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Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Borneo, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia,
China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Java in Indonesia, Kazakhstan,
Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Myanmar,
Northern Mariana Islands, Nepal, Okinawa, Pakistan,
Papua New Ginea, Philippines, Sarawak, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
Sumatra in Indonesia, Tahiti, Taiwan,
Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Updated 1600 Monday 12th May 2008

Do NOT run these downloaded EXE from your Internet browser. Put them in the GPSS folder then run from file Explorer to add the files.


These 56 maps and 29 sounds cover all of Afghanistan. A demonstration is in afghanis.nme

DOWNLOAD AFGHANIS.EXE (1,009,461 bytes)


These 24 maps and 42 sounds cover all Bangladesh. A demonstration is in banglade.nme.

DOWNLOAD BANGLADE.EXE (703,473 bytes bytes)

Borneo, Brunei, Sarawak

These maps provide one of all Borneo, with others providing more detail in and around Brunei. Sounds are provided for towns in and around Brunei. Produced for George Tweedy and his biking mates - but for goodness sake don't rely on only GPS in the jungle ! Keep mending the punctures lads !


This latest SARAWAK data below is an alternative to BORNBITS above, and is for Hock Ann, his friends, and others using GPSS here. 50 maps cover all Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah, plus border areas. 29 sounds support spoken position. A demonstration is in SARAWAK.NME. Please take care using GPSS "on the road" and do not rely on GPS or these maps for navigation.

DOWNLOAD SARAWAK.EXE (666,164 bytes)

Burma - see Myanmar below


These 18 maps and 28 sounds covering all Cambodia are for Didier Delaval, his friends, and others here using GPSS. A demonstration is in CAMBODIA.NME and CAMBODIA.GTX holds the names and locations - accurate to about 1 mile, of 15,200 villages, suitable for copying to $LPOP.GTX, and use with "P" key. Take Care.


China including Hong Kong

See Taiwan below for more detail of Taiwan. Start with CHINBITS.EXE below.

Robin is grateful for these samples of detailed Hong Kong mapping calibrated by Tamer Zaim, and the co-operation of Survey & Mapping Office, Lands Department. The samples are for test 'on the road'. Business or operational use will require special permission. A desktop demo is in HONGKONG.NME. 7 maps and 27 sounds.

DOWNLOAD HONGKONG.EXE (1,087,049 bytes) updated 12th May 2008 for Pocket PC.

Beijing to Qingdao in China

These 16 maps and 20 sounds cover the Beijing to Qingdao, Bo Hai and Yellow Sea areas of China, including the west coast of Korea. They are for Baoyou Zhang, his friends, and any others with GPS in this area.

DOWNLOAD BEIJING.EXE (336,535 bytes)

China - Beijing & Shanghai

These 7 maps and 33 sounds for the city of Shanghai and surrounding area are for Gang Xu, Eugen Frantiu and their friends. Robin is Grateful to Eugen for the TRK files used to calibrate the maps. A demonstration is in SHANGHAI.NME. Please take care testing GPSS 'on the road' - have someone else drive while you test the system.

DOWNLOAD SHANGHAI.EXE (1,456,591 bytes) updated 20 Jan 2000

This map of Beijing and sounds provide verbal position relative to places like Beijing University. A desktop demonstration is under Control-A double click on BEIJING.NME then REPLAY. Please take care 'on the road'.

DOWNLOAD BEIJING.EXE (175,277 bytes)

Bits of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Three maps covering all Taiwan, one around Hong Kong to Huizhou, and one broad brush map of South East China from Hong Kong to Taiwan. Also sounds of some towns. Please drive carefully Harry.


China - Kunming in Yunnan Province

These 6 maps and 8 sounds are for Pinquin Chou, his friends, and anyone using GPSS here. A demonstration is in KUNMING.NME Please take care.

DOWNLOAD KUNMING.EXE (128,022 bytes)

China - Changchu and Province

These 35 maps cover a wide area around Changchu. A demonstration is in CHANGCHU.NME. Only 4 sounds and places are in CHANGCHU.WAW which needs to have more places added. This was uploaded for Jensen Kino, his friends, and anyone using GPSS in this part of China.


India - updated 27 February 2008

These 10 maps and 95 sounds cover all India, but only with detail near the major cities. More detail covering all India is in the extra EXE downloads below, such as INDIAW.EXE. The first INDIA.EXE maps were uploaded for Ketan Patel and his friends. There is a trial GPSS.GTX file. A demonstration is in INDIA.NME for replay with GPSS Control-A facilities. But this should all work for real with GPS. Please take care on the road !

DOWNLOAD INDIA.EXE (888,556 bytes)

These additional 249 maps, extending the detail above to all of India were uploaded in September 2002.

DOWNLOAD INDIAW.EXE (1,165,371 bytes)
DOWNLOAD INDIAX.EXE (1,077,739 bytes)
DOWNLOAD INDIAY.EXE (1,090,913 bytes)
DOWNLOAD INDIAZ.EXE (1,107,255 bytes)

HYDERABA.EXE holds 2 maps covering Hyderabad and Secunderabad to street level detail, with verbal landmarks such as Begumpet Airport and the University. These 2 maps need re-calibration against a WGS84 source of GPS data, and then Robin will correct the existing landmarks and add more. A third map gives coverage out to towns like Sangareddi, Shankarpalli and Ibrihimpatan, and the International Airport. A demonstration, based on simulated GPS data created by clicking on the maps, can be played back by: Control-A, double click on HYDERABA.NME then click on REPLAY, watch and listen. This journey travels between the two reference positions, taken from the third DCW-based map, used for rough calibration of the two detailed maps (road near water, and railway crossing). The data is for use by Subhash Reddy, his friends, and anyone with a GPS and Internet access able to help Robin and Subhash test this mapping. Please take care 'on the road' !


DELHI.EXE holds 2 maps and 19 sounds, including landmarks like the Taj Mahal. Robin would like to thank Deepak for his help in calibrating this mapping against WGS84 lat/lon. A demonstration is in DELHI.NME. Please take care everyone.

DOWNLOAD DELHI.EXE (286,480 bytes) updated in February 2008 for Pocket PC

Indonesia - Major Jakarta Update - 29 March 2000

Download JAVA.EXE into \GPSS04 and run it to extract the maps and sounds. These cover all Java to reasonable detail, and a more detailed 1:300,000 map of Jakarta. Sounds include major towns, and within Jakarta, landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium and University. This data is for use within Java by Dr Beng, Zulfahmi, Rolly and anyone in contact with Robin Lovelock. Drive with care please !

Download JAVA.EXE (474,733 bytes)

EASTJAVA.EXE holds 10 maps, 20 sounds, and other data for Rolly and his friends around Malang. An extra uncalibrated street map BMP file of Surabaya is included. EASTJAVA.GTX holds 3437 village locations, suitable for copying to GPSS.GTX and/or $LPOP.GTX. A demonstration is included in EASTJAVA.NME which can be replayed by Control-A, double click on EASTJAVA.NME then click on REPLAY, watch and listen.
Take care Rolly.

EASTJAVA.EXE (572,911 bytes)

Robin is grateful to Andreas, Wolfgang, Budi and Tanto for their help in testing this experimental mapping with GPS. Those interested in GPSS-related business, should contact Robin or Tanto in Jakarta on the CHASE Page This mapping is for experimental use by these people, and others running GPSS in contact with Robin.

JAKARTA1.EXE holds 6 maps, including street level samples, and a demonstration in JAKARTA.NME. All users should use JAKARTA1.EXE

JAKARTA1.EXE (1,350,603 bytes) Essential Data

JAKARTA2.EXE holds 7 more maps and 1 sound, and may also be added.

JAKARTA2.EXE (1,293,508 bytes) Optional Data

JAKARTA3.EXE holds 6 more experimental maps - add it if you wish.

JAKARTA3.EXE (970,699 bytes) Optional Data

JAKARTA4.EXE holds one very old map - not reccomended, since it is less up-to-date and will take priority over some maps.

JAKARTA4.EXE (153,256 bytes) Not Reccomended

Here is a tip for those of you already using the old JAKARTA.EXE or JAVA.EXE mapping: if you simply add the new mapping, some of the old maps, like JAKARTAC "Jakarta City" will take priority, unless you zoom out (Z key) to the later maps. Here is easiest way to remove old maps: delete JAKARTAC.DES (and if you wish JAKARTAC.BMP). Delete MAPS.DIR. Next time you run GPSS, it will automatically make a new MAPS.DIR based on the DES files it finds.

Japan Maps and Sounds - updated 5th September 2005

free street level mapping over all Japan - see JapanMap page

JAPAN.EXE holds 28 maps and 53 sounds covering all Japan. It is based on the mapping from JAPAN.EXE and TOKYO.EXE first uploaded in 1996 for Glen Burden, Mark Skelton, their friends, and anyone else in Japan with a GPS. A more detailed Tokyo Wan map is included, and a new demonstration for Ctrl-A REPLAY in JAPAN.NME. Other changes from the old EXE downloads include avoiding replacing GPSS Baseline files that have changed. TOKYOPOP.GTX may be copied to replace GPSS.GTX and $LPOP.GTX to find towns. It holds 1072 places, to within 1 mile accuracy, in the Tokyo area.

DOWNLOAD JAPAN.EXE (1,100,502 bytes)

The following is the old SAGA1.EXE download

DOWNLOAD SAGA1.EXE (18,968 bytes)

A map with 17 sounds for the island of Okinawa for Ed Kenney, his friends, and anyone with GPS there. A demonstration is in OKINAWA.NME



These 32 maps and 25 sounds are for use by Dean Sankey, his friends, and others with GPS here. A demonstration is in KAZAKHST.NME



A crude map of Korea, with more detailed maps around Soul and Pusan. Sounds around Soul to support verbal description of position. A 1:300,000 map of Soul.


These 12 maps and 28 sounds cover the penisula of Malaysia.


The following KL1.EXE download contains the first street plan level map of Kuala Lumper, with 7 sounds. It was calibrated with the kind assistance of Cheng Sue Yueh, using his GPS. The area is south of Tunku Abdul Rahmen Park, which is about 2 km south west of Twin Towers. Voice position is given relative to places like the Railway Station, Interpol, the Victoria Institute, and the Central Fire Station. A desktop demo is under Control-A CHENG3.NME

DOWNLOAD KL1.EXE (199,741 bytes)

The Maldives

13 maps and 21 sounds covring these tropical islands off the west coast of India and Sri Lanka. For Hussain and his friends. please take care and do not rely only on GPS for navigation at sea. For a desktop demo : Control-A MALDIVES.NME


The Marshall Islands

Just one map and two sounds for Dale Magnuson on his tropical lagoon of Kwajalein.


Northern Mariana Islands

These 11 maps and 17 sounds cover the Northern Mariana Islands, including Guam and Saipan, in the Pacific, south of Japan. They are for use by Doug Brennan, or anyone with a GPS, and are not to be relied upon for navigation at sea. A demonstration is under Control-A MARIANA.NME REPLAY, and it will work for real with a GPS.

DOWNLOAD MARIANA.EXE (161,393 bytes)

Myanmar (previously Burma)

These 72 maps and 55 sounds cover all Myanmar. A demonstration is in MYANMAR.NME

DOWNLOAD MYANMAR.EXE (1,448,388 bytes) Most data

DOWNLOAD MYANMAR2.EXE (29,304 bytes) last 2 maps


These 19 maps and 15 sounds, including Khatmandu and Mt Everest, are for Stan Armington, his friends, and others with GPSS here. A demonstration is in NEPAL.NME - please take care.

DOWNLOAD NEPAL.EXE (462,704 bytes)

The Philippines - Updated 8th Dec '99

These 41 maps and 40 sounds cover all the Philippines, and are for Sergio Abad II, his friends, and anyone else in these lovely islands. More detail now included for Manila, with a demonstration in PHILIPPI.NME

DOWNLOAD PHILIPPI.EXE (1,052,796 bytes)


This data is for Jamshed Nazar, his friends, and anyone with a GPS in Pakistan.
The 11 maps, 72 sounds and other files, are the basic set of data for Pakistan. They provide a 1:200,000 map of Karachi, with verbal description of position relative to landmarks such as the airport, cement works, racecourse and zoo. Other less detailed maps cover the south of the country. For a desktop demonstratiion, hit Control-A, double click on KARACHI.NME then REPLAY. Plug a GPS into your PC and it works for real.

DOWNLOAD KARACHI.EXE (752,293 bytes)updated 4th February 2008 for Pocket PC.

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD KARACHI.EXE FIRST - since it contains important files for all Pakistan. The next download, PAKISTAN.EXE, adds an extra 56 maps covering the rest of the country.
DOWNLOAD PAKISTAN.EXE (1,089,251 bytes)

Please take care if you run GPSS 'on the road' Jamshed !

Papua New Ginea

This data was uploaded for Kamong, his friends, and anyone using GPSS in Papua New Ginea.

The 90 maps and 15 sounds cover Paua New Ginea, east to the Soloman Islands. A demonstration is in PAPUA.NME. The 15 sounds support PAPUA.WAW which could be extended with more place names.

DOWNLOAD PAPUA.EXE (1,089,252 bytes)

Singapore - Updated 5 March 1999

We are pleased to report that Singapore mapping and use of GPSS is again freely available for those in direct email contact with Robin. Exclusive use of GPSS within Singapore by GPS Technologies terminated at the end of 1998. You may wish to contact Jeffrey Tan of GPS Technologies via contact information on our news page. They have the 'Searcher' Car-PC product, more detailed mapping, and may have alternative GPS Software to GPSS. Anyone wishing to use GPSS within Singapore will need to contact Robin, to obtain information to permit GPSS to be used, since it has protection against unauthorised use.

It is suggested that you download and use the 4.9 Baseline of GPSS.

Here are 6 maps and 7 sounds, with a little more detail than the one map originally on this web site. A demonstration is in SINGAPOR.NME, and you may wish to help Robin test these maps, then add more detail.


To e-mail Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill Systems click on

Sri Lanka

For Chaminda Sanjeewa and my airborne friends in this lovely island - home to Arthur C Clark, writer of 2001 and creator of HAL and other concepts like communications satellites. One good map covering the south of the island, plus sounds to give voice description of position relative to Colombo and other major towns. If it does not download, check if the date on the FTP site is 27th June or later. See the top of the home page for the FTP link (Alternate Site). If not, you may have to wait until mid July. Sorry :-)


Sumatra, west of Java

These 51 maps and 9 sounds cover all of Sumatra, and are uploaded for Abel in Medan - the first to use GPSS with GPS on Sumatra. Robin cannot believe it has taken so many years for this huge island to join the 144 countries covered by GPSS mapping and users :-) Please take care and do not rely on GPS or these maps for navigation. A demonstration is in SUMATRA.NME for replay with Control-A, but when used with GPS, GPSS will automatically select the right map. There are not many towns in SUMATRA.WAW but maybe someone will add more and record better WAV sounds than Robin's :-)

DOWNLOAD SUMATRA.EXE (653,171 bytes)


This 1 map and 15 sounds is for Jean Paul Fouliard, his friends, and anyone else here with GPS. A demonstration is in TAHITI.NME - Please take care 'on the road'.

DOWNLOAD TAHITI.EXE (104,410 bytes)


The following map and 30 sounds provides more detail around T'ai-pei, out as far as the airport in the west, and north to the coast. It is for Alan Ortencio, his friends, and anyone else with GPS in the area. A desktop demonstration is under Control-A, TAIPEI.NME REPLAY. Locations of towns used for voice description of position are in TAIPEI.WAW. Please excuse my prenounciation :-) Please take great care using GPSS 'on the road'.

DOWNLOAD TAIPEI.EXE (222,711 bytes)

Here are 2 more detailed maps around Taipei for Alan and his friends.

DOWNLOAD TAIPEIX.EXE from alternative site (297,451 bytes)

See China above for ealier Taiwan data.


43 maps cover all Thailand, with 21 sounds to provide verbal description of position relative to major towns. More detailed maps are available for those able to validate calibration with GPS or local mapping. Mind the traffic Kittiwat !

- and here is a more detailed map of the Bangkok area, with sounds for verbal description relative to places like the airport. This was updated to better calibrated maps on 29 Dec 98. Robin is grateful to Suppalert for his help in this. We hope to add better maps in future.

DOWNLOAD BANGKOK.EXE (269,745 bytes) updated 29 Dec 98


44 maps and 23 sounds with demonstration in TURKMENI.NME



44 maps and 21 sounds with demonstration in UZBEKIST.NME



34 maps and 41 sounds covering all Vietnam, for Chin Voi Fooi, Alan Ortencio, Francis Lee, their friends, and anyone else here with a GPS. A demonstration is in VIETNAM.NME. Please take care running GPSS 'on the road'.

DOWNLOAD VIETNAM.EXE (781,796 bytes)