and a demo in CHARNWOO.NME is for Bob and Jack Hewson - with perhaps a little help from Graham. Maps not yet accurately calibrated, but better than nothing eh ?



These 8 maps and 2 sounds are for Jim Herring, his friends, and anyone else with a GPS here. Version 4.9 or later is reccomended near 180e. Locations of 1654 villages are included in FIJI.GTX for copying to GPSS.GTX and/or $LPOP.GTX. A demonstration is included in FIJI.NME.
Take care Jim !

DOWNLOAD FIJI.EXE (90,661 bytes)


These 8 maps and 20 sounds are for Phillipe Poza, his friends, and anyone else with a GPS here. Locations of 740 villages are included in NEWCALED.GTX for copying to $LPOP.GTX. A demonstration is included in NEWCALED.NME.
Take Care Phillipe !


New Zealand

This larger download NEWZEALA.EXE replaces the older, much smaller one that has been on this web site for some time. NEWZEALA.EXE expands into 35 maps and 59 sounds covering all New Zealand, with more detailed 1:250,000 maps around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. In these 3 cities, the verbal description of position is relative to landmarks like the Harbour Bridge or Airport. A desktop demo is under Control-A NEWZEALA.NME REPLAY - and of course, it should all work for real when a GPS is connected. The data is for use by Paul Catchpole, John Hickey, Bruce McLean, and anyone else with GPS.
Watch out for the sheep you guys ! :-)

DOWNLOAD NEWZEALA.EXE (1,291,994 bytes)

The following is some test data for Bruce McLean in Hamilton. It includes a sample of 1:50,000 map, 10 sounds, and a trip recorded by Bruce in BRUCEM1A.NME.
Take Care Bruce ! - get someone else to drive :-)